Well this is a mess {Rolan, any riders}


While the rains when they originally started were nice, and had sent
some riders into the hall earlier the more days they came the more it
got annoying. Rolan hadn't worried too much until he got up a few days
after that rained out threadfall only to find water all over the floor
of the Rider's Hall. Honestly he was just glad that he had ended up
getting up a bit early today, but now they had to deal with the water.
He sent Midnight towards to the so the blue could warn any early
commers of the problem and set to work trying to find something to
keep more from getting in (probably more sand bags) and try to dry out
what he could that had already gotten in.

Midnight for his part was enjoying the rain and was all too happy to
go sit in puddles of it. He made his way towards the entrance of the
Hall rumbling happily at the puddles in the floor before finding
himself a good one near the entrance he could watch from. Happy in his
place he settled down and sort of curled up enjoying himself before
Rolan and the others got rid of all the nice water. Though he did make
sure to keep an 'ear' out for anyone coming in so he could warn them
of all the water.


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