Re: #heatwave Your Health, Your Hydration (attn: any Riders) #heatwave

Jerzy Tobin

"You don't need to thank me.  All I'm doing is help you all prepare for tomorrow.  We can't exactly afford to not do all that we can...particularly considering what today is like."  Rionnon said smoothly and tipped the pitcher above the cups, letting the juice run into the uppermost cup, filling it almost to the rim before she pulled the pitcher away.  Turning the pitcher so the handle rested around her hand, she plucked the filled cup from the stack and held it out to Yeha.  "Here you go."

Yeha took the cup from the girl and tossed back the juice in a single go.  It was sweet, it was cool, and it was wet, and exactly what she had needed.  

"My thanks, all the same.  You know its a bad kind of heat when even bathing a dragon in the lake doesn't help cool you off."

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Re: #heatwave Time For A Gear Check Att: Wind-Dance Fury Wing (Get'we) #heatwave

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Pengith had had to pull his rider away from hide work at the announcement as Get'ew had been trying to stay inside today until it got a little cooler after the sun started to go down some. >Get'ew had gotten his straps on first and let him go sit on their ledge after giving them a once over before retreating to his part of the weyr to dress himself. Landing near Myholth within >breaths of the bronze touching down he rumbled a greeting {{Hello Myholth.}}

Get'ew for his part always did his best to be early or /exactly/ on time, it wasn't quite as important when T'ryn was around, but well it was easier to just make the point all the time just in case >things happened. Though sadly with the heat of the day he had a feeling that they would have at least one rider who had gotten dressed to early and would pass out in the heat. Their full gear >was long and warm after all and spending more time then needed in it in this heat was just going to be a bad combination. Towards that end he had made sure to bring down a couple of skins >of water incase anyone did start looking a bit on the not good side. [[Make sure to tell them about the water Pengith.]] he told the brown.

{{Get'ew wants you and yours to know that we brought down two skins of water incase anyone has heat issues from not drinking enough or staying outside to long today.}} He passed on >dutifully while the waited on others to show up.
((Hello, Pengith. Mine says thank you for remembering the water. And
also that we will try to be quick about this. Just a fast inspection
of the gear, and letting each know what needs fixed, if anything. He
doesn't like this heat either.))

T'ryn greeted Get'ew with a salute and a smile. "If you want to make
this really quick, you can help with the inspections after I check
your gear over, and as the riders arrive. I'm not planning any
lectures, or drills. Just inspect the gear, make sure rider and
dragon are fit, and dismiss them. Last thing we need is someone
passing out from being in this walking furnace of a flight suit the
day before Fall."

ooc: he's of course gone over all their stuff at least twice so ya hehe nothin to find here

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
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Re: The Lakeside Equation (attn: Tai'zen, Rionnon)


The blonde sat out amid the late afternoon sunlight, not far from the lakeside, with a thin shawl draped protectively over her pale shoulders. She'd been sitting there for sometime already, moving the pencil in her hand across the papers laid out across her lap. From time-to-time the more grey seeming eyes would lift from the papers and be directed straight out across the lake. That gaze would shift about ever so slightly. Sometimes on one dragon but would soon shift away, sometimes checking out another dragon, sometimes looking toward the sky. After a short period her gaze always dropped back onto the papers.
Once looking back at them her hand would move again, not in sweeping
or artistic gestures. They were small movements slowly making its way
across the pages. She'd been there long enough that she'd seen
several riders start and finish cleaning their dragons. A third pair
had finished and left the lake by the time she removed the pencil from
the papers, skimming her gaze over what she'd been scribbling down
over that entire time.

Most of her work were numbers, equations with some of them clearly
labeled by colors with some numbers quite clearly being something
around the size of those colors. Those equations, except the blue,
ended in percentages that ended up being used in the other strings of
numbers. Rionnon tapped the end of her pencil thoughtfully against
the final numbers she'd come up with in the final green, brown and
bronze rows. Those numbers didn't seem that big a spread compared
against the more solid numbers she'd marked in the blue rows either.

She let the pencil tap over them several more times carefully studying
the numbers. Finally, though, she shook her head. Her sample size
was too small to know if there was anything else she needed to add to
the equations. And with Rukbat sinking ever closer to the Rim, she
didn't really have that much time left for her figuring right now.
Making it time for a more direct approach.

The eyes rose from the paper again and this time swept around the
area, not stopping on the dragons that'd arrived. This time she
glanced at the riders.<<

Tai'zen hadn't meant to put it off so long, but well there was no
having it any other way. Seidouth had been in need of food and he had
had a couple things to do this morning before they could do that. All
of that added to a late bath today for the bronze. Still as he glanced
up at the light he was glad it hadn't been any later or he might have
ended up trying to oil the bronze in the dark and that would have made
no one happy. He backed away from his mate tilting his head and
looking him over before nodding "Go on Seidouth go rinse off and come
right back if you want any time to sun once your oiled." he told the
bronze as he backed up and settled down the brush he had been using to
scrub on said dragon.

With a rumble of agreeance the bronze moved into the water to get rid
of the remaining sand and Tai'zen moved towards a nearby tree to try
and avoid the light for a moment while he waited. He offered the woman
already under the shade a grin and a "Good evening." in greeting.


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Re: #heatwave Time For A Gear Check Att: Wind-Dance Fury Wing, L'nel #heatwave

Jerzy Tobin

Still on his high from being named T'yrn's Wingthird, L'nel double and triple checked his straps on Hemiseth to make sure that they were perfect. It was rather hard to do on he squirming dragon- the intense heat was Hemiseth's all-tiime favorite and he wanted to go out and enjoy it instead of being in inspection formation.

{{L'nel, why must we do this now?}} the blue whined with a thump of his tail as L'nel donned his Wingthird knots and went to mount him.

