Birthday Party Prepping! ((SA Andreya))


((OOC: Sorry if this is a double post! I think I posted this the first time to some kind of wrong list address...))

When Andreya heard about the party happening in a few days for not just Weyrwoman Kassia’s birthday but Sarati’s as well Andreya had experienced a moment of panic considering not just what she would wear, but what she could gift to the both of them. Sadly, she didn’t have anything she *could* give the pair of them sure that neither one of them would want one of her pretty accessories as while they were pretty they were not ‘Weyrwoman’ or ‘Weyrwoman’s daughter’ level of pretty. So, dreading going empty handed but thinking it would be even *worse* not to show up at all, Andreya realized she *did* have something she could do...She could write a song for them! She wouldn't be empty handed at least...

So, Andreya decided to write a sweet, short, song...something celebrating but maybe also about mothers and daughters. And in every free moment for the next few days Andreya was working on that song, tweaking it so that it sounded just *perfect* and exactly how she wanted it to sound. Her party outfit was an offhand thought with her desire to have a wonderful song to sing for them both on their birthday. 

But, even with it being an offhand thought, it was still there and so on the night of the party Andreya was dressed in a bit of pretty blue fabric that clung to her curves all the way down to her hips where it flared out before falling just a bit higher than her knees. Still decently covered, just knot knee length like her candidate uniform’s skirt was. She’d left her red mass of waves to flow down to just past her shoulders showing off the backless dress. She had some pretty, dancing heels on, tall with straps wrapped up her ankle a bit, that helped boost her already tall height to be even taller. 

With a folder with her sheet music tucked under one arm, not having had quite enough time to memorize her song, Andreya checked her appearance over one more time before she headed to the party, her green flit curled around her neck while the bronze, who was still a bit annoyed at Andreya for scolding him about something earlier today, was sulking off with a green somewhere. 

And once at the party she smiled, greeted people, and waited for not just one of the family members celebrating a birthday to arrive but also the second...and waited...and waited…

Until, just a *bit* worried, she decided that she’d waited long enough and walked out of the party wanting to check on Kassia..only to run across a couple other family members who had the same idea.