Introducing Kaydin and Verriyen

Amanda Klein <cloudley@...>

Kaydin took to wandering the Weyrbowl, his bronze firelizard,
Freak, trying to land on his shoulder. The 19 turn old raised a bushy
black eyebrow and said, "Freak, go away already!" And he shook a hand at
the flit, the rings on his wher hide bracelets jingling. Dark grey eyes
searched the bowl for his sibling, and spotted her near her green.
{{Kaydin is coming...}} Kardinth told her rider, Verriyen. The 19
turn old greenrider whirled around, and sauntered over. Light grey eyes
flashing merrily as she pounced on Kay. "Dear Kay... Up for games
tonight?" The bell on her choker jingled as she hopped up and down, the
motion making her breasts jiggle as well.
"Why not, Ver!" He grinned, and once again tried to shoo his bronze
away. "Tonight, the lower caverns. Before dinner, we'll start. And
remember, the higher ranking wins!" Kay winked before walking off.

OOC: They're twins, I know they are rare, but they didn't even know about
each other until they came to the Weyr. Kay has straight black hair to
his cheekbones, dark grey eyes framed by long black lashes. He wears
black trousers tucked into mid-calf black boots. White shirts with
pictures of wher's and wherries on em. And bondage bracelets as well as a
collar. =) Ver wears tight black breeches, same kind of shirts that tie
off under her voluptuous breasts. She is very curvy, and muscular. And
very bisexual.