Re: I'm ordering you on a rest ((WLM Ko'ssen, JM Hlr Vivaeldi))


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JM Hlr Vivaeldi shifted in the seat.  Her impatience was getting the better of her.  She wasn't used to waiting on others and having nothing to do.  And she wasn't used to siting in someone else's office.  She shifted again.  Still, she waited.  She'd actually cleared her schedule today.  She always said she'd clear her schedule, and sometimes V'ler actually made her do it to accommodate one of his fun days.  But she rarely took them for herself.  And today she had.  Well, sort of.

She wasn't sure why she had taken today off.  Except that it was a day where she knew the weyrling schedule was light, and she could hopefully convince Ko'ssen to take the day off as well.  Or at least a few candlemarks.  SHe liked him in a way she hadn't liked anyone in a while.  She wasn't sure what it was, so much as just the feeling of possibilities.  

So she waited in his office for him to finish whatever meeting he was at right now...

Re: A Golden Visit Att: Zy'fen/Andronda

Amy Frazey

Zy'fen gave Andronda an appreciative glance then, and his smile took on a hint of his old flirtatious manner. "You look nice today, Lady. Too nice for a sweaty one-legged like me." There was a touch of self deprecation behind the words. "But it's nice of you to talk to us." Again, he smiled, then raised both eyebrows before daring to settle an arm around the gold rider's shoulders.

Re: A Golden Visit Att: Zy'fen/Andronda

Jerzy Tobin

Zy'fen relaxed when he realised this was likely just a friendly visit, and not some official Goldrider business. He nodded at the Healer who handed him a towel, then wiped the sweat off his face and neck before answering lady Andronda.

"I'm doing much better now." He reached down and tapped the wooden leg, "Getting used to it a bit more each day."

Zy'fen hesitated, flicking a glance at the waiting bench. "Would you mind sitting with me while we talk, Lady Andronda?"
"Not at all," Andronda answered with a smile, moving over to the
bench. She could understand if he was feeling tired from the
exercises. "And I am glad to hear it. My Nykantiath has been
checking in with your Nerenth, to see how the both of you were

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted,
and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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Re: Just Like Being Back Home (M'gal, attn: Any)


M'gal shook his head. "Not at all. This time of year, it's much colder. This is more like a late spring or early autumn day. Summer it's pretty temperate; we have days as hot as down here once in a while." He thought a moment, smiling at memories of his home. "I do miss it, but I'll probably never go back there to live. I have too much here, at Arolos."

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M'gal was in such a good mood he turned to the speaker and laughed. "Actually, just anyone who's listening. I love this kind of weather! I miss it, though I don't really want to move back to Telgar, either." He quirked a brow. "I see you're dressed for the cold. Native to the south?"

"Aye, sir," Rosk answered. "A bit further South than the weyr, so this isn't my first chilly day, but... They don't come every day. I never lacked for a nice wool coat, though." His family kept sheep, after all. "Is it always this cold in Telgar?"

Re: I Promise I Didn't Steal Your Dog Attn P'ryn

Amy Frazey

Nort immediately stopped scolding and fell silent, his eyes whirling an angry red orange, when Robelth intervened. It wasn't until Garatt brought out the treats that the blue flit eased his hold enough for P'ryn to pry him off his shoulder, though. "Thanks. Shards, I forgot how much he likes to dig in. Goofy flit."

P'ryn gave Nort's head a quick rub, then nodded at Garatt. "Go on and get your treat."

It's Not a Dream (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 6/6


Darrica stared at him, worried and guilty again. “I-- I don’t want you to think..” She blushed. “I mean. I really hate what he did to your mother because she-- I mean, she’s nice, Sela is. But I wasn’t-- it’s not fair to let you think he-- forced me or anything..”

"I understand. But he did leave you. Alone. And… well, whether he knew what he was doing or not, it's what he did," said Cuylar. "And consequences don't care about intentions. I don't blame you for this. And I'm not going to abandon you."

Elphith leaned her head in slowly, carefully. She wanted to softly touch Darrica with her nose, but she also did not want to frighten her.

"Is there anything I can do to show you that you can trust me?"

“Oh, hello.” Darrica almost squeaked that at the unexpected proximity of a dragon head. “Does-- does it want to see the baby?” she asked Cuylar cautiously.

"She wants to make sure you're OK, actually," Cuylar answered.

((Hey, also I want to see the baby.))

Cuylar smiled. "And she says she does also want to see the baby."

“He is very little,” she said a little apologetically to the dragon. She twitched aside the blanket to make the baby’s face more visible. Wide blue eyes stared in an unfocused way at what seemed to the baby to be an expanse of green and the baby waved his hands as though trying to grab at Elphith.

((He is beautiful, and I love him. Please do not botch this, Cuylar, or I shall have to be angry with you,)) said Elphith.

Cuylar chuckled.

"She says he's beautiful, and she loves him," he relayed. "But you already knew that, of course."

Somehow trusting the dragon felt easier than trusting the man and Darrica smiled more genuinely. “I didn’t know dragons liked babies,” she admitted, and then hesitantly. “May I touch her?”

"Maybe not all of them do. But she likes this one. Probably mostly because I do. But she can smell the similarities between us," Cuylar explained. "She says if I mess this up with you, she'll be mad at me," he chuckled.

"And she would like it if you would touch her."

Her hand was shy, barely brushing against the green hide, almost tickling in its hesitancy. “She’s warm!” Darrica sounded surprised.

Elphith rumbled a bit of a laugh at the tickling touch.

"She is," Cuylar confirmed, chuckling. "And she won't bite you. Here, she likes it if you scratch her eye ridges like this." He showed her, and Elphith's eyes closed, and she hummed happily as he did.

Could he be that bad, really, if his dragon liked him this much? Darrica sneaked shy sideways glances at Cuylar as she traced over the eye ridges carefully, the baby held steady in her other hand. It was a minute where she could pretend to be distracted while actually trying to weigh up the man she was putting far too much trust in.

Cuylar smiled obliviously as Elphith enjoyed the attention from Darrica as well. He was, for his part, happy to have found something that seemed to help Darrica feel more safe.

Darrica watched, and thought, and rocked the baby. “I think--” she said finally, quietly, “I’d-- like to make the decisions right now where R-- Cuyric is concerned. He’s.. he’s very little and I know him and you don’t. But-- but if you still wanted to help..”

"I will still help, of course," Cuylar answered as he turned back to smile at Darrica. "Call him Riccard until you're sure you want me to be his father, too. If that will make it feel less like I'm trying to call the shots."

Darrica considered that. “How do you feel about Ric?” she suggested after a moment. “I call him that a lot of the time anyway, and it could be either. Then it’s not changing on him later.”

"Ric it is," Cuylar agreed, his smile unwavering – but he was more than a little happy at the compromise.

“Ric.” Darrica confirmed more firmly with a nod, her eyes on the baby in her arms a moment. “..Right. Then.. I guess we go?”

"We're ready when you are," Cuylar patted Elphith's hide again, and she crouched down low. "Wait here, and I'll get everything ready." Cuylar climbed up and began to strap the bags onto her back behind where they would sit.

When he was done, he sat on Elphith's neck and leaned down. "Hand the baby up, and I'll hold him while you climb."

“You have to support his head,” Darrica said again anxiously, watching until she was sure Cuylar had the boy steady before she started to climb up, a little awkward in her skirt.

Cuylar smiled and nodded as he conspicuously supported the baby's head. He would have to make a point to show just how good he was at supporting baby heads.

Elphith tried her very best to make it as easy for Darrica as possible. And once she was up, he very carefully handed the baby back to her, then strapped them both in.

"All right. When you're ready to go, give the word and then we'll take off. After we've gotten high enough, we'll glide for a moment, and that will be your sign we're about to go between. Count to five, and then we'll be there. Hold onto Ric, and we'll all be fine."

Darrica nodded uncertainly, unsure whether it was better to hold tightly to Ric or the straps. “Okay,” she said, quiet again.

"Everything is going to be OK. You won't be able to fall," Cuylar reassured her. "And Elphith says she will do her best to make it a smooth flight. Ready? Here we go."

And while taking off from the ground was never going to be the smoothest ride, Elphith did as she said and gave it her best effort to jostle her passengers as little as possible. When she got high enough to feel safe going between, she glided.

And then they vanished.

One. Two. Three.

And before they reached the count of four, the Arolos sun shone on them again, and Elphith flew in wide circles to take them down slowly. Soon, they landed near the entrance to the lower caverns, and Cuylar carefully unbuckled the straps.

"We're here," he said cheerfully.

Darrica was shivering, eyes wide, not sure yet whether she was terrified or thrilled. “That’s between?” she said, dazed. And then, belatedly, “t’s warm!”

"Between?" Cuylar asked. "I know the North is frigid, but it's not colder than between." He laughed.

“No, it--” She squinted up at the sky, eyes half-closed against the brightness of the sun, taken completely by surprise. “This isn’t-- where are we?”

"The Weyr," said Cuylar. "Arolos Weyr." It suddenly occurred to him that he had never said which weyr he meant. And that “The Weyr” might mean something different to someone from another protectorate. "Is… that OK?"

“...We’re in the South?” Darrica sounded stunned. “That quickly?”

"Everywhere is a few heartbeats away through between," Cuylar explained. "And like I said. If there's somewhere else you decide you'd rather be… it'll be just as quick to get there."

“This is a dream.” She was certain of it now. She peered at Cuylar suspiciously. “In a moment this dragon is going to turn into a giant canine or something and then I’ll wake up late for work again, won’t I?”

