Not the Queen I Thought I'd Meet (Diagir/Ziya, Rennitz)


Rennitz had it in her mind that, should she not Impress, she would apply to the Whercraft for apprenticeship. She didn't like to think about the possibility of not Impressing- she still had five Turns left to Stand and with two producing healthy queens there was always a chance for another queen egg to be laid- but Rennitz also knew that she had to prepare for the future. She did love being a Beastcrafter and working with runners, but something about whers were intriguing. She remembered her father working with them as well as her older siblings, but she hadn't be allowed to help because of her age. Besides being older now, she was in Arolos now with an actual Whercraft and Wherhall.... it was like a dream.

It was shortly after dawn but right before breakfast that found Rennitz out in the cool morning air, waiting for the sun to rise. She watched some of the few people already out and was surprised to see how many had whers. Was this a normal thing for wher owners? Curious, she gazed at the different whers that were walking around before her gaze was caught by the glitter of gold hide. Her head snapped around to see the compact gold walking with her large handler heading close to her. Rennitz's eyes glued themselves to the beautiful queen with awe and made a little sound when her handler started to divert the queen away from her.

"Ah, wait..." Rennitz called just loud enough for the pair to hear. "I... She's really beautiful."

Ziya paused on her own when she heard the compliment, neck arching and eyes glowing happily. {Two-leg say nice things,} Ziya hummed to Diagir while looking Rennitz over. Diagir himself looked Rennitz over, noting her Candidate knots but also her eager and awed expression. Exhaling softly, he turned himself towards Rennitz with a little smile. 

"Hello, there. I am Senior Journeyman Diagir and this is my Ziya." Ziya whistled her greeting to the girl, who smiled and stood to properly address them.

"Hello, Senior Journeyman and Ziya. I'm Candidate Rennitz." The girl gave a little curtsey to the pair. "Ziya is a really beautiful gold. I haven't seen a queen wher this close before."

"You speak as though you've met whers of other colors, Rennitz?" Diagir was curious to see how this young woman had met whers. 

"Yes, sir! My father helps raise and train whers in Keroon. His name is Itzeron, but he's not very famous." Rennitz shrugged a bit as though she were embarrassed. To her surprise, Diagir's eyes lit up and he smiled.

"Ah, Itzeron! Yes, I've heard of him. He's the handler of bronze Itzsk, right?"

Rennitz gasped softly and nodded eagerly. "Yes! That's him. How do you know of him if I can ask?"

"Itzeron and my own father Arkinus were regular contacts," Diagir explained. "I remember meeting Itzsk when I was younger. My father and he compared notes on wher breeding and training. So you're one of Itzeron's kids, hm?  What are you doing at Arolos? Bit of a way from Keroon."

"Oh, father and mother brought me down here because an aunt was ill! I was Searched here and agreed to stay."

Rennitz was almost interrupted by Ziya stepping forward to sniff her. She held still and watched the golden nose twitch in front of her with awe in her eyes and only released her breath when Ziya pulled back with a satisfied grunt. {Ziya like this one. This one get wher egg?} The gold looked up at Diagir curiously.

"No, lass, she's Standing for a dragon," Diagir explained. Seeing Rennitz's confused expression, Diagir explained what she'd said. "Ziya asked if you're a whercrafter waiting for an egg. Seems your da's blood runs through you indeed."

Renntiz gasped and bounced a little. "She thinks I'd do well with a wher?! Oh, Ziya, that's such a compliment, thank you so much! I.. I was thinking of joining the Whercraft if I can't Impress a dragon, actually."

"Were you?" Diagir's interest was mirrored by Ziya whose tail was wagging eagerly. "Well, surely we'd welcome you given your background. We're always welcoming new apprentices and I bet you'll be fine with a wher pup."

Rennitz's eyes shone with stunned surprise, mouth hanging agape. "You... both think that I would be a good handler? I mean, I always intended to get a wher after Impressing like Weyrwoman Kassia has with Brogan, but... wow...."

Diagir was endeared by the girl's reaction. Maybe Ziya was right in that Rennitz would make a good handler. Ziya lowered her head expectantly in front of Rennitz and Diagri had to chuckle. "She's expecting you to pet her." He laughed when Rennitz eagerly complied, rubbing her hand on the wher's soft nose and up between her eye ridges. 

