Earthquake: Quandry Like a Quarry (Alesyion, rescue needed) #pernquake


Alesyion had beed sitting outside writing right by the Weyr edge when the shaking happened. He sat still, curious at first, and only got more and more worried when the shaking got worse and worse. Gravel and dust fell down onto him and he frowned at the particles until another type of rumbling reached his ears. As small rocks fell around him, Alesyion looked up to see the boulders coming right at him. His eyes grew wide and he let out a rather embarassing shriek before curling up into the smallest ball that he could. The boulders crashed around him and the young man just knew that he was going to die in that moment. After everything that had happened, this was how it ended.

When silence finally did reign, Alesyion found himself... not dead. He dared to peak out from the cover of his arms and was greeted with a dusky twilight. So he was trapped, then, but there were enough gaps in the rocks to allow air and some faint sunlight in. A quick examination of his surroundings found another miracle in the form of his notepad having survived the fall. Alesyion gathered the precious papers to him with a swift prayer of thanks and just sat quietly and listened for the rest of the Weyr. There was panic, chaos, and a.... very loud thundering? What was that? He furrowed his brow while listening intently. It sounded like animals, but he knew that there weren't animals like that kept in the Weyr. Ah, but weren't there some herdbeasts, bovine, and the like kept nearby for dragons and human consumption? Maybe the earthquake had freed them. That seemed the most logical.

Alesyion sat back with a sigh at this situation. If he kept calm, then his oxygen intake wouldn't outpace what trickled in from outside. He may as well get comfortable until rescue came. Screaming and yelling now certainly wouldn't help. He flipped through his book and noticed that he had enough light to read by, if barely. If he could read, then surely he could write. Alesyion picked up his inkstick and, finding an unused portion of paper, began to write.

Darkness surrounds me
Blinding me to all but sound
I must sit and wait

Who shall come for me?
Will anyone know I'm here?
Is this my grave, then?

Surely it is not
For I Stand for dragon's chance
I shall not give up

The dark is peaceful
The silence is calming too
I think I shall sleep

Satisfied and amused by his writing, Alesyion tucked his stick into his book and, curling his book against his chest, settled down to sleep and await his rescue.


They had been kept busy of late with eggs on the sand.  L'der rather enjoyed their role and was very proud that his Rembouth had proven so skilled as a search dragon. They had already procured several candidates for the program and had been planning to go out and look for more. Nature and the earthquake had other ideas though.

(( Mine....did you see? On the ground below.))

L'der had not seen with his own eyes but the image he got from his dragons mind said it all. The sharp eyed Rembouth had seen a person covered by a rock slide below. There wouldn't be a moment to lose!

"Land near the edge of the slide. Gently now, we don't want to make the rocks shift anymore."

With a soft snort the blue did as instructed and then waited patiently as his rider unbuckled the straps and sprinted to the spot they had last seen the unfortunate soul standing.

"Hello! Can you hear me in there?"

He could only hope that whoever it was might still be alive and able to answer.


Alesyion had sketched the rocks around him and made interesting and far-out landscapes from the sketches until he had rather nice ful-page drawings. Honestly, it was mostly to relieve the boredom and prevent himself from going insane from being trapped for so long. It almost wasn't helping and Alesyion's hand grew heavier and heavier as he drew, his pictures growing near desperate and then-

-he heard it.

"Hello! Can you hear me in there?"

Alesyion's head snapped up and he gasped. 

"Hello!" he dared to shout. "I am here!"


Alright then, L'der thought with a sense of relief. The poor kid was at least breathing so that was something. And he didn't sound like he was panicking so that was even better. All the while he dealt with this Rembouth was sending him reports he was over hearing from the other dragons in his slow and easy drawl. Fortunately it didn't sound too bad just yet.

"Good deal. Tell me, are you hurt? Does it look unstable in there? If we start digging do you think it will collapse?"

The blue rider was sure that his dragon could move most of these rocks because none looked terribly huge but he did have the presence of mind to not want to crush the poor kid by accident.

