A Mission for Justice: Target- ACM D'xon (Part 4) ((JP: Yalyra & Orsa))


Execution: Target- D'xon

The third time entering the laundry room was much like the first 2. The girls dropped off the dirty clothes baskets they'd collected to the clothes washers, then Orsa moved to pick up a basket that needed to be delivered to a weyr near ACM D'xon. Again, small little Yalyra was able to wait until no one was noticing her and pick up D'xon's basket, and then the pair of young girls were off again.

Another detour to another rarely used room, Orsa guarding the door, gloves being donned and spatula wielded, and another ACM's clothing was so very carefully dosed with small dabs of oil.

~ 4 shirts had been dosed right at the seams at the underarms, and just at the back shoulder blades (so that if the shirt's collar was grabbed for the shirt to be donned that it wouldn't immediately be noticeable with itching on the hands).

~ 3 pairs of pants had been dosed at the seam of the inner thigh.

~ 4 pairs of socks had been dosed at the heel of the sock as well as the toe.

~ And lastly, several pairs of underthings had been dosed right at the crotch.

Just like before, Yalyra made sure to fold everything exactly how it had been, leaving most of the clothing right on top but again putting a set of dosed clothing (shirt, pants, and underthings) at the bottom of the stack just in case, so that these items would hopefully be chosen when the ACM got dressed in the morning. With that done, the girls swiftly exited the room with their baskets and, once Orsa delivered her basket, approached ACM D'xon's weyr. Just like the other two deliveries, Orsa waited just down the hallway, ready to loudly ask the ACM something totally random if D'xon happened to arrive home so that Yalyra would be warned.

Yalyra, of course, knocked and announced that she was delivering the ACM's laundry as was expected, and smiled when, like Talena's weyr, there was no answer from inside. And her smile grew wider when she entered the weyr and saw that it was indeed empty. Before she put away the freshly laundered clothing that she'd already dosed, Yalyra took the time to dose some other clothing once she'd pulled on her gloves again.

~ She pulled some of the ACM's other clothing from the clothes-press (carefully noting the order) and dosed those articles in a similar manner as what she'd already done before carefully folding them back exactly how they had been. Only then did she add the 'fresh' laundry she'd dosed previously on top of the stacks of clothes in the close-press before shutting it, like was normal with a laundry delivery.

~ Then Yalyra had found the ACM's shoes and dosed several pairs in both the toe area and around the ankle.

~ Lastly, the rest of the oil in this bottle went onto the bedsheets, spread with the spatula in different spots all over the sheets and furs, and even a couple touches on the pillows.

All and all, just like with Talena's weyr, things were done quickly, silently, and everything was *exactly* in the place it should be, as if nothing else had been done except a *normal* laundry delivery. On the way out of the weyr, just like before, Yalyra left now the empty basket she'd carried in as the next 'dirty clothes' basket to be collected and grabbed the current basket of dirty clothing to be laundered, like should be done at each delivery.

ACM D'xon's clothing was delivered, and the plan for him was set in motion...

The girls, each carrying the 'dirty clothing' basket from the weyr they'd just delivered clothing to, hurried back to the laundry and delivered their baskets to be cleaned before picking up the clothing for their final target: M'ayen.