Re: Hatching - First Queenly Feeding ((Attn: Calyse, Kashara, Any))


Ko’ssen had been warned about the candidates who had been banned from the Hatching, and while one of them was still in the infirmary the WLM hadn’t expected the *other* to come walking out of the Sands with a dragon at his hip. So, he supposed he could be forgiven for having looked right at Asheren and his bronzeling, greeted them, directed them to a ‘bronze sized’ bucket, given them specific feeding instructions, and then moved onto directing the *next* new weyrling without being struck with the realization that he’d *just* spoken to the banned Candidate-turned-Weyrling. 

It wasn’t until there was a small lull in the new weyrling arrivals and Ko’ssen was planning on approaching the first of the new gold weyrlings that he got a second good look at the bronze weyrling standing near one of the gold weyrlings. The WLM’s eyebrows rose up in shock as his mind played over the fact that Asheran had *come from the Sands* instead of the bronze coming out of the Cavern calling for his lifemate. 

Straightening his back, Ko’ssen’s face went a little pale as it stiffened in anger when he thought of all the horrible things that *could* have happened due to this bronzeling deciding to flout his punishment. Striding over to the gold weyrling, banned bronzeling, and a new green weyrling just as the green let out a wail, Ko’ssen noticed that the greenling wasn’t focusing on her lifemate the way she should and the green had begun to feed herself. 

Frowning at that, Ko’ssen spoke up with a stern “Take care to focus on *your* lifemate, green weyrling Kashara, as they will take advantage of any moment you are distracted to eat faster than they should, or swallow before chewing. And you *don’t* want to be dealing with a case of Thicktail.”

Then he turned to the gold weyrling pair who he’d already greeted and congratulated when they’d first walked out of the Sands and in that same stern voice said “Good work on being quick to correct your gold’s behaviour, gold weyrling Calyse. Make sure only one piece of meat at a time until she chews and swallows, even though she is larger sized than her siblings.” With that, however, he pinned the gold dragonet herself with a look and directed this at Andorath “You however, would also do well to remember to show respect to your siblings, each of whom are just as hungry as you are and who are just as eager for food. As, once you are grown, they will be the ones flying high during Threadfall protecting you and your lifemate from the worst of ‘Fall in the Queen’s wing. There *was* plenty of table space for you to get to a bowl of meat without shoving aside one of your siblings, regardless of what color they are. The food wasn’t going anywhere. Understood?” Zerenth, who was nearby and watching the interaction between his rider and the newborn gold, lent his own presence behind his lifemate’s words with a rumble of warning directed at the gold to *listen* to his rider.

With that taken care of, Ko’ssen finally turned his eyes to the bronzeling who was standing there looking as relaxed and confident with his *swagger* as if he’d done *nothing* wrong but what he’d really done was put every single candidate on the Sands in danger....and this time they were narrowed as he looked at the new weyrling. When he spoke, there was actually a touch of cold fury clearly evident in his voice “And you, bronzeling Asheran...I *believe* that you were actually *Banned* from the Sands for this Hatching, is that right?”

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"Hey!" Kashara protested as Rusalth was shunted to the side and let out an angry wail. She laid a calming hand on her lifemate and guided her to a place slightly to the side. She noted the gold, but wasn't about to be pushed aside.

Then Calyse and Asheran called her at about the same moment and she looked around at both of them. "Congratulations!" she said. Then noted the gold at Calyse's side after seeing the bronze at Asheran's. The one that had been pushy. She decided further words wouldn't go well. She merely smiled. "She's beautiful and he's handsome. We're so lucky."

She realized that Rusalth was starting to gulp down meat. "Ooops." She turned more attention back to her lifemate. "Easy, love. Let me get pieces for you."

Have I Made a Mistake? (attn: Andronda, Sehrael)


Sehrael had, thank Faranth, not seen the actual deed done. She had been upstairs, watching a baby gold break Shalia's arm and thus had avoided the sight of a baby green gleefully disemboweling that boy Sorho. Nearly taking the arms off of Ysolde.

But when she had come down from the upper cavern, she had seen the blood. Skies above, the blood.

And it was at that point that Sehrael realized she had made a mistake in coming to the weyr. She had thought she could handle anything. She had always adapted and overcome before. Nothing had ever stood in her way so indomitably that she could not defeat it.

But now? It had begun with a knife attack. And then it had progressed to dragons nearly crushing and eating foolish Candidates. Then to an explosion. Eggs blown up. Dragons blinded. And then when the rest of the dragons hatched, they were killers just like their parents!

It was more than she ever could have prepared herself for. Well. She clearly had no place here. And what could they even stand to gain? Most of the weyr's alcohol was provided by tithe, how much of a deal could they really hope to strike? What better connections could they really hope to forge?

So Sehrael had begun to pack up her things. She was not out the door just yet. After all, they were still looking for whoever was behind the attacks. She was not stupid enough to run away before they had a suspect in mind, lest she make herself look guilty. But she was ready to go as soon as it was safe.

So focused was she on that task that she did not notice when someone approached.

Re: Hatching- Leading Into the Light #HatchingForeth2020

Kate Polsom

Fogryth looked back for a moment at the other eggs, at the two very large dragons. But then he decided that if the Discovery was good for Cheironth and if Truenoth said it was important, then it was something he should pursue for himself. It would be the beginning.

((Samyke, we have much to do. The others will be counting on us.))

Samyke was watching the Hatching with awe. It was definitely an interesting group of dragons. Some playing with bugs, two were talking to the big bronze Truenoth. She wondered what they were talking about.

And then... then there was a blue in front of her. And a voice in her head. Fogryth. Fogryth. What a beautiful name and a beautiful dragon. Wait. If she knew his name and could hear him.... he was hers! And she was his!

