Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: ALL #HatchingForeth2020


Normally there was a big feast after Hatching. The people who had watched needed to be fed and loved ones wanted one last chance to see the new Weyrlings. Not this time. After everything that had happened, including a night Hatching, a large feast was taken off the table. Instead, a small breakfast was arranged for anyone in the Weyr, but no one was brought in from outside the Weyr. The Candidates were off their forced seclusion, but warned against overindulging. The older Weyrlings who were off close watching could go for an hour or two before they needed to be back to their lessons. The newest Weyrlings were given permission to go for a short period so long as their dragons fell asleep. They could see their friends and family, but no touching was allowed.

OOC: Feel free to have your Weyrlings or Candidates go to the feast, but stay within the rules. IA = IC

Amy Frazey

Almira was reluctant to leave Prometh, even though he was asleep after that first feeding. But she was hungry too, and this would be her last chance for several months to talk to any of her candidate friends who hadn't impressed.

This Hatching feast was much different than the first one she'd been to, however. No crowds, no visitors from outside the Weyr. Almira's mother and sister weren't there. But Lerian, and a few more of her friends were there, so after getting a plate piled high with food, okshe went over to sit by the boy who was like a little brother to her. "Congratulations on Impressing a bronze, Lerian. I'm sure he's amazing."