"Because Myholth and T'ryn said to," L'nel answered as the hazy blue stepped off of their weyr and glided to where their wing was set up. He saluted his Wingleader and took up their place, swiftly eyeing over his setup to make sure that it was settled.
T'ryn returned the salute to his new Wingthird, pleased by his prompt
appearance. A quick, initial look-over showed that everything about
L'nel's gear seemed perfectly in place. Nothing obviously wrong, the
harness looked to be in good condition. Looking closer, T'ryn saw
that the harness and gear did in fact look to be in good Fall
condition, but the harness itself seemed to have been cinched a little
too tightly. Like that, it was bound to cut into the dragon's hide
during the course of a Fall, or snap under stress during a sharp turn
or dive.

"L'nel, this harness is a bit tight. Can it be let out a bit? Did
Hemiseth mention anything about it not fitting right?"

((OOC: He would have things a little too perfect, so there's probably something overdone that L'nel doesn't see but Hemiseth feels. The blue would be too distracted with thoughts of playing in the heat to notice))

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in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
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Re: Turning up early {Yolin, Andronda, any}

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She really was just excited over all though and was spending as much
of her extra time in the infirmary as she could manage, or rather as
they would let her. It was why she was here so early when class didn't
start for at least another whole candle mark. Still she had started
learning some and was trying to stay out of the way while watching and
tryng to learn more while keeping an eye out for any chance to help.
After a few days of trying to struggle through in misery, Andronda
finally dragged herself down to the infirmary. She *thought* it was a
cold, what with the running nose, sore throat and pressure in her
sinuses, and it wasn't like a summer cold was unheard of. She had
worked through those before. But the constant watering and itchiness
in her eyes was too much to ignore, and finally the young gold rider
had admitted to herself that she needed *some* kind of help or advice,
and had collected her guard to go find some.

This early, the infirmary wasn't too terribly busy - not yet, anyways.
As the sun rose and the heat picked up, there'd be a steady stream of
visitors, which was why Andronda had come down so early. And, well,
she hadn't been able to sleep anyways, so she might as well come down

"Excuse me," she wheezed, her throat clogging for a moment. She
cleared it, and tried again. "Excuse me. I need to speak with a

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted,
and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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Re: GATHER: Get Your Body Art Here {Attn: Kassia/Kodah}


Kassia loved Gathers and tended to spend as much time as she could at them between going with her various friends, lovers, and family. She'd snuck away early because she wanted to get a few presents without people seeing so she took her guard Kodah with her. On the way back, she spotted the tattoo artist and stopped.
"We've talked before, haven't we?" she said. <<

Feron paused a moment at the voice quickly trying to place it, but it
was the face that did it "We have in fact a few gathers back not long
after I first set out on my own." he agreed with a grin "How have you


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Re: (Heatwave) Some Like It Hot ((Attn: Yolin/W'son, Calyse)) #heatwave


Calyse had started feeling unwell part way through afternoon lessons on that day, and no amount of fanning or sipping at a waterskin seemed to help. When she rose to her feet to ask for permission to visit the bathroom, dizziness made her realize that perhaps a trip to the Infirmary was a better idea. The Harper granted her approval to visit the healers, and Calyse made her way there by way of the weyrbowl, rather than navigate the tunnels she wasn't yet accustomed to.
By the time she arrived, she was rather a mess. The bright pink color
on her fair face and exposed arms immediately indicated a
not-insignificant sunburn, but it was the way she swayed unsteadily on
her feet as she staggered through the door that was if greater
concern. "Mm, help may I-I be.. tha's no'.. hmm, wha' was I..? Oh,
dizzy." She muttered with a hand placed against her forehead, slurring
gently and acting confused. <<

Yolin was still barely in the first stages of learning things, but
that was ok for her, she knew she just had to give it time even if she
would much rather know all the answers right now. Still tha meant that
she liked spending extra time in the infirmary and she had found a
couple of older healers that didn't mind her shadowing them if they
were taking a shift. She did her best to take advantage, but wasn't
always able to. Today though was one of those days though when she had
managed to find one the others to follow. He had actually just started
his rounds so they were in the main area and she was listing with half
her attention as she kept her attention around them so she spotted the
older girl first.

As the slight tug on his shirt W'son paused in talking to the other
healer and looked down frowning slightly, it wouldn't normally bother
him, but she was still learning edicate so he was a bit tougher on
Yolin then he normally would be with apprentices that shadowed him. He
had just opened his mouth to scold her and remind her that she
couldn't interrupt any sort of handoff when she pointed towards the
entrance. The brownrider listed his gaze following her find and
spotted an older candidate who definitely didn't look well and also
appeared to have just come in.

She had seen the look on the older man's face before he spotted the
girl she had just seen him in. Yolin was glad when it smoothed out and
he nodded instead and she offered W'son a grin. She had been worried
at first she wasn't even allowed to interrupt for what looked like a
very sick someone, but apparently that was ok after all. She trailed
after the older male as he lead them towards Calyse.

Always cautious of people's needs W'son paused near the candidate
reaching a hand out but not touching yet "You don't look well. Let's
get you to a chair." he offered wanting to get her sitting so that he
could try and get a better look at her and so that he wasn't so
worried about her falling down. It was too hot a day to not be extra
cautious of anyone coming in.


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Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


Calyse's lips twitched into a smile again at his open invitation, pleased that her company was wanted. It felt so nice to be *wanted* after a lifetime of being invisible back home. "Not too busy that I can't clean a dragon," she laughed self-consciously. "I don't think many of us would give up this chance. Y-you're, um, well, what we want to be. This is part of what we want."

Her scrubbing became absent as her eyes tracked the flits in play, her smile broadening as they deposited the soapsand helpfully on Sixanth. "Now that's a useful trick," she observed, beaming. "A little more over here, you all!" Calyse indicated with her brush. 