Tears welled up in her eyes and she knelt down in front of Fogryth and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tended to be the more emotional sister where Yamsi was the more reserved. So this wasn’t really a surprise for her to be as free to show her emotions.

“You are beautiful! I’m so happy,” Samyke said and then her belly gurgled... or was it Fogryth’s?

((I think it is both of ours. My stomach is making noises and I’m starving. Please, I would like food.)) the blue said, rubbing his head gently against her.

“Let’s go and get food then!” Samyke said, standing up and brushing the sand off her robe.

She led the blue towards the meat tables, one hand resting on the newborn blue.

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The Endless Sky Egg was near Truenoth’s tail. It started to rock hard from the moment of first movement, rocking back and forth until it crashed into the bronze’s tail and smashed open. The bronze fell onto the sands and then stood up, shaking his head. 

((That hurt,)) he complained.

((Welcome,)) said Truenoth to the newly-hatched bronze. He could not see him, but he could feel him. He held his tail still against the urge to wiggle it. ((Are you quite all right?)) he asked.

Cheironth pulled himself up and thought about it. ((I will be fine,)) he said. He shook himself out, a small sound of his baby wings flopping against his body.

((I am Truenoth, one of your sires. What shall I call you, little one?)) the great bronze asked.

As he did, the Clawed Nightmare Egg gave a startling crack. Then with wings spread, a surprisingly regal blue with a feathery pattern on his hide cast apart the two halves of the egg and stood majestically in their place as the shell crumbled into pieces beside him.

((Is there anything I might do to help you?)) he asked the bronze.

The bronze puffed himself up proudly. ((I am Cheironth.))

The sound of the egg cracking made him jump and he spun around to see the arrival of his blue brother. His brother that was younger and clearly knew less of the world than he, Cheironth, did.

((I want you to accompany me on a trip. But tell me, what can I teach you about this new place?))

The blue tilted his head curiously. ((What, indeed. What is this place?)) he asked. He had no reason to doubt that this brother of his, who was there first, might know – if he offered to tell.

Cheironth hesitated. That was a good question. ((This is the place of the Big Talker,)) he said finally as he pointed with a claw at Truenoth. The bronze was so big that it was hard to see to the top of him from Cheironth’s height. ((He called himself our ‘sire’.))

The blue bowed to the larger bronze.

((It is an honor to meet you, then, sire,)) he said. ((I am Fogryth, and this is my brother, Cheironth.))

((Indeed,)) said Truenoth. ((We have met. The honor, however, is all mine. Welcome, Fogryth. I am Truenoth. The… Big Talker, if it please you.)) He rumbled a chuckle, amused at the appellation.

Cheironth craned his head to see as much of Truenoth as he could. ((What can you teach me so that I can teach others?)) he asked. ((I want to know about this world.))

((There is much to learn and little time today,)) said Truenoth. ((But I will say this that you depart to choose your lifemate – nurture and cultivate your urge to lead and serve your brothers and sisters well.))

((This I will do, I swear,)) said Fogryth, eagerly. He puffed up his chest and gazed up at Truenoth. A dragon after his own heart, it seemed. What a lifemate was, Fogryth could not yet say, but if it was so important… he supposed he would learn soon.

((You have a lot to learn before you can lead,)) Cheironth said, a bit miffed that Fogryth would claim that he would also follow Truenoth’s words. He didn’t know any more than his brother, but he was determined to find out. ((Come on. I have to learn more so I can teach you.))

Fogryth's eyes whirled deep blue and he bowed his head to Cheironth, amused.

((Very well. Let's see what you can learn,)) he said. Truenoth had asked him not only to lead but to serve. And perhaps this brother of his needed to teach. If Fogryth could support that need, then he would. After all, was this not what a good leader did? Truenoth seemed to think so!

Cheironth hmphed, then set off away from Truenoth. Clearly whatever he was supposed to learn wasn’t there. He had no idea where he was going, just that he was going...somewhere. There were other eggs, both opened and hatched, along the way. Eggshells littered the Sands like pieces of discarded paintings.

He looked around, uncertain what his plan was. Finally he looked down. If the Big Talker wasn’t the right answer, then maybe something under the sand would get him his answer.

((Dig with me,)) he said.

((Very well,)) said Fogryth. ((What are we digging for?)) he asked as he first looked back for approval from Truenoth and then began to dig with his brother.

((What we’re looking for,)) the bronze Hatchling said vaguely. He went on, sounding very confident, ((We will find what we’re looking for if we only dig for you. Knowledge should come with effort and then be shared with others.))

That sounded more or less truthy, Fogryth supposed. Effort was commendable. And if it would help him serve and lead, well…

If it were entirely useless, Truenoth would have stopped them.

((Then we will certainly learn something.))

((The goal in life is to learn and teach,)) Cheironth said as he shoved big clumps of sand out of the way to try to create a hole. Then clarified because there was something else nagging at him that he knew he had to do, he just didn’t know what. ((It’s one of the goals in life. My...something...will tell me what my other goals in life are.))

((Our sire spoke of a lifemate. Something so important that we could not stay to learn. Perhaps that is what we will find,)) said Fogryth. ((Beneath the sand may seem a peculiar place to find them, but it is no more or less peculiar than any other to find such an important thing.))

((We will find this ‘lifemate’ if we only try.)) Cheironth dug more vigorously. He had to find this thing that the Big Talker had mentioned. If he tried hard enough, he could find it.

The deeper they went, it seemed, the less they could see. There was precious little beneath the sand. Hm. But there was now a pile beside the hole. A mound. Fogryth wondered. Perhaps that was truly what they had been digging for.