"Oh, Ziya, you're so soft... You're Callamere, aren't you? You're so gorgeous..."

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Re: I'm Not Pregant Party atten: Sarati/any

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Yiyu stood on the outskirts of the party. She gazed around, a little bemusedly and a lot nervously, searching for a familiar face. Yes, there was Rinnetz. Taking a breath, she began to move towards her goal.

Erena, meanwhile, had found a place to occupy near the center of the gathering. She hadn't quite ingratiated herself to anyone yet, but she was working on it. Even as she smiled and flirted with nameless boys, she was writing prolifically in her head.

Larenne and Larensk, for their part, wouldn't miss a good party. With wine in hand, Larenne studied the grouping, occasionally slipping her wher tidbits from the table.

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Sarati. "I can do anything apparently!" One thing Sarati had seldom lacked was self-confidence, unlike her mother, but then she'd been born to top ranking parents and always knew she was special. She took another sip and the alcohol helped her feelings of being special. Wrapping her arms around Shalia and Rennitz, she pulled them closer. "I'm so glad to have all my friends here."

Meats and cheeses started flowing from the kitchens. Then slowly the bubblies, too. Needless to say, she was going to be popular and have lots of friends that night.

Re: Believe It or Not atten: T'lack/S'ryll


"Yeah, it is." T'lack didn't sound too upset by the comment. It was true. Lots of weird fecking stuff had happened at Arolos, but he wouldn't live anywhere else. "Keeps things interesting. And it gae my a chance to be more than a greenrider."

Re: A Fellow Wher Handler atten: atten Larenne/Kassia

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"I hadn't thought far beyond coming here," she admitted . "As for my boy here, he's Impressed. He's polite enough, but not keen on listening to anyone but myself. It may or may not be viewed as a flaw, depending on whom you ask."

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Kassia nodded. "Is he Bonded or Impressed?" That would matter as to whether she cared if he listened to others or not. "What are you hoping to do with the wherhandlers?" She already had a wher, so she couldn't be a Wherguard, but she could be a part of the guards who used whers if she wanted.

Re: I'm Not Pregant Party atten: Sarati/any


Sarati. "I can do anything apparently!" One thing Sarati had seldom lacked was self-confidence, unlike her mother, but then she'd been born to top ranking parents and always knew she was special. She took another sip and the alcohol helped her feelings of being special. Wrapping her arms around Shalia and Rennitz, she pulled them closer. "I'm so glad to have all my friends here."

Meats and cheeses started flowing from the kitchens. Then slowly the bubblies, too. Needless to say, she was going to be popular and have lots of friends that night.

Re: Reserving Her Opinionatten: Kassia/S'yrell


Kassia hesitated before she quickly ate her bubblie and then brushed off her hands and took his. She could almost feel her guard shake his head in his watching position, but she ignored it. She still did as she liked and this was low risk.

"Fancy a walk? It's this direction."

Re: Believe It or Not atten: T'lack/S'ryll


S'ryll definitely felt the headache coming on now.  Twin dragons?  Had that ever happened?  He'd heard rumors of strange Hatchings in Arolos, but to be honest, he'd had enough going on at the time learning to be w2 that he hadn't much paid attention.  

"So those rumors were all true?" he shook his head.  "You were right to think I wouldn't believe you.  This is a strange Weyr...." he didn't say it as an insult, and to be fair, to an Outsider, Arolos was strange.  

Re: Lunch With A... Friend? (atten: Kassia)


"Trust me, I guarantee he's nothing to Foreth," Kassia said as she poured wine for each of them. "I never thought I'd Impress gold and she's...especially strong willed and bad tempered for one. I had no idea what I was in for."

Re: Rise and Shine (ATTN Diagir, Larenne)

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"He'll be steady enough for me to eat in the dining hall here," she said firmly. "Won't you, my blue friend?"

The wher bobbed his head and sent silent reassurence to his partner. she smiled fondly down at him, then focused on the gold Ziya.

"Will all three of these pretties be coming, too?"

