Nothing to see here (Attention: Ikol, Dashenka) #medhunt #passionberries

Rabble Rabble

Ikol gave a brat that was eyeing the stew one of the bubbly pies instead and shooed them well away from the fun before another guard came to relieve him so he could eat. 
He grinned and helped himself to the stew, he'd heard good things about passionberries, and he was never one to deny himself when there was fun to be had.

Dashenka felt like her stomach was trying to eat itself. She dusted her hands off before approaching the scent of tee, mouth watering. “Please, for the love of shiny little eggs, let there be some left.” Her tongue darted out to whet her lip as she looked at the guard beside the pot.

Ikol looked over the pretty girl.
"Yes, they did a big batch of stew this time. The pies are for the littles though."
He smiled at her. 
"I'm Ikol," he said, with a wink.

Dashenka smiled back, ducking down to inhale the smell of the stew, unintentionally leaving her blouse to gape. “Dashenka” she answered, reaching for a bowl to fill. “ Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get away from the Weyr and study- I just tend to forget it’s so sharding hot in the sun.

Ikol shifted his eyes quickly. 
"I know what you mean. The one thing I miss about Fort is the climate." 
He said, intently staring at a nearby tree.

“I grew up at Ista” Dashenka admitted. “It was a huge change coming South” she blew on her spoon before taking a mouthful. “Hmmm” she gave a grin “they did make a good stew.” She wrinkled her nose. “I only wish I didn’t burn so easily. Now that my part of the work is done I would love to change into something cooler. “

"I'm happy to help if you need any assistance." Ikol said, before tilting his head towards another guard out of earshot. 
"I've been relieved, and wouldn't mind some mutual relief."

Dashenka gave a slow blink. “No promises.” She informed him, looking at her bowl longingly. “Just so long as I can eat. I kind of skipped last meal.”  She looked at him with a half smile. While she didn’t find people attractive she did enjoy sex.

Ikol grabbed a bread roll out of an almost empty basket and held it out to her. 
"I like my partners keen, or we could just talk." He told Dashenka. 
Either way was fine with him, and it wasn't like passionberries made anyone do anything they didn't want to do.

Dashenka took the toll. “We have a deal then.” She gave an impish grin “lets start with talking and see what happens. I usually like to know somethings about the person I’m going to get naked with."

Ikol liked this one. 
Getting assigned to this was turning out great. 
"Well, I was born at Fort, grew up in the creche, joined the Guard instead of signing up to be threadbait then had the good luck to come to Arolos."

Dashenka snorted at that. ‘My da wants me to stand at least once. I’m of the opinion of feck. No.” She finished the roll, and her bowl before eyeing him curiously. “I’m pretty sure he would hate you” the delight in her voice was clear and full of no little amount of mischief. “How much would you like to annoy an old bronze rider?’ She asked, leaning in against Ikol.

Ikol laughed. 
"Wouldn't be the first time, just ain't done it this way before." 
He leaned some weight into the pretty healer, enjoying the feel of her hair against his skin.

Dashenka stepped into him, body pressing close to his, a flare of desire dancing across her body, leaving her breathless momentarily. “There is /always/ a first time for everything. “ her smile was all mischief and lust “I have a feeling we could be good together. You look like you would be a fun friend to have.”

Ikol bit his lip, looking at her mouth. 
"We'll be really good together," he agreed, a warm feeling creeping through his limbs. 
Someone getting stew caught his attention. 
"Seen any good spots for a chat?" He asked, not having gotten to see more than this clearing so far.

“The best” Dashenka leaned in to give him an almost chaste kiss- full of promise of more. “It’s even upwind so we don’t have the fellis stink.”

Ikol kissed back, and then stepped back and bowed to her. 
"Lead the way, m'lady." He said, his face mock-serious.

Dashenka reaches for his hand, her footsteps  getting a bit more slinky as she led him away to the quiet, shaded and fellis stink free copse of trees.
“I told you it was nice” she leaned in to kiss him, unlacing the wide belt she used to give her tunic shape and letting it fall.

