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Amy Frazey

Some time shortly after he'd finished two bowls of stew, Zy'fen had removed his boots, socks, and the heavier outer shirt he had been wearing, amd was sitting on a patch of soft grass at one end of the table he’d had supper at. The stew’s sweet aftertaste still lingered in his mouth, but that was a far lesser concern right now, than the effects of said stew on nearly everyone around him. Oh yes, he had noticed those effects about halfway through his meal, it was hard not to see and hear what was going on around him. Zy groaned and wondered if there was anyone he could find to pass the night with, and glanced around, hoping to see a pretty girl who would be happy with the attentions of a handsome brownrider.

Illeana sighed contently. The meal good and filling for her surprisingly. Though sated she leaned back a little on her bench, pondering what all she was going to do for the night. She knew she should be planning her lessons for tomorrow, however, she really did not feel like it was something she wanted to do right now.

Looking around the hall she noticed a brownrider looking towards her. She smiled, and nodded. She wondered what a rider would want with a simple Harper.

The smile on Zy’s face turned flirtatious when he saw Illeana looking his way, and he crooked a finger at her, beckoning, as he patted the spot right next to him in an unspoken plea for her to come sit there. She was smiling back, and he took that as a favorable sign.

Illeana got up, and gathered up her dishes. She knew how much the candidates and apprentices worked here so she always did a little to help. Placing her dishes except for her mulled wine into the bucket, she then walked over towards the brownrider. “Hello. Is this spot available?” She was not going to just presumptuously sit down for fear of another coming.

Zy was pleased when the pretty harper girl came over and asked if she could sit down. He smiled fetchingly and nodded, “For you, it is.” He patted the empty spot again, a few inches closer to himself than before.

Illeana sat down, where the rider was patting at. She smiled sweetly towards him. “So what may I do for a handsome rider like you?” Maybe it was time to become more aware of the aspects of the weyr past her lessons. “And what may put you in a good mood too might I ask?”


The next thing Zy remembered was the sun hitting his face, and the feel of his arms around someone. He was lying on the ground, his face pressed to the back of someone's head. With a groan and what felt like a coating of fur on his tongue, Zy tried to pry open his eye, but the light was too bright, and he groaned again. His head was swimming, and something was prodding him from behind. {Wake up, wake up. For Faranth's sake, wake up NOW. I need you to wake up}}

Illeana stirred slightly, feeling the slight movement from beside her. She felt everything was spinning, even though it was not. Her mind wasn't engaging that she was suppose to be elsewhere, rather she shouldn't be where she was. Suddenly she felt a head butt and a chirp of a flit. Carefully she opened one eye a crack and immediately regretted it. The light for her felt as though it was a torch or a flame. And then there was the brown little head right in her framesight. “Hi Trill, what brings you to get me?” It sounded muffled, almost like her mouth was stuffed with cotton balls.Trill butted again a little harder, with a chirp of urgency.

Zy'fen let out a grunt and reached behind him to push away whatever was nudging him, and his hand met the side of Nerenth's jaw. Zy groaned and rolled over to look up at his brown dragon with bleary eyes, then quickly sat bolt upright when a female voice spoke. The movement made his head spin even more, and Zy put a hand up to his forehead with a wince. “Shards, that hurts.” He covered his eyes with his hands and remained like that for the next few minutes, until certain things cleared in his mind, then both hands dropped. Two things had suddenly dawned on him - he was naked, and there was a woman was lying next to him.

Illeana's eyes popped open so fast at hearing another person's voice that her poor flit let out a squawk. She literally sat bolt upright and turned as red as a cherry. “Oh no….” She turned towards where the voice came from and became even more flustered. “I…. I….”

Zy'fen was just as flabbergasted as Illeana, and rubbed his eyes, trying to clear them, as he looked around for his clothing. Or at least for a his pants. He found them a few feet away and hurriedly dragged them over, moving as quickly as he could. While he normally would have loved to cuddle, this morning he was being prodded by Nerenth to hurry. And so it was that only a few minutes later, he was heading for his dragon, barefoot and only half dressed. Never before had he run from waking up next to a pretty girl, but this morning he couldn't really remember what had happened, and wanted to find out if Nerenth could tell him.

Amy Frazey

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