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"Whers are broken off into Whercraft now anyway," Kashara pointed out. "But there's plenty to be done with felines and canines. Especially after Hatchings when new Weyrlings have to leave their pets behind."

Re: I've Been Told You Need a Talk atten: Yiyu/T'rif


Thankfully T'rif was a professional because that was a lot of stuff that was thrown at him all at once. No wonder she was referred to him to talk to.

"That's not how it works," T'rif said gently. "I am so glad that you are learning to value yourself, but we need to make sure that you are mentally stable enough to Stand. Yes, there is a Clutch on the Sands, but you're only 16. You have plenty of chances to Stand if you don't get to Stand for this one. Let me get that out of the way before anything else. Not that I'm saying you're not going to be able to Stand, but that we need to make sure that you're going to be okay. Okay?"

Re: The Promised Land! (Reitz, Kalain)


Reitz's eyes shone. "It's like I died and went to a paradise. This is everything I've ever dreamed of! Whers and humans working close together, people actually learning about how to take care of the beasties, and even reaching out to teach others! Ugh I knew this was my calling!" Reitz looked like he'd just been told he was a millionare.

Re: Slow Down, You Crazy Child (N'met, Ides)


"...Yeah. It was a lot of money." I'des responded. "I'm going to be out of marks for a while. But I think it'll be worth it." He was hoping. "I got it because I liked the Weyrwoman's, and the whercrafters I met said that they're useful beasts, for guarding and stuff." 

He paused. "You all right there? Last thing we need is for you to knock yourself out, falling over." was added, with a hint of teasing undertones. 

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"Hoooo that's one mess of a sum!" N'met almost fell off of his bench in reaction. "That's half my yearly wage! Thank Faranth I took the time to invest in my craft or it would be all of it. Expensive lil' boy. Why did you get one again?"

Re: The Promised Land! (Reitz, Kalain)


"That doesn't happen here as much," Kalain said. "Only in some of the outer ignorant holds. That's what we're here for. To make sure that whers get a better life."

Re: Let's Go Riding Atten: Erena/Kashara

Jessica Freise

"Felines, runners. I *think* I'd enjoy whers as a challenge."

Erena studied the place between Cloud's ears. When had she begun to open up? Why was she? Should she be suspicious?

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"Which beasts do you like to work with?" Kashara thought they'd talked about it, but she couldn't remember.

Re: I've Been Told You Need a Talk atten: Yiyu/T'rif

Jessica Freise

For the love of little green dragons, what was she supposed to say? That men frightened her? That she had come to the Weyr so very underprepared, but was learning and growing day by day? That she had to stand with her friend Rennitz?

She ended up spewing all that and more, ending a little breathlessly, "So I need to stand because I deserve the privilege. People are teaching *me* how to *value* *myself*."

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"What does that mean, Yiyu?" T'rif probed gently. He put on a smile that he hoped would reassure her.

Re: The Promised Land! (Reitz, Kalain)


Well this place just got better and better. "A Wherguard? That's so cool! I wish the Northern Weyrs realized that whers were that important. I've seen too many of the poor things when out with Da that've been chained up and near starved. If you can get past their initial aggression, they just want attention and lovin'."

Re: BANG! Hircoth Appears! Trouble Arrives in Arolos (R'vbor, Kassia)


((Go find somewhere else to be a pest,)) Foreth told the brown.

"I'm sure," Kassia said with a roll of her eyes. "Lucky us. What do you know about Arolos?"

That Is Very Much Not The Job For Me JP Cremsden/T'rifoshe


When your waking hours were spent between working or soothing a baby or occasionally both you learnt to make the most of the time you had. So when Cremsden was grabbing his--- dinner? Breakfast? Whatever meal happened in the evening shortly after a sleep - and he saw a free seat next to someone wearing ACM knots he wandered over.

“Mind if I sit down?” He knew the face vaguely but right now was struggling to remember the name to put to it.

“No, go ahead.” T’rif said, gesturing to the empty seat. The man looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it. There were so many people in the Weyr and he had a hard enough time dealing with the Candidates, but maybe with a name he’d be able to pull out the memory. “I’m T’rif. I feel like we’ve met before, so apologies if we have.”