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020, 11:32 AM Steelsilver <theglitteryone2@...> wrote:
"You're alwayth welcome to come help me if you see uth." K'sway offered. "I know Candidates are busy a lot." 

He paused. "I'm originally from a cothold here. Never thought I'd Impress, but I did, to the betht brown ever." 

PrettyGirl trilled, and dived at the bucket of soapsand, scooping up a little bit of it in her claws and putting it on the brown. Excited for this familiar game, Lai joined in, and not to be outdone, a blue flit swooped down to join in, chattering away. 

Re: GATHER: Callamere Stall - Firelizards (NPC Giselle/Cotai)


"Oh, well she knows what 'dinner' means. She listens to both my weyrmate and I about not getting into things. But she responds more to his son than either of us. I'd say she's at least three Turns though, I've had her two and she was nearly grown then. She's so scared of strangers though, so she won't even come out to play with their flits. We've tried. She spends most of her time with Gebrand or Wyelloth."
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Re: Hair today, gone tomorrow. (Attn: D'vik/Fabio- Calyse)


Fabio cheeped and squealed with his pain, and, well attempted appologies to the girl with now much shorter hair. Her hair had tightened and wrapped around him as it burned, leaving whiplike burn marks across his wings and back. Of course his collar, while slightly more singed than before, was still readable. After another moment Fabio slinked towards the end of the girl's bed, but as he spread his wings to try to fly, he got about half way before the pain was too much.

Unable to flee, Fabio was completely at the mercy of this strange person with the newly shortened hair, his many burns beginning to leak green ichor. If Fabio had understood what numbweed was he'd have been craving it with a passion. All he really knew is he wanted his person, and he wasn't here, and Fabio couldn't fly. He never even thought to Call his pet, or his Big Brother, Trometh. Hurting and stupidity didn't mix well.
-- .
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Re: Oh Faranth it was on my Hand! (attn: D'vik, Micaya)


D'vik offered the girl a soft smile and walked in, looking at the arm in question, he turned her wrist gently this way and that. But saw no evidence of a bite. 

"Looks like you're good, no bite. Now what did you need lass? We can get it and we'll deal with the little thing hm?"
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Re: Storytime with soggy greens. (Cotai-Wyelloth/Asheran)


((Yea, yea that would be good. She tells me sometimes, if I am not good that she will share...I don't want her to share. Nope she can have that all to herself.)) The green chattered as she sloshed into the water, full of good natured teasing for her poor rider. She was careful not to make too much waves, as she'd learned it knocked people off their feet, and got her scolded. 

((Yes the water is so, so nice. It feels good on my hide. Oh, I have an itchy, but I can't reach it!)) The silly green tried to turn around to look at the itchy spot that seemed to be right in the middle of her back. So that while she tried to get to it, she ended up walking in circles in the lake. She looked like a complete goof, but she didn't care one bit, it was Itchy after all.
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Re: [Hatching Feast] Long Way From Igen (attn: J'hen, Q'yon, Yennoy)


As the lad scampered off for a treat with the energy of youth, J'hen turned back to his mother, gesturing to a nearby seat that was unoccupied. "Here, have a seat. Let things sink in a bit. I know it threw me for a bit too."
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Re: Gotta Water the Paperwork (attn: J'hen, Qioyon)


"Trust me lad, they will make sure you know if they dislike someone you think you might be fond of. Just hope whatever you end up with's not as much of a prankster as this brown lump. He loved leaving sharp rocks and the like in my furs when I was trying to get someone in them that he didn't care for." At the time J'hen had been awfully upset, but now? Looking back some 60 Turns later? Now it was funny, and he understood why his dragon hadn't liked that girl much at all.
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Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


"You're alwayth welcome to come help me if you see uth." K'sway offered. "I know Candidates are busy a lot." 

He paused. "I'm originally from a cothold here. Never thought I'd Impress, but I did, to the betht brown ever." 

PrettyGirl trilled, and dived at the bucket of soapsand, scooping up a little bit of it in her claws and putting it on the brown. Excited for this familiar game, Lai joined in, and not to be outdone, a blue flit swooped down to join in, chattering away. 

Re: Yes she's fully grown. No, we're not Weyrlings. (Dytha/D'jarin)


((You must have been very strong and brave.)) Vizslath rumbled, thoughtfully, the bronze dipping his head as he considered this. ((Perhaps that is why you are small- you are meant to be fierce, and any larger, none would be a match for you.)) 

A pause, his gaze shifting to her rider. ((Yours is a Healer?))

And then D'jarin was arriving, and the bronze looked at him. ((Mine, this green is from long ago!))


Would you believe that it wasn't that terrible? JP (Dytha/V'ler)


IC Date Reference: Set approximately

After meeting Vivaeldi, her brother V’ler and indeed, others, at the social gathering that had been arranged, Dytha had made a concerted effort to encourage her green to spend more time with Vivaeldi’s green and V’ler’s brown. That and it wouldn’t do her any harm to remember that there were more dragons in the Weyr than just Vukoth. Of course, Ponth had sulked for all of five minutes, only to realise that she had enjoyed the company and, with no surprise, had more than enjoyed the attention from Kiyosareth. With a couple more conversations, the trio had come to the agreement that Dytha would monitor Ponth and when she next rose, the brownrider would meet her at her weyr. It was the first step after all, down the line they would discuss the flightrooms but it was important not to make the whole thing overwhelming. Dytha was used to confining herself to her weyr and as such, it would be a good place of familiarity to start with.

As much as it would have been easier to simply call for R’bor, and indeed, as much as she might have wanted to, regardless of whether Vukoth was able to catch Ponth or not, they had both grudgingly conceded that to do so wasn’t actually fixing the problem. After all, he wasn’t going to be there every time and if so, then what? She would be right back at square one. And as the days went by, she had found herself scrutinising her green’s behaviour, paying sharper attention to Ponth’s behaviour and more keenly observing any changes in her hide. One thing she had noticed was that there wasn’t a drawn out proddiness, rather, the dragon became more affectionate in general, not just with males and seemed to crave tactile attention from any who would give it.

