A Mission for Justice: Target- ACM T'ril (Part 3) ((JP: Yalyra & Orsa))


Execution: Target- T'ril

After they entered the laundry room and passed their dirty clothes baskets to the clothes washers, Orsa this time grabbed a basket for a weyr near T'ril, and Yalyra was able to just pick up T'ril's basket while people were not looking (as it was still sitting there and hadn't gotten picked up by anyone else yet). They headed out, made another small detour to another (different) rarely used room and followed the same procedure as with Talena's clothing. While Orsa stood by the door, Yalyra was once again gloved and wielding her spatula as she dosed several articles of clothing from the basket with small dabs of oil that would go unnoticed until it was worn and the itching began.

~ 4 shirts had been dosed right at the seams at the underarms, and just at the back shoulder blades (so that if the shirt's collar was grabbed for the shirt to be donned that it wouldn't immediately be noticeable with itching on the hands).

~ 3 pairs of pants had been dosed at the seam of the inner thigh.

~ 4 pairs of socks had been dosed at the heel of the sock as well as the toe.

~ And lastly, several pairs of underthings had been dosed right at the crotch.

Just like before, Yalyra made sure to fold everything so very carefully, leaving most of the clothing right on top but again putting a set of dosed clothing (shirt, pants, and underthings) at the bottom just in case, so that these items would hopefully be chosen when the ACM got dressed in the morning. With that done, the girls swiftly exited the room with their baskets and, once Orsa delivered her basket, approached ACM T'ril's weyr. Orsa waited just down the hallway, ready to loudly ask the ACM something totally random if T'ril happened to arrive home so that Yalyra would be warned.

This time when Yalyra knocked and announced that she was delivering the ACM's laundry, she heard a male voice call out from inside that he'd be there in a moment. Hearing that voice and realizing she'd *only* be able to dose this ACM's delivered clothing and nothing inside his weyr, Yalyra felt disappointed but made sure it didn't show on her face. She waited with head respectfully bowed (hair sliding forward and hiding her face just a little bit) for the ACM to come to his door and when she did Yalyra dipped her head respectfully (stomach turning at having to be respectful to this bully!) and passed him his clothes basket before taking the dirty clothes basket he handed her.

ACM T'ril's clothing was delivered, and the plan for him was set in motion...

And with that, the pair of girls were off heading back toward the laundry room to pick up the clothing to deliver for their third ACM target: D'xon.