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"That sounds great, actually!" Diagir eagerly accepted her offer. "Breakfast would do anyone good. Is Larensk alright to go into the Weyr dining hall, or should we go back to the hold?"

Ziya whistled at Larensk curiously. {'Rensk good? 'Rensk eat in dragon home or wher home?}

Re: Reserving Her Opinionatten: Kassia/S'yrell


S'ryll decided better than to convince her it wasn't her dagger on her hips she was interested but rather the hips themselves.  He had a greater instinct for self preservation than that, and didn't want to see the dagger buried in his hip all the same.  But as she mentioned that she paid a lot for it, he looked at the hilt, admiring its beauty...from where he was.  She paid a lot for it.  And was a Rider.  That still didn't equal gold.  She could be some Lord Holder's daughter, some spoiled child before Impressing.  

At her invitation, he stood up, holding out his hand to her.  "I would be honored."

{{Pulling out the gallantry today for sure!}}

((Better that than a knife pulled on me.))  He felt Vastolth's agreement.

"One of the fastest mounts I ever rode was uglier than a wherry's backside, but man could he move.  Pretty ponies are for pleasure riders... I prefer good form."

Re: Familiar faces in strange new places. (Tyne/S'ryll)


He chuckled as the little green suddenly appeared, requested shirt in claw.  The bronze seemed irritated that he'd been outdone by the green, and if he was reading it right, was now sulking.  Vastolth for his part, looked up when the green reappeared, and after a moment, lifted his head slightly to follow the faire's antics above him.  

{{They could help bathe me.}}  Unfailingly, Vastolth had figured out a use for them. 

((Then you better play nice and gallant to that little green)) S'ryll chuckled to his dragon.  His dragon was for certain, the best and worst parts of him, but genuine all the same.  

As Tyne tossed him his shirt back, he put it on carelessly, not bothering to smooth any of it as she did hers.  He listened as she explained the arrangement, and while he understood it, to some degree, he didn't like it.  But making a fuss about it wasn't going to help her any, and there wasn't much he could do about it here.  It's not as if he could got to WW Wygelle of WL F'lorian and get it changed, or WW Kassia here.  He had no connections.  Except her.

"Well then you're better off than me if you got a nice weyr," he told her.  Then realized he never had answered her question as to why and how he was here.  "Vastolth and were transferred here a few days ago.  I pissed off the wrong person, go figure, and next thing I know, I've got transfer orders and two days to get here.  I swear my weyr here is smaller than a blue's back home.  Vastolth barely fits on the ledge."  It was probably an exaggeration, but it helped to paint the picture he wanted.  Normally he would say he'd lost everything, but to her, it would ring hollow; he still had Vastolth. 

"Tyne, if you need anything, anything at all, and I can give it to you, it's yours.  You will always be my weyrwoman, no matter what.  I failed you once, but I will not do it again.  I promise you this."  He took her hand, bringing her hand up to his lips and kissing it on the gloved knuckles.  It was perhaps a foolish gesture borne out of guilt and love and whispers of time past.  To have made it at all was probably naive, after all, he could be transferred again on whim, while she had more stability here.  But he made it all the same, and he meant it.  

He listened to her in amazement.  "You can hear them all?  All the flits?  Isn't that incredibly rare?  Like someone who can hear all the dragons?"  He'd met one once, a long time ago.  Having all those voices in your head had not seemed like something he'd want.  "What's it like..."

Re: Lunch With A... Friend? (atten: Kassia)


"Sunstreath isn't really a friendly bronze." I'des admitted, sheepishly. "Not that he'd disrespect a gold or her rider, he knows better." He added hastily. "He's... proud. Likes everything just so." A short, if awkward, grin. "It made Weyrlinghood... Interesting."

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Kassia raised an eyebrow. "Was he prickly? Didn't bother me any. And if he was to Foreth, she'd deal with it. None of my business unless it gets really out of hand."

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Re: Reserving Her Opinionatten: Kassia/S'yrell


She took a nibble of cheese and shrugged. "Some women won't mind, but I wouldn't try touching their knives if they're wearing one like mine. (OOC: not sure if I had mentioned that it's a special one it looks like - the silk dagger egg part way down) I paid a lot for it and don't want it messed with."