“Probably in some work-related aspect,” Cremsden said agreeably. “I take the Candidate apprentices so we likely share children. I’m Cremsden.”

“Cremsden...Cremsden...” Why did that name niggle at him. Pushing the thought away, he glanced at the man’s knots. “Healer then?”

“That’s it,” Cremsden agreed. “And if I feel unusually busy right now I’m guessing your lot are flooded.”

“Yeah, particularly with those freaking out about Standing.” T’rif cut off a piece of meat. “I’m primarily the Candidate counselor, so I’m the one they get sent to when they’re about to have a break down over whether they’re going to Impress this time or whether they’re destined to age out.”

“Ah-hah.” Cremsden grinned at him, starting to tuck into his meal. “Sat next to the next person then. At least one of them I need to have a chat with you about.”

“Oh yeah?” Inwardly T’rif sighed. So much for enjoying a meal without having to deal with work. “What can I do for you?”

“Yiyaw. Er. Yayoo?” Cremsden’s memory for names wasn’t the best when he wasn’t running on vastly too little sleep. “Skinny little thing, long dark hair, maybe 14?” He waved a hand vaguely somewhere around shoulder-height. “Anyway, you might want to check in with her sometime before the Hatching. I know your lot like them to know what they’re signing up for, and that one doesn’t yet.”

“Yiyu?” T’rif asked. At least that was his best guess. He frowned. Something about ‘what they’re signing up for’ tugged at his memory and suddenly he could place Cremsden as that healer who struggled with issues similar to his own. An opportunity occurred to him. “Sure, I’ll talk to her. But can you do me a favor?”

“Mmm, as long as it doesn’t violate patient confidentiality, sure.” It was surprising how frequently that disclaimer was needed.

“Of course not,” T’rif said with a wave of his hand. “The Weyrwoman is pretty upset about an incident that happened in the Dining Hall recently involving some drunk Candidates and would like them to have a ‘this is why we don’t drink’ talk. She wanted me to do it, but they know me too well. It’d come better from someone else, I’d think.” And it had nothing to do with him not wanting to be the one to do it, of course.

Cremsden had been nodding along peacefully, making a Healer’s quick work of his meal when T’rifoshe got to the point of what he wanted. The sharp intake of breath resulted in his mouthful of food being inhaled and he choked, reaching for his glass of -- yep, just juice with dinner, and in a Weyr that was as much of a tell as anything.

T’rif winced. So much for trying to make the question casual. Probably not fair of him. “I mean...if you’re up for it,” he offered more tentatively. “I know it’s a big ask...” Especially since they weren’t exactly buddies or anything.

“Feck!” Cremsden did at least cough into a hankie, still wheezing as he tried to clear his throat. “Sorry. Did not expect that one.”

“To be fair, that was about the reaction I gave to Ka...the Weyrwoman,” T’rif said. He pushed over the jug of juice that was on the table. “You okay? Not going to choke to death on me?”

“I’m fine. I’m making noise so I’m fine,” Cremsden managed, voice still strangled, face red and eyes watering. “Ugh.”

“I guess that’s a ‘no’ then?” T’rif asked sheepishly. “Maybe I can convince the Weyrwoman to give the talk herself.”

“It’s-- look, you weren’t to know,” Cremsden shook his head, sipping the juice. “But-- feck, no, you don’t want me giving that talk. Practically anyone else would be better.”

“Sorry, sorry. I’m with you on that.” Though T’rif seemed to be doing better than Cremsden. “I just thought you being a healer and all...”

“Healer yes, but there have got to be enough of my apprentices in my room that someone in there would know I was being a giant hypocrite,” Cremsden said fervently.

“I apologize for bothering you then,” T’rif said with a nod. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. “Got any other suggestions for me then? I’m trying to avoid having to give this talk myself.”

Cremsden hesitated. “What exactly is our aim here? Because I’ve got to say, if they’re going to Impress, I don’t see many riders who are sober after a bad Fall. Are we meant to.. Make them feel bad for that?”

