Warm Sun on Old Hide (N'met, any)


Cold wind, ice, and snow were nothing to a dragon nor to a rider who had grown up in Telgar Weyr. It made for great training for the cold of *between* at the very least, though when one's bones grew older it just made getting up in the morning a chore. In the south, however, the sun was hot and the breezes were balmy. Old brown skin on both dragon and human found the tropical weather to be perfect and an absolute relief. Abartth was beyond delighted to rest his body in the cool water of Arolos Lake while his head lay on the sands, taking in sunlight from both above and below. His rider was just as happy to take his leisure the same way, body in the water and upper torso reclining on the sand.

"Man... this Weyr is truly paradise," N'met sighed. Abartth let out an agreeing rumble that rolled through the ground. "Plenty of patients but also a well-staffed healing clinic already, and we get off days? Whoever heard of healers having off days?"

{{We deserve them, though,}} Abartth pointed out. {{Especially you. It's easy enough for me to rest all day on the Weyr rim, but your part of the job has you working at a desk all day. That seems so uncomfortable. But out here where we're both able to relax.... it's heaven. Plus there's plenty of people to watch.}} The brown's eyes tracked the humans as they came and went, along with the myriad of firelizards. {{So many of those little things here.... I wonder what they're like. Hello!}} 

Abartth called out jovially to a passing firelizard, curious of the reaction.