Nothing to see here (attn Zy'fen, any) #medhunt #passionberries

Amy Frazey

Zy'fen was laughing as he left Nerenth to go hunt for his supper, after coming back from the 'necessary' scouting expedition with J'lin and Robith. He'd managed to talk Nerenth out of taking a bath, which was a good thing, since he hadn't brought any dry clothes with him. Now he was extremely hungry, and the stew smelled good. So he headed for it, paying little attention to anything except his growling stomach.
After getting himself a large bowlful, and some bread rolls to go with it, Zy found a comfortable spot to sit, and chowed down, though he gave the stew a look after the first couple bites had an oddly sweet aftertaste.

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Ikol understood why guards got sent along with foraging groups. 
It was necessary, even if hearing excited comments about yet another leaf was really dull, so as he kept an eye out he thought about what to have his next Gather dress made out of. 

Plants. Ugh. 
And yet more plants. How exciting.
It seemed that nothing exciting was likely to happen today, so when he spotted familiar berries as the smell of a nearly cooked stew was calling to him, he didn't hesitate to drop them in. 
Everyone would be happier after some passionberries, after all.