We Went WHERE? (L'nel/Hemiseth, any)


The bluepair emerged from between with what started as a bugle to the watchdragon but quickly turned into a shriek of outrage as the cold and snow hit Hemiseth's hide.

{{What is this wherryshit?!}} the blue demanded quite loudly while twisting and turning in the air to try to avoid the flurries. L'nel had to hold on tightly with both leg and arm, body plastered to his dragon's neck and quite glad for his goggles so that he could see.

{{It's snow! We're in High Reaches for the Frost Fair. Now please land before I go flying.}} L'nel's distress managed to get through to Hemiseth as the dragon landed while trying in vain to avoid touching the snowdrifts. L'nel quickly dismounted and was quite glad to hear the crunch of snow hearalding his connection to the ground. As soon as he was off, Hemiseth shoved his nose into his chest with a begging look.

{{Please, where can I get warm, L'nel?}} Hemiseth begged of his rider in such a tone that L'nel felt such empathy.

"I don't know, Hemiseth. I'm not from here, I'm from Ista. Ask some of the local dragons and see if they can help you." He caressed the hazy nose before him consolingly. "I wish that I could help you more but that's all that I can think of."

With an almost forlorn sigh, Hemiseth lifted his head to look towards the Weyr Rim. The pair heard a bronze bellow in fury and wondered at that until Hemiseth relayed the news. {{Resmeinth's duels. His honor has been questioned. I will go sit with him.}}

L'nel watched his blue take off while wondering when Hemiseth suddenly liked a Fortian bronze. Was Resmeinth in their wing? He didn't think so, but he could be. For now, L'nel put up his dragon's straps and set out to enjoy the fair while his partner suffered the cold.
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