"If your safe from further cave in I can have my dragon start moving rocks. But I'll need you to keep an eye out for anything shifting in there. It might be unstable and I don't want to make things worse."


Alesyion critically looked over the rocks that he knew quite well by now. "If you start at the top and work down in a.... right spiral, you should be fine. They're good at supporting themselves. I'm not hurt and it hasn't moved at all in here since the rocks settled."


L'der puzzled over that for a moment, trying to orient left from right as seen from the boy's perspective. That might be a bit tough since he couldn't tell which way the other fellow was facing or his exact position under all these rocks. Finally he looked up to his dragon.

"Did you get all that?" he asked with a half grin. "Our young friend is ready for a rescue."

Rembouth rumbled in seeming amusement before settling back to sit up on his hind legs, balancing on his tail, and using his fore legs to pick up and move rocks.

((I reckon we will see how it goes,)) he replied slowly. And then, because he was well versed in touching the minds of young candidates he replied so Alesyion could hear as well. ((Watch the rocks and tell us if they start to shift.))

With that he set to work, slowly moving the larger rocks while L'der set in to work on the ones a human could manage.


"Got it!" Alesyion called out to them both. He sat down and held his legs close to his body in case anything fell. He watched the rocks as the pair worked and unconsciously started to hum a song from his childhood. He wouldn't be afraid, but if he was then he wouldn't show it. Soon enough, he saw the light start to grow brighter and his excitement and hope grew in his chest.

"I can see the light better!" he called to them. "It's dusty and gravel is falling, but the rocks look stable still."


They could hear the boy a little better now L'der thought. Should be only a matter of time now. He continued to move some of the smaller debris as Rembouth carefully picked up the larger pieces and cast them aside. As rescues went this one was going remarkably well. There young friend was very lucky that he hadn't been crushed out right. The debris must have fallen in such a way that larger boulders made for a cave of sorts to form around him.

((I can smell him now. We are very close.)) Rembouth announced to them both.

"You should be able to see us once the dust settles a bit. If the hole is large enough we'll try to get you out now. I'm afraid that if we keep digging something might shift and you would be hurt."

He looked about to find a sturdy vine they could use as a makeshift rope.


"No problem!" Alesyion called back. He stood up carefully and looked up at the hole with a squint. The light was incredibly bright after the extremely dim dusk of the little cave and nearly hurt his eyes looking at it. To help himself, Alesyion looked down to the ground to see if there was anything that he could use to help himself out. As he expected, no there was not. All there were consisted of rocks, sand, and rock chips. Alesyion sighed and sat back down to wait and save his strength.


As the dust began to clear L'der peeked down into the hole they had created. After a few moments he could make out the young man. He looked a little dusty and banged up but not badly hurt. At least not from what he could see.

"Alright, I can see you now. Do you think you could climb up if I lower a stout vine to you? Or if not can you wrap it around yourself nice and tight? Then we can pull you up out of there?"

((I can dig more.)) Rembouth offer in a helpful tone but the blue rider waved off the offer. He feared that any more digging might make the whole thing collapse on to the poor kid. Then the whole rescue would have been in vain. Better if they could just pull him out through the hole they had already made which was wide enough for Alesyion to fit through if they maneuvered it just right.


"I can, yes," Alesyion replied. "My arm strength is fine. If your dragon is alright with it, do you think it might be wiser to have him hold the vine instead of having it brace on the stone? If you've already thought of that, I apologize for assuming." He did send strong feelings of gratitude towards Rembouth even if he didn't know if the dragon could feel or hear him.


"He will be holding on to it," L'der affirmed with a bemused grin. With that he tossed one end of the vine down while the other was wrapped around one of Rembouth's hands. He had taken some effort to strip the leaves and any thorns from the vine. It should do nicely for their rescue operation.

"Do you see it? Grab hold and start to climb. Its not far and once you get close I'll grab you and get you the rest of the way out.

This candidate had been particularly lucky. A lot of the folks in the Weyr weren't going to be as fortunate.