Hatching - Wriggling Gloom #HatchingForeth2020


Maybe it was residual heat from the blast a couple days ago. Maybe the Hatching Caverns were just that hot. Or maybe it was the Twisted Tangles Egg being itself. But as the dragons hummed, the pattern on the egg seemed to be moving faster than usual. Some of the striations of the egg seemed to be crawling over each other.

No, that wasn’t it. The Twisted Tangles was rocking, and the shadows around it made it seem that the pattern was moving. Soon, though, the rocking became obvious.

((Something’s out there, and I want it, a muffled voice cried. A piece of shell flaked off of the top. I need to get out of here.))

The Green Caged Egg had been damaged in the attack. Just a small crack, but enough to make the dragonhealers worry whether the dragon would Hatch normally. Or Even Hatch at all. But then suddenly there was a paw punching through the surface between the “bars” of the cage pattern where the crack was. The blue paw disappeared only for the claws to curl around the edges and tear them away. Next came a blue head shoving itself through the hole. The dragon struggled and then the egg fell apart, spilling the baby dragon to the Sands that, at least on first look, looked perfectly normal.

((Free at last,)) he said, his mindvoice ending in a bit of a hiss.

The Twisted Tangles Egg continued to rock, but as it rocked more pieces of shell came off, spiraling around the egg. Suddenly the green dragon within was out, and happy to be so.

((Freedom is good,)) she said as she surveyed the dim Caverns. She poked one of the eggs she was next to. ((Much better than being in there.))  Then it dawned on her--there was another one like her nearby. And he sounded like someone she wanted to know.

((You. I like you. I think we need to..oooh, what’s this? )) Her egg had been close to the wall of the Cavern, and a small tunnelsnake had been caught in the rocking. It was trying to slither away and she pounced on it. ((And where do you think you’re going? You’re mine. I want more like you.))

((What are you doing?)) Basilith asked, rushing to join her. ((Oooo, it’s a toy. I want it.)) He tried to bat at it only for another one to appear from under the remnants of her egg.

((It’s mi--oh, there’s more!)) Euryath ran to move the shards of her egg away, to uncover a next of the critters. They seemed to have just Hatched, themselves. She picked one up and stared it in the eye. ((You. Are. Most definitely. Mine,)) she said happily.

((We need to keep these things from getting away,)) she called to her brother.

((I want to keep them,)) Basilith said, gleeful at all the toys. One started trying to wiggle past him and he nudged it with his paw towards the others. The tunnelsnake hissed and he hissed back, baring long fangs reminiscent of that of the tunnelsnake itself. ((Bad toy!))

Euryath was busy chasing after her own wriggling toy. She tried building a wall, but they just walked over it. 

((These toys are fun,)) she crowed, and when one turned and hissed at her, she smacked it. Unfortunately, she hit it a little too hard and it stopped moving.

((Aww. I broke it. Careful, brother, they’re fuh..fruh…)) she sat and thought a moment, trying to figure out what she was trying to say. The word she was looking for seemed to come from across the Sands. ((Fruh-jeell-ee,)) she finally said, but that wasn’t right. Also, her other toys were getting away. She ran over and started to herd them back so they were between herself and Basilith.

((Maybe if we dig a hole for them?)) Basilith suggested. ((You keep them here. I’ll start digging.)) He pushed the two near him in her direction and then got down to business. His tiny paws dug into the hot sand, shoving it away to start creating a hole for their toys.

That was fine by her. She didn’t want to get her paws dirty. Playing with the toys was a much better pastime.

It was exhausting though. There were five of the critters, and they all wanted to run in five different directions, so she had to keep running in a circle to keep them together. It became harder for her, though, because that word had come from somewhere. She looked over at a crowd of weird looking faces. They looked like statues. But not fragile statues.

((Fragile!)) she said. ((The word is fragile!)) “Statue” was another word that came from over there. For a moment she was distracted, then had to scamper to get their toys back together. 

