Already Have Three, What's One More? (Vofali, Kl'ryn, healer)


While Arialae was in a mild panic over her painful labor, Vofali's couldn't be any easier. She felt her water go in the middle of drills and asked for and received permission to go to the infirmary. Granted, her drills had been easier because of her condition, but Vofali wasn't going to slack. Seisilth turned away from her wing and flew her rider towards the healers, calmer than Hugrith because of her rider's familiarity with the situation. Of course she didn't remember the others but her rider did and was calm about it, so so was the dragon. Seisilth landed gently at the infirmary door and Vofali carefully waddled inside and to the intake desk. 

"Excuse me, but I've just gone in labor," she panted softly to the healer at the desk. "Water broke at drills. Could I get a room, please?"
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