"Is this sort of thing what you usually dream about?" Cuylar chuckled. "Want me to pinch you?" he offered.

“You don’t just pop out into somewhere that’s all sunny just like that.” She prodded Cuylar instead with a suspicious finger, genuinely doubting for a minute that he could actually be there. “Real doesn’t work like this.”

"Sure I do," Cuylar chuckled at the poking. "And sure it does. I mean. Here we are. Would you like to get something to eat before we find you a place to sleep? Or is Ric hungry? Need a nappy change?"

She hesitated and looked around her, everything she could see from the back of a dragon. “I think-- I think if I’m going to stay here I need to learn to get around it on my own,” she said finally, with a self-possession that seemed surprising, given her quietness. But then-- she had been ready enough to find Cuylar and confront him. “I can’t go around hiding behind you all the time, that won’t work.”

"Of course," Cuylar agreed. He had been trying to see to the more immediate and pressing needs first, but he understood – or thought he did – that Darrica did not want to feel dependent on him.

He carefully climbed down and then reached up, even as Elphith once again made herself as flat against the ground as she could.

"There we go. Hand the baby down, if you would. And then you next. El, you don't mind watching Darrica's things, do you?"

((I will, if you need it. But I would much rather you find a place to put them as soon as you can so I can go sun with Traynth.))

Warm-wrapped as he was, Ric made a small noise of protest as he was handed over, followed almost immediately by full-fledged howls of rage as he realised just how very hot he was.

“Oh! Sorry,” Darrica apologised, sounding flustered as she tried to scramble down in a panic. “He’ll want me.”

As she came down, Cuylar began to unwrap him a bit, to rock him, and to make soothing noises at him – and, yes, he supported his head. Though once Darrica was on the ground, he did not delay in returning him to her arms.

"You don't have to apologize. I think he's a little warm," he said.

“..I guess. It is hot here,” Darrica admitted, unwrapping the blankets she had him wrapped in to reveal a small very pink face. “There now.” Unabashed, Ric continued to scream and she sighed. “I think maybe if there was somewhere we could stay?” Somewhere quiet and cool because already she was sure heads were starting to turn at the noise.

"Of course." Cuylar gestured to the nearby lower caverns entrance. "I landed here because I thought you might want to start with getting a room picked out. You might have to stay with a new friend," he said, "and I wouldn't be surprised if there's another nursing mother who might have an open bed. Or maybe you'll get your own! Apprentices usually share bunk space, and Candidates sleep in the barracks." As he spoke, he walked into the cavern entrance.

"Creche workers might double up, too. If you wanted to think about starting there. And if you're not ready to make any decisions yet, there's probably some temporary quarters you could use until you're ready."

“Yes please.” Darrica grasped that idea gratefully. It was a lot of change to make all at once. “That last option.”

And she followed him in, ready to start a new chapter.

Don't Take Him Away (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 5/6


Darrica smiled weakly, a little unnerved by this declaration of complete love for her son. “Have you had much experience with babies?” she asked tentatively, well-aware that they did not just cooperatively look adorable for a great deal of the day.
"That friend I told you about, Cremsden – he's got an infant son less than a Turn old. I won't say I've had the full fatherly experience, but I've changed dirty nappies and soothed screaming and the like," said Cuylar. He noted the tentative nature of the smile and was somewhat disheartened. He had been so sure this was the right thing to do. But Darrica seemed less convinced. He supposed she had far less of a reason to be. To Cuylar, this was a no-brainer. The boy was his family, whether he was truly his son or not.
And he was protecting his parents, too. Both of them. But mostly his father. For all his faults, Cuylar loved his father.
"You're worried. I can tell. And I would be a fool to expect anything else. This doesn't even have to be permanent. If you decide that you want to come back here, I will bring you back. I will take you anywhere you want to go. If… if you want to come to the weyr, and you want me to leave you and the boy alone after that. Then… OK. I'll accept it. You're in control here. I'll make that promise to you."
It was clear from his expression how much it would hurt if she did choose that.
"And I will always say yes if you change your mind again and decide you do want me to be his father."
“I don’t want to come back!” That came out quickly enough to be nothing but earnest. Darrica had more than had her fill of a place which had judged her the moment her belly started rounding. “Just--” She hesitated. “Just-- don’t steal him off me. I haven’t got anyone else.” And Cuylar seemed so very keen on parenting him that a possessive part she hadn’t known she had was suddenly rearing up.
Cuylar's eyebrows climbed at the outburst. Steal him? How could he ever–
But then again. Was that how his birth mother had felt? Did she really agree to the arrangement his parents had struck with her?
Cuylar wondered whether she might want to see him.
"I won't. You are his mother, and you always will be. I will never separate you, and I will do everything in my power to keep you together. If you decide you don't want to work somewhere that will keep you apart for some of the day. You could work in the creche. You could always be there with him," Cuylar suggested.
"And. Well. It's not true. That you don't have anyone else. You have me. If… you know, if you'll have me. I want us to be friends. Please?"
Darrica’s smile was hesitant. “You don’t even know me yet,” she pointed out. “You might not even like me when you get to know me.”
"Maybe not," Cuylar smiled back. "But that doesn't change anything. I mean. Like I said. You can always tell me to take a hike. I will never take back what I give you," he assured her.
"But for as long as you want me in Cuyric's life, I will be a good friend to you, too. Even if by some strange twist of circumstance I find some way not to like you." He grinned there. "I have to say, I'm happy that my son's mother cares so much about protecting him."
“It’s not that I don’t want help.” Darrica looked at her son as she spoke rather than Cuylar. “It’s just that-- everyone already seems to know what I should do better than me.” Only a few sevendays in and she had already encountered the parenting expertise of everyone who had ever so much as looked at a child once. “And I know that-- that I have a lot to learn, and I’m not a Healer or anything, and-- and I was a bit stupid to get myself pregnant but-- but--” How to explain the feeling that everyone you ever met wanted to give you advice, usually contradicting the last lot of advice, and then complain if you failed to follow it. “I know I’m probably doing it all wrong but if people keep telling you what to do all the time it’s really hard to work out how to do it right.”
Cuylar listened and nodded along as Darrica spoke.
"We can learn together," he offered. "How to do it right. Or if you decide you don't want me butting in, there's… there's so many people at the Weyr who can and will help you. And I won't withdraw my support for you, even if you decide I don't get to be his father. I want you to feel like you have the support you need to make the best decision for you and for him."
“You sound a lot like your mother,” Darrica admitted, glancing up at him. “She says stuff like that. A lot.”
Cuylar smiled from ear to ear, and his eyes misted.
"That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me."
“She kept standing up for me,” Darrica talked quietly, her voice soft enough that it took effort to listen to. “People kept -- a lot of people kept telling me the kindest thing would be to get him fostered somewhere.” Which maybe explained a little of the possessiveness.
"That boy needs you," said Cuylar. "And I want him to have everything he needs. He'll have no foster. He'll have you. And you'll have all the help you need. I…" Cuylar had a habit of becoming intense like that when he truly believed in something. Like protecting Candidates from abusive teachers. Or protecting single mothers from abusive neighbors.
"I won't let you fall through the cracks. Not… not like… I'll make up for what my father did to you. I swear it."

Something about Me (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 4/6 (oops)