She smiled and took another bite of cheese. "I can show you some runners today, if you'd like. There are some pretty ones out there."

Re: Old Enough to Know Better ((Attn: S'ryll / Kyrel))


Why ever would I do that? Saere thought to himself at the boy's question.  But saying that out loud wouldn't help him wash Vastolth, and the boy presented too good an opportunity to miss. He was a brute of a kid, more muscular than Saere had been at his age, and Saere had been exceptionally fit.  But where Saere was lean, this guy had girth.  He'd probably do the work of two Candidates.  Saere also remembered skipping his own lessons, and a certain bronzerider, long dead from a Fall now, taking him under his wing.  

"Maybe.  At least you didn't lie to a bronzerider, so you've got that going for you."  What's your name?"  He waited for the kid's response before moving on.  "You already know your numbers hmm?  But apparently not your knots.  Surely this Weyr teaches that in its training as well?"  He needed to make the kid feel like he was still slacking off in some way.

{{He's going to help you bathe me?}} Vastolth asked.

((I'm working on it.))

{{Oh he will.}} Vastolth assured his rider. 

((What makes you say that?))

{{Because I'm me!  Once you show me to him, he'll help.}}

((I'll be sure to pass along the message...)) S'ryll chuckled.  

Re: Lunch With A... Friend? (atten: Kassia)


Kassia raised an eyebrow. "Was he prickly? Didn't bother me any. And if he was to Foreth, she'd deal with it. None of my business unless it gets really out of hand."

Re: Reserving Her Opinionatten: Kassia/S'yrell


OOC: I liken it to people who live in cold climates, like Sweden or Alaska, and enjoy it.  I don't understand it, but they do exist.  

IC: S'ryll returned her smile, restraining himself.  At the Reaches, a smile like that would have been an invitation for him to touch her, maybe kiss her, depending on the rank of the person across from him.  But he knew better than that with her.  After yesterday, anyways.  The Weyr felt like vacation, the women felt like war.  

"I'll work my way back up," he said, in his usual manner, sounding a bit like Vastolth did when he made desires into facts.  He raised an eyebrow slightly, a smug grin creeping onto his face.  "Vastolth and I are very good at what we do..."  He finished his wine and the last of the food she'd passed him.  "You left out the dangerous women, Sar.  I believe that's the first time I've ever had a knife even threatened to be drawn on me without maybe me asking for it," his tone was teasing, to take any sting out of the words.  "And despite that, or perhaps because of it, I would love for you to show me the runners.  And the whers.  And the bathing pools, that I haven't found yet."

Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Kyrel/Aruithil )


"Sounds like he got off pretty lucky," Kyrel admitted once Aru revealed her desire to abandon Z'go on a deserted island were it not for his innocent dragon. "I don't get it, I thought riders were supposed to be heroes. What would be worth kidnapping some kid?" Shaking his head while he spoke, the question could have seemes rhetorical, though he was probing gently for an answer. 

Honey-colored eyes followed Aru and her shoulder-dragon, lingering on her a moment longer than necessary. "Hm?" He a blinked, realizing she had asked a question and finally glanced toward the jar. Unable to make it out from afar, he crossed the room to stand by her side - but remained an arm's-length away, well out of the nonthreatening gold's reach. 

"Oh, is that.. seaweed?" It was clearly a guess, the smirk developing on his lips evidence of that. 

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"Oh, he got his due!" Aruithil continued, very much pleased that Kyrel shared her opinion.  She too could not believe that he was walking around freely but it had been three turns and if anything were to be done in that regard it would have.  "He was confined to his weyr for months, and on daily latrine duty for twice as long, and not allowed to miss a single Drill not Fall.  If he wasn't a dragonrider, I'd say exile him to some island, but it isn't his dragon's fault his rider is a total wherry brained mud eater!"

As she spoke she opened one of the drawers and pulled out a case.  She picked one of the many glass vials holding samples of different plants.  After glancing threw them for a few seconds she pulled one out, "Do you know this one?"

