Bonuses - Just in Time atten: Riders/Candidates/Kassia


With Kassia very close to her due date, officially she was on desk duty and to stay off her feet as much as possible but there was one last thing she wanted to do before she gave in entirely.
During the cool of the morning, before drills, riders and Candidates were brought together in front of the lake. Once everyone was settled down she spoke, with Foreth passing the message to the dragons for their riders. Anyone who might not hear would get the message soon enough anyway.

"Despite the toughness of the turn," she said. "you all have worked hard this turn and done the Weyr proud. After going through the tithes, we have still done enough for you to earn your bonuses for the turn. Those with rank: You will get a mark and a half. Other riders will get a full mark as your bonus. Candidates, you will get a 1/4 mark, be sure to spend it well. The marks will be distributed to wingleaders and the ACMs to pass out. If there are any quick questions I will take them, otherwise enjoy a little bit of extra fun at the Frost Fayre for me."