((Congratulations. I will wait to smell him until The Mother is comfortable.)) She tilted her head. It was a rare person who Elphith named like that quickly, let alone on the first meeting. ((She could Stand, you know.))
"She could what?" Cuylar asked aloud, nearly stumbling.
((She could Stand. I know I'm not an official Search dragon, but I'm not blind; I can see she would make a good rider. A dragon would be good for her.))
"Uh. Don't you think… maybe she needs a little time to acclimate before we…?"
“You do have a dragon!” Possibly Darrica had been leaning towards humouring Cuylar a little all along because her eyes had gone round and wide when based with the reality of Elphith. Hesitating a moment she bobbed Elphith a slight curtsey, the best she could do without putting the baby down.
Cuylar could not help but laugh.
"Were you just going to follow me off down the road or something?" he asked. "Of course, I have a dragon."
((Tell her.)) Elphith nodded back to her.
"Give her a minute, El; she's got enough on her mind."
((Tell her, or I will.))
"Elphith," Cuylar whined. She said nothing else, but she gave him The Look. He sighed and turned to Darrica. "If you want, when we get to the Weyr, Elphith will vouch for you if you want to be a Candidate to Stand. We're not officially Searchers, but we can find one to do the official part if we need to."
"But you don't have to," he added.
“I thought -- I don’t know.” Darrica blushed. “I thought maybe you had a friend waiting with a cart around the corner or something and you’d just--tell me your dragon was back at the Weyr and--” She blushed harder. “Sometimes boys just say things,” she mumbled, ducking her head. Impressive things, things that sounded great at the time and then somehow were never 100% true. 
She looked startled at Cuylar’s suggestion, and hugged the baby closer. “But-- I can’t do that with Riccard, can I?” Clearly the new name was going to take time to stick.
"You don't have to do it at all," Cuylar assured her. He tried his best to ignore the fact that Darrica had been desperate enough to follow him even though she was half-sure he was going to kidnap her or something. 
"But you'd probably be pretty good for it, or else Elphith wouldn't be so insistent that I tell you. The Weyr has a creche to care for children while their parents are working. And if you decide you want to do this, he can come home with me at night."
"You don't have to decide right away, either. You can wait until you decide you can trust me with Cuyric."
“He needs me to feed him.” Darrica looked worried all over again. The amount of new options she was being presented with felt a little overwhelming and part of her was already starting to wonder if she’d gone crazy following this man out to his dragon at all. “He’d be hungry if I was away from him working somewhere else.” She stared up at the green dragon. “Does he really talk to you?”
"She. And yes, she does. I can hear her thoughts in my head, and she mine in hers," Cuylar explained. 
"Alright," he said as he touched Darrica's upper arm. "Your only concern until Cuyric is weaned will be taking care of him. I will make sure you have a place to sleep, and the weyr will feed you. And lucky for you, you'll likely have already given up klah for nursing." He smiled warmly. "So you won't have to worry about the shortage anyway."
"Once Cuyric is old enough to eat solids, then you can start to think about what you want to do going forward. You'll have plenty of options. Until then, anything either of you need, I will get it for you."
"I'll introduce you to my friend, Cremsden. He's a Healer. To Elphith, he's the Healer. Between him and me, we'll make sure you have every bit of healing care you need, too."
“..I’m not sick though.” She still peered up at Elphith as though not quite believing this was real. Which was exactly what she was thinking just now. “If I’m dreaming this it’s a downright odd dream.”
"Well, of course not. But we'll make sure to keep an eye on you and the baby. Make sure you're healing right, staying well. And that Cuyric is developing as he should. Just like my mom would have done. Er. She was making sure you were doing alright, wasn't she?" Maybe he was just being overly cautious, and Cremsden would tell him so.
“Your mother was just--” Darrica’s voice wobbled dangerously. “She was the kindest-- and I’m just-- I’m so sorry--” There had been guilt, and a good deal of it, for the young woman to carry for accidentally sneaking around on someone who had later been nice to her.
"Sorry? Why?" Cuylar tilted his head with a concerned frown. "You don't have anything to apologize for. O-oh." And then he realized what she might be thinking of.
"What my father did wasn't your fault. This isn't your fault. And I'm going to make things right for you. OK? If you're worried about whether you can trust me, remember – Sela raised me, and I'm her son."
“It really kinda is though--” Darrica admitted in a small voice. “I mean, I didn’t know Se-- your mother well then but-- I did know he was married? And I guess-- it just didn’t seem important for a little bit because--” She blushed. “--I mean, I didn’t think if it was just once that it was likely, that there’d be a baby.”
"I want to tell you something about myself. Since you're sharing with me. I have always wanted a child of my own someday. But I've never known how I could possibly have one," Cuylar gazed with soft eyes at the baby. "But now, well. It looks like fate has conspired to give me a son. I don't want you to be sorry that we have this baby boy. Look at him." He smiled from ear to ear.
"He's so beautiful. And now, you're going to have this opportunity to become a Healer or a dragonrider or anything you can imagine. And Cuyric is going to have two parents who love him dearly. So maybe you made a little mistake. But you and I are going to build something amazing out of it. OK?"

She Knows if He Knows (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 3/7


Cuylar waited at the entrance to the Infirmary for Darrica to return. The talk with his mother had gone about as well as he could have expected. His mother gave him that look she had when she knew he was lying, but she was going to play along anyway. She was still busy, so she did not spare a lot of time for discussion. But she did wish him and Darrica both well. And asked that he not forget to bring her grandson to visit when he was old enough.
The wails of a baby were audible before Darrica was visible, and she was trying to soothe him as she carried him in one arm and her bag in the other. She had dressed in what seemed likely to be her best travelling clothes -- and dressed the baby warmly as well, trying to protect him on what might be an arduous journey.
“Hush now, hush then, shhh.”
Well. Between was cold, Cuylar thought. No harm in being ready for that. Especially for a baby. If he had his way, a baby that young would not go between… but one jump should not be too harmful.
And despite the cries, he could not help but smile. He did look just like Cuylar. He held out his arms for the boy, his smile becoming more tentative. "Can I hold him for a minute before we go?" he asked.
Darrica hesitated for a moment. For all her issues with her situation this was her baby and after all, she barely knew this man. “You have to support his head,” she said a little grudgingly. “It’s floppy otherwise.”
Cuylar smiled and nodded. "I will," he promised. It was easier just to take the advice than to insist that he had experience with holding small babies. And that he was a Healer.
He very carefully took the baby into his arms and then looked down into his eyes. And, as the cliche went, immediately fell in love.
"Hey, buddy," he greeted him. "I'm your daddy. And I'm very happy to meet you."
Darrica watched, trying her best not to be jealous, fighting the urge to snatch him back. Cuylar was apparently nice, Cuylar was kind, and this was still her baby and was this all a terrible idea? She shifted her bag to her shoulder, suddenly uncertain.
Cuylar leaned down to smell Cuyric's hair, gave him a few gentle rocks, and then handed him back to Darrica.
"Thanks," he said. "Hey, let me carry the bags for you, OK?"
She didn’t quite hide her relief at having him back, clutching him protectively close. “..Thank you.”
Cuylar nodded as he took the bags and left Darrica to carry the baby only.
"This has to be really hard for you," he said as he walked with her. "So if you need anything, anything at all, you can tell me, and I'll do my best to get it for you. We're not married, but you're still the mother of my son."
Darrica smiled, a little uneasy now the plan felt real. “What happens if -- doesn’t being a Healer take a lot of time? And babies take an awful lot of time. Usually I work with him in a sling.”
"I'm going to make this work," Cuylar promised. "Being a Healer does take a lot of work. But I'll be there right beside you the whole time to help you. I'm a Healer, too, you know." He smiled. "I wouldn't ask you to move to the other side of the world if I wasn't going to help you."
“If I’m not good at it, will the Hall send me back home?” Darrica asked anxiously. “And-- and what happens if Cuy-- your dad shows up?”
"He doesn't come see me; I go see him," said Cuylar. "And he's bound to hear from Mom about this, anyway. So he'll know. And he'll know that we know. But you won't have to see him again."
"And if you decide that Healing isn't for you, then we'll find you something else," he explained. "Home is with me now. So they can't send you anywhere else you don't want to go."
She hadn’t considered that, and stopped, suddenly worried. “Your mother will tell him about Ri--Cuyric?”
"How could she not?" Cuylar asked. "She has a grandson. Dad has a grandson. She wants him to come up to visit when he's old enough. She might not even be working here by then, though… but you get the idea. My mom is Cuyric's grandma now. So my dad is his grandpa."
“He’s going to know we’re lying.” She sounded panicked by that realisation.
"Sure. But he'll play along," said Cuylar. "Or else he has to admit what he did." Shells and shards of Faranth's first egg – while he was there at the same hold!
Darrica hesitated. “What if he wants Cuyric?” she asked, looking down at the baby. “Would he?”
"He would likely have found a way to take care of him if he had found out first before me," said Cuylar. Perhaps a way that involved taking him away from Darrica and allowing Sela to raise him as hers. "But I don't think he will try to take him from me. He's old enough to be content to be a grandpa instead of a father again. And he'll trust me to take care of him and you."
“I didn’t really know -- at first I figured that if he wasn’t even living with his wife it wasn’t really real anyway, you know?” Darrica started to walk and chattered nervously again as she did so, forgetting again that maybe Cuylar didn’t want to hear these details about his parents. “I mean, what kind of marriage is it if they don’t even live in the same Hold anyway?”
"Yeah…" Cuylar said more softly. He had been trying not to think about that. He had always simply accepted whatever his parents told him about their relationship. "Well. Mom doesn't seem, uh… She seems happy."
"Ah, look!" said Cuylar as they emerged from the Hold to see Elphith, who had graciously walked as close to it as she could manage. "This is Elphith."
((You have a son now,)) she said. Not quite a question. She had been paying attention to it all, but she did not intervene. She did not need to – Cuylar had done the right thing without needing her to tell him.

