Up the Chain of Command (jp: Cremsden, Cuylar)


Cuylar rushed back to the Infirmary as fast as he could, resisting the temptation to ask Elphith to start contacting every dragonriding Healer in the weyr. Instead, he convinced her to start only with letting Kaith know that he would need to speak with K'ren soon.

((You never remember that the Master can hear me…))

[[It's not that I don't know. Any human can hear you if you speak to them. It's that if you're not right next to him, you'll have to speak at him anyway, and it seems rude to go over Kaith's head.]]

((Ah. Is that why you're going to tell the Healer first, instead of just going directly to the Master? The Healer already reminded you once today that you don't need permission any more.))

[[Cremsden is my shift senior, whether I could go to K'ren alone or not. So he at least deserves a chance to say whether he wants to be there.]]

((If you say so,)) Elphith shrugged as she landed near the Infirmary.

[[I'll be back soon. Please don't round up the whole weyr until after I inform K'ren.]]

((I promise nothing… Inform quickly.))

Cuylar ran to the door and then walked briskly back to the office. Best place to start looking, anyway.

Once he had tracked Cremsden down, Cuylar waved and started off immediately,

"He's gone. I spoke to Nayari, and now I'm going to tell K'ren – then there will be a search party. Do you want to come?"

“What-- gone?” Cremsden was on his feet immediately, reaching for his bag out of habit. “What do you mean..gone?”

"He's left. Not here anymore. R - u - n - n - o - f - t," Cuylar clarified rather helpfully. "We found his cot empty, and he was nowhere he was supposed to be. Took some firelizard with him or something."

“Faranth.” Well, that wasn’t good. Cremsden debated leaving his bag then held onto it anyway. You never knew.. “Any idea what prompted that?”

"I would bet it's whatever had him so agitated the night of the Hatching," said Cuylar. "But Nayari is rounding up all of the assistant candidatemasters to have a little conference, and she's asked me to get a mental image of him to K'ren and Kaith."

((Which I have already done,)) said Elphith. ((You are too slow.))

“Okay.” Cremsden started to move; Healers learned early that sometimes you couldn’t wait around to talk long. “I’ll see who I can stir up to come look. Should they come to you? Elphith can give pictures if they have dragons or firelizards I suppose.”

"That works," said Cuylar nodding. He was in "fixit" mode, so he, too, was not taking the time to fret. He had to act. "Thank you."