T’rif shrugged. “I think we’re meant to tell them not to get shardfaced and strip in the middle of the Dining Hall. Or at least wait until they’re riders. You...don’t tend to argue with the Weyrwoman.” Even he only got so far with it.

“I am not sure ‘don’t embarass your Weyrwoman’ is a health matter,” Cremsden said straight-faced, and then laughed, hearing the words coming out of his mouth. “Sorry.”

T’rif put up his hands. “I don’t entirely disagree, but you try telling her that. Really, will you?” He was teasing. Mostly.

“Not my job, friend, sworn to the Hall, she’s not my Weyrwoman to tell.” And now they’d shifted off the difficult subject Cremsden was openly laughing at him.

“Ah well, it was worth a try.” T’rif could only snort. Better to snort than get angry. He could always say that he did the class, she’d probably never know.

“I mean, I hate to go with the obvious but if she’s so bothered has she considered maybe not paying riders their wages in actual alcohol?” Cremsden pointed out, cheerful now. “Because anyone teaching sobriety to Candidates is likely going to have to answer questions about why that’s okay.” And yeah, everyone who worked near the business in any capacity knew why before too long, because there was only so much most humans could handle seeing without occasionally getting blind drunk.

“I don’t see that changing,” T’rif said, sobering a bit. At least in the Candidate Master’s wing he saw few fatalities, but they were still there. “Besides, it’s probably cheaper than having to make it up in marks or something else.”

Cremsden shrugged, his own mood turning at T’rifoshe’s seriousness. “Then be honest about it. Alcohol rations works well somewhere like Fort where you don’t expect riders to live long enough for it to be a problem. Keep it up here and she doesn’t get to complain. Why do you think we don’t get alcohol rations? The majority of Healers aren’t meant to die.” 

T’rif winced. Honest and harsh all at once. “Honestly, it’s been a tradition for so long I doubt she’s thought about it that way. And around here there’s always some problem after another.” He ran his hand through his hair and glanced at his cup, wishing for a moment it was one of those drinks they were talking about. He sighed and added, “Maybe I’ll talk to her.”

Cremsden stared moodily into his own glass. Good intentions be sharded, there were times when juice left life with all its sharp edges. “Anyway, reasons why you don’t want me to give that lecture. I’ve the unfortunate reputation of being honest with my students. I can totally give the ‘black out drinking should be saved for days when you’ve seen so much you can’t bear to be conscious’ talk, but I feel like that’s not the talk she wants.”

“No, I’m afraid not,” T’rif said quietly. He was staring at his cup again and really regretting opening that pouch of flit eggs. He looked up and tried a smile and a joke, “I’d ask if you wanted to give a ‘no sex talk’, but I don’t think you’d be a good fit for that either.”

“I thought you wanted them to have sex before flights got involved?” Cremsden said. “Or is this another case of ‘as long as the Weyrwoman isn’t embarrassed’?”

“I think it’s the ‘don’t do it while you have a Weyrling dragon’, but the Weyrwoman herself tends to cover that one,” T’rif said. “But yeah, pretty much anything that might embarrass her, she wants a talk about it. I think she’s trying to give talks to the wrong people.”

Cremsden looked very deliberately up at the ceiling rather than at the bronzerider. “So,” he said after a moment. “We both know there are things I can’t say due to Craft neutrality sooo..”

“You can say it or not,” T’rif said. “I may or may not agree. In this case I think you’ve made some good points and I may see if I can do anything about it.” And he was one of the few people on Pern that might actually be able to get through to her.

Cremsden grimaced. “No, I really can’t,” he said ruefully. “Believe me, I’m well-trained in it. You let it come out of your mouth once in safe company and it’ll be parked on your tongue when it’s not safe.” And when you learnt at Fort where the penalty might be broken bones or worse, it stayed learned even if it was safe here. 

“I understand,” T’rif said with a nod. “Anyway, thank you for the consideration anyway. I’ll look for that Candidate. Anything else I can do for you?”

