[FROST FAYRE] Come one, come all! Brave the snows and the chill that nips your nose!


Approximate IC Date:

IC: Although their Mid-Winter Gather was an event that was the highlight of the Turn, there had been serious consideration whether it should be cancelled altogether. And why wouldn’t they? It had been a Turn of tribulations to be sure. And underpinning all of that was the revelatory concern that it appeared that someone was out there targeting the Weyrs. After all of the talk at the Conclave that perhaps Arolos had been targeted with their imminent Hatching on the horizon, there had been serious discussion as to whether they should perhaps not bother this Turn at all. And in all honesty, the prospect of shutting the gates and barricading them from the inside had been far more tempting than either Wygelle or F’loran would ever have openly admitted to. But after some pause, there were indeed things that should be celebrated. The successful clutching and hatching of Arolos’ pair of golds for instance, Ormanth’s own recent and sizeable clutch, the successful - albeit still in progress - development of New Fort’s reclamation of Fort Weyr and its developing relationships with other Weyrs. Yes, there were things that needed celebrating. So with that, Mid-Winter Gather was announced as usual except with a noticeable difference. This Turn it would be larger and grander than before and as a special measure would be extended to last five whole days instead of the usual three.

And thus, the preparations for the “Frost Fayre” as it had been come to be dubbed had begun in full measure. Announcements were sent to every Hall and Hold within the High Reaches protectorate and formal invitations to the other Weyrs, inviting them to announce it to the Crafters and Traders within their regions as well. Everyone was welcome. For a full two sevenday before, High Reaches was a flurry of activity. The snows were falling and that meant the Weyrbowl needed to be cleared and prepared to accommodate their guests. Although discreet, security had been of the utmost priority as well although the presence of the Guards would be all but unnoticeable. Traders and Crafters had begun arriving from all across the continents complete with their own retinues and the hardy, wooden stalls had been assembled throughout the Weyrbowl. It was like a Hold within a Weyr as the careful organisation established a Feastery, a Crafter’s Corner,  a music hall where a large bandstand would accommodate lively music. Traders of just about every possible consideration had appeared selling a variety of items from practical to luxurious and by the time the Weyr gates opened on the first day, High Reaches was a sight to behold. Carefully strung glow jars adorned every nook and cranny as well as festooning the fronts of the stalls and in the dim, not quite light that the Weyr observed in the winter days, the twinkling lights were marvellous to see. Greenery that didn’t wilt and die in the winter had been collected and woven into garlands with brightly coloured berries that had been draped from the stalls. And then, there was the snow. High Reaches was no stranger to heavy snow and had cleared enough to ensure that the paths were clear but had left the several inches deep covering that had come down on top of the stalls. Combined with the frozen Weyr Lake that twinkled in the low winter sun, it looked like a scene out of a Harper’s envisioning of an extravagant Turn’s End celebration.

As the rich scents of spiced hot foods began to drift into the air, the Traders began their sales pitches and the sound of music was struck up from the bandstand where a Harper band started off immediately with their gayest of tunes. There was much to do and just as much to buy now that the Frost Fayre had begun!

OoC: Trader players, feel free to start your sales pitches! There are activities galore and all the hot winter food and drink that can be thought of. For many this might be the first time your Arolosian has seen snow, let alone realised just how cold it is! Don’t forget to wrap up warm and when they can’t feel the snowballs anymore, perhaps it’s time to find a hot drink or worse, perhaps they need to find a Healer. Perhaps their Northern friends find their plight amusing or maybe your character is determined to last as long as they can before they had to admit defeat.

Candidate Players - You are welcome to assume that they have been brought up for the full five days and have been set up in bunks in the Candidate Barracks at the Weyr. You may NPC a random HR Candidate to show them around if you like or to act as their guide at the Weyr.

Rider Players - Feel free to provide a ferry service to get the ball rolling. Due to their Fall commitments, Riders will have to assume that they have missed part of the Frost Fayre due to having to go back for drills and Fall. This doesn’t need to be played out but just keep in mind that Riders will  be hopping back and forth to some degree.

Traders/Crafters: Writers! You are welcome to create a suitably wintery NPC Trader stall. Hot food, luxury winter dress, fun winter games - the choice is yours. All we ask is that you try to keep it from being too outlandish or unlikely - unless of course your Southern Trader fancies trying their luck and seeing how long they can stand the cold! This does mean no firelizard or wher sellers due to their extreme rarity in the North.

As always if you're not sure, fire a question either via Discord or the Website.