Can I Meet Him? (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 2/7


"Do you want him to know?" he asked. It would probably complicate things.
Darrica thought about it, staring at the floor. “I-- I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t want to hurt Sela,” she said in a small voice. “And-- if he knew, she would know.”
"Do you need help?" asked Cuylar. As much as he was angry at his father, he was not going to let this affect his mother. Though he could not, of course, escape the growing prickle in the back of his head about the story his parents told him about his birth mother. It seemed a lot less plausible now than it did when he was young.
The half-nod was reluctant, and Darrica was flushed, still staring at the floor. “People talk,” she said in a small stiff voice. “I don’t-- if you’re a rider maybe things are different but here-- people talk.” She didn’t sound entirely sure what she was asking for except somehow to make it stop. “People aren’t-- they’re not kind to kids born.. Like that.”
"Or their mothers?" Cuylar asked. He reached out to touch her hand again. That was surely a reason they would make up a story like needing a surrogate…
The kindly touch seemed to spur a thought, and Darrica looked up suddenly and bit her lip, hesitating. “You know-- you know it could have been you,” she suggested in a very quiet voice. “If--- if you wanted.”
Cuylar nodded. That would be the easiest way to go about it. As long as they could convince his mother he had been at that Gather. And that if he were drunk enough, he might have ended up in bed with a woman.
And he would be lying if he said he was not having the same thought.
"Have you ever considered becoming a Healer?" he asked her.
“..Me?” She looked at him confusedly. “I’m.. too old, aren’t I? You have to study a really long time for that. And be clever.”
"It's never too late," Cuylar smiled. "And I think you're plenty clever. Would things be easier for you if you and Riccard could come to the Weyr with me?" he asked.
Darrica blushed, looking him up and down. “You mean-- I suppose if you were looking after Riccard then I-- that would be all right--” From the tone of her voice and the way she was looking at him, the part where he wasn’t interested in women was yet to be absorbed.
"I've never had to clean up after my Dad before, but… well. He's been there for me. And I don't think he would have left you alone like this if he knew about Riccard. At least… well. He would have done something," said Cuylar. "But whatever he could do or could have done, what I can do is better."
"I'll tell everyone he's my son," said Cuylar. "And he'll never know any different. I… well, I bet he'll look a lot like me. What do you think?" Leaving home would not be easy. But staying there would be harder.
Darrica was quiet for a long minute, hands still twisting in her skirt. “Would.. We have to get married?” she asked finally.
Cuylar smiled and breathed out a bit of a laugh. Nothing mean-spirited.
"Darrica, I am very, very gay," he said. "We can be good friends. I hope we will be. And co-parents. But you can have a whole fresh start. You won't owe me anything. Except… except maybe one thing. But you can say no."
He was a rider and riders were into.. Odd things. Darrica went very red, her eyes very wide, her hands clenched around the material. “What is it?” she asked in a whisper.
"Riccard," said Cuylar. "Would… would it be OK if we called him Cuyric?" he asked, and he bit his lip, looking just about as nervous as she did.
Darrica considered that very seriously. “He is very little still,” she said after a minute. “I-- I don’t suppose he’d know. And-- it’s good if your name has your father in it. It shows he wants you.”
"Can I meet him?" Cuylar asked with a bit of a shy smile. He was not going into this with fear or hesitation. Ever since he had bonded with Arden, well… He had wished he could have a child of his own. And now, it seemed fate had been content to grant him that wish.
Fate and his dad's insatiable sex drive, anyway.
“It’s probably a good idea,” Darrica agreed. She looked at Cuylar shyly. “Will you tell Se-- I mean, your mother?”
"I will," Cuylar assured her. And he might just tell her a story she could believe a little more readily than the Gather excuse. After all, she would not blame Darrica for concocting a story to save face. "And if you want to start moving your things, you can pack up whatever you'll need while I do."
“..Now?” It had yet to sink in that her life was changing now, immediately.
"If you want," said Cuylar. "I won't make you go all at once if you'd rather stretch it out. But I think it would be better for you if you just take the plunge and go. I don't think your, uh… neighbors are going to be excited to treat you any better after they know it was a rider who fathered him."
That made sense and she nodded. “I’ll have to get Ricc-- I-- uh--” She hesitated trying to remember the suggested name. “Caylic?”
Cuylar smiled and nodded. "Cuyric," he corrected gently. "If you please. I'll talk to my mom, and then I'll meet you… well, actually, where should I meet you?"
“I can meet you at the Infirmary?” she volunteered. “If-- if Sela won’t mind.”
"She won't mind one bit," Cuylar assured her. He touched her arm gently and said, "I'll be with you every step of the way. You're going to be OK, and I'm going to take care of you and Cuyric both."
“..Okay.” When life changed, it changed quickly. Darrica nodded and then stood up. “I’ll get my things. And Cuyric’s.”
"I'm really very excited to meet him," Cuylar said, and his excitement at the life-changing decision he had made far overwhelmed any other emotion. "And to introduce you both to Elphith. I'll see you when you're done, OK?"

I Know it Was You! (jp: Cuylar, Darrica [NPC]) 1/7


If there was one thing Cuylar enjoyed about visiting the North – aside from seeing his parents, of course – it was the perfectly cool weather during the Northern summer. Especially with the unusual cold snap at Arolos, it was delightful to be someplace where it was warm – but not too warm. Cuylar might have been accustomed to the heat, but that did not mean he liked it.

Sela, his mother, was well and happy and actually seemed to be enjoying the time away from the Hall. Making a difference, she called it. And having seen the state of the health of the residents in small, remote holds, Cuylar knew exactly what she meant.

And it did not seem that she minded too much being separated from her husband, Cuylar's father – Cuyen. They visited one another frequently enough, usually when Sela went back to the larger hold to which her present home was beholden, where his father worked. Of course, from time to time, Cuyen visited Sela at the remote hold, too. They both seemed happy, so Cuylar was content to be happy for them.

That morning, he had gone out with Elphith to hunt down something big and meaty and brought it back to the small hold's kitchen. He always felt better about eating their food when he went out of his way to conspicuously contribute.

Instead of roasting and slicing up the wherry he brought back, they had stretched it much further by making stew. It was more vegetable than meat by the time they ate it, but most cooks seemed to have an impressive knack for using meat to make the dish taste like meat, even when there was not much in it.

Sela was especially and unexpectedly busy the day that Cuylar came, and their visit had to be cut short, but he stayed for lunch. And when the young woman approached him with a scowl on her face, he was at a loss for why she might be so angry with him.

“You said you’d be back,” she said, with no pause to introduce herself. “You promised you’d be coming back. And now you do, and you don’t even bother mentioning you’re here?”

"Do I… know you?" Cuylar asked, gobsmacked. He was certain he had never seen the woman before. Though he supposed he might have passed her before on one of his previous visits.

For a moment it seemed she might slap him. She lifted her hand as though considering it, the fury on her face mingling with hurt, drawing her breath in sharply. “How many girls do you sleep with, not to remember?”

"How many girls? I've never been with a girl, actually. Well. Almost never. One or two might have caught me over the Turns, but never on purpose – who are you?" Cuylar asked.

“You sharding liar!” It seemed as though the anger might turn to tears from the way her face screwed up for a second when he said that. “After you-- and I was nice and didn’t even say anything in front of your wife!”

"My… my wife?" Cuylar's face softened at her near-tearful rage, but the surprise returned at that. "I'm not sure who you think I am, but I promise you, I didn't sleep with you. And I'm not married. I'm Cuylar. Rider of Green Elphith," he introduced himself.

“You’re a liar,” she said again, but the tears were coming now, even if she tried to sniff them back. “I saw you with her. Why are you lying?”

"Please," Cuylar said, his voice taking on an increasingly sympathetic tone. Did he have a doppelganger in the North he was unaware of? "I want to help you. I will help you. What can I do?"

“It’s a bit sharding late for that now, isn’t it?” she demanded. “About n-nine months too late I would say.” Her voice wobbled at that. “And I- I don’t know how you can-- she was even nice to me!” As though that last were harder to bear than any of it.

"OK. Hey. Sit down with me. It's OK. We're going to work through this," Cuylar assured her. "You've… you've had a child?" he asked. 

“And she-- she even delivered it!” But the girl sat down obediently even if she was starting to sniffle. “And she was kind and-- you weren’t heeeere!”

"She… delivered it. Are you talking about Sela?" Cuylar asked. The wheels turned in his head. A doppelganger. His wife. Sela.

Burn it, Dad! Cuylar wanted to spit. His father had messed around with a girl at the very hold where his wife was assigned!? Cuylar was going to kick him in the shin.

She nodded “I saw you talking to her,” she said accusingly, and sniffed. “It’s okay. She’s nice. I’d probably like her better too, “ she admitted forlornly. “But-- but Riccard--”

"Riccard. Is that your child?" asked Cuylar. He reached out to touch her hand gently. "Sela is my mother," he explained gently. "And that's why you saw me with her."

“...Oh.” And that she got from how quickly the colour drained out of her face. “Oh.. Oh feck. You can’t tell her. Please don’t tell her. I didn’t mean-- I wouldn’t ever have-- it was an accident!”

"Shh, shh. It's going to be OK, shh, stop. Just listen to me. I'm not going to tell anyone," Cuylar assured her. "What's your name?" he asked.

“Darrica.” She looked down, twisting her skirt between her hands. “You mustn’t think -- I swear it’s not something I’d normally do. He was just.. Nice, your-- your d-- shit.” It felt tremendously inappropriate to tell someone’s son that. 

"Dad can be very charismatic," Cuylar agreed begrudgingly. And considering his own sex drive… well, Cuylar had gotten that from somewhere. But just because he understood did not mean he approved. Their situations were wildly different.

"Listen, Darrica, I'm not going to judge you. Or be angry with you. Is Dad supporting you? Sending you marks? Do you have everything you need for the baby?" Cuylar asked. More important matters needed to be tended to.

“He doesn’t know,” she admitted in a small voice. “I didn’t-- when I found out he hadn’t been for a while and I-- I couldn’t exactly ask Sela where to write to him. So, I just--” her hands were tight on her skirt. “I told people it was-- I said I’d had too much to drink last Gather and someone must have--”

"I see," Cuylar sighed. Flame it all to ashes, Dad, what did you do? "Do you want him to know?" he asked. It would probably complicate things.

Attention Please .. wait where is everyone? {Get'ew, Wind-dance Fury}


Get'ew wasn't sure how the work seemed to be growing recently, but it
was or it seemed to be. It always seemed to be more when you had to do
more than your own, but he wasn't going to begrudge T'ryn being
needed, not with everything that had happened recently, he was just
hoping things really would calm down some soon, even though he wasn't
sure it would. Still all of this meant that when he got up and there
was already light coming into his part of their weyr he just knew he
was running late already.

He was out of his furs and quickly changing pulling on some of his
more worn leathers for the drill of the day. He had set up a paint
drill for the day and had made sure they all knew it and should be
gathered near where he had the buckets of painted ropes already
stashed. As he moved to pull on his boots he nudged Pengith wondering
how the brown had let him sleep late and why he was still asleep

He made his way out to meet Pengith, his mind running too fast to
catch the confused note of enquiry from said brown. He was too focused
on trying to get straps on his dragon and get his mind awake to
realize that Pengith was just as confused if not more so than he was.
But in short order he had them ready to go and they were heading out
to the meeting spot him mentally grumbling that no one had thought to
have their dragons call him when he was running so late. It was only
as they landed and no one was there that he finally realized how low
the sun still was and the confusion from his mate.