A little more than two sevenday after the Gather, Dytha had discreetly asked for a shift change, realising perhaps for the first time that if she paid a little more attention, there was an observable sandtimer on when the green would be likely to rise. It wasn’t time wasted, rather it was an opportunity to sit in her weyr and review her studies but sure enough, her afternoon had been disturbed by the furious bellow as the green took to the air like a cork exploding from a bottle. And sure enough, seemingly  barely minutes later, there had been a quiet knock at her door and as promised, V’ler had come and his brown had taken to the air in hot pursuit of the tiny green.

The “courtship” had been awkward and fumbled but with encouragement, Dytha had resisted the urge to withdraw. So too, had she resisted the urge to pretend that V’ler was in fact, someone else, forcing her thoughts to stay present - if intoxicated with dragonlust. As promised, he had been kind, even controlled as she had clumsily let her dragon string her along in her merry dance before, as Ponth rolled into Kiyosareth’s grip, she had let the brownrider claim his prize. Although V’ler would likely be unaware, the experience had caused a catharsis of intensity not dissimilar to the Goldflight she had experienced with R’bor, though this time, she had been far less cruel to herself, instead falling completely into her dragon for the first time in much too long. Ponth’s cries had been jubilant for reasons other than the brown wrapped around her as they descended to a sunny ledge and Dytha had collapsed with V’ler in a tangle of limbs where they would sleep until the morning rays of sun crept through the open ledge door and across their faces.

V'ler awoke sometime in the morning, blinking for a moment to place himself. Kiyo's propensity for flying greens meant that V'ler was not unfamiliar with waking up in a bed not his own. In fact, he was more surprised when he did. Thank Faranth he was a pure Rider and not one of those that split time with Crafts too, otherwise, he'd never be on time. 

As was his custom, he spoke to Kiyo before opening his eyes, his brain still reeling from flight lust. 

))Feeling pleased?((

((Goooood moooorning Sunshine! Glad to see you're up at last.)) Kiyo's ever enthusiastic mind voice greeted him.

)) Why are you calling me after the flit? And fill me in shardit!(( V'ler grumbled. This was standard for them, the dragon finding humor in his situations. 

((Relax. This was the arranged one. Dytha of Ponth. The Dragon healer Viv treats.)). There was a pause. ((Be kind. Remember. Baj reminded me earlier to remind you. ))

)) You mean Viv did! (( V'ler gave a mental snort. Just like his sister to think he'd bungle something up. Besides, flights weren't about human compatibility but rather the dragons. V'ler may not be a romantic, but he wasn't an ass either. 

((No. I got the sense it was just Baj. She's adopted Ponth don't forget.))  Kiyo lacked his normal teasing, which was a sign he was taking this one more seriously than a random flight. 

V'ler slowly opened his eyes, still not remembering much of the flight itself. Which was usual for him, and honestly the way he preferred it. He was naked and tangled up with the shorter woman, her voluptuous form beside him. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face, looking to wake her gently. She was not terrible on the eyes, despite not being a conventional thin waif of a beauty. He'd woken up to plenty of people in his time, and she wasn't even close to making his list of "please not again" or "I'll sit this one out.". There were some riders that after once, he'd rather just stay in his own weyr. 

"Good morning," he said as she came to life. 

Her toes were warm. 

It was the first vaguely conscious thought that filtered into her thoughts. The second was that her internal sense of direction was politely pointing out that generally, sleeping across the bed wasn’t entirely how they had been designed. The third was the sensation of her hair being brushed from her eyes and an unfamiliar male voice. Stretching languidly, an eye slowly peeled open, partially out of sleepiness and partially out of a tiny sliver of dread. What had happened again?

(( Kiyosareth was *wonderful* ))

The exuberant voice was much, much too loud but it served as the trick to jolt her memory into place. Or at least, everything before. During… not so much. Flashes of memory. She would try and pin them down a little later. “Mmmph…” Was all she managed before her brain remembered how to make words. “... Morning… I think? I can’t remember…”

"It is definitely morning. I'm thinking just after normal breakfast.  But I can usually tell by how my stomach feels.  And most normal mornings, by how hungover I feel.”  He said with a chuckle, slowly extricating himself to sit up.  Of course, now that he was a wingsecond, that was also changing.  Less drinking.  More hidework.  “How’s Ponth?  Is she as happy as Kiyo feels right now?” he asked, as he started to get his bearings in the surroundings.  The little alcove that they were in was nice, plush and padded for comfort, if not for two people.  Still, it was perfect for one rather shorter human.

As she stretched, Dytha groaned lightly as her spine popped before sitting up, surprised that the nakedness wasn’t bothering her the way she thought it might. No doubt that had something to do with spending so much time naked around R’bor. “Faranth, you have no idea. I assume he’s who she is still wrapped around. Apologise to him for me, Ponth loves all the tactileness. He has my full permission to  be firm with her if she’s getting too much. I think she forgets about boundaries sometimes.” There was a slightly apologetic note to her voice as she hauled herself into a seating position. 

Part of her was trying to start with gratuities. She could feel the “thank you” trying to bubble up. No, no she needed to be natural with this. If she made something of it then it became a “thing” to make something over. “I’m going to put the stove on for klah you want any. I took the liberty of having a basket brought up yesterday if you want to raid it.” How did you make yourself sound that she didn’t mind if he wanted to go and yet sit on the fact that part of her was burning to dissect the whole thing and break it down?  