((I think you may have found something,)) he said. Cheironth would want to be the one to think he discovered it.

The trick worked. Cheironth came up and he looked around. ((Of course I did...but I think you should find it, too. Tell me what you found.))

((We have unearthed a mound,)) said Fogryth. He gestured to the hill beside their hole. ((What might we be able to see from such a vantage point?))

((I will go up and I will teach you,)) Cheironth said. 

He walked up to their mound and tried climbing it. He slipped as the sand moved under his feet but eventually got up on top. From there he could see more of the Hatching Caverns. He looked back at Truenoth and then around to look at Talith. He didn’t think that the other thing that looked like Truenoth but was a different color was what they were looking for. Nor were the eggs what they were looking for.

He turned around the other direction and the people in the Stands and white things he’d vaguely noticed before came into view. These were new. Something over there must be what he was looking for.

He climbed back down, slipping the last little bit but catching himself at the bottom. He turned towards the Stands and the Candidates and pointed. ((Whatever we’re looking for is over there.))

((I knew you would find it,)) said Fogryth, feeling very clever for having led Cheironth right to it. He suspected Truenoth had taught him more than Cheironth realized. ((Shall we go to where it is?))

((Let’s go.)) Cheironth wanted to be there first. He took off at a run. He was part way there when he felt a pull. Somewhere was the one who would teach him everything and help him teach the others. ((Asheran, let me tell you what I know!))

Fogryth looked back for a moment at the other eggs, at the two very large dragons. But then he decided that if the Discovery was good for Cheironth and if Truenoth said it was important, then it was something he should pursue for himself. It would be the beginning.

((Samyke, we have much to do. The others will be counting on us.))

And from there the two dragons headed toward the ones that would help them learn about life.

Egg - The Endless Sky Egg: Somehow Foreth has managed to catch the night sky as she created a sky on this bold looking egg. The egg came out mostly dark purple with white spots of various sizes. At the bottom there are pink waves as if seeing the Northern Lights Here and there are lighter vertical areas that almost make look like there are clouds moving around the egg itself.

From afar, the egg looks like the night sky in a place where there's no light to interfere. As you get closer, the feeling doesn't change. Like the real night sky, the spots that look like stars are uncountable, some large, almost too small to be seen. What mysteries hide in those far stars? How far does that night sky go? The egg will keep its endless mysteries, but hopefully the dragon inside will be more open with his or her secrets..

Dragonet - Cheironth: Cheironth will be a sleek, but muscular bronze. He will be a weird looking bronze with everything from his wings back will be red-bronze, except for darker tail and feet, and in a very abrupt line in front of that he will be a lot lighter bronze.

Cheironth, patient for a bronze, is a natural leader and teacher. Even as a Weyrling he will be protective of those smaller than him and he will be fiercely protective of those in his class, particularly the golds. Anyone wanting to hurt those he cares about will have to go through him first, as far as he's concerned.

With a continuing desire to care for young dragons, he will likely push his rider towards being an AWLM later on in life. If his rider resists, that insistence will become louder and louder and more insistent with each passing day. He will also do what he can to try to get close to the Weyrlings to try to protect and teach them even if he gets chased away.

Cheironth is a civilized dragon and will strongly frown if his rider parties too much or seeks too many partners. He sees excesses as a problem that should be stopped, which will help if and when he cons his rider into being an AWLM.

Cheironth will have an odd attachment to runners and will refuse to eat them, which could cause problems early on when he doesn't get to choose what he gets to eat. He will like them so much he may urge his rider to get one as a pet, although he may not quite understand that runners don't belong in weyrs or on their ledges, but rather in stables.

Dragonet - Fogryth: If you couldn't see his color, you'd think that Fogryth was a bronze, or at least a brown. He hatches out with the presence and confidence of a higher color. He's big, but not the biggest of the blues in the clutch. Instead he's regal, each movement deliberate as he holds his head high.

Fogryth's head and neck are as pale of blue as you get, ending in a feathering looking effect and turning into a medium blue that traces the rest of his body. He's well muscled, but his a thin tail, which keeps him from turning so easily in the air. He'll be one of the stronger, but not as agile blues.

Fogryth is above all a loyal dragon. He cares deeply for his clutchmates and wingmates and wants only the best for them. Among his clutch Basilith is his closest friend and he alone is able to help calm him easily. He yearns to find a green mate and once he finds her, he'll chase others as his hormones dictate, but it's her that he'll spend all his time with and she alone she'll count his mate. He'll also urge his lifemate to find one mate and keep them as well.

Fogryth is fascinated with the concept of healing and dragonhealing. He'll want his lifemate to learn about it and if his lifemate has the background of either craft, he'll be all the happier.

You Have to Go For a While (Rennitz, Jevensha, Aranck SA)


At the breakfast as Rennitz ate, she made sure to spoil her two firelizards with their favored foods and gave them more whenever they asked whie she herself ate. The girl watched with tender and also sad eyes as her gold and brown friends ate.

"Now... you two know Lady Tyne, yes? The one with the big, big faire?" The two chirped agreement that sounded distracted as they ate. "You're going to stay with her for a while." That got their attention and both looked up with mouthfuls of sausage to stare at their human. "Don't look so surprised... You feel that new presence in my mind as much as I do. You know I have a dragon, my dear blue Basilith. I have to focus on him for a few months, then I can come back for you. Or rather, you can come back to me. Don't worry- I'll want you back."

Jevensha began to fuss and chitter angrily but Rennitz silenced her with an impression of will. "No, enough of that. Jevensha, you are a queen so act like one. Conduct yourself around your dam and her human with decorum and grace. I don't want you back in pieces from Bobbin ordering her faire to attack you. You, Aranck, I have no doubts about. You've always been a good, reliable boy."

