Month 10: FF’s First *Between* Lesson ((Attn: Ko’ssen, Rebme, & Indali))


Ko’ssen was admittedly more than just a bit nervous about this lesson. It was a very important lesson, possibly one of the most important, and had the possibility of being the most dangerous. Not only was the *first* weyrling class he was in charge of, and he very much wanted to make sure he didn’t lose a single one of the weyrlings, for this class *or* any future classes. 

So the WLM had been preparing for this lesson ever since these weyrlings’ month 8 interviews, doing everything he could to make sure that when it came time for each weyrling to go *Between* that they were having *no* issues. No behavior issues still happening, no issues with their lessons or their physical exercise, and *especially* no issues with anything involved with *Between* Prep (from Image Visualization to Image Sharing). 

It was now the end of Month 10 and he couldn’t delay this lesson any longer at risk of the green weyrlings of the class beginning to have their Flights before learning to actually *Between*. He’d done everything he could to make sure that these weyrlings were cleared to not have any issues with any part of *Between* Prep, and he’s also made the decision that the first *Between* lesson would be done privately with just the weyrling, the weyrling’s mentor, and him instead of in either the small group or large class setting. He didn’t feel like the weyrlings needed any additional stress of being watched by their classmates for this lesson. 

So, he set aside a day specific for this lesson, let Indali know when she'd be meeting Ko'ssen and Rebme out in the bowl, and even arranged for there to be food delivered to the barracks for the other weyrlings while they waited for their turn in the *Betweening* lesson. Once Indali had arrived, the trio of WLM, AWLM mentor, and weyrling flew straight to Arolos Point just a little bit outside the Weyr. 

Once there, the trio had all taken a good long look at the area from dragonback to have the visualization fresh in their minds before they’d flown a little ways away and then landed. Once on the ground again, Ko’ssen turned to look at Indali with an expression not often seen on his normally relaxed and friendly face. Today, Ko’ssen looked stern and, maybe, even a little tense as he looked at the weyrling who was under his charge hoping that he could convey the gravity of this lesson. 


“You are about to take a very important step in your Weyrlinghood,” he explained. “Today, will be putting all the visualization you’ve been doing over the last several months into practice as you and your lifemate actually go *between* for the first time. You have just visited Arolos Point to take a good long look at it. Now, once you take off and gain enough altitude you will visualize it for your dragon. Once you have the image clear you will pass it to your dragon, who will then pass the image onto both Zerenth and your mentor’s dragon for verification. Once we have confirmed that your visualization is without issue, and once you feel prepared, you will be allowed to go *between*.”

Taking a breath, Ko’ssen continued with “Now, when you get up in the air I want you to visualize Arolos Point with as much detail as possible. Remember how it was when you saw it just a very short while ago, and put that image in your head. Think of the color, the shape, the relative positions of various things, the edge of the cliff and its angle to the sea. If, once you are in the air again, you feel like you need to take another look at Arolos Point then that’s more than fine. Please let us know and then go take another look so that you feel as prepared as possible. Make sure your image is as clear as possible before you transfer that image to your lifemate for them to then send to us. And then *if* we give you the go-ahead from that image, once you are ready to go *between* let us know before you go.” 

“If, at any point, you don’t feel comfortable going *between*, then you can wait. There is absolutely no pressure for you to take that step if you or your lifemate don’t feel ready. And after you either go *between* or let us know you need to wait, we will return to the Barracks where I’ve arranged for there to be a lunch delivered where you can eat with your classmates and catch up.”

“So, whenever you’re ready go ahead and get to the correct altitude and we will wait for your visualization image.” 

ooc: Feel free to just assume that Ko’ssen approved (either before or after making some suggestions on improving it) your weyrling’s visualization if you want to just go ahead and get to having your weyrling *between*. Or, if you want Ko’ssen to actually reply before you go *between* that’s ok too.


It was hard to tell who was more ready for this, Indali or Tanivith. Indali was excited because she was one of the few of her classmates given permission to actually go between today and she considered that a solemn honor. Tanivith was excited because it meant that she was one step closer to being allowed to rise. Soon she would be the only thing that the bronzes, browns, and blues wanted and she lived for that moment. The power would be hers.

"Tanivith! Focus on the now instead of the then!" Indali swiftly rebuked her dragon, who snapped out of her reverie with a grunt.

{{Right, Arolos Point. I'm ready for it!}} Tanivih confirmed with a snap of her wings as she launched up in the air when it was her turn. The green rose to the proper altitude and Indali passed along the image. Tanivith passed it to Zerenth and her mentor and gave a triumphant bugle when she was given permission to go. Using her innate abilities, the green popped into the freezing cold blackness. Indali fought to control her terror and count, but the seconds seemed to last forever in the ultimate night.

{{I'm here,}} Tanivith's voice came like a soothing and warm blanket to the girl. {{We'll be there soon, I know where I'm going. And then you'll be warm again.}}

Right as her dragon finished speaking, they emerged into blinding sunlight and almost overwhelming warmth. Indali wooped and Tanivith gave a triumphant bugle as they did a victory loop over the stones. They'd done it! They'd successfully went between and were that much closer to becoming full dragonriders.
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