Nothing to see here (Ikol, Kirene) #medhunt #passionberries

Mya L. R.

On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 8:57 PM Rabble Rabble <rabblerabble@...> wrote:
Ikol understood why guards got sent along with foraging groups. 
It was necessary, even if hearing excited comments about yet another leaf was really dull, so as he kept an eye out he thought about what to have his next Gather dress made out of. 

Plants. Ugh. 
And yet more plants. How exciting.
It seemed that nothing exciting was likely to happen today, so when he spotted familiar berries as the smell of a nearly cooked stew was calling to him, he didn't hesitate to drop them in. 
Everyone would be happier after some passionberries, after all.

It was a medicine hunt...out in the wild where no one knew where what they were looking for would be growing.  Of course, the first days would be the hardest out of all of them until everyone had a fairly good idea.  Kirene, however, had been partly on standing by in case someone's pet might need a beastcrafter.  When it came time to eat the 15 Turn old girl eagerly set out toward the smell of stew.

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