Aranck's eyes whirled in pleasure while Jevensha's chittering got more offended. How dare her precious and beloved human think her in need of correction! She was perfect, she was a diamond!

"If you're a diamon, then you have flaws, missy!" Rennitz firmly chided her gold with a thump to her nose. "Now that's going to be that. If you have complaints or issues, take them up with Tyne and Bobbin." Jevensha squeaked in a way that clearly stated that she would before flitting off. Aranck sighed and pressed his head into Rennitz's palm in a clear "be well" for which he was rewarded with scritches before he too flew off. Rennitz sighed, alone but for the sleeping dragon in her head.
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Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020


"It was.... graphic," Rennitz admitted with a shudder. "I knew that hatchlings could hurt a human, but I've never seen one kill before. And my breath but was that green intent on murdering Sorho. I don't think Foreth herself could have stopped her." She shuddered again before offering Yiyu a little smile in return. "I've missed you too, my dear. I'm glad to see that you're doing well. How are you? How's Mertrith?"
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Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020

Jessica Freise

"He's gorgeous," the older Weyrling pronounced before she smiled brilliantly at Rennitz. "I've heard so much about the hatching, it's hard to know what you should believe."

A pause.

"Faranth's first egg, I have missed you!"

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"Yiyu!" Rennitz's face shone with joy at seeing her dearest friend and she almost went in for a hug but stopped herself. "How are you? Did you see, or hear?" She showed Yiyu the weyrling knots on her shoulder with deep pride. "I Impressed! His name is Basilith and he is a most interesting blue. I hope he'll be friends with Mertrith."
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Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020


"Yiyu!" Rennitz's face shone with joy at seeing her dearest friend and she almost went in for a hug but stopped herself. "How are you? Did you see, or hear?" She showed Yiyu the weyrling knots on her shoulder with deep pride. "I Impressed! His name is Basilith and he is a most interesting blue. I hope he'll be friends with Mertrith."
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Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020

Jessica Freise

Rumors of the hatching were rampant amongst the older Weyrlings. But as she approached a slim, familiar young woman, she laid them all aside. Pausing beside her, she smiled and said softly, "Hello, Rennitz"

Re: Hatching - First Queenly Feeding ((Attn: Calyse, Kashara, Any))


"Hey!" Kashara protested as Rusalth was shunted to the side and let out an angry wail. She laid a calming hand on her lifemate and guided her to a place slightly to the side. She noted the gold, but wasn't about to be pushed aside.

Then Calyse and Asheran called her at about the same moment and she looked around at both of them. "Congratulations!" she said. Then noted the gold at Calyse's side after seeing the bronze at Asheran's. The one that had been pushy. She decided further words wouldn't go well. She merely smiled. "She's beautiful and he's handsome. We're so lucky."

She realized that Rusalth was starting to gulp down meat. "Ooops." She turned more attention back to her lifemate. "Easy, love. Let me get pieces for you."

Unexpected Expectations. (SA Mendl/Nimoth)


Mendl itched to go to the other Hatching Cavern, but Foreth had insisted she be up here. On the one hand, she was chuffed that Foreth thought she was worthy of one of her golden daughters. On the other hand, with the number of female Candidates Standing, vying for one of two eggs, what were her chances, really. 

Then they Hatched and she gasped at the beauty she saw. They were perfect! She couldn't help herself, she wanted one of those beauties for herself. Gone was the urge to go to the other eggs. Gone was her reluctance to become a gold rider. She only had eyes for these two beauties. A part of her knew she'd feel the same way if these were green, or blue, so she didn't feel like too much of a hypocrite.

They were gold. And they were Foreth's daughters. So of course they were headstrong. She had to laugh at Foreth keeping them in line. And if anyone not living in a Weyr thought dragons didn't have expressions, well, they were wrong. Foreth was obviously becoming irritated at their behavior. For a brief moment, Mendl felt bad for Kassia, not able to be here. It would have lasted longer, but the golds began to fight.

"No!" she gasped and stepped forward, but someone stood in her way. The DragonHealer in her wanted to get them patched up, soothe their wounds, make them whole again. But they were surface scratches; something that would heal quickly and cleanly. And Larsin was at the main Sands with numbweed, and redwort. So they were fine.

She was so lost in thought she didn't see the two come charging at her section of the group. Until...

(( Calyse?! I do not care for such a name. It is a name that means nothing to me. I have found my Mendl. For she is mine and no one else’s! No one shall take her from me, least of all you! ))   

Calyse Impressed? She smiled. Her friend had Impressed gold, and she couldn't be happier. She didn't even question how she heard that, and started to go congratulate her friend but was stopped by an imperious headbutt.

{{Where do you think you're going?}} Nimoth asked. {{You will not associate with that, that...}} 

Mendl felt something rummaging in her head and cried out. 

{{...that obnoxious ninny.}} She was now sitting in front of Mendl, eyes awhirl in rainbow light. {{I am all you need.}}

The discomfort in her head lessened, as Mendl's psyche made room for the massive personality that was Nimoth. No one ever said it was like this--feeling like you were fighting your own head. And yet, it could be no other way. 

"Yes, Nimoth, you are all I need," Mendl said, tears falling from her eyes. Her body trembled as she gazed into the rainbow swirl. Then, the rainbow lessened, becoming red-tinted and she was aware of a hunger gnawing her belly. "But you, my beauty, need to eat."

There was one last AWLM on the upper Sands, waiting to help her and Nimoth to the tables. But when they got to the main Sands, Nimoth saw Andorath already being fed. 