"Oh, yeah, very nice," Ikol said, dropping to his knees in front of her. 


Post sex wake up always left Dashenka feeling sticky and wanting a bath. This time wasn’t really any different- aside from the delightful aches. She looked at Ikol. “That was fun.” She gave a smirk “Next time you get to top.” She let one hand trace down his chest, curiosity more then any lust in her eyes. “I want to feel you hold me down.”

Ikol shivered, in the good way. 
"Yes, love." He agreed, still feeling hot. 
He stretched out, noticing a rock digging into his hip but too sated to move.

Dashenka wiggled, moving to set her head on his shoulder. “Shall we plot mischief?” She asked him. “My poor da is not going to know what hit him.” She wondered briefly how Ikol would react before nipping his pec, lathing it quickly with her tongue to soothe the sting.

"I love mischief." Ikol admitted. 
Being in the guard, he usually hid that fact but for some reason felt more open than usual. 
He hummed at the playful nip, eyes feeling heavy.

“Right” Dashenka’s fingers traced across his chest and down his abdomen. “My da’s a bronzerider. He is on watch dragon duty after a bad fall” a pang of sadness hit. “Him and his dragon were injured bad. He’s pushy as feck though wanting me to Stand.” She exhaled sharply “I don’t know that I want to. I’m hoping being in craft and having a partner will make him lay off, at least for a while.” She rolled onto her stomach, looking at Ikol. “Can you handle pretend affection in public? Skin to skin contact I mean. Definitely more sex in private......possibly not so private too if it interests you.”

Ikol smiled. 
"Cuddlings no problem, and I grew up at Fort. You were lucky if a ranker bothered with any privacy when they grabbed a woman there."

Dashenka couldn’t help the small shiver that gave her. “Is Fort really that bad? I’ve heard stories but” she bit her lip “I don’t know how much is real and how much was made up to scare us.” She rested her chin on her hand. “I know that da refused any transfer offer there.”

"Fort was worse. Had to run and hide from rankers myself. You're lucky your da is smart."
Ikol shivered in a not so good way, remembering hiding the dress he'd been wearing that day. 
"It's good here."

Dashenka wrapped him in a hug, running her hands through his hair. “I have the greatest urge to put braids in your hair.” She admitted. “I’m sorry you were there but I’m glad you are here.”

"Not today," Ikol said, knowing the braids would feel wrong today.
"When I got here the first person I met was a female guard. I knew then I never wanted to go back."

Dashenka nodded. “You let me know when you want them.” She gave a nod at the information. “Arolos- it’s a lot more open then a lot of places. You can be yourself.” She gave a soft chuckle. “I mean feck.” She looked away “I don’t find people attractive. Anyone. I enjoy sex and anyone who makes sex feel good but the ‘want’ thing that people talk about” she waved her hand “nothing.”  She swallowed hard. “Makes me feel fecking broken. The closest I get to that feelin is during a gold flight- and even then it’s just a more ‘I want sex to scratch an itch’ and not a ‘I want a specific person’.

Ikol woke up from his doziness at that. 
"As someone once told me, we ain't broken for being different. Anyone saying we are might as well claim that different skin colour means you're broken, and THAT is something that no one is lackwitted enough to think."

Dashenka gave a wry grin “who the feck was that wise?” She asked him. Her face was curious as she looked at him. “Seriously though- how the shells did you have that conversation? “ she blushed and hid her face. “Shard it I’m too nosy for my own good.”

"Well, ran into someone who got out of Fort before we had to run, and they asked why I was in a gown..." 
Ikol shrugged.

Dashenka blinked and shrugged “because gowns are comfy?” She asked before wrinkling her nose “Only not too practical unless there are pockets.”

"My next one is going to have pockets." Ikol decided. He'd been putting the money aside for something nice, so why not? 
And his favourite gown needed to have the hem let down on it.

Dashenka gave a nod. “There is nothing worse then having nowhere to put things.” She admitted. She looked him up and down “I bet you look nice in a dress."