Cremsden started to shake his head and then considered. “Any chance you could get a bit of sense knocked into them when you explain their Craft hours?” he said hopefully. “I do hate being the one who tells them three hours a day might make them a Journeyman when they’re around sixty.”

“I’ll try.” T’rif shrugged. “We really do tell them that, but they don’t seem to believe us. The only downside to letting them stick with a craft. You can only tell them so many ways.”

He sighed. “You can separate them into two from almost the minute they step through the door. The ones who are doing a Craft as a way to mark time because they’re so certain they’ll have a dragon any day now, and the ones who have Healer written so deeply through them I resent every sharding second they’re in Candidacy lessons. Of course it’s almost always the second type who Impress.”

“I wish I could help you on that, I really wish I do.” T’rif spread his hands apart. “I realize that the crafters are less thrilled with the arrangement than we are. It really does help the Candidates, though, I feel. Some of them anyway.”

“Mostly the ones who belonged with us anyway,” Cremsden pointed out. “We just haven’t got the resources to go looking them and levering them out of their parents’ grasp. Take your girl there, Yoyo,” or whatever her name was “I don’t know how she is with dragons yet because I haven’t seen her with them, but I’d give her a good long stint in our baby section if I had the chance because she’s a natural with them and they make her happy. But there, a searchrider saw her first so she’s Standing even though she never considered riding before, even though she has no sharding idea if she wants to or why she would want to. Because she feels obliged to give it a chance.”

“Ah, yes, definitely worth talking to then,” T’rif said. “You get that attitude sometimes whether they’re Searched or whether they’re born here. They’re supposed to Stand because that’s what they’ve been told. And we’ve all seen how badly that can work out.” He shook his head. “I’ll talk to her. And let me know if you come across any others. It’s not quite so bad now that they put me in the position I’m in. Saves us having so many major issues crop up.”

“Do me a favour and keep my name out of it,” Cremsden said. “Tell her it was one of her teachers or something. I’d really like to keep her, so--”

“All right, I can do that.” T’rif could appreciate the sentiment. He pushed to his feet and grabbed his plate. “Thanks for your help.”

“Ugh. Better go for my shift.” And Cremsden suddenly realised the time himself and got up hastily. “Thanks. Look after my kids for me.”

Re: He said that you might be willing to help. (Tyne/Ambrelli)


Ambrelli instantly regretted the distress she so blatantly had caused the woman.  Her left hand reached out to grab the other's, while the right encircled it.  "I know who you are, Tyne of Myrandith.  I was at Fort Weyr that day, and I well remember how terrible the outcome. I have been next to dragons in death before, and those memories are imprinted upon me in deepest agony without any bonding necessary.  I have but the faintest glimpse of what you went through, and I would not wish that on my greatest enemy." Her voice was soft and full of compassion.  

She pulled back to give the woman her space again.  "Nor would I wish upon you the reliving of that.  But where there is a will, there is a way, and I think it shall be easy enough to find a way for you.  Just, do me a favor and do not dismiss the idea out of hand.  There may be ways to get you everything while never forcing you into a situation that would cause you such terror."  Ambrelli well knew how the Weyrs tended to treat the dragonless, the stigmas that followed and made much more terrible such agonizing absence.  For in losing the dragon, you lost home as well.  She was projecting her own feelings of being grounded in dragonhealing into the other, but she could not help but think perhaps there still might be a way.  She would talk with Master Larsin later, if things went well.  Perhaps a specialty, much like the way the Healers had mindhealers.  But first thing first....

"So what else would you envision this clinic doing?  I get the feeling an initial exam is not all that you've envisioned." she said, bringing the subject back to the business of the day.  

Re: I've Been Told You Need a Talk atten: Yiyu/T'rif


"What does that mean, Yiyu?" T'rif probed gently. He put on a smile that he hoped would reassure her.

Re: Let's Go Riding Atten: Erena/Kashara


"Which beasts do you like to work with?" Kashara thought they'd talked about it, but she couldn't remember.

Re: BANG! Hircoth Appears! Trouble Arrives in Arolos (R'vbor, Kassia)


{{Sometimes!}} Hircoth replied unhelpfully with a mental grin.