((Are you done yet?)) she asked.

((You can try,)) Basilith said, sitting back with a huff. He’d managed a small, but deep hole that might be big enough to accommodate one or two of the wriggly things, but not all five. Still, two was better than none. ((Just give a push and we can keep them.))

((Okay!)) Euryath said, and shoved the five things into the hole. Along with a pile of sand. Basically, she buried them.

((How’s that?))

Well, that was one way to keep them there. But there was another problem now. One managed to wiggle its way up through the sand, but the rest were hidden under the pile.

((I can’t see them now,)) Basilith said mournfully. 

The one peeking out wiggled free entirely and the blue forgot about the rest. He snatched up the tunnelsnake in his mouth, careful not to chomp down. ((I think I’ll keep this one, but he needs a name.))

Hmm. Euryath contemplated, then dug through the sand. Another wiggled its way up, but its movements were slow and sluggish. ((They don’t seem to be as much fun now. What are those things over there?)) She’d picked up the one that had been unburied and pointed over to the candidates. Unfortunately, her hold on this tunnelsnake was tenuous at best, and it went flying right in the midst of the crowd.

((I need another. What do you want to name yours?))

((I don’t know,)) Basilith admitted. ((I should ask someone...someone else.)) Someone would know, something told him that. He just had to figure out who. He started moving towards the Candidates. 

As he left her, Euryath went back to the hole and saw the other three wiggly things tunnel out of it. She quickly pounced on one, this time holding it in her mouth like her brother.  He had a good idea, needing a name for his, so she decided she wanted to name hers.

She studied the group standing around and locked eyes with someone. ((Alina can you help me name my pet? But I’m hungry, and my skin itches. But I need more pets, and more names.))

With his sister having found her lifemate, Basilith was left alone carrying his own very wiggly pet. He turned to the crowd and suddenly he knew exactly what he needed to do. ((Mine! My Rennitz, this is my pet. Can I keep him? Tell me what to name him.))

And with that, the two Hatchlings found their lifemates, but they were definitely not the last to come.


Dragonet - Euryath: This green dragon is as mesmerizing as her egg. Her hide is various shades of green which all seem to twist and writhe into each other. Even when she's standing still she looks like she's moving, and when you look into her eyes you can get lost in that rainbow swirl, even if you aren't her rider.

Euryath loves the boys. She will flirt with them endlessly, win them over, then leave them struck dumb and motionless as she goes on to the next one. Heartbreaker, thy name is Euryath.

She also has an obsession with things that crawl. Tunnelsnakes, to be clear. It will not be unusual to find tunnelsnakes in her weyr. Unfortunately, her rider will have to check inside every day because tunnelsnakes don't stay in one place. Maybe they should get her an aquarium, so her 'pets' will stay in one place. This will not make them popular during Weyrlinghood.

Dragonet - Basilith: Basilith is hatched as a long, sinuous dragon with short stubby legs and wings that gives him more of an impression of a tunnelsnake than a dragon. Despite his smaller wings, he'll be agile in the air and will be an asset to a lower wing. He is an almost uniformly light blue dragon but has darker markings like a crown on his head.He'll also have longer fangs than usual, long enough that the tips can be seen even when he closes his mouth. When he opens his mouth, his fangs glisten and stand out and more than a few people will be afraid that he'll bite them.

Unfortunately Basilith doesn't do much to dissuade this notion as he inherited his mother's temper. Easy to anger, he spends a lot of time glaring and complaining about what's going on about him and snapping his teeth. His food isn't the right size. The heat is too hot and somehow that's his rider's fault. The Weyrling next to him is looking at him funny. That feline is sitting in his favorite sunning spot. He'll have a litany of ridiculous complaints and will make sure that those around him know about it until they just want to run away.

He also likes to hiss and spit when he's irritated, further making him seem like a snake. His rider will have to work hard to keep him calm and channel that temper. His best ally will be Fogryth who will have a talent at keeping him calm.