Daughter of the Sun (Shalia S/A)

Kevin M

Life was strange, Shalia thought as she hugged Foreth.  Here she was giving comfort to the Untouchable Sun when her lifemate was unavailable, for the second time in a matter of months. By all rights it should have been one of the daughters Kassia had birthed here, not her.  Oh, she knew that Kassia considered her a daughter; and she thought of her as her mother in return, despite the old labels of 'aunt' and 'niece' which would actually be kind of odd to drop at this point.  And she knew that being in the right place at the right time played a huge part in things.  But even so. Sarati, Kashara, Rassia… one of them should have been the one Foreth allowed to give her comfort, not the random byproduct of a greenflight.

But still… it was she, the mere nesr-daughter, whom Foreth had kept from Razelth's Hatching, and while she was still angry and upset about that, she also felt a certain amount of honor in it.  And it was she to whom the great queen allowed herself to show vulnerability, and no amount of 'right place, right time' would account for that if Foreth didn't trust her enough for it.

The moment of vulnerability ended and Shalia stepped back, openly weeping as she watched Foreth gather up the shattered remains of her children, who would never know their lifemates.  Her heart broke as the gold made her way out of the Cavern… and then her stomach roiled at the memory of what she had seen.  She quickly ran outside, hand over her mouth, and found a quiet place that she fervently hoped was far enough away to be sick.

Foreth returned from her tragic mission between and Shalia rushed back to the entrance, but the now-keening gold moved past without even noticing her presence now.  The Candidate realized that Fireth would rather be alone in her grief now than share it with anyone who wasn't her lifemate, be she ever so favored, and she watched until the large golden form disappeared into the caverns before turning away.

She needed something to wash the taste from her mouth, preferably something strong, and she really needed to not be alone.  There were still plenty of Candidates in the Barracks, despite most having gone on the trip, bit she couldn't deal with them right now.  There would be too many questions, questions she either couldn't or didn't want to answer, from people hoping the near-daughter of the Weyrwoman and the assistant to the Weyrleader would know more than they did.  She could find wine in her father's weyr, but it would be empty; and the same was true of D'vik's weyr (albeit with better wine), so Shalia found herself heading towards where she could find everything she needed right now: her beloved sister's weyr. 

Shard the restrictions; if they wanted to ban her from this Hatching, so be it, but Shalia intended to find forgetfulness in both a bottle and Sarati's arms.

And she never even got a look at the surviving eggs.

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