A Mission for Justice: Final Target- ACM 'Monster' M'ayen (Part 5) ((JP: Yalyra & Orsa))


Execution: Final Target- 'Monster' M'ayen

Arriving back at the laundry room with D'xon's and the riders dirty laundry that Orsa had delivered to, they again handed these baskets over to be cleaned before heading over to the baskets of laundry that needed to be delivered. It wasn't hard to spot the basket that needed to go to M'ayen's, it was a bit out of the way and the other candidates in the chore group were avoiding even looking at it, as if just the *idea* of delivering the basket to 'Monster ACM's' weyr would put them at the mercy of him on his home territory.

So, waiting until everyone else was distracted or otherwise not looking to notice a tiny candidate girl, Yalyra smoothly and silently picked up M'ayen's basket *totally randomly* and headed out, with Orsa right behind her with her own basket, and the pair of girls headed off for their last 'justice delivery'.

A final detour to another rarely used room, Orsa guarding the door, Yalyra donning those gloves and wielding that spatula like a sword, and ACM M'ayen's clothing was so very carefully dosed with small dabs of oil.

This time, with the fact that she'd reserved the biggest of the 4 bottles for M'ayen, and the addition of nearly all of the bottle that would have gone to dosing items in T'ril's weyr, as he'd been home and she'd not been able to go into his weyr, Yalyra didn't just dose *some* of the items in this basket but took the extra time to dose *everything*.

~ All shirts had been dosed right at the seams at the underarms, and just at the back shoulder blades (so that if the shirt's collar was grabbed for the shirt to be donned that it wouldn't immediately be noticeable with itching on the hands).

~ All pairs of pants had been dosed at the seam of the inner thigh.

~ Each pair of socks had been dosed at the heel of the sock as well as the toe.

~ And lastly, all of the pairs of underthings had been dosed right at the crotch.

When the girls left the room, the basket of clothes was again carefully and pristinely folded and as they walked they checked over each other's uniform just to be sure that if M'ayen happened to be there that he could find nothing to give them detention for regarding the state of their uniforms or appearance. Again, Orsa delivered her basket first and posted herself to be Yalyra's lookout a bit outside M'ayen's weyr.

And although her stomach was twisted into knots at this final clothing delivery, Yalyra didn't hesitate to knock and announce the clothing delivery, letting out a sigh of relief when there was no answer. After giving Orsa a glance, Yalyra slipped inside and saw the weyr was indeed empty. Just like with Talena's clothing delivery, before she put away the freshly laundered clothing that she'd already dosed, Yalyra took the time to dose some other clothing once she'd pulled on her gloves again.

~She pulled some of the ACM's other clothing from the clothes-press (carefully noting the order) and dosed those articles in a similar manner as what she'd already done before carefully folding them back exactly how they had been. Only then did she add the 'fresh' laundry she'd dosed previously on top of the stacks of clothes in the close-press before shutting it, like was normal with a laundry delivery.

~Then Yalyra had found the ACM's boots and dosed several pairs in both the toe area and around the ankle.

~The rest of the oil in this bottle, as well as a bit of left over from the other bottles went onto the bedsheets, spread with the spatula in different spots all over the sheets and furs, and even a couple touches on the pillows.

~But, Yalyra did something for M'ayen that she'd *not* done for any of the other targets. She found his towels and dosed some of those for when he dried off after a bath. She spread some out on the floor where he would step out of the bath barefoot, and some where it looked like he tended to step out of the bed barefoot in the mornings (stone or carpet, it didn't matter to Yalyra). She also put some dabs of oil on his end table, his desk, his desk chair, on the couch, the klah-table, and the chairs by the couch, the table and chairs, even on the handles of the cups in his small kitchen and the handle of his klah pot, and literally *everywhere* else she could think of.

When she was finished, she was totally out of the oil and she didn't think there was a *single* surface in his weyr that hadn't been dosed with the oil that was, thankfully, not only odorless but also invisible. Well, aside from the area that led out to his dragon's wallow and ledge, as the ACM's dragon hadn't done anything except happen to choose as a lifemate a sadistic, bully of a man who seemed to get off on the pain and humiliation of those weaker than him.

All and all, things were done quickly, silently, and everything was *exactly* in the place it should be, as if nothing else had been done except a *normal* laundry delivery. On the way out of the weyr, just like the other deliveries, Yalyra left now the empty basket she'd carried in as the next 'dirty clothes' basket to be collected and grabbed the current basket of dirty clothing to be laundered, like should be done at each delivery.

ACM M'ayen's clothing was delivered, and the plan for him was set in motion...

The girls, each carrying the 'dirty clothing' basket from the weyr they'd just delivered clothing to, hurried back to the laundry and delivered their baskets to be cleaned before rushing off to their next lesson. Instead of heading directly back to the barracks though, Yalyra hurried off to hide the materials they'd used for the mission (the gloves, spatula, and bottles) where the mortar and pestle and tea strainer was, so that they could all be thoroughly cleaned at a later date and returned to where they belonged without a clue to what they'd been used for.