“Leave her be,” he said with a chuckle.  “Let her enjoy the afterglow.  They don’t mate for fun like we do, so this is her moment.  Let both of them handle the boundaries.  Kiyo is old enough to assert himself when he wants to.  Which to a female dragon, is rare.  To me, it’s every other minute.”

((You need a strong hand.  What can I say?  I’ve tried to train you over the Turns.  Alas, I fear I may have failed…))

He rolled his eyes, then as an explanation to Dytha, “He’s a damn comedic harper show in my head…”  He tilted his head at her.  “Any chance I can call in a dragonhealer favor and get you to shut him up?  Surely there’s a herb for that somewhere….” he said, his voice obviously teasing as he projected for Kiyo’s benefit as well.

((She wouldn’t dare!  Not after I caught Ponth!))

))Hiding behind Ponth’s wingsails, hmm?  Need a little green to protect you?((

((You, sir, are definitely walking home!  No rides for you!  Well, not from me anyways!)) Kiyo laughed, his rumble going beyond into their chamber.

“I will gladly take klah.  And if only all Kiyo’s flights had riders with as much forethought as you!  A basket!  Shards, there are plenty of greenriders who after ten Turns still act surprised when their green goes up, let alone have there wherewithal to order a food!”  He rustled around, finding his pants to pull on as he stood and moved to the table where the basket was.  “Are you hungry?”

The lighthearted exchange between man and dragon - or rather, what she could only assume was lighthearted, he certainly seemed relaxed about it - was, from a Dragonhealer point of view, exceptionally interesting to encounter. He seemed so at ease, as though it came as naturally as breathing. Fascinating.

(( Oh, he’s so warrrrrm and he was so nice to me, Mine. Oh and he was so clever when he caught me. ))

The chatter was almost as bad as the first time she’d ever flown. Shells, it almost felt exactly like that. Sliding from the  bed, she found a shirt and pulled it on, more out of comfort than embarrassment as she certainly wasn’t in a rush to pull anything else on as she stoked up the stove and filled a small kettle. “Oh, she’s basking all right. I suspect I’ll be getting a full blow by blow of events when she comes home. When she finally agrees to let go of him.” There was no malice, just playful exasperation. “And we have an amazing herb for that, but I think someone might notice if I started stealing fellis for you to enjoy some draconic downtime.”

There was a slight forcedness to her humour, but only slight. It was only the occasional flicker of worry behind her eyes that seemed to give anything away. But his calm demeanour was helping to relax her and keep the entire thing anything but awkward. “Trust me, the past two turns I couldn’t have given you any idea when she was due. Turns out I haven’t been paying anywhere near enough attention. She practically hung up a sign when I stopped and started listening. And food would be amazing, Faranth, I’m starving for some reason.”

V’ler shrugged nonchalantly at Ponth’s probable tales.  “Thankfully, Kiyo spares me that.  I suspect a comparison of the two tales would differ greatly, not so unlike their human counterparts.”  Shards, he’d always found it hilarious to compare the notes his wingmates had given him on Vivaeldi after a flight, with her own account.  Of course, he preferred to gloss over the details on both, but it always amused him to hear about how damn needy “so and so had been” from Viv only to hear absolutely “infatuated with me” his sister was in the new lover.  He didn’t like to stir up drama, but he also enjoyed the entertainment.  

“I’m always starving after a Flight.  There’s something about the energy that’s expended.  Do you have plates?” he asked, looking around as he unpacked the basket.  Typical food stuffs for a basket, but that was to be expected.  He talked about and inferred about sex the same way he talked about the plates, as if it was completely normal.  

Dytha grimaced a little, “Well, if your sister hit the nail on the head, which she probably did, I suspect half of Ponth’s insistence on sharing was to bring me into it. Now I just need to break her of the habit.” No, she didn’t know what the man had been told but suspected he had been told enough to make him aware of the situation. She didn’t mind as there had been an element of needing to know. She very much doubted that the woman had been gossiping about her out of spite.

“Plates are in the cupboard above you, cutlery in the drawer to your right.” The scent of fresh klah was already permeating the room and it wasn’t long before she sliding into place at the little table she kept in the corner of the weyr and setting two mugs on the table. Well, if you could call it a corner. “If this is too cramped I’ve got a bigger table out on Ponth’s ledge. The unexpected bonus of a small dragon - leftover ledge space to claim for a proper seating area. I think I burned through marks for the past two turns kitting this place out to be habitable.”

V’ler smiled at her.  “Give her a break, Dytha.  She’s just happy.  Think about how much you enjoy sharing good news; it is the same for her.  For our dragons.  When they are happy and experiencing strong emotions, they want to share those with us, their lifemates, their best friends.  When we refuse to participate or hold them back, it’s painful for them.  It’s why I don’t refuse Kiyo his chasing.  It makes him happy.  We ask them to risk their lives in Threadfall over and over again.  The least we can do is give them their joy when they ask it.”  It was a gentle rebuke, one meant in kindness.  He didn’t know about Dytha’s mastubration causing her harm, only what they had all discussed: her need to have a positive Flight experience to bond with Ponth.  

He grabbed the plates out of the cupboard, setting them on the table, and adding some food to them from the basket.  He set it on the table and shook his head at her offer.  “This is fine.  I haven’t had enough klah for sunlight yet darling.”  

She had seen it as the rebuke, however gentle, that it was. And whilst she was sure it was unintentional, it had still stung a little. Instinctively she felt the old defenses trying to mount, the old arguments of how it wasn’t just Ponth getting involved in all of this. A knee jerk response would be to lash out but… what exactly would that achieve? Apart from ensuring that he wouldn’t be willing to help again if she had so needed it. And suspected that she would. For a second she felt a shard of pure and unadulterated envy that he was able to be so nonchalant about it. Shells, why couldn’t it be as easy as pulling a lever and switching her brain around a bit? But then, life generally didn’t solve the hard problems with easy solutions. Not trusting her mouth to betray her and add an unnecessarily barbed edge to her words, she had been able to offer a wry smile instead.

