A Splash Of Darkness (Iridan/Kraketh SA)


Kraketh followed, but didn’t have as easy of luck. He went from Candidate to Candidate, rubbing against them and getting their robes wet. ((Are you going to help me?)) he asked one but moved on when there was no response.

Krakethcontinued to ask the question until he stopped in front of another Candidate. He bugled in triumph. ((MINE! You’re my ~Iridan~.))  

Iridan saw the two blues approaching, attention finally dragged from the spot where Sorho had been by the uneasy shifting around him; he breathed a sigh of relief when one blue stopped, turned away toward another Candidate. 

The other blue kept coming. No, no no- He'd wanted a bronze, shardit! He'd hoped, again, and again, and again- 

Kraketh bugled, and greeted him, and the Candidate- no, he was a Weyrling now, wasn't he?- sank slowly to his knees. 

((Mine! I need you to help me!)) Kraketh insisted, nudged at His once more. ((Come on, we need to fix my stomach!))