{{That HUSSY is getting the best cuts,}} she said, breaking away from Mendl to go take Andorath's meal. Mendl ran, tackling her dragon before she could get to Calyse and Andorath

"There's plenty for all," she said, her arm bleeding where Nimoth had inadvertently scratched her. Nimoth sniffed the air, then looked hungrily at Mendl's arm. Her tongue flicked out and lapped at the blood. 

{{You bleed for me. That is as it should be,}} Nimoth said as the AWLM who'd helped them down brought a bucket brimming with beef to her. Before Mendl had a chance to do anything, Nimoth had already grabbed a chunk of meat.

Mendl held the bucket out of her dragon's reach. "One at a time, and you chew, not bolt. You're not a canine." Nimoth had been about to try again but the reference to the canine stopped her. Mendl smiled; apparently referring to her dragon's vanity was the way to go--at least today when everything was new and unusual.

The Weyrlingmasters knew what they were doing, since Nimoth's hunger was sated the moment the bucket was empty. Well, they've had hundreds of Turns to figure it out, Mendl thought.

{{Figure what out?}}

"Oh, just how much a newly Hatched dragon needs to eat."

{{Mmm. Right.}}

Mendl laughed. "We need to clean you up, and get those scratches looked at."

Nimoth cocked her head--even her quizzical expression was elegant and beautiful. {{You can do that. You would have been doing that if I had chosen not to be born today. But I chose today, so we could be together.}} Then she raised her nose to sniff and began walking--out to the center of the Hatching Grounds. 

"Nimoth, where are you going?"

{{There has been death. There was one big death, but there are several little deaths here.}} She would sniff the air, stop, then go as if looking for something. Mendl was still so overwhelmed with sensations that she allowed Nimoth to do what she wanted. She knew it was bad precedent, but she was curious as to what was going on. Then Nimeth stopped and crooned. Mendl walked up beside her and saw the broken body of a blue firelizard laying on the Sands.

{{Oh, unknown warrior, light of someone's life, I honor you on this day of your demise. Know that you made someone's life spark, even as the spark left your own. You, now a sad blue husk of a once vibrant creature, I honor you.}} 

Nimoth gently picked up the firelizard and deposited it into the hole that Cheironth had dug, then turned to Mendl.

{Cover him,}} she said, and sat. 

Amazed at what she'd seen, Mendl obediently buried the poor dead firelizard. Nimoth continued searching the Sands, finding one more perished flit and a couple of expired tunnelsnakes. When they were done she sat, wrapped her tail around her like a cat, and yawned.

{{We can go now,}} she said.

Mendl copied the yawn. Bathe her dragon, tend to her scratches, then sleep. Much, much sleep.

In The Quiet Of An Empty Barracks (Garatt/M'ayen standalone)

Laura Walker

Warning: abuse

If Garatt was being honest, it was maybe the best time he’d had in sevendays. The Barracks was quiet, everyone else had gone to the Hatching. There was only him -- oh, and Asheran’s firelizard which had come to join him at some point.

If he’d been feeling more alert he might have wondered at that, when Asheran wasn’t meant to be Standing. But it was the middle of the night, so instead he dug out a book and a bagful of cookies he’d sneaked out of the Dining Hall for the days when the ACMs between them left him too stressed to eat and curled up on his bed to share them with Felix.


In truth, M'ayen had only been looking for a target. It wasn't his Barracks any more, nor his responsibility, and still it rankled that Candidates had tried, Candidates had dared defy who was allowed on the Sands.

Sometimes you just wanted someone to take a bad mood out on, and there were always a few sad little mopers left alone in the Barracks after a Hatching. That today one of those who’d stayed behind was Garatt was M’ayen’s good luck. That he happened to be curled up with a good book and Asheran’s firelizard was Garatt’s very very bad luck.

The first the boy knew of it was the heavy hand on his shoulder, jerking him out of his book. Startled he looked up and blanched, seeing M’ayen. “Oh! Uh. I--”

“You should be--” M’ayen was about to search his mind for entirely imaginary crimes when his eyes focused finally on the green blob on the bed. It took a moment for it to swim into focus enough to be recognisable but when it did the ACM’s voice was almost a roar, “Is that that boy’s firelizard?”

“It… it’s Asheran’s?” Garatt’s voice was a squeak, even as he frantically gestured at the green to go away, get out of here, go. He wasn’t entirely sure why being curled up with Asheran’s firelizard would be bad but he could read enough tone to understand this was not good.

“I thought it was.” There was no-one else there. No-one to witness how painfully tight M’ayen gripped the boy’s shoulder as he pulled him to his feet. “You’re coming with me.”

He’d have been dragged if he’d tried to resist. He didn’t try to resist. Behind them, hopefully, Felix was doing nothing more harmful than devouring leftover cookies.

There was a time when M’ayen had been one of Fort Weyr’s chief interrogators, close enough to the Weyrwoman to be trusted to wring details out of the guilty. Boys who had been through Weyrlinghood or Candidacy with him were easy to intimidate into truth-telling, even when it incriminated those closest to them. But Arolos didn’t want those skills.

Except now, when surely it did. When there had been a disobedience, a breaking of the rules this big and it was important to find how and why.

He would have expected the boy to be one of those to break quickly, to spill out names and details after a little prompting and warning in exchange for being left alone. He was surprised. Garatt stammered. Garatt flinched when he raised his voice. Garatt sobbed when pushed and threatened and set his back against the wall as though he would back right through it if he could. But still, the boy stuck to the same plainly ridiculous story; that he was minding the firelizard because.. and there was some cock and bull tale about eggs from a green firelizard who had yet to fly, the type of story that even a weyrbrat would see through in a minute. 