- Aruithil

- Aruithil

Re: Old Enough to Know Better ((Attn: S'ryll / Kyrel))


Kyrel did not react in the slightest to the rider's first address, assuming he was speaking to someone else - though he had heard the words loud and clear. After all, there was a beach full of random folks who he might be talking to and he was very engrossed in fitting this stupid line through these two loops in the right order. It was only once the word 'candidate' was mentioned that his attention from the book rose. 

"Uh," Kyrel squinted up at the intruder interrupting his study. Shells. Busted. He knew himself to be a terrible liar, so he didn't even make the attempt. "Probably, yeah. But--" The boy raked a hand through his dark hair, frowning as if he expected trouble to follow. "I already know my numbers. It's not like I'm missing anything. Are... you gonna tell someone?" There were worse things to be tattled-on for, but Kyrel did not look forward to a talk from the ACMs. 

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"You there!" a voice called, a tone of command about it, but not accusatory.  At just about the same time as the call went out, a large splash hit the ocean, a flash of pale bronze hide sinking beneath the waves.

{{There are interesting creatures under here.  Bathe me, and then I must bring fish to Foreth as she demands.}}  

S'ryll's lips twitched at his bronze.  Vastolth was used to being by the side of a gold, not the only one, but there nonetheless.  The aloofness of Foreth had not seemed to bother him yet, but S'ryll was cautious in thinking that it might eventually.  The bronze didn't see this as bribery or paying favors, rather the gold's due.  But Vastolth also believed he was due as well, and when he realized that Foreth wasn't giving it to him, well then.  There might be trouble.

"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere else, Candidate?" S'ryll asked, noting the boy's attire, the book, and the knots in his hand.  His voice was more amused than accusatory.  What did he care if this kid skipped his lessons.  He was not the Candidate Master, and he wasn't about to go alerting anyone either.  But he certainly could use this to his advantage.  Vastolth was such a large bronze, and bathing him, without help, was such a chore.  Back at the Reaches, there were plenty who would help him to curry favor with a bronzerider, especially one that was a w2.  Being here, well, the giant hulk of a bronze was going to be more work than Saere had put in for quite some time.  

Re: In Need of a Bit of Healing (Ambrelli/Z'go)


Truth be told, it was nice to have someone flirting with her, interacting with her in a way that few here at the Weyr did.  She felt as if people avoided her; oh they were polite enough, but she didn't believe for a moment that they trusted her.  There were always rumors about her.  Perhaps not as humorous as those Z'go had made up, and she liked his version better.  And for this reason alone, her instincts screamed at her.  

At Fort, she'd learned to act deliberately in all things.  She did anything less, and she could die.  That had saved her life, but it had cost her dearly in other ways.  It had been Turns since the Resistance fell.  Turns since what had been a noble cause had turned into a horror show.  And still, she felt the habits of her old life impress upon her that flirting for flirting's sake meant nothing except he wanted something from her.  Her response should be based not on how it made her feel, but on what she could gain from it.  It was hard to turn these instincts off.  She'd lived with them for so long.  And no matter what, she didn't know Z'go or his dragon.  At least that was a logical place to start.

So when he leaned in close and spoke in her ear, she didn't know if the chills she felt were attraction or a warning.  It wasn't like Arolos had ever been safe; her parents' murders attested to that, and the WW herself wore a knife at her belt at all times.  Being wary wasn't crazy here, especially not given her past.  But it wasn't Fort either.  If it had been, she'd be playing the meek girl, submitting to him as was expected of her.  She'd never been meek though, and at least here at Arolos, she never had to play that role again.  A hundred others, but not that.  But she was working still.  She couldn't change the past, but she could ensure that her Craft, the dragons, came first.  

His breath in her ear, she turned so that she faced him.  She brought the wooden tool up between them, poking him in his chest with it and pushing him away slightly.  "Then go get them..." she said simply.  

Re: I Remember You! (Ran'omi, J'zat)


Blushing a little, Ran'omi brushed a strand of his growing hair back behind his ears. He was glad that it was growing back from where it had fallen out and had to be cut when he was on Flight. It felt normal. J'zat hinting that he would be with Ran'omi for a flight had moths in his stomach and a giggle forming in his throat like he was a weyrling again. "She.... would like that." Swallowing, Ran'omi glanced to J'zat. "I'd like that."