He slid down Pengith's shoulder and blinked at the empty meeting spot
that he was sure should be full before glancing at the sun again.
{{What?}} he finally replied realizing that Pengith had been trying to
get his attention for several moments.

[[Why did we get up so early? I was enjoying my couch.]] He hated to
complain he did, but well he didn't know why they were so early and he
had been enjoying his couch back in his weyr.

{{Early?}} well it did make since with how low the sun still was after
all, but it had been light in his weyr it had to be later... right?

Pengith rumbled in amusement at his chosen before settling down [[Yes
Get'ew. I keep telling you you need to leave the office more. The
hidework is making you lose time.]] he informed the man nudging him
with his nose causing him to stumble.

{{Oh.}} Get'ew honestly didn't know what else to say, but could feel
the quick rush to get up catching up with him as it fought with him
for the late nights he was putting in more often right now. {{I guess
we'll just wait. It's not that early.}} he offered with another glance
around. It wouldn't be worth it trying to go anywhere they would just
have to come right back, and while he was early a trip away could
actually make him late at this point so better to just stay, oh well.

ooc: I think T'ryn is still helpin do the WL thing, but if not yay
fuzzy time or whatever else! Also for DWC for today ... Get'ew is
early, are you? Anyone who wants to join in feel free to be early,
late, or even *gasp shock horror* on time! Also yes I started this a
while ago but apparently it ended up in drafts instead of sent...


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"Remind me never to get out our bad side. It seems to be ...
unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Re: Who, Me? Attn Valder

Amy Frazey

Valder nodded. "Yea, an why not ye? Sig here likes ye. 's not *much* diffrent than other beasts. Aside from what they eat. It takes trainin, and patience. And a good eye. I think ye already have that."

Re: Oh what a night (attn Vayka/Zy'fen)

Amy Frazey

An awkward feeling of embarrassment crept up on Zy'fen as his mind woke up. It had been a long time since he'd had a night like that. But a feeling of satisfied content outweighed the awkwardness, and he gave the pretty blonde a half smile after she rolled over to face him. "Morning. How are you feeling?"

Royalty Desires Attention (Diagir/Ziya, any)


While it was certainly not near time for Ziya to run again, the queen wher was in one of her moods where she demanded attention. These moods usually resulted in Diagir having everything he was doing put off in favor of giving his wher attention. Today, however, the compact striped gold wanted the attention of other people. She plopped her harness in Diagir's lap pointedly with a grunt.

{Walk.} Ziya demanded simply. Looking at the window, Diagir noted that it would be late enough that her eyes wouldn't be hurt without goggles so he bypssed his redesigned goggles and simply harnessed his queen.

"Diagirsk, wanna go?" the Senior Journeyman asked his brown. Diagirsk yawned and thought a moment before rising with a shake.

{'Girsk go. 'Girsk no walk lately but walk now.} Diagirsk retrieved his own harness with chain attached and returned to his handler. Diagir rubbed his old partner's head before fastening the harness on and making sure the chain was firmly attached. He took up Ziya's leather and metal leash before opening the door.

"Go," Diagir ordered and was pleased when the pair went out, Ziya first. Her age wasn't a factor anymore, not when she'd ran three times and produced three clutches of healthy eggs including a queen one. No, she'd earned her place in the front by right of her color and thus status. Diagirsk's biology bade him to obey so he showed no issue with letting the younger wher take the lead. The trio walked out of the wherhall for their nightly exercise before classes, walking up the path towards the Weyr while keeping his eyes out for anyone new who he or his whers wouldn't know.

Out of the fire comes new life. Telgar Rises!

Are you afraid of the dark? Come play in the Shadow...

Post-Flight Debrief (V'rex/Bl'by)

Laura Walker

It had been an interesting flight. It left Bl’by with a nagging need to talk to someone. He ran through the options while he was getting himself clean afterwards.

Traynth? Bad idea after Eilid. The blue was unlikely to be rational on the subject. T’baran? Bl’by fancied that Eilid might cause a similar result there; he could probably anticipate what T’baran would say and wasn’t sure he wanted that talk. And Cuylar was probably working, because Cuylar was always working.

Well, hopefully soon Bl’by would be too. In the mean time-- who did that leave? He stretched, considering, relaxing pleasantly sore muscles in the warm water. V’rex? And hadn’t he seen Muikoth there as well before he hadn’ been aware of much beyond the green they were chasing? He smiled to himself, standing to reach for a towel.

((Muikoth?)) Traynth relayed dutifully. ((Is your rider free?)) Despite the flight, or maybe because of it, the blue sounded a little out of sorts, not quite his usual self.

((Hmm? Oh, yes.)) Muikoth responded, the blue brightening further at being bespoken. ((I’m taking him back up to our weyr right now.)) A pause. ((He says you’re welcome to come visit!))

((Can he bring the puppy? He’s been in all morning,)) Traynth explained politely. He paused. ((Mine says is your weyr accessible by foot? His breathing feels better and he wants to walk places.))

((He can.)) Muikoth responded, after a few moments, and then a pause. ((Yes. Mine managed to find one, but it is easier to fly up, I think.)) 

A deep mental sigh from the other dragon. ((I’ll fly up and wait for him. He may need yours to rescue him if this goes wrong but he’s on his way.))

Muikoth hummed, encouraging. ((Sometimes Ours need to do things we cannot. Like fit inside the tunnels.)) 

((He’s in an odd mood,)) Traynth said in explanation, sounding a little helpless as he winged his way up to Muikoth’s ledge. ((Did you chase well?))

((I chased very well.)) Muikoth responded. ((Mine is in a very good mood right now, too.)) he added, moving aside to make more room for Traynth. 

((He always is after flights I know,)) Traynth admitted, still sounding disgruntled as he settled down. ((But-- I wish he would put his thinking back on.))

Muikoth reached over, nosed Traynth. ((Mine thinks too much, I think. Flights are a good way to not think.)) 

((I don’t like it.)) Traynth curled up against Muikoth’s side. ((We’ll get into trouble again. I don’t like it.))

But the knock on the door suggested Bl’by had at least successfully navigated the stairs.

((You won’t get into trouble.)) Muikoth soothed, nuzzled Traynth again. 

“Come in!” V’rex called, seated on one of the chairs, going over Reli carefully with an oiled cloth, the brown flit sprawled in his lap and crooning contentedly. 

Bl’by was looking a little breathless as he came through the door, Tiddler bouncing along next to him but he was not -- and this was important -- wheezing.

He did however immediately take the opportunity to collapse onto V’rex’s couch with a sigh of relief. “I can do stairs again,” he announced triumphantly. “I may never move again, but stairs!

“You made it.” V’rex grinned at him, and Reli whistled a greeting as well, the brown lifting his head and warbling. “Not bad.” 

Bl’by punched the air tiredly, and leaned his head back against the couch, pushing Tiddler away as the dog came to lick his face. “My legs feel like jelly,” he admitted. “How was your flight?”

“Um... “ And here V’rex fidgeted, just a bit. “It was.. Good. It did get kind of alarming, for a bit, but… it ended good.” he responded, and Muikoth snorted, addressing both Traynth and Bl’by. ((He caught the Weyrleader.)) 

“Wait, what?” That roused Bl’by enough for him to sit up a little. “Which Weyrleader?”

“Muikoth!” V’rex actually stopped scrubbing at Reli’s hide, looking up, scandalized. “That’s-” 

((It’s not a big deal.)) Muikoth pointed out, privately. To Traynth, he added, ((It was Talith’s.)) 

“It was… R’tal.” V’rex mumbled, at the same time. 

“R’tal who you’re terrified of? That R’tal?” Bl’by was grinning broadly now. “Well, good. If it had been N’shen I might have gotten jealous.” Even if he was still sometimes a little shy of N’shen, time had passed enough for him to be very firmly his Weyrleader and Wingleader. “Get over here, I need details.”

“I’m oiling Reli!” V’rex protested, but the firelizard chirped at Tiddler, and wriggled out of his hands. The brown flew over to the shelf, deliberately nudging his ball off the shelf to let it hit the ground.

V’rex sighed but rose, and moved over to sit next to Bl’by. “I guess oiling time’s over.” he commented. 

A pause. “I… I don’t think I’m scared of him. Anymore.” 

“Oiling time’s over,” Bl’by confirmed as Tiddler yapped delightedly and chased after the ball. “Chaos time begins if those two have anything to say about it.” He flung an easy arm around the other man’s shoulder, pulling him closer. Personal space was always a forgettable concept for him to start with but particularly after a flight. “Tell me everything.”

V’rex, obliging, snuggled in closer, watching in amusement as Reli swooped in at the last moment, grabbed the ball, and then flew up out of range to drop it again. “...I don’t know who taught him that.” he commented. “But it’s entertaining, watching them play.” 

A pause. “Well… I woke up next to him, and kind of panicked.” he added. 

“Understandably,” Bl’by said. “And then..?”

Well. If they were sharing. ((Mine got caught by a bronze,)) Traynth confided very quietly to Muikoth.

((Is Yours okay with that?)) Muikoth wanted to know.

“He told me that… I didn’t have to go rushing off. We got dressed, and talked, some.” V’rex responded. 