He was old and tired, and it had been a trying day. In the face of such blatant deceit from such a timid little whersport, M’ayen’s temper frayed almost to breaking point.

“If you’re not going to tell me the truth--” he said heavily, reaching meaningfully towards his drawer. “Hold out your hand.”

Garatt, eyes wide, face red and blotchy with tears, shook his head.

“Give me your hand!”

“’re not allowed..” Almost it was defiance, a terrified type of defiance that came of knowing that what happened next wasn’t pleasant in any world. Garatt hid his hands behind his back, as though that could provide any protection whatsoever.

I’ll say what’s allowed!” It was the final straw, and M’ayen’s temper snapped entirely. “Give me your sharding hand!”

He was old, but he was still a dragonrider, still with the muscles that could heave bags of firestone around without a sweat. He’d have broken the boy’s arm if he had to in that moment. Garatt cried out as his left hand was prised out, wrist twisted painfully in his grip. For a moment M’ayen froze, still holding onto him tightly. No-one came.

It took a moment for that to register for both of them. The Barracks was empty. Everyone was at the Hatching Feast, what there was of it. No-one was coming.

M’ayen could see the moment when that hit Garatt, the barest moment after it hit him. He could do whatever he wanted right now. No-one was going to stop him, not today.

“Open your hand.” His voice was calm again, even if his grip around Garatt’s wrist was about steel. And, as Garatt started to shake his head, “You refuse me one more time boy, and it’ll be your right hand and you’ll write two hundred lines with it when I’m done.”

He wanted to do that. Shards, he wanted to. Hurt something and then hurt it again, until it was broken, until he’d worked out the rage of being old and helpless, of being unable to see well enough to keep discipline of a class of mere children beyond the front row, of being defied by a Candidate, of being unable to wring the truth out of a scared child.

But Garatt opened his hand, his palm still showing the faint red lines from last time. He’d been disciplined that time. Calm, counting the blows out slowly, keeping to a fixed amount. Work he could excuse -- barely, perhaps, but almost -- if he were asked.

He did not feel disciplined today.

When the boy sobbed, he ignored it. When the boy tried to withdraw his hand, shaking his hand desperately, pleading, M’ayen clamped his hand around the wrist again, threatening to bring the cane down on the clenched fingers, warning it might break them if he did.

Would it have? He wasn’t sure in the moment. But Garatt believed it.

He didn’t stop until Garatt was a mess, no longer even trying to pull his hand away, crying so hard he could barely stand. Some cool part of M’ayen, watching beyond that red line of fury, was surprised the boy hadn’t wet himself. 

It was that cool collected part which finally set up a flare of warning, a belated ‘what are you doing?’. One thing to target the boy in class, even to physically punish him for minor crimes there. Losing your temper though in this way, it was too much, too.. Fort. The boy’s hand was red and painful. There would be bruises where M’ayen had gripped his wrist, maybe more where he had dragged him by the shoulder. 

And Garatt had gone on the Candidate trip, a trip on which he’d been forbidden to go unless he had completed a frankly impossible amount of work. M’ayen had noted that it the time sourly and dismissed it, distracted by the strange itching that had inflicted him out of nowhere the day they left. Most likely, he’d thought, one of the ACMs had softened and relented -- perhaps Talena (an unfair charge prompted mostly by the fact that despite the Healer’s words he still wasn’t entirely convinced she wasn’t parasite-infested). Now though, suddenly, he wasn’t sure.

“You told someone, didn’t you?” he demanded. Tr’foshe perhaps, that sharding counsellor always took the Candidates’ side. The boy was crying too hard to answer; M’ayen shook him roughly by the shoulder again. “Who did you tell?”

Sniffs, gulps, and Garatt stammered the words out, grateful at least for one truth he could give, something that maybe meant he wouldn’t get hurt again. “Just--just a Healer. I-- my hand hurt.”

Feck. Well, that could be better, could be worse. Not as though Healers didn’t have enough to deal with right now.

He wasn’t the brightest boy in the world, but there wasn’t a Candidate in the South who would believe that this was mandated by the Weyrwoman. Fear it was then. It wouldn’t hold, not forever, but for long enough that M’ayen could think of some other way to cover his tracks.. It would do.

And perhaps a boy dim enough to believe a green could be due to clutch before she’d even flown could have other naivities. His hand tightened painfully on the boy’s shoulder again.

“You understand, don’t you, that dragons see into people’s minds?” he demanded. “If you tell anyone, anyone, what happens in this office, Ardeth knows that, do you understand?” Garatt stared at the ground, sniffling. M’ayen caught his chin, forcing it up. “Do you understand what I can do to you if I tell anyone?”

Oh, that part he believed. Right now he was scared silly and hurting more than he ever had in his life and too cowed to think rationally about things. M’ayen saw the terror and pressed the advantage.

“No-one can discipline a bronzerider below the Weyrleaders, and right now I think the Weyrleaders have enough to deal with without one Candidate, don’t you?” He shook the boy again, like a canine with a tunnelsnake in its mouth, wanting to shake him long past the point where it had become necessary. “No-one is going to disturb the Weyrwoman in the Infirmary, not for this. So they won’t know.” He dropped his voice, crouching a little to look the boy eye to eye, pinning him with his gaze. “But I will.”

Garatt was white. M’ayen made as though to grab at his wrist again, and the boy flinched away, back flat against the wall. He made a small quiet noise of distress and it was a moment before M’ayen’s nose caught the acrid smell of urine. He glanced down to see the wet patch on the front of the boy’s trousers, the puddle forming on the floor. 

Well, that was probably only a matter of time. M’ayen made a disgusted noise, but was not entirely displeased by the result. A boy that wet himself out of pure fear was a boy who believed the threat truly enough that he wouldn’t be running off to shoot his mouth off.

