Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Party to Everyone Else atten: Vofali/Heersofali/Volyn


Getting on in her pregnancy, Vofali was abstaining from wine much to her displeasure. Well, a little red was healthy according to the healers, so she did have a half glass with her that she was carefully rationing out so that she didn't try for seconds. This was an important party, after all, so why not celebrate a little? She had spoken with her son, who technically was out of her jurisdiction now that he was a candidate, but she had allowed him to have alcohol with a reminder of how he had to be sensible.

For his part, Heersofali did feel a little childish at having his mother still coddling him at his age. He was twelve now and a candidate, so he was capable of making his own decisions, right? After all, in a few short months he could be a dragonrider just like her and then in almost two Turns after that, he could be technically an adult. Maybe even outrank her. That dizzying thought had Heersofali floating a bit even before he'd got his first glass of wine. Sure he'd had wine before in his mother's weyr on nights that he stayed there, but this was different. He was a candidate and at a public party! Heersofali smiled then as he received his own glass of white wine and walked about sipping it.

Volyn, however, was not permitted wine by Vofali, who could still govern her since the girl was two Turns short of being a candidate. She was still jealous of her brother for being allowed to Stand when she couldn't, but Volyn knew the rules. There was no reason that she should be allowed to Stand early so she couldn't. For now, she drank her juice and munched on her snacks while trying her hardest to look older than she was.
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