((He’s not sure. He liked him.)) Traynth was quiet for a minute. ((But he needs to stay away from him! This is how we get into trouble!))

That had been private but the spike of distress made Bl’by glance over. “You absolutely need to tell me everything -- in one minute,” he told V’rex, holding up a finger to mark his place. “You all right, love?”

Muikoth crooned, softly, and a flick of thought had Reli dropping the ball and circling back around to land, gently, on Bl’by’s lap and peer up at him, the flit crooning softly. 

That meant Tiddler followed, so now Bl’by had two pairs of appealing eyes staring up at him. “I’m feeling ganged up on here,” he grumbled. “No, I don’t have any treats, the pair of you.” It was sufficient distraction for him to accept Traynth’s wordless reassurance that yes, everything was fine, turning back to V’rex.

Reli chirped, softly, and continued to watch him a moment longer, before he blinked *Between* and reappeared over the ball to continue their game. 

“I think he was trying to help with something.” V’rex told him, watching the flit. “He’s done that to me a few times, if I feel like I’m going to panic.” 

“I’m not panicking. It’s fine,” Bl’by reassured the firelizard. Outside, Traynth’s tail was twitching, resisting the urge to stuff it into his mouth

Muikoth leaned a bit more against Traynth. ((Do you want to go swimming?)) he asked. ((The Lake is nice.))

Traynth hesitated. ((He doesn’t think well after flights. Yours will stop him if he tries to do something stupid?))

((Mine will protect him.)) Muikoth promised, firmly. ((So will Reli, and Tiddler.)) 

A rumble and Traynth peered in to reassure himself that Bl’by was not on the verge either of running a marathon or trying to tear V’rex’s clothes off before conceding that slumped on a couch was indeed probably fairly safe. ((We can swim,)) he conceded finally. 

Muikoth crooned again, and then took wing, gliding down toward the Lake. ((We will come back when they are done visiting.)) he assured Traynth. 

“..And there they go.” V’rex commented, his sense of his blue moving away. 

Bl’by shook his head. “Traynth’s in a jumpy mood. Muikoth will be good for him,” he admitted. “So. Details?”

“There’s not much to say.” V’rex responded. “We got dressed, we talked a little, and he told me that.. That I could come to him, if something spooked me. That he wouldn’t hold this flight against me.” 

“No, no. I mean that’s good, sure, but-- I mean-- details!” Bl’by protested. “Was he good? Was he..?” he held his hands apart to indicate size.

“He was good.” V’rex responded, ducked his head a bit. “I don’t kiss and tell.” 

“Spoilsport,” Bl’by said mildly, and prodded him lightly in the side with a finger. “So.” He raised his eyebrows. “Going to be trying to get caught again?”

“... I.. don’t know.” V’rex responded, after a long moment. “I mean, I don’t think I’m scared of him, anymore, and… he is handsome.” 

The other bluerider’s grin was gleeful now. “You like him!” he accused, sounding quite delighted about it.

“...I do.” V’rex admitted, and then immediately leveled Bl’by with a semi alarmed look. “You’re not allowed to tell him!” A pause. “...Besides. He’s weyrmated.” 

“Course he is. I’d be warning you off if he wasn’t. You don’t want to get seriously involved with a ranker; it’s a whole heap of trouble you don’t need,” Bl’by said cheerfully. “Now getting laid now and then, that’s different.”

“Can blame it on a flight, if it happens again.” V’rex agreed, with a nod, then made a face. “I don’t want trouble, for me or Muikoth. Had more than enough of that.” 

“No good getting yourself attached to a ranker, even the nice ones,” Bl’by said agreeably, and paused a moment thinking over those words. “...Remind me of that if I look like I’m about to make any stupid decisions, please.”

“I will.” V’rex promised, and then poked Bl’by in return. “...N’shen?” 

“Ha! No, he’s fairly attached to his pregnant weyrmate. Not that I wouldn’t happily warm his furs if a flight came up, but… unlikely, particularly while Truenoth is grounded,” Bl’by waved that idea away and settled a little more comfortably next to V’rex, arm tucked around the other man’s waist. “No. Fell into bed with a bronzerider after a flight, you know how it is.”

“At least you weren’t immediately tossed out of there?” V’rex suggested, leaning a bit more against Bl’by. “Known some to do that, though I can’t say it’s happened to me personally, here at least.” he added. 

Reli made one more loop of the room, and then returned to his human’s lap, curling up there.

Bl’by laughed, and rubbed his chin on the top of V’rex’s head, a quick affectionate gesture. Just touching, any kind of touching felt good to him after a flight, even when the initial urge to tumble people had worn off. “Didn’t just not toss me out, stayed for a second round,” he admitted. “Got all the best kinds of sore going on already.” Despite his insistence that V’rex should hold him to being sensible there was a thoughtful note in his voice.

“Don’t.” V’rex advised him, as asked. “We don’t mix with them.” 

“He wanted breakfast,” Bl’by confessed. “I made an excuse to duck out.” Which was exactly what he would have advised V’rex to do, so he shouldn’t still be sounding thoughtful.

“Next time you can have Muikoth tell Traynth to get you out of there, if you like. Or Muikoth could step in.” V’rex offered, uncertainly. “You don’t want to go down that road. First you’re in their berth, then you’re having a meal with them, and then you’re being accused of fraternization, or it turns out they just wanted a minion.” 

Bl’by sighed. “He seemed like a decent one,” he admitted. “I mean-- I was the one who initiated the second go-round. I’m not saying I want-- he was sharding good in bed though.”

“There’s a lot of riders who’re good in bed.” V’rex responded, attempting tact. “And half of them aren’t rankers, at least not bronze and brown ones.” A pause. “Like… T’baran. And… me.” He liked to think he was, at least. 

“Oh, feck, don’t tell T’baran.” It was Bl’by’s turn to sound a little alarmed. “He’d kill me even for thinking it.” After the..incident with Eilid Bl’by was not going to test the greenrider’s patience with another ranker crush.

“I meant that you like him. ...Don’t you?” V’rex asked uncertainly. 

“Of course I like him, he’s one of my oldest friends,” Bl’by sounded surprised by the question. 

“I mean… you’d fly him, wouldn’t you? Or let him fly you?” 

“Well. Yeah. Fairly frequently.” Bl’by grinned. “It’s not a lack of sex that’s an issue, V’rex. Just-- don’t you sometimes want to scratch an itch a slightly different way?”

“... I wouldn’t be averse to settling down someday. If Muikoth and I both found someone we liked.” V’rex responded. “But… no. I like not getting involved with rankers more than I need to. Let Thread be the only danger I face.” 

“I mean. It’s safer here.” Bl’by sounded like he was testing the idea for size. “People don’t care, or definitely not as much anyway.”

“There’s riders sleeping with whoever they please.” V’rex agreed, cautiously. “Weyrleader R’tal’s mate is a brownrider.” 

“And I don’t-- shells, I don’t even want breakfast really,” Bl’by admitted. “Breakfast is-- people look at you and assume things. But--” He hesitated a minute. “I mean. If it was just sex.” He was far far more comfortable with the idea of a quick lay in private than a nice meal and potentially more out in public, which maybe said something about Bl’by’s ideas on relative safety.

“....Bl’by…” V’rex sighed. “...You realize how risky that is, don’t you? Yes, even here.” 

Bl’by groaned quietly and rested his chin again on V’rex’s head. “Oh, I know,” he said ruefully. “Believe me.”

“...Let’s save the risky ideas for another day.” V’rex suggested. 

“..Right.” Bl’by sighed into his hair. “...Another day.”

V’rex nuzzled a bit closer. “...We can just cuddle right now.” he mumbled into Bl’by’s chest. “If you want.” 

“Hey, I’m always up for cuddling.” Bl’by consented to that easily enough. “Though I warn you in advance that more than that right now might kill me. I don’t think I’ve exercised as much in the last three months as today.”

“I don’t want more than that.” V’rex responded. “Not right now, at least.” 


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

Re: Good For You? (C'fan, Bl'by)

Laura Walker

Pride warmed C'fan at the confirmation. Of course it'd been a good flight- he didn't do bad ones (except for that one with that bratty girl back in Fort, Thread take her). The bronzerider was surprised when Bl'by pulled him back down with him but he didn't resist. Sure, he could cuddle. He put his free arm around the other while sipping his klah quietly and contemplating the events. C'fan wasn't usually a chatty man and was fine with silence so nothing urged him to fill the empty space. It was quiet and comfortable to him even though his old Fort chums would tell him to drop the other man like a hot tuber.

"Traynth's happy." And if there was a space in the conversation Bl'by was happy enough to fill it. There was a warm friendly body next to his and beyond that details didn't really matter. He stretched his arm around C'fan's back, hooking the other man closer so that thigh could lean against thigh, side against side, so that he could feel the slight movement of the other man's breath. "Had fun showing off at least. Faranth though, she was a speedy little thing."

Normally C’fan wasn’t one for chatty partners, but this one was oddly charming. Maybe it was his remaining post-flight exhaustion combined with his victory at having caught someone that had him listening and nodding. “Traynth is the tail-chewer, isn’t he? I guess anything that makes a dragon happy enough to stop that for a minute is a good thing.”

Bl’by looked a little sheepish at that. “..A little. Only when he’s nervous,” he admitted, automatically protective of his dragon. “He’s been better lately though.” They both had been, once the early anxiety of a new place with new rules had worn off a little.