"My wingleader thought that I'd be of better use here, and I guess my Weyrleader agreed," R'vbor supplied with a shrug. "Not sure why, I was doing a fine job up there."

Re: I've Been Told You Need a Talk atten: Yiyu/T'rif

Jessica Freise

"N-no, thank you," she stammered. She squirmed, trying to keep her friends' faces in the front part of her brain. She was going to screw up, she knew it!

"Ruckus, loud, busy. I was...overlooked....undervalued."

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"What was your family life like?" T'rif asked, setting back into a more relaxed position. "Can I get you some klah? Some cookies?"

Re: GREENFLIGHT: Let's Make a New Legend (W'rian/Rorrecath, any) #green


Sunstreath had been minding his own business, sunning himself on a particularly nice ledge, when the green appeared and dove down, calling for challengers. 

((Mine. A green rises.)) -Yeah, they do that all the time.- 

((Mine.)) -Yeesh! Okay, okay, headed to the flight rooms. Bossy.- 

((Rorrecath!)) Sunstreath bellowed, rose to his full height and shook his wings out, to display his elegance. ((I am bronze Sunstreath, and I will catch you!))


Sekerth uncurled from his resting place by the Lake, the brown's eyes whirling with interest, and S'nen looked up as well, rolling up the hide he'd been contemplating selling, tucking it under his arm and approaching, the brownrider's gaze flickering over W'rian. "You need help?" the brown rider asked, solicitously. 

What better way to cement his arrival than by winning a green?

Sekerth said nothing, only watched Rorrecath, and waited. 

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ooc: Set a few days after Mareeth's flight

Bright, warm, breezy, why this place was just like hom! Those were Rorrecath's first thoughts upon emerging over Arolos. She was extremely happy about this move since her rider was calmer, and now with this sun and the weather, oh it was too much!

On her back, W'rian stared in shock as he watched her hide start to glow brighter and brighter. "Oh... oh no... nononononno don't do this not now!" he begged his green to no avail. Rorrecath at least had the thoughts to dive down and dump W'rian on the ground and let him remove her straps before shooting up with a scream.

{{I am Rorrecath, and I am here! Who has a bold heart to come for me?}}

"Rorrecath, what- where am I- I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO!" W'rian shouted up at his uncaring dragon. He stood there whimpering and holding her harness and his luggage, looking lost. "Oh man, this is bad, uh... Man do I just wait here for someone or..." W'rian's head looked back and forth as he felt a familiar heat starting in his guts. "Well I can't just stand here in the middle of the Weyrbowl." He began to drag his load off to the wall, praying someone would come find him and assist him to a flightroom, a closet, a dark hole to bury himself in. You know. Sensible places. 

{{I am Rorrecath!}} The bright green screamed again. {{Which of you pretty boys wants to go toe-to-toe with me?!}}

Re: Slow Down, You Crazy Child (N'met, Ides)


"Hoooo that's one mess of a sum!" N'met almost fell off of his bench in reaction. "That's half my yearly wage! Thank Faranth I took the time to invest in my craft or it would be all of it. Expensive lil' boy. Why did you get one again?"

Re: I've Been Told You Need a Talk atten: Yiyu/T'rif


"What was your family life like?" T'rif asked, setting back into a more relaxed position. "Can I get you some klah? Some cookies?"

Re: Let's Go Riding Atten: Erena/Kashara

Jessica Freise

"I don't know," came the honest answer. "Writing has been my everything for Turns. Beastcrafting, I suppose, but only with certain beasts."

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"And what do you enjoy, Erena?" Kashara asked. "Besides writing?" She was glad the girl was talking more now.

Re: I've Been Told You Need a Talk atten: Yiyu/T'rif

Jessica Freise

It sounded like a trap. It smelt like one too. He was undeniably male and therefore the enemy.

No, no, breathe.

"Well," she managed, "I grew up in a small hold with three brothers and my father."



"I was Searched."

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"One of the other ACMs," T'rif said vaguely. "I wanted to get to know more about you and what you think about being here?"

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