(Clutching) Why Kassia Missed Her Party atten: Foreth/Truenoth/Talith/Mendl #clutching Part 212/The End #clutching


“Sounds good,” Mendl said, moving over to give Kassia room. She oiled up again and took one side of the egg. “You’re doing good, Foreth. I’m sorry that this hurts, but think of how much better you’ll feel when it’s done. Ready, Kass..ia?” Shards, she was getting too familiar. The changes one day would do.

“On my mark. One...two...three...pull!”

Kassia oiled her own hands and slid her hand into place.

“It’s almost done, love...”

One three she and Mendl worked together. Slowly at first, then faster the egg moved until it peaked out the bottom and together between the three of them the egg slid free and onto the sand. Kassia took a rapid step back, her hand swiping some of the goo off of the egg and revealing the color underneath.

“Feck, no wonder that egg’s so big!” she gasped at the dull gold that shown where the egg had been revealed. “Mendl, let’s give her some space.”

Before one of them got eaten.

“And here I was calling it a bronze,” Mendl gasped as she hurried behind Kassia to get out of Foreth’s way. 

“Two gold eggs? Two? That’s...amazing, yet since there are two sires, I guess it makes some kind of sense.” 

She got back to their seats and realized she’d left her med bag by Foreth. Ah well, she supposed it would come flying into the middle of the caverns at some point.

“I’d like to stay for a while longer, make sure she’s okay before leaving, if that’s alright with you?”

“Sure,” Kassia said as she relaxed now that Foreth was finally done.

The Queen pulled the egg around front and finished licking it clean to reveal that this second gold egg was even larger than the first, but where the first looked like molten gold, the second looked almost dull  but still very definitely gold. The pattern was of a golden cage to hold in the second of Foreth’s daughters.

All in all there were twenty six eggs, including one that Foreth must have laid early on when Kassia was distracted that looked sort of like a skull. Soon Foreth would have to show them all to the world, but for now they remained Kassia and Mendl’s secret.