Welcome Party for a 'Craftling' ((All Weyrlings, WLMs, Ambrelli, Z'go, Dytha, and R'bor))


((Set back on 28.6.30 just before a 2 day rest day ‘weekend’ (like a Friday before a Saturday/Sunday) So this is backdated to a ways *before* Foreth has laid her twin gold clutch.))

It was finally time, after almost a full 2 months since the MD Hatching and the impression of a very unexpected crafter to a green who had been absolutely determined to survive, to welcome that new weyrling/’craftling’ into the barracks with the rest of her dragon’s clutch. Even though he and Ked’son had decided that this move needed to happen early, almost a month ago, Ko’ssen had spent days after day going back and forth on if this was really the best idea for the older weyrling. Yes, Ilexeth needed to socialize with dragons her own age, but the stress Ambrelli might feel of being in the barracks and completely out of her element (which could then get sent to her green even unintentionally) might negate any benefit the socializing might do for Ilexeth. Ultimately, as he’d added when the decision had been made, if this didn’t seem to benefit either Ambrelli or her green they way they’d thought it would and in fact was a hindrance to the pair then they’d reassess the situation and made whatever adjustments needed to be made. 

So, as a welcome for the Dragonhealer and her green as they finally joined the rest of the MD class, Ko’ssen had worked with the rest of the WLM team to set up a welcoming party for Ambrelli as she met the rest of the weyrlings (both the MDs and the FFs). There were no classes today, the beginning of a 3 day ‘rest day’, and Ko’ssen had made sure to contact the kitchen. It wouldn’t be as grand as a Hatching Feast, but he had made sure that it was better fare than any ‘normal’ day. It was a party, after all, and so if he needed to put a couple marks of his Arolos Cup winnings toward it he would.

And, because it was a party *for* Ambrelli (having known that she’d not gotten a Hatching Feast of her own) as well as a bit of a pick-me up after the Gather due to not only the MDs not being able to attend but also with how the Gather Dance ended, Ko’ssen had decided to open this party to not just the weyrlings and WLMs team, but also for Ambrelli’s weyrmate Z’go as well as the Dragonhealer who’d been most helpful to Ambrelli during this transition, making sure that Dytha was invited (as well as Dytha being able to bring a ‘party date’, a man named R’bor...if Ko’ssen had heard correctly). Yes, the MDs were *technically* under seclusion still, but a few extra people at a party wouldn't hurt things for just one day. And, Ko’ssen hoped that these extra guests at the party (instead of being just the weyrlings and WLMs) would help possibly smooth any uncomfortable feelings Ambrelli might have with the situation. 

Ko’ssen had spoken with each class earlier in the week, so that the weyrlings had had all week to look forward to this party, and to plan what they might want to wear (as this was an instance where their weyrling uniform wasn’t required, as long as the outfits worn were appropriate). That had also given the weyrlings an opportunity (if they desired) to add their own flairs to the decoration for the party. 

Over the course of the week he made sure that the Barracks was as clean as it could be (weyrling chores of course!), and around noon the day of the party the decorations were arranged carefully. Colorful ribbons were wound around chairs, pristine white tablecloths were draped over several long tables (some which were for seating with chairs around them while other tables were left open for the food trays that would be delivered), and from the ceiling were a series of numerous paper glow-lanterns just waiting to have the glows refilled and provide soft light for the party. He’d arranged for a long banner over the food tables that said “Welcome JM Ambrelli and Ilexeth’ but along with the decorations by the WLM team there were also some handpainted signs from the weyrlings themselves that were arranged around the barracks as well, a sight that made Ko’ssen smile as he saw the effort being made by the weyrlings to welcome Ambrelli into their ranks.

Beyond the food and decorations, Ko’ssen had also arranged for a few harpers to come and provide music for the party, as well as leaving an area of the floor clear for dancing (because although the MD weyrlings were still restricted to no contact with others, dancing was still possible for them). 


So, when the time for the party came and people started arriving around the 5th candlemark after midday, right around dinnertime, they’d hear a melody playing from the barracks and the smell of various delicious food would hang heavy in the hot air. Entering the barracks as they looked past all the decorations and walked into the weyrlings ‘dining area’ they’d be greeted by 3 different tables full of food: a table of cold dishes (sliced fruits, salads, and other various cold appetizers), one of carefully covered hot dishes (meat pies, roast heardbeast, seasoned tubers and veggies, etc), and finally a table of pastries and other sweet desserts. Along with this were a variety of drinks: a large klah pot brewing (which was, if Ambrelli noticed, the specific blend of klah she’d introduced him to brewing instead of the normal klah typical of Arolos), as well as a series of different chilled fruit juices arranged in nice pitchers but no alcohol (of course).

Ko’ssen was there, having taken extra care with his appearance and the fine clothing he was dressed in, and as the party goers arrived he’d be there greeting them all with a smile, but he didn’t ‘take control’ of the party or otherwise announce it’s start by standing up and saying anything as they all arrived, letting everyone just arrive and begin to celebrate as they wanted to.


She'd gotten settled into her wallow earlier, gotten Ilexeth settled as well, the little green more than eager and not nearly wanting to sleep.  Still, it was with a forceful mental push that Ambrelli got the grayish green settled to sleep.  Truth be told, she would have preferred to just settle into the wallow herself, curl up with Ilexeth, and awake a few days later.  But she couldn't.  WLM Ko'ssen had gone through much trouble to do this, and it wasn't just about her.  It was about everyone else, and all of that, in turn, affected Ilexeth.  Besides, it wasn't as if going to a party was the worst thing she'd ever forced herself to do.  But as Z'go said, was it a party of there wasn't wine?  

He'd promised her he'd come as well, though he normally was banned from the barracks.  She'd sensed a reticence in his demeanor to come in here, but she had not pushed him on it.  Theirs was a relationship built on blind trust, and she'd never asked him to explain himself before and she wasn't about to start now.  He'd been so good through all this, better than she'd hoped at first, well feared.  Besides, this was her issue, her anxiety that needed calming, and it was hers to bear with or without him.  She'd heard Dytha had been invited, along with R'bor.  She could have hoped Master Larsin would come as well, for she appreciated him very much.  He could have said no to all the plans and compromises that WLM Ko'ssen had made for her to continue her studies.  But he hadn't.  And she was more grateful to him than he could know.  

She was stalling, she realized, losing herself in thoughts rather than get dressed.  She'd debated briefly over what to wear.  Ko'ssen wanted her the centerpiece for this event, then so be it.  Quickly, she called for Maerck, the flit silent as commanded, even though he pressed against his mistress.  Ilexeth hadn't minded him, and the brown had split time between her and Z'go, enjoying the attention of both.  But here, in the Barracks, he was not allowed.  But he was also not a young ill-mannered flit, the brown being nearly 20 Turns, and he was well trained and listened.  Which was good, because Ambrelli sent him to fetch a few things from her weyr....

...And so a short time later, she showed up to her own party, dressed very much the part of the main event.  She wore a long dress, a white floral pattern on a field of mauve, with long flowing sleeves cuffed at the wrist, and a plunging neckline down to just a handspan above a gathered waistband.  On anyone else, it would have been scandalous, but Ambrelli's mild curves diminished the daring effect.  The fabric was finely woven, and the colors highlighted by the raw golden stones dipped in metal and hung from a chain about her neck.  Smaller petite versions hung about her ears, nearly hidden by her dark hair that was half gathered about her face.  She was stunning, and the finery she wore, while subtle, made clear that she was not an ordinary weyrling.  She was, after all, unexpected...