“You’d hate this weyr then. It’s easterly facing. All the sun comes pouring through Ponth’s ledge door every morning. And I keep it open for the air flow. And that’s before she sticks her nose through as far as she can to delightedly tell you it’s morning and why aren’t you up yet, there’s sunshine so there are things to do!” Dytha rolled her eyes, but her face had taken on a more affectionate expression. “She still doesn’t understand how night shifts are a thing and how sometimes sunrise means sleep time. She’s positively scandalised.”

Had he known her thinking, he would have reminded her that he was much older than she, and Kiyo much older than Ponth.  Wisdom and an indifference to the inconveniences of dragons came with time and age.  Plus shear damn experience.  Greenriders had to endure Flights a few times a Turn.  Golds once a Turn if that.  Bronzes depended on if they chased only golds or came down from their lofty ambitions to chase greens.  But brown and blueriders… well, their dragons were much more likely to be randy fellows like Kiyo, and that meant he’d learned very quickly that fighting it would take too much energy.  The only time he actively put energy into not Flying was when Bajezeth rose.  And then and only then did he assert his will over Kiyo and ground him.  

“Faranth.  How do you manage to survive?  All the hangover mornings would be utterly ruined!  Next you’ll tell me you don’t drink either or do brandy in your klah?  No dosing talkative dragons with herbs?  I question your survival tactics.  Seriously woman!”  He laughed as he spoke, shrugging.  “Life is too short to work so hard.  But then, I don’t practice my Craft like you and Viv.”

“Drinking? What’s that?” But there was a glint of mischief that ruined the confused expression she tried to put on. She waved a hand in a casual “eh” sort of gesture. “To be honest, the past month and a bit has been sharding hard. I’m amazed I haven’t hit the bottle with a vengeance.” With Ilexeth “out” she could be a little more candid about things now and it had struck her just how hard it had all been, physically and emotionally. “I’m hoping I can negotiate a short break before I then whisper in their ear to convince them to let me take a stroll North and talk to those Oldtimers about their egg knowledge.” The faint smile was genuine, however. “Not that you want me to bore to you to death by talking Craft before you’ve had enough klah to bleed brown.”

She picked at her food, pleased at the easy “finger bites” that had been packed. She didn’t have the best appetite in the morning usually, but was resisting the urge to inhale the lot in one go. “So how do you do it then? Take it all so… easily. Any advice for an idiot greenrider who likes to get lost in ifs, buts and maybes?”

He chuckled at her enthusiasm for the Craft.  “I have a headstrong sister who’s frequently to be found covered in blood not her own caring for someone not herself.  I’m used to such talk, regardless of time or klah.  Besides, I’ve heard worse pillow talk, and it usually doesn’t come with food!” he added with a grin.  He had heard about the mysterious weyrling.  Amber-something.  He remembered her vaguely as someone Virian had brought once to a party.  Pretty thing.  Had that whole tortured spirit look about her, even if she thought she hid it.  Viv had told him later that she’d been at Fort Weyr during the Rebellion.  Vivaeldi hadn’t liked her, had distrusted her, but he suspected that had to do with some Healer lines or loyalties.  And given the little green’s story, it was likely that Bajezeth would eventually try to befriend her, so that should be interesting later.  

“Yes, well, now that you don’t have to take care of that sick little green, I imagine you’ll have earned yourself some negotiating power.”  He didn’t pry.  It wasn’t in his nature.  

He shrugged at her last question, thinking for a moment before answering.  “I don’t know your story, but I know Viv’s.  I know she wasn’t the same when she stopped flying Fall.  It’s different when you fly Fall, when you see the Threadscoring and feel it on your skin.  There’s a feeling that the little dramas don’t matter so much.  You Fly, you Fight, you hopefully live to do it all again later.  There’s a beauty to that, to the delicacy of life that you see when you Fly.  Viv throws herself into her work because it’s what she can do because she doesn’t get that anymore.  And when you are in that every day, there’s a different sense of camaraderie among us Riders.  It’s why I try to get my wingmates to fly Baj.  Not because I have some sick desire to know who my sister sleeps with, but because if I trust those men with my life, then I trust them with hers too.  And they know they’d have me to answer to if anything happened to her.”  He paused to pop a bite into his mouth.  

“You’re like her in that you don’t fly in a Wing.  Your exposure to the Weyr is through your Craft or random interactions.  You don’t have the same bonds over Threadfall that we do in a wing.  You lack the trust in others, and they don’t have it in you.  Not the same way we wingriders do.  That puts you in a harder place than other female Riders.”  He paused again.  “Don’t do what she does and stay cooped up in your Craft.  Live a little.  Find a social outlet that lets you meet and bond wiht people.  It helps.”

And then he gave her a bit of a wicked smile.  “And practice!”  He wiggled an eyebrow at her.  “As much as you can get.  But seriously,” his tone was anything but, “just practice.  I’ve been riding for nigh 15 Turns.  I was holdbred, and I was very much attracted to men.  It was easy for me to see the Weyr as an escape from a life of servitude to a future wife I didn’t want.  So it’s always going to be easy for me.  But I stopped thinking about Flights as being about me.  I’ve woken up to women half my age,” he inclined his head towards her, “to men twice my age, and everything in between.  I’ve woken up next to people I desired when there wasn’t dragons involved, and people I would never look at in that way outside of a Flight.  But it doesn’t matter because it wasn’t about sex for me, rather about mating for them.”  He gave her a long look, a mock sigh at the end.  “So stop being selfish about it,” he added, the look on his face telling her he was obviously poking fun at the issue.

