Not the Queen I Thought I'd Meet (Diagir/Ziya, Rennitz)


Rennitz had it in her mind that, should she not Impress, she would apply to the Whercraft for apprenticeship. She didn't like to think about the possibility of not Impressing- she still had five Turns left to Stand and with two producing healthy queens there was always a chance for another queen egg to be laid- but Rennitz also knew that she had to prepare for the future. She did love being a Beastcrafter and working with runners, but something about whers were intriguing. She remembered her father working with them as well as her older siblings, but she hadn't be allowed to help because of her age. Besides being older now, she was in Arolos now with an actual Whercraft and Wherhall.... it was like a dream.

It was shortly after dawn but right before breakfast that found Rennitz out in the cool morning air, waiting for the sun to rise. She watched some of the few people already out and was surprised to see how many had whers. Was this a normal thing for wher owners? Curious, she gazed at the different whers that were walking around before her gaze was caught by the glitter of gold hide. Her head snapped around to see the compact gold walking with her large handler heading close to her. Rennitz's eyes glued themselves to the beautiful queen with awe and made a little sound when her handler started to divert the queen away from her.

"Ah, wait..." Rennitz called just loud enough for the pair to hear. "I... She's really beautiful."

Ziya paused on her own when she heard the compliment, neck arching and eyes glowing happily. {Two-leg say nice things,} Ziya hummed to Diagir while looking Rennitz over. Diagir himself looked Rennitz over, noting her Candidate knots but also her eager and awed expression. Exhaling softly, he turned himself towards Rennitz with a little smile. 

"Hello, there. I am Senior Journeyman Diagir and this is my Ziya." Ziya whistled her greeting to the girl, who smiled and stood to properly address them.

"Hello, Senior Journeyman and Ziya. I'm Candidate Rennitz." The girl gave a little curtsey to the pair. "Ziya is a really beautiful gold. I haven't seen a queen wher this close before."

"You speak as though you've met whers of other colors, Rennitz?" Diagir was curious to see how this young woman had met whers. 

"Yes, sir! My father helps raise and train whers in Keroon. His name is Itzeron, but he's not very famous." Rennitz shrugged a bit as though she were embarrassed. To her surprise, Diagir's eyes lit up and he smiled.

"Ah, Itzeron! Yes, I've heard of him. He's the handler of bronze Itzsk, right?"

Rennitz gasped softly and nodded eagerly. "Yes! That's him. How do you know of him if I can ask?"

"Itzeron and my own father Arkinus were regular contacts," Diagir explained. "I remember meeting Itzsk when I was younger. My father and he compared notes on wher breeding and training. So you're one of Itzeron's kids, hm?  What are you doing at Arolos? Bit of a way from Keroon."

"Oh, father and mother brought me down here because an aunt was ill! I was Searched here and agreed to stay."

Rennitz was almost interrupted by Ziya stepping forward to sniff her. She held still and watched the golden nose twitch in front of her with awe in her eyes and only released her breath when Ziya pulled back with a satisfied grunt. {Ziya like this one. This one get wher egg?} The gold looked up at Diagir curiously.

"No, lass, she's Standing for a dragon," Diagir explained. Seeing Rennitz's confused expression, Diagir explained what she'd said. "Ziya asked if you're a whercrafter waiting for an egg. Seems your da's blood runs through you indeed."

Renntiz gasped and bounced a little. "She thinks I'd do well with a wher?! Oh, Ziya, that's such a compliment, thank you so much! I.. I was thinking of joining the Whercraft if I can't Impress a dragon, actually."

"Were you?" Diagir's interest was mirrored by Ziya whose tail was wagging eagerly. "Well, surely we'd welcome you given your background. We're always welcoming new apprentices and I bet you'll be fine with a wher pup."

Rennitz's eyes shone with stunned surprise, mouth hanging agape. "You... both think that I would be a good handler? I mean, I always intended to get a wher after Impressing like Weyrwoman Kassia has with Brogan, but... wow...."

Diagir was endeared by the girl's reaction. Maybe Ziya was right in that Rennitz would make a good handler. Ziya lowered her head expectantly in front of Rennitz and Diagri had to chuckle. "She's expecting you to pet her." He laughed when Rennitz eagerly complied, rubbing her hand on the wher's soft nose and up between her eye ridges. 

"Oh, Ziya, you're so soft... You're Callamere, aren't you? You're so gorgeous..."

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