A Glass Mizukith (DWC 11/1)


A few sevendays ago:

((Mine, what are you up too?)) The curious question came from her green dragon. Mizukith's eyes whirled in a dark green, watching as her rider had paced in their weyr. Her's usually didn't pace, unless something was up. Although up was a matter of perspective when it came to ideas between a dragon and a rider. ((Is something bothering you again?))

((No no my sweet. Just trying to get an idea of the best place in which to work.)) Sicyda walked back and forth, looking for the best option in which to best start her sketches for what she was going to do. She had to be careful with that she thought about, as she didn't want to ruin the surprise for her dragon. Soon she found the right spot and started drawing. ((just lay there and look beautiful like you are.))

A few sevendays later:

Sicyda woke up with a grin. She couldn't wait much longer. Today she told herself, was a good day. Today was the day she was going to finish the little project that she was working on for her beloved Mizukith. She knew that the green was just going to enjoy it. Always still careful as to what she was thinking about, she made sure that the green was still sleeping before she hurried off to finish.

Soon enough she had finished what it was that she was working on. she quickly covered it and felt back to the little spot where a sleeping dragon usually would be. ((My sweet, where are you at right now?))

((Enjoying some midday sun since you disappeared this morning.)) You could hear the planitive "you left me" sad voice in her comment. Sicyda shook her head and tried not to laugh. It was not uncommon for her green to get butt hurt if she had to disappear for a little bit of time.

((You silly dragon, come back to the weyr. I have something for you.)) She said, as she hurried, carrying the figurine with her. With luck, Mizukith would forget about how butt hurt she was at being left... maybe.

By the time Mizukith had flown back up to the weyr, Sicyda was there waiting. She looked at her green with a huge grin. "My pretty, I made something for you. She held out the glass figurine for Mizukith to see.

The figurine had a blackish base, that looked like it was several bamboo branches tied together. On top of that base there was a green dragon laying down with her head up. Wings laid back against her back. Along the base, there was a little crescent moon and a few stars. When the light hit the dragon, you could see the variegated colors that make up the hide color of her dragon.

((So this was what you were drawing me for? I like it. It is a mini me.)) Mizukith was very happy to see what was presented to her. ((Though it is a shame that you couldn't make a life size version of me so that I would have a nice decoy.)) For what she didn't say.

Sicyda just snickered at the thought of a great glass dragon. "I'm happy that you liked it my dear. But as for a life sized version. I don't think that it would work for very long."