It was… oddly relieving that he wasn’t demanding massive amounts of information. Almost every other person had festooned her with a thousand questions. She could understand why the Healers were so fascinated, but it had felt a little like a battering ram at times. “And you have no idea how many pages of notes I have ready to write into a Journeyman’s thesis I can’t even submit yet.” It was sardonic but clearly not resentful. In fact her face seemed tinged with relief that he hadn’t probed her further.

She had listened intently as he talked of his sister and of his own perspective of it and surprisingly, the outsider perspective had been interesting. “I think that’s an element I’ve struggled with… the whole…relief of surviving it. I’ve never flown Fall and honestly? I probably never will. I’ve heard people talking before about being able to funnel that into their dragons, to let them have their moment to fly furiously because they want to, rather because out of a more forced need to protect.” Dytha shrugged a little, not sure if she were making sense and took a moment to thickly spread a piece of bread with butter before taking a bite, not speaking again until she had swallowed. To a degree, it was still a line she was trying to draw, when it wasn’t about a conglomerate but a singularity. And she wasn’t that singularity, but Ponth was. It was hard to be led when she was so used to being the one drawing the lines.

“And I will have you know that I practice, thank you very much!” she wagged the knife at him in a playful reprimand. “Just not so much during flights themselves.” It was a moment of pure silliness that saw her sticking her tongue out at him playfully in a very “neener neener” style tactic. “Although admittedly I think my social circle consists of about five people. And most of them are other Healers.You don’t realise how much time you spend working until someone makes you stop and look at it. And then how much it isolates you from the rest of the Weyr.”

“Yes, my sister is the same.  It is one of the reasons why I throw parties.  It is good for her.  She feels an obligation to attend them, especially when I go out of my way to plan them around her schedule.  So she attends and I make sure that she meets people that don’t need her to heal or treat them.  She knows I do it and why, but she still attends.”  He shrugged.  “Find your version of that.  It doesn’t have to be the same, parties are not for everyone, you just need something that gets you out.”  He gave one of his smiles.  “I feel like I sound like I’m lecturing you.  I’ll stop now.”

He went back to something she’d said earlier.  “You’ve never flown Fall then?”

The laugh was genuine, even if their subject was bordering on dangerously depressive. "You have full permission to lecture, shells, if someone had sat me down like this two turns ago, maybe I wouldn't have let some half shelled wherry head get into my brain and you wouldn't be here having to do this." Although the smile was tinged with something definitely not humour, it was still a smile at least. "So you have every right to have a bit of a lecture." She had shrugged casually, "Because you're right. Somewhere along the line I made it more about me and less about Ponth."

His next question hadn't surprised her. It must, she realised, seem so incredibly alien to him. "Never. Sure, we do a drill once a sevenday and if we are desperately needed because there's no other choice they might say the need me. It infuriates Ponth to no end but she tries to channel that into being proactive with other dragons that come into the Infirmary. Nothing special like a gold can but you know, just talking to them. Being a friendly voice."

He listened as she spoke, using the time to nibble on the foods before him and sip his klah.  “I don’t know how or why the conversation came up between you and Viv, just that it did.  And I know better than to ask questions whose answers are none of my business.  But whatever you did say to her got her all stirred up, like a snake in a wherry’s nest.  She’s practically insisting on teaching a greenflight class to the weyrlings from a health perspective.”  He stabbed at a sausage with his fork.  “She gets on quite the war path when she’s passionate about something.”

It must be strange to be a Rider and never actually Ride in Fall.  It wasn’t a judgment, just a thought.  It put you at odds with everyone else who had to, who had no choice in the matter.  Who watched friend after friend die a terrible death.  Viv had at least flown Fall for over a Turn before she and Baj were injured.  She remembered, and her memories kept fresh every time he flew or they lost a friend.  He still remembered how frantic he was the first time he and Kiyo got Scored after her accident.  She’d practically needed a fellis dose.  

“We all have a usefulness in the Weyr.  Still, I imagine it’s hard to be a Rider that doesn’t fly, and yet probably a relief to some as well.”

"Honestly? From what I remember it was mostly about what to do if you were a virgin and the rest of the time it felt like we were being told 'this is what happens so you should just get used to it'... Which I think possibly just terrorised our class of unexpected Riders all the more. I won't lie, for the longest time it felt like I was on flit-shells waiting for it to strike." She rolled her eyes a little between bites, as though she realised just how foolish it all sounded. "I think helping new greenriders accept it from the start as being more about their dragon could help shift worries exponentially."

Noticing her klah mug was empty, she rose to retrieve the kettle, topping up her mug and leaving the kettle should V'ler wish to do the same. "Sometimes it's a huge relief. Sometimes I think 'to Between with it' and want to throw a sack of Firestone over Ponth's back. Until I remember we would probably get someone or ourselves killed. I mean, I love my Craft and hopefully my egg work will be useful down the line. But it definitely splits you in two a bit when it comes to finding that middle ground."

“Viv struggles with the same.  She knows she and Baj can be useful and flies in the Sweepwings, or occasionally with the golds.  It helps her to feel like a Rider, and helps Bajezeth.  But she also realizes that her best utility is as a Healer.  Look at your own case.  Would another female healer who didn’t ride a green understand what you needed and why?  Sometimes it’s hard to balance what other Riders think they need from us, and what we need from ourselves, and what the Weyr needs from us.  And when the circles are small, that can be lonely.”

He topped off his klah with a nodd of thanks to her, as she brought the kettle over.  “This is why I like my simple life.  We fly Fall, he chases, I drink and live to do it all another day.  Shipbuilding is not a Weyr-useful Craft.  Fun, of course, to take others out sailing.  But not useful in the way of Healers.  So I had no conflict when I gave up the Craft and took the full mantle of Rider.”

