Did You Pass the Test to See the Eggs? Atten: ALL FEMALE CANDIDATES/ALL/Foreth/Kassia/Wycker


Kassia frowned. She'd hoped no one would ask. Luckily she had an answer other than the one that many of the girls had probably figured out.  "The girls that pass will get to see the eggs first," she said. "Foreth will want to get to know the girls who pass. She can't be overwhelmed."


Wycker listened as the WW announced that there were two golden eggs.  Confirmed then.  Two gold eggs, just as the rumors had put out. That being said, WW Kassi's statements didn't make any sense to her.  What would the WW be looking for that the sevenday would make the difference?  What could Wycker -- or any of them -- say or do now that would change in the few days between when the interview was finished and they saw the eggs, to when the remainder saw the eggs.  No, Wycker shook her head silently, there was something else going on here.

But she was a Candidate, and she didn't know what it was, lacking the knowledge of political circles.  That and she really hadn't made a bunch of friends outside of Ysolde and Calyse when it came to the females.  She supposed she should be doing a better job.  But between her studies, the ongoing drama with Leo, and catching up with T'quinn, she just hadn't made time.  She much preferred the musty boxes and books to people. 

And then Ysolde just walked out, and Wycker's large eyes followed her movements.  Well that was interesting, Wycker thought, carefully noting the equal hostility reflected in the Weyrwoman's eyes.  What the Faranth?

Minding that, Wycker cautiously raised her hand.  "WW Kassia, what are you looking for in the interview that will change over the next sevenday?  Surely, if we're not good enough to go now, then should we take it as a rating on our overall suitability to Stand writ large?"  Internally, Wycker wanted to kick herself.  It was an intelligent question, but not a smart one.  The smart thing to do would have been to say nothing.  But she'd never really been good at that.  She asked a lot of questions.