What Were You Thinking, Boy? ((Attn: Asheran, Kassia, ))


"And what if you'd tripped and fell on an egg?" Kassia demanded with little rationality or pity left. "What if you both had and hit the eggs? Those eggs are still fragile. What if you'd hit the gold eggs. You would have deprived of potentially hundreds of eggs and dragons over that lifetime. Dragons that save your sorry arse from Thread on a sevenday basis."

Jenna Cunningham

Asheran felt blindsided. His sorry arse? He'd just tried to stop things from escalating, had tried to help and she was yelling at him. There was a boy lying back there on the sands, maybe dead, and she was annoyed with him!

The look on his face was an unguarded mixture of dumbfounded disbelief and pained guilt. He hadn't intended to hit an egg - he never would have, he was certain of that. He would have caught up to the boy and stopped things before it got that far. No one would have - should have - gotten hurt.

"I was just trying to stop him. I wouldn't have tripped, Weyrwoman."

He didn't know what else to say. He saw that ghostly egg in his mind's eye, and thought of all those other eggs, dead on the sands, crushed under rock and rubble. He remembered how it had felt, standing there waiting for one to hatch, and waiting, and waiting.

"I was just trying to help."


"You don't think that with all those dragons, me, and guards that we could take care of it?" Kassia asked, hands on her hips. "Were you looking for glory?"

Jenna Cunningham

"No, I wasn't thinking about - I wasn't thinking at all, I just -"

Asheran fumbled for something other to say than I was trying to stop him or I was trying to help. He felt frustration surge up in him, frustration beyond the adrenaline shakes and the shock and the exhaustion and the flicker of righteousness of doing the right thing that nobody else seemed to understand, because it was glory hunting when you tried to stop someone from getting themselves badly hurt and -

"I was just trying to help!" He snapped finally, shouting, and immediately regretted it.


"Don't yell at me, boy!" Kassia snapped. She shook her head. Her blood was boiling, but some small part of her told her to not be too harsh. He was helping. She didn't know if she believed him or not, but he hadn't touched the Sands where the other one hand. She released her hips and balled her fists. "Just...get out of my sight. I'll deal with you later."