“Good. Dragon chewing on itself can get injured and then can’t fly fall.” As though Bl’by didn’t know that. C’fan sighed and sipped his klah. “Least he’s got a rider with sense enough to help him. Good rider like you keeps his dragon in good shape.”

Dragon in decent shape, rider in.. slightly less decent shape, but better perhaps not to talk about that. Although, come to think of it that had been a very energetic flight and.. Bl’by drew a deep breath experimentally and then grinned in sudden delighted relief when it didn’t end in an irritating wheeze or trigger a sudden round of coughing. Apparently the incredibly strict Healer had been right about his lungs starting to improve. He huffed it out then in again, grin spreading across his face as coughing absolutely didn’t happen.

C’fan raised an eyebrow at the breathing and resulting happiness, curious and perplexed about the story there. “What’s with the breathing? You sick recently, because you’re acting like you haven’t breathed properly in a good while. Or is there something involving flights and you I don’t know about?” What it could be was beyond him.

If he had been delighted before he was ecstatic now. Bl’by beamed at him, because no matter what Cremsden had said, even with Cuylar gently backing him up, he hadn’t quite believed that his body might work properly again, not really. It had just felt too much like this was forever to believe anyone on that.

“It’s just probably the first flight I’ve had in a few months without wheezing at the end of it, that’s all,” he admitted, and tapped the scar on his chest, well-healed though it looked now. “Took a weird breathing injury when I took this one.”

“Oof,” C’fan winced in empathy. “Looks rough if you’re just now recovering from the breathing injury. Well congratulations, then. Can’t say I would have known what to do if you’d started hacking up a lung on me. Don’t have much healer skills beyond the basics they teach you as a rider. Definitely glad that sorted itself out.” He winced at the thought of someone going into a coughing fit and not coming out immediately while in bed with him.

Bl’by laughed. “Generally it resolved itself if I took it slow. Just that’s not always exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a flight,” he admitted. He took another breath, enjoying the feeling of air hitting his lungs without causing a coughing fit and then shifted a little on the bed, moving on a whim suddenly to claim a kiss. Why not, if it wasn’t going to make him cough?

Now that caught C”fan by surprise. He’d not had a man like Bl’by kiss him like this before and didn’t know what to do at first. So he sat there a moment before leaning forward into the kiss with a hum. This was alright, then. It wasn’t like he was against being with a man, after all. A body was a body when it came to it.

The thing with Bl’by was that there was very little flirting to him. It was a trick with words and actions, a hint that something was welcome that he had never really mastered. Bl’by on and did, because he was happy, because someone looked sad, because he was a little high on Fall adrenalin or the aftermath of flightlust, because right now it just felt like a good idea.

Unsurprisingly it was a tendency that had occasionally got him into trouble, but right now the situation didn’t feel like he was in trouble. It felt friendly and playful and he hadn’t even looked to see if there were knots somewhere in the clothes strewn around, hadn’t bothered to search his memory as to why C’fan looked familiar or why he might know Traynth had a bad chewing habit. He just kissed and was laughing as he finally broke away for breath, pleased with himself for reasons that had nothing at all to do with sex. “You have no idea how good it feels to do that without my chest going tight!”

C’fan laughed and shook his head though there was no malice in tone or action. “You’re amusing in a good way. Charming, even. I can imagine how good it must feel. While I’ve not had a ‘Score that bad, I’ve woken up to smoke filling my lungs that gave me a cough for a few days. Weyr on fire, fixed itself.” He left it vague out of experience. Fortian Bronzeriders, unless they were the new Seffers, still left a bad taste in the mouth. C’fan was having a good time and didn’t want who he had been ruin it. He’d rather have who he was now influence the moment.

“Ack, it’s the flight mostly,” Bl’by said cheerfully, experienced enough to recognise the source of the mood even if he didn’t fight it. Why would he fight it when letting himself enjoy it  was so much more fun. “Always takes me a while to come down afterwards. It’ll wear off eventually.” He sat up a little, not pulling away but taking a sip of his drink before it spilt or got cold. “Though breathing -- breathing feels sharding good too, honestly.”

“Hey I’m not in a rush,” C’fan assured him with a wave. “Not like I have ranking duties to tend to. Thought about becoming an AWLM but I don’t think I could keep Resmeinth from flying Thread each time our wing is supposed to go up. He couldn’t just sit by with Weyrlings and let a Fall happen even knowing that other dragons are flying it. What about Traynth? Think he could ever do it?” 

“Shells, no.” Bl’by said that firmly with a quick shake of his head. “He might be all right, but I’d hate it. Shards, going as fast as you can for a Fall is the best bit; no way I’d want to have to slow up and keep an eye for a bunch of kids if I could be in a wing again. No, as soon as this thing heals up we’re back in the sky.” And now it felt like it would heal up and that was just fantastic. 

He grinned again, and didn’t bother to hide a frank admiring glance over C’fan’s body. “So, if you’re not in a rush--” he started, invitation in his voice.

C’fan would have to be blind and deaf to miss that. “Yeah, I’ve got time and inclination.” He grinned with a bit of an appreciative leer in his expression as he reached for the other.


It was some time later. Some time and a lot of expended energy and if Bl’by’s lungs had managed not to give out on him the rest of his body was feeling very pleasantly wrung out and as though perhaps never moving again might be a good item to put high on the agenda and leave there. He groaned appreciatively, considered rolling over and then decided that felt like a great deal too much effort.

“I think you broke me,” he suggested, words mumbled into the pillow although there was no complaint there.

C’fan laughed into the back of the man’s head and nodded while still panting. “Same, I think that I broke the pair of us. Ah, damn.” He paused for a yawn. “They’re going to come looking for us if we stay here too much longer. I really, really don’t want to have someone walk in here and see me like this. Nothing against the way I am right now, but if it’s, like, a drudge or someone who will gossip, then they’ll all know what size I am, there’ll be stares and questions, and it will just be annoying.” C’fan laughed as he sat up slowly and stretched. 

Bl’by snorted into the pillow. “Believe me, you’ve nothing to fear from those rumours,” he said dryly, trying to summon the will to move. “Surely anyone wanting you would go through your dragon first?”

“Wanting me, sure. But cleaners typically don’t go through dragons and just enter a room. I want to think that I locked the door but I honestly have no idea.”

“It’s a flight room.” But Bl’by pushed himself up anyway, reluctantly. “People don’t tend to enter without knocking unless they intend on joining in. Argh. What did you do to me?”

C’fan laughed while helping the other up. “From the sound of you, damn good sex. I have to admit, you’re a good partner yourself. Want to hit the dining hall after this? We’ll need something in our stomachs pretty soon.”

“I need a wash before I go anywhere amongst people who didn’t spend the last half day or so in a flightroom,” Bl’by admitted. “I’d say I’d meet you after but I’m not sure I’m moving ever again after, so.” There was a laugh in that as he leaned stiffly to scoop clothes up from the floor. “You know we missed out the whole exchanging name bit somewhere in there.”

C’fan laughed again and gave a wink to the other man. “C’fan of Resmeinth. My bronze told me who you were after I woke up, so I’ve known about you. Guess I assumed that Traynth would tell you who I am, but that’s what I get for assuming.”

Bronze? Finally Bl’by’s brain succeeded in stuttering a warning through the flightlust fogging his brain. He paused, shirt crumpled in his hand, frowning only very slightly. “I-- know you, don’t I?” he said, words very careful suddenly, a little of the bounce gone. “Or I know your name.”

“Probably. I used to be at Fort before the fall. Resmeinth woke me up before I was murdered.” C’fan’s tone was casual as he shrugged into his shirt and adjusted his knots. He worked his way into his pants next. “Ow, sensitive. After that, I went to High Reaches before they stole that gold egg, then I bothered Wygelle for a while before I was sent here. So there’s a number of places you could know me from.”

Well, that was a very quick way to sober up from the flight brain fuzziness. The shift in Bl’by’s body language was sudden and not at all subtle, all the cheerful flirtiness quickly dropped. He slipped his shirt on, not body-shy exactly but quiet, wary suddenly, stiffness apparently forgotten as he quickly and efficiently did his buttons up.

Something was wrong, C’fan noticed with a frown as he straightened up. What experience did Bl’by have with Fort or maybe High Reaches? 

“Hey…” C’fan began softly, almost tenderly even. “I’m not the bad guy, no matter where I’m from. If I was bad, let’s be real, best case scenario I’d be gone by now. Worst case, you wouldn’t be okay physically. I’m not one of those super macho heterosexual manly man who’s manly bronzeriders. Yes, I’m very much a man, but I’ll sleep with a man without a problem. Obviously, or I wouldn’t have hooked up with you. I’m not a predator.”

“Sorry.” And he managed to tease a half-smile out of Bl’by even if the bluerider was a little tense still. “Old Fort instincts I guess.” If he’d been big enough that most of the Fort predators had picked easier targets that hadn’t meant he didn’t know what was happening, or that there hadn’t been a few close calls.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” C’fan agreed with a careful nod. “I won’t force anything out of you, or in you for that matter. If you never want to see me again, I’ll do what I can to make it happen barring wing requirements. I’m not a predator, never have been. I do like hunting down a good lay but I understand the word ‘no’.”

“Oh! I-- no.” And Bl’by went a little pink because even had he realised he had the option of requesting C’fan never see him again it was unlikely the thought would ever have crossed his mind. “No, sir, that wouldn’t be necessary.” The ‘sir’ crept in unconsciously, unnoticed even as it slipped out of his mouth.

