Double the Golden Advice JP/B'lin


OOC: Set three days after the Clutching

A few days after the eggs were laid, Kassia turned to Foreth. The gold was being a little more agreeable now that she was no longer gravid and she was eager to show off her eggs in a very careful manner. So far she’d been okay with people who weren’t possibly able to Impress the gold eggs and that she knew well to come see them.

“Love, can B’lin come see the eggs?” she asked.

Foreth stretched out her head so that it was away from her eggs and Kassia could come up to stand on tiptoe and scratch near her headnobs.

((If he doesn’t come near my eggs,)) the gold gave her standard answer.

“Will you call for him or do I have to ask someone else?” Kass used her other hand to scratch the Queen’s cheek.

There was a moment of no reply while Foreth groaned happily at the scratches and then she said, ((If I must.))

Kassia stepped back off the Sands and headed to her desk in the Rankers’ Stands to get some work done while she waited.

((Yours is to come see my egg,)) Foreth said, her words still closer to polite than usual. Closer.

A few moments passed before Quelenth replied cautiously, ((Is it an emergency or may he finish breakfast?))

For once the gold didn’t lie and she was feeling a bit more straight forward, ((It is not an emergency. Bring Mine breakfast, too. She is not eating enough.))

((He says he’ll bring a tray. No fish,)) Quelenth reassured. He hesitated. The Hatching Grounds could get crowded already with two fathers about, but still. ((Would you like company?))

((No fish,)) Foreth agreed. She didn’t need to eat much now that she clutched, which might be part of the reason Kassia wasn’t eating as much. ((You can come. Just don’t upset Talith or Truenoth.))

Oddly, telling B’lin he didn’t have to hurry still got him to hurry if he could, and got him arriving in a much better mood besides. He came to greet Foreth first before even looking for Kassia, proud of her in an oddly fatherly way. After all, she had been his baby gold first, and now look at her, laying two gold eggs at once.

“You did well, girl,” he greeted her, as Quelenth tried to find a spot unlikely to offend either of the two males watching the eggs.

Foreth rumbled proudly and preened, clearly liking the approval. ((Do you like my daughters, too?)) she asked Quelenth, assuming that he’d see them through B’lin’s eyes.

Kassia smiled, happy to see the interaction. Foreth’s happy mood was so rare, it was worth celebrating.

((They’re lovely,)) Quelenth said. ((And the others too - how many?))

“A lot,” B’lin said. “That’s going to be one big class.”

Foreth pulled the number from Kassia’s head. ((Twenty six including the gold eggs.)) Not a huge clutch, but still a decent size as far as Foreth was concerned. Of course what gold wouldn’t want more and more eggs. After they were laid anyway. Not so much while she was carrying them.

“I don’t envy the AWLMs,” Kassia said, coming up beside him and slipping her hand in his. “Especially the gold eggs. I’m already trying to figure out how us goldriders are going to handle our end with the new goldriders.” She squeezed his hands. “Do you have any suggestions?”

B’lin looked down at her and laughed. “Female WeyrlingMasters perhaps?” he suggested drily. “Ones who are very much not interested.”

Kassia coughed and gave him an innocent look. “Perhaps a good idea,” she said. “Of all the Weyrlings, they’re the ones I worry the most about that.” And not just because of her own experiences. Okay, a lot because of her own experiences, but also because of the type of person it usually took to Impress a gold. Strong willed, persistent, and maybe a bit of a manipulative side. Queens wrapped the Weyr around their finger and their riders often tried, too.

“Of course your problem is there’s two of them, and they’re contrary types. If you give them no other way to rebel they’ll sleep with each other,” B’lin said. “Though if you want advice -- that is it, really. Give them some way to rebel that they can win.”

Kassia raised an eyebrow. “And what sort of thing would that be? Something that doesn’t cause the other Weyrlings to rebel as well, preferably.”

“Faranth knows. Can you give them some duty just for goldriders that they’ll want to get out of?” B’lin suggested.

“That’s something that could probably could be done,” Kassia agreed. “I’m open to anything. I’m really scared that this could go badly.”

“Ah, Kass.” Until now B’lin had been at least half-joking. Now he slipped his arm around her, seeing the seriousness. “Don’t court trouble before you have it. For all you know it’ll be a pair of tiny twelve turn olds and you can deal with them by sending them to bed early.”

“Oh Faranth, twelve turn olds.” Kassia looked even more horrified by that. She leaned into him, holding him tight. “I’m not sure what’s worse. Although at least the twelve year olds aren’t going to lose their gold by sleeping around.”

“Twelve turn olds are fine. I’ve taught plenty of them. Naughty, sure, but less inclined to think they know everything than the older ones.” B’lin rubbed her back lightly. “You sure this is what you’re really worried about?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t slept,” Kassia said in one breath then in the next, “I’m afraid of keeping them safe. Keeping everyone safe. My family. You, M’gal, and Sh’ain. The Candidates. The Creche. So many people to keep safe.”

There were guards watching. B’lin still hadn’t got used to the guards; couldn’t yet regard them as breathing disinterested furniture.

“Shall we take a little wander to that side-bit you’re living in?” he suggested gently.

Kassia looked around at the temporary weyr which was definitely bigger after the expansion. She looked back at him and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, we can.”

She pulled away to grab his hand and lead him inside to a couch.

B’lin put his arms around her as they sat down, pulling her close into him and resting his chin on her head. “You know you have to sleep.”

“Not sleepy,” she said, snuggling into him. Something had switched with the closer contact and now her hands were reaching to pull his shirt out from his pants to find skin.

“When was the last time you slept?” It wasn’t that B’lin was unwilling exactly, more that he was worried, and suspecting that he’d forget that if he surrendered too quickly to Kassia’s distraction.

Kassia sat back and gave him a dodgy look, not liking his line of questioning. “A little bit,” she said and returned to what she was doing. “Come on, I’ve been busy.”

“Kass.” B’lin captured her hands very gently in his own. “We do a deal,” he said. “We go to the bedroom, which feels slightly further away from where guards are pretending they’re not listening. And afterwards you sleep.”

Kassia pulled slightly at his hands then settled. “Sleep gets in the way,” she said with a frown.

“You sleep,” B’lin repeated, gentle and firm, his tone very much that of her WeyrlingMaster. “Or I go talk to K’ren and his way of making you sleep won’t be as fun.”

The look Kassia gave him was less than friendly. She glared at him a long moment, her leg bouncing up and down. Then she grabbed his hand and stood to tug him toward the bedroom. “You come with me. We talk about sleep later.”

There was an argument brewing there, crackling in the air like the threat of thunder. For now, B’lin let it pass. She was tired. And besides, if he tired her out a little more she might not have a choice about the sleep.