“All of your friends Impressed,” he informed Garatt, his voice quiet now, poisonous. “Even the one who-- well, it was a sharding stupid idea to help him, wasn’t it? So you needn’t be expecting help from that quarter. The Barracks is going to be much emptier for a while now. And no-one hears anything in this office.” It didn’t mean the ACMs weren’t watching him, didn’t mean he wasn’t going to have to be much more careful but Garatt didn’t need to know that.

He let the boy shiver in his damp trousers a moment longer before he released him, shoving a cloth at him. “Clean up your mess,” he told him coldly. “Then get out.” A pause. “And I expect to see you in here after dinner tomorrow.” Not even a pretence it was a fair detention any more. That point was long past. 

The Barracks was half-empty, and Garatt’s part in particular had been cleared out. And today perhaps everyone would assume that a distressed Candidate was due either to not Impressing or what had happened on the Sands. But that wasn’t going to hold.

M’ayen was going to have to come up with a better plan.


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Re: Hatching Feast, L'rin's Cya laters/ Any

Amy Frazey

Almira was tired, but very hungry, and after getting a plate piled high with food, she went over to sit by the boy who was like a little brother to her. "Congratulations on Impressing a bronze, Lerian. I'm sure he's amazing."

Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: ALL #HatchingForeth2020

Amy Frazey

Almira was reluctant to leave Prometh, even though he was asleep after that first feeding. But she was hungry too, and this would be her last chance for several months to talk to any of her candidate friends who hadn't impressed.

This Hatching feast was much different than the first one she'd been to, however. No crowds, no visitors from outside the Weyr. Almira's mother and sister weren't there. But Lerian, and a few more of her friends were there, so after getting a plate piled high with food, okshe went over to sit by the boy who was like a little brother to her. "Congratulations on Impressing a bronze, Lerian. I'm sure he's amazing."

Re: Feast - Avoiding The Center ((Attn: Arciel, Calyse))


Arciel took to his preparations for the post-hatching breakfast with a dutiful attention to the formality of the affair, no matter how scaled back the celebration was. A careful use of his knife saw to a clean shave, and some light application of alcohol sterilised any cuts from the treatment. His teeth he attended to with salt and water, chewing a scented herb before rinsing his mouth clean to ensure a lack of bad breath. His hair was washed and styled with a bone-comb, timed for it to be at least halfway to dry prior to his arrival but still possessed of enough moisture to sit neatly on his head. His sword was locked in the armoury per the agreement with the Weyrguards, and so he ignored his sword belt while attiring himself for the breakfast.

A white shirt tied up to the neck came on first, followed by a simple dark tunic and a pair of leather vambraces for his forearms. A dark pair of leggings were pulled on afterwards, suspended by a simple belt and matched with a pair of sturdy dark boots. Finally he slipped on his family ring and looked down at himself, nodding in satisfaction as he checked the state of his attire. It was no expensive ball dress, but for the breakfast it would more than suffice as ‘formal’ wear.

He left his residence ten minutes later after ensuring it was clean and orderly, making his way towards the dining hall. Brief nods were exchanged with the guards on duty as he made his way to the building with a gait that was neither hurried nor slovenly, piercing blue eyes roving over the faces of those excitedly making their way towards the hall for the meal. Arciel saw no reason to make any attempt at real haste, and he more than enjoyed the morning air as he moved.

His training session had ended only two hours prior, and the timing of the breakfast couldn’t have been better: He’d already had a meal with the guards prior, but an extra serving of energy was never something to scoff at. His eyes alighted on the guards on station outside the dining hall and he smiled at them politely in greeting from a distance, intending on heading straight inside – until a glimpse of golden thread caught his eye.

Slowing to a halt at the entrance to the dining hall, Arciel focused his attention on a fidgeting figure with Weyrling knots attached to her arm. It would be impolite not to say anything. He decided immediately, changing his approach to intersect with Calyse’s hesitant form. Everything about her body language detailed her nervousness and trepidation, and Arciel quietly suppressed the voice in his head that affected disapproval for her lack of resolve. Responsibility, he knew, was not as easily accepted by everyone as it was by some.

“Goldrider Calyse?” He asked as he drew within polite speaking distance, his baritone voice carefully constructed with a respectful intonation. “My apologies for disturbing you, but I wanted to offer you my congratulations on the rare and prestigious honour of being selected by a Queen.” His sapphire eyes swept her from head to toe for a moment, lingering on the knots of her arm before returning to her gaze.


“I know the weight of the duty ahead of you may be heavy, and I would never presume to know your mind on the matter, but I wish to express my sincere faith that you will fulfil your position with grace and capability.” He let his belief – perhaps more so in the wisdom of her Dragon than in her, though that faith extended to her by default – in Calyse’s ability to fulfill her role convey itself in a warm smile. “I know that you must be still adjusting to your new reality, but I have full confidence you will rise to the occasion. You were chosen, after all.”

He glanced at those around them coolly, before looking back to her with another reassuring smile. “I’m sure you know better than anyone that you can trust that as a mark of your capability, as anyone else can and should.” If nothing else, it was imperative that a Goldrider be more confident – even if forced – than what Calyse was showing. If not for her own sake, then for the Weyr as a whole. Arciel knew he might have been pushing the line between kindness and presumption, but he had never been one to hesitate simply because of the potential for negative consequence. He wasn’t about to begin with Calyse.