“Ironically, calling her was probably the best thing I did. Even though it only started because I figured as a Rider she’d be the best one to call after a flight. Because as a Rider I figured she’d get it. Turns out she got “it” way more than even I did.” The small talk, even though a lot of it was relevant to the situation was actually going a long way to retaining the “normalness” of the situation. Oh, she knew that this wasn’t normally how Flights went. Well, from the few times she’d actually been there and even then she was starting to suspect that the abnormal part of the equation had been herself and her overthinking.

His second words made her chuckle although there was a touch of wryness there. “And to think I was convinced that all I needed to have a simple life was to go back to my Craft. I’m starting to get jealous of these easy Rider lives - although I’m not sure I could trade off an Infirmary Fall day for actually being up there. I think perhaps life needs to be a little easier after that. Until the next time you have to do it all again. Even with all the training we did? I’m still not sure I could actually be the one up there. But then that’s the not knowing that says that. I know what to do in the Infirmary because I’m there all the time. Logic dictates that the same happens up in the air.” It was clear that Dytha was contemplative about the whole scenario that she found in her life as she chewed on pieces of fruit and cold cuts of ham. She might not be voicing everything that her brain was chewing over but it was obvious there was some undercurrent of thought.

“Bajezeth has done wonders for Ponth. Welcoming her the way she has. Although I suspect Ponth could also find friends in the blackest corner of Between. But she’s the one I worry about the most in all this.”

V’ler gave a casual shrug, perhaps a little too nonchalantly.  “I came to Arolos because so many of our friends at Igen had died.  I needed a place where there weren’t so many memories to haunt me.  It’s easier to be a young Rider now.  You’ll lose some friends along the way, but we’re nearly half-way through the Pass.  You’re more likely to still have some you’ve known by the end of it, assuming you make it yourself.  But to be a Rider at the beginning of the Pass… Well, the odds are not in your favor.”  He forced a smile then, to keep the conversation from turning dark.  “That’s why so many of us drink and party and engage in debauchery, as the Holders put it.”

To her last he just shook his head.  “You’re a young pair still.  Give it time.  Viv may seem like she knows what she’s doing and able to offer guidance, but it’s also because of what she went through Turns ago.  Her bond suffered after their injuries, and she knows how hard it can be on both Rider and Dragon.  It’s why she specifically wanted to do a course correct for you now, while your bond is still strong.  And Bajezeth, well, she’s just good for everyone.  Not a mean bone in that body, and she knows how to give the same encouragement she needs.  It’s a gift most humans don’t have, that’s for sure.”

He’d finished his second cup of klah.  “Well, dear Dytha.  I’m going to get dressed and leave you to your day.  Another trick you learn as the Rider of an amorous brown: don’t overstay your welcome!”

By the time he was finishing his klah, she was finishing her plate of food and realised that her bath was calling her. And then some. She saw V’ler to the door, only bringing up the gratitude in that last moment before the door closed behind him. She hadn’t wanted to flood him with awkward overtures of gratitude but she hoped that he would realise how grateful she was. It had been an important step and one that she hoped was the sign of more steps forward and not one hundred steps back.

As she closed the door, Dytha stopped a moment, looking around the room and seeing that nothing had changed. Just like it was meant to be. True, it felt a little peculiar to have bedded anyone other than R’bor but, she was in a Weyr. That was just the nature of things. It was a nature that she had warped with focus on herself for much too long. Even if it hadn’t been intentional. Today was just another day and even the vague remnants of V’ler’s presence did nothing to unsettle her. She would tidy, she would bathe. And then continue about her day.

She would spend the afternoon going through her studies, catching up on scrolls and paperwork she had been given to fill in and present. She would also think in detail on the ruminations she had been left with. There was a lot for her to dwell on, things that she knew would take likely some considerable time to work through it all and come to a status where she accepted this life for what it was. But the fact was, she needed to accept it. And remember that it wasn’t just about her.

Later, when Ponth finally returned from Kiyosareth’s side, she would sit with her green and for the first time in perhaps ever, she would ask Ponth how she felt. And this time, she would want to know.

= End =

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Re: Twisted Logic (ATTN: Nyzara/Zy'fen)

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Zy'fen nodded. "Alright. And congratulations on the clutch." He paused, "My blue flit is gone. He disappeared the day I got hurt." There was a mix of emotions in Zy'fen's voice and on his face, though Nizara couldn't see it. Regret that the firelizard had *betweened*, anger at the Thread that had forever changed his life, bitterness over that change, relief and gratitude that he was still alive, and that it hadn't been Nerenth who was lost. Confusion over what would happen to him now.

(Heatwave) Some Like It Hot ((Attn: Yolin/W'son, Calyse)) #heatwave


Calyse had started feeling unwell part way through afternoon lessons on that day, and no amount of fanning or sipping at a waterskin seemed to help. When she rose to her feet to ask for permission to visit the bathroom, dizziness made her realize that perhaps a trip to the Infirmary was a better idea. The Harper granted her approval to visit the healers, and Calyse made her way there by way of the weyrbowl, rather than navigate the tunnels she wasn't yet accustomed to. 

By the time she arrived, she was rather a mess. The bright pink color on her fair face and exposed arms immediately indicated a not-insignificant sunburn, but it was the way she swayed unsteadily on her feet as she staggered through the door that was if greater concern. "Mm, help may I-I be.. tha's no'.. hmm, wha' was I..? Oh, dizzy." She muttered with a hand placed against her forehead, slurring gently and acting confused. 

Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


Calyse kept an eye on the flits as well, glancing between them and the hide she worked on. "Oh, you're welcome. I kind of miss washing a dragon, I helped often with my Ma and Pa's pair. Thought I'd help my brother with his, too, but.." She hesitated, a frown appearing on her face. "Well, it didn't happen."

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"Courthe I would." K'sway assured her, watching his green flits play a moment more, before he too set back to work. "And thanks for helping uth." he added. "More handth always welcome."  He moved to Sixanth's other side. "Feelth like there's always more of him to wash."