“You don’t have to call me ‘sir’ either,” C’fan reassured him softly. “I’ve no rank save that which my dragon’s hide gives me. You’re a good bluerider as a person as I can only surmise you’re good in the sky, too. We’re equals in that regard. Who knows, Traynth might be why Resmeinth comes back to Pern safely one day.”

“He might at that.” A little gentleness and the smile was coaxed out again, maybe not as blindly delighted with the world as before but it was there and it was genuine -- or else he was really good at faking it. “We’re sharding speedy when they let us up there.”

“For such a big rider, that’s almost a surprise. But then, it’s always the big ones you have to watch out for.” C’fan yawned again and stretched. “Res gets this huge burst of speed sometimes and it’s the most adrenaline-pumping thing I’ve ever witnessed. ‘Course, it does a number on his stamina.”

“Ah, not my size that makes the difference though, is it? Traynth was the smallest blue in his Clutch.” Nudged into talking about his dragon, Bl’by was..maybe not quite so chatty as before but certainly willing to be coaxed out of the awkward silence as he pulled his pants on. Because he adored Traynth, adored being given a chance to talk about the little blue, and even with a bronzer that felt safe. “Tiny wee thing, he was, the idea of me riding him felt like plain cruelty. Then one day something scared him and he went for me for safety.” Bl’by smiled reminiscently. “Just about flattened me, he did, and I remember thinking ‘huh, well, you are growing then, my lad, maybe this will work out after all’.”

Hearing Bl’by talk about when his dragon was small made C’fan smile tenderly while thinking about when Redmeinth was, as well. “When Resmeinth hatched, he was so pale that I thought he was a gold that his mother had let mingle with the rest of the eggs. One word out of him, though, and I knew better. He had such problems with his wings, kept tripping over them left and right, and he’d get so mad whenever someone would laugh at it.” Outside, he felt his dragon snort in derision at his rider’s retelling of events. “Brat’s mad at me now for telling you. He’ll get over it soon enough.”

“Upsetting his dignity?” Bl’by glanced at him, smiling, and then away, eyes focusing to the side of C’fan’s face. It wasn’t a conscious habit but one he still retained even with N’shen. You looked to the side, you looked down, you didn’t look rankers in the face because-- you just didn’t. Even when you were being friendly, even when they were being nice.

“Sometimes I wonder if he’s not in fact secretly a queen with the way he acts.” C’fan couldn’t help a snigger at that as he finished dressing. “Right. You said baths which sound good. Meet back up in the dining hall? I’m still interested in breakfast with you, but I won’t force it. I mean, you seemed pretty iffy about me after finding out I’m Fortian.”

“I--” The agreement wanted to come, the words hovering on Bl’by’s lips. It was only the memory of old trouble holding them back; the memory that this, fun as it seemed, this was dangerous. That the thing about rankers was that however much they might let you play at being equal for a short while when it came to something that mattered to them the decisions would suddenly no longer be something within your power.

(Ah, and what would a Fort ranker say if he found out about that, a bluerider who had the audacity to let himself get adopted as bedmate to a Weyrwoman for a short while, at least until it all went wrong. Remember that. Remember that it always goes wrong.)

“...Maybe another day?” he suggested after a moment. Another day when he’d had time to clear his head, when it didn’t feel as though he might rush headlong into a bad decision just because-- just because, really. “I’ve got drills later, and-- it’s been a while. I need to do strap checking and the like.”

Skeptical at first, C’fan decided to not push. Maybe the other did have drills- they weren’t in the same wing so it wasn’t like C’fan knew any different. And even if it was a lie, what was it to him? C’fan was surprised to find it mattered. “Alright,” he eventually agreed with a nod and shrug. “Just find me in the dining hall or have Traynth bespeak Resmeinth whenever. Good luck with your drills.”

In his spot by the lake, Resmeinth rolled over to get sun on his scarred and freshly-healed belly while searching mentally for Traynth. When he found him, the bronze gave a friendly rumble. {{Mine likes yours.}}

Bl’by had at least managed to look vaguely normal once he’d recovered from the initial shock. Traynth had been comfortably stretched out by the Lake, lazing as he recovered from the flight. The approach of the bronze was enough to startle the little blue and he snapped out of that pose into a submissive crouch, only barely stopping himself from shoving his tail into his mouth. ((He does?)) It was a meek little mental voice. Bl’by had seemed quieter and maybe a little unsettled by finding out who C’fan was. Traynth was just flat-out scared.

Resmeinth wasn’t an idiot and saw the fear in the little blue as well as heard it. But he also wasn’t cruel like some could be.

{{Yes. C’fan finds him charming in his way, even though he’s big enough to be a brown or bronzerider. He doesn’t try to suck up or wheedle, but he also didn’t immediately start crying or begging when he found out that we’re Fortian. C’fan would have left without a word at that. He wouldn’t have hurt yours, of course, he just would have left.))

((He doesn’t cry.)) Fierce defense of his rider in that, even as Traynth still crouched humbly, tail wound tightly around his body to his front legs. No, Bl’by didn’t cry except in true catastrophe, even when things were very bad Bl’by could usually put up a decent front.

The only slight issue was that whenever he pushed away all that anxiety he tended to push it straight into Traynth. The end of his tail twitched nervously. ((He doesn’t like tears.))

{{Really?}} The fervent denial was surprising. Was there some reason for it? Probably, for a blue to feel it so strongly. Resmeinth settled again in the warm sand with a yawn. {{Why?}}

((They scare him,)) Traynth admitted in a reluctant mutter. He didn’t need telling that admitting weaknesses to a bronze could be dangerous. Then again he also didn’t need telling that when a bronze asked a question you answered. ((He doesn’t know how to fix them.)) 

There was more there, the vague awareness fuzzy in the way of draconic memory that once tears had been used as a weapon, that an uncomfortable reaction of “please do anything to make this stop” was by now embedded so deeply in his rider that Bl’by barely noticed the reflex. But that would have been hard even for bl’by himself to explain, almost impossible for Traynth.

Resmeinth ruminated on that for a few moments. {{That is… understandable. C’fan has witnessed tears and does not like them. They make him feel like he has to fix them and often he cannot. He dropped his last mark for it. But your rider did not cry, even after learning who C’fan was, so he is acceptable.}}

It should have been good news. Being praised by a bronze almost always was. Traynth could barely understand himself the instinct that made him hunch up tighter rather than welcoming it. ((He doesn’t cry,)) he repeated, voice small and stiff. ((Or almost never. But..)) It would be impudence to voice the words in his mind, that regardless of that C’fan should leave his rider alone and safe. ((But.. it was only a flight anyway,)) he finished instead, hopefully. ((Wasn’t it?))

{{I think so,}} Resmeinth confirmed. {{Even still, your rider wasn’t annoying. Neither are you, which is good for me. Your behavior is very much acceptable for a blue. My rider would want to meet yours again on a friendly basis. He doesn’t mingle as much as he should with other riders. Yours is a good one, as are you.}}

And what was there to say to that which wouldn’t get him into trouble? Very little, so Traynth went quiet instead, curled quietly into his ball. Very privately he hoped to himself that this one time his rider could be the unremarkable type who did not warrant further attention. Just this once.

Re: Just Like Being Back Home (M'gal, attn: Any)


M'gal was in such a good mood he turned to the speaker and laughed. "Actually, just anyone who's listening. I love this kind of weather! I miss it, though I don't really want to move back to Telgar, either." He quirked a brow. "I see you're dressed for the cold. Native to the south?"

"Aye, sir," Rosk answered. "A bit further South than the weyr, so this isn't my first chilly day, but... They don't come every day. I never lacked for a nice wool coat, though." His family kept sheep, after all. "Is it always this cold in Telgar?"

Re: Just Like Being Back Home (M'gal, attn: Any)


M'gal was in such a good mood he turned to the speaker and laughed. "Actually, just anyone who's listening. I love this kind of weather! I miss it, though I don't really want to move back to Telgar, either." He quirked a brow. "I see you're dressed for the cold. Native to the south?"

On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 10:26 AM Aaron <cobalt.knight@...> wrote:
Whistling, he entered the Dining Hall, and noticed many people huddled together with mugs of hot beverages. Not klah though, but he knew where he could get some. He chose not to, but he knew where it could be had. Instead, he headed to the buffet and began spooning eggs, bacon, and other foods onto his tray. 

To no one in particular, he said, "It's a glorious day, isn't it?"

Rosk looked left and right, and seeing no one else to whom M'gal might have been speaking, he lifted a hand and pointed to himself.

"M-m-me, sir?" he asked, shivering. He was wearing the warmest clothes he had, which were not at all sufficient for the chill in the air that day. Not for a Southerner such as himself, anyhow.

I'm ordering you on a rest ((WLM Ko'ssen, JM Hlr Vivaeldi))


JM Hlr Vivaeldi shifted in the seat.  Her impatience was getting the better of her.  She wasn't used to waiting on others and having nothing to do.  And she wasn't used to siting in someone else's office.  She shifted again.  Still, she waited.  She'd actually cleared her schedule today.  She always said she'd clear her schedule, and sometimes V'ler actually made her do it to accommodate one of his fun days.  But she rarely took them for herself.  And today she had.  Well, sort of.

She wasn't sure why she had taken today off.  Except that it was a day where she knew the weyrling schedule was light, and she could hopefully convince Ko'ssen to take the day off as well.  Or at least a few candlemarks.  SHe liked him in a way she hadn't liked anyone in a while.  She wasn't sure what it was, so much as just the feeling of possibilities.  

So she waited in his office for him to finish whatever meeting he was at right now...

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