Hatching Feast, L'rin's Cya laters/ Any


After Cycleth had been fed. it hadn't taken much at all to get him settled and asleep. L'rin was still starving. THankfully breakfast was provided. Larissa'd turned out all his breakfast favorites too. Being one of the probably few with an appetite, L'rin grabbed a tray and started filling it. Even though Cycleth was now asleep, the hunger pains were still with him at least a little. So bacon, eggs cooked to almost a crisp, a couple pancakes, and then fruits stuck everywhere else on the plate that he could fit them in. This included a redfruit he ran out of room for, so he stuffed it in his mouth to carry and quickly found an easy to be spotted place where he could stuff his own mouth and people could talk to him.
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Feast - Avoiding The Center ((Attn: Arciel, Calyse))


In light of the strange circumstances under which the Hatching had taken place, the Hatching Feast that followed was equally unorthodox. Instead of the huge congratulatory party that usually accompanied this moment filled with music and food and booze, the event had been scaled back considerably. No one from outside the Weyr would be allowed inside. It was a fairly somber affair. Crowds were small and intimate, mostly just Weyrlings and Candidates milling about and helping themselves to the morning’s first meal. Bacon and sausage had been piled high along with trays full of scrambled wherry eggs, stacks of fresh pancakes, and steaming carafes of klah all set up on the tables.

With Andorath sleeping heavily after the exertions from that night, Calyse was free to attend. She felt obligated to go because of her new title, though the weight those golden threads now running through her new shoulder knots carried made her stomach twist. So many expectations, so many new responsibilities; a whole future planned out lay ahead of her. Making an appearance won’t kill you, she told herself. 

Donning the only truly nice set of clothes she owned, she worked hard to avoid waking the slumbering gold curled in their wallow. It was a simple outfit; a pressed linen blouse that she buttoned to her throat despite the climate’s heat, a long, loose skirt of dark velvety material that fell down to the toes of her freshly-polished black boots. Affixing the new Weyrling knots to her arm, Calyse snuck past the slumbering dragon and out of the Barracks.

When she arrived at the Dining Hall, she stopped before the doors. Open though they were with others streaming through, Calyse hesitated on the threshold. She hated parties, even ones that seemed relatively quiet from the outside. This had always been her parents’ way of life, not her own. The rarity of her Impression meant that all eyes would be on her - and Mendl - as soon as she walked through those doors. So she didn’t. She stood there while the rest of her classmates new and old filed in, fussing with one of the buttons on her cuff as if in the pretense of an excuse for her delay.

Re: Trying to be Subtle atten: Tamalack/Kalain


"Yeah, me too," Kalain said softly, almost wistfully.  He caught Tam's eyes and almost willed for the other boy to understand, "I really like spending time with you."

Re: Hatching - First Queenly Feeding ((Attn: Calyse, Kashara, Any))

Jenna Cunningham

A'shran led Cheironth toward the buckets of meat, toward the other weyrlings, so overwhelmed by the entire experience that he had completely forgotten that he wasn't even supposed to technically be there. The hood of his robe was pushed back, and he walked straight-backed, with a touch of confident swagger even though dried tears still streaked his face, visible to anyone who cared to look on him and his bronze, already deep in conversation with the curious dragonet.

"I've never been here before," he was explaining patiently. "This is all brand new to me, too. Don't worry - the food's coming."

He reached for a hunk of fresh-cut meat when he reached the platters, then fed it to Cheironth with a light, underhand toss - watched it vanish down his lifemate's gullet with surprising speed, and reached for another.

((Who are they?)) Cheironth was looking at something over his shoulder, and A'shran turned to look, too, then grinned, and held out the next bit of meat: "They're friends."

As his dragon ate, he raised his voice.

"Kashara!" And then - who was that with the gold? Wait. "Calyse?"

Re: Hatching - Wings of Vengeance (ATTN: Miacca/Aelloth, Isirdux)

Mya L. R.

On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 8:38 PM Jerzy Tobin <jerzytobin@...> wrote:
Trying to listen to the one-sided (to him) conversation while in pain
and still terrified was hard, oh so hard.  But at least he was no
longer being clawed at, even if the green hadn't fully let go of him
yet.  Something about...wrongdoing?  He hadn't done anything wrong!

"I haven't!  I didn't *do* anything!" Isirdux insisted.  "I didn't!"

The Candidate was talking, was talking without being her trustworthy Miacca.  Aelloth exhaled another breath into the Candidate's face, slow and warning of her displeasure about him breaking into the conversation.  Still there was something, growling in her middle, angrily insistent for something that wasn't this Candidate.  She drew first one forefoot back, the other lingering in the hatching robe another moment before it suddenly jerked away, the green wiggling eagerly in Miacca's arms.  {{I need something now, right *now*.  What is it, where is it?}}

Miacca breathed out through her nose and cast a quick glance toward Isirdux, but her attention quickly got drawn back onto the gnawing hungry.  "What you need is food.   You're hungry, Aelloth, the AWLMs have the food waiting outside of the Caverns."  She said as her grip around the green loosened and the little green wiggled free, her head snapping around looking for where this 'outside of the Caverns' was.

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Re: Trying to be Subtle atten: Tamalack/Kalain


Tam shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. I'd rather hang with you though." The comment could be viewed as clueless. Tamalak never really thought about girls. He wasn't attracted to any. But he wasn't attracted to boys, either. Sure, he would wake up in the mornings hard; sure he had what was considered wet dreams, but he wasn't overly interested in sex with anyone. There were times he thought something was wrong with him, but when he would talk to Margana, she assured him that however he felt was the way he was supposed to feel.

On Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 8:43 PM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
"There's been a lot going on," Kalain agreed. Sleek broke away from Chato to try to climb in Kalain's lap again. He reached down to pet her, a couple of those fronds curling around his fingers. "I'm sure you'll find someone soon enough." There might have been a sad note in there that he couldn't quite cover.

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