Attention Please .. wait where is everyone? {Get'ew, Wind-dance Fury}


Get'ew wasn't sure how the work seemed to be growing recently, but it
was or it seemed to be. It always seemed to be more when you had to do
more than your own, but he wasn't going to begrudge T'ryn being
needed, not with everything that had happened recently, he was just
hoping things really would calm down some soon, even though he wasn't
sure it would. Still all of this meant that when he got up and there
was already light coming into his part of their weyr he just knew he
was running late already.

He was out of his furs and quickly changing pulling on some of his
more worn leathers for the drill of the day. He had set up a paint
drill for the day and had made sure they all knew it and should be
gathered near where he had the buckets of painted ropes already
stashed. As he moved to pull on his boots he nudged Pengith wondering
how the brown had let him sleep late and why he was still asleep

He made his way out to meet Pengith, his mind running too fast to
catch the confused note of enquiry from said brown. He was too focused
on trying to get straps on his dragon and get his mind awake to
realize that Pengith was just as confused if not more so than he was.
But in short order he had them ready to go and they were heading out
to the meeting spot him mentally grumbling that no one had thought to
have their dragons call him when he was running so late. It was only
as they landed and no one was there that he finally realized how low
the sun still was and the confusion from his mate.

He slid down Pengith's shoulder and blinked at the empty meeting spot
that he was sure should be full before glancing at the sun again.
{{What?}} he finally replied realizing that Pengith had been trying to
get his attention for several moments.

[[Why did we get up so early? I was enjoying my couch.]] He hated to
complain he did, but well he didn't know why they were so early and he
had been enjoying his couch back in his weyr.

{{Early?}} well it did make since with how low the sun still was after
all, but it had been light in his weyr it had to be later... right?

Pengith rumbled in amusement at his chosen before settling down [[Yes
Get'ew. I keep telling you you need to leave the office more. The
hidework is making you lose time.]] he informed the man nudging him
with his nose causing him to stumble.

{{Oh.}} Get'ew honestly didn't know what else to say, but could feel
the quick rush to get up catching up with him as it fought with him
for the late nights he was putting in more often right now. {{I guess
we'll just wait. It's not that early.}} he offered with another glance
around. It wouldn't be worth it trying to go anywhere they would just
have to come right back, and while he was early a trip away could
actually make him late at this point so better to just stay, oh well.

ooc: I think T'ryn is still helpin do the WL thing, but if not yay
fuzzy time or whatever else! Also for DWC for today ... Get'ew is
early, are you? Anyone who wants to join in feel free to be early,
late, or even *gasp shock horror* on time! Also yes I started this a
while ago but apparently it ended up in drafts instead of sent...


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