GATHER: Violins and Tambourines ((Attn: Elowyn/Wycker, Any)) #Gather


The second day of the Gather had arrived and Elowyn was prepared to do business. She arrived early to setup the table, a simple blanket spread across it on which to feature the wares without stealing attention from them. With the help of the Candidate who has so graciously been willing to assist, they arranged an eclectic variety of instruments for sale. The Haven had been willing to part with a small portion of the profits as compensation for manning the booth, once she had stormed the right office brandishing her cast, anyway. Though she was prepared to haggle if necessary, the Harper fully intended to be rid of these instruments even if it meant giving them away. 
First, arrayed side-by-side were a group of simple wooden flutes best suited for all experience levels. Crafted individually by some journeyman's hand, each flute was unique and will only gain character and depth of tone with age. Hard, dark timber was somewhat difficult to carve, but allowed the instrument to produce a warm, mellow sound. 
Next up, a collection of small drums and a pair of smooth-sanded sticks that matched each. The drums themselves were nothing special, stretched hide of varying quality, likely the result of apprentices learning the process. These were brightly painted children's toys and practice instruments, able to take a beating. They stood arrayed in a line around the table and in stacks on either side, numerous.
Two metal-strung lap harps, both fairly nice items with artistic renditions of a faire of firelizard carved into the wood, sat side by side atop the table beside the flutes. An additional coil of woven strings lay next to them, replacements for any that might snap in time. 
Lastly one lone tambourine had been propped up at an angle against a drum, highlighting the unusual instrument and its tiny metal cymbals. 
The Harper absently strummed one of the harps on display, wearing an eye-catching blue blouse with a plunging neckline and a smile for anyone who looked their way. "Step up!" She beckoned, "Take a look, see what strikes your fancy!" Other boxes stacked behind the table suggested there was more where these instrument came from.
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