We Don't See Each Other Enough JP M'gal/Kassia



With everything going on, Kassia had cleared the Caverns as much as possible. That meant nights to herself and not enough time spent with her lovers. Now that K’ren had given her the things to calm her down more, Kassia was starting to miss spending time with her lovers. With less work on her plate, she had a bit more time as well. So she wanted to spend time with her men.

“Mine, can you contact Ozayith for me?” she asked. “I want M’gal to visit.”

If the Queen objected, then she’d be out of luck so she hoped that Foreth would agree.

After a moment Foreth relented and reached out to Ozayith. ((Mine wants Yours to visit.))

Ozayith relayed the message, then took pity on the queen. She’d been cooped up on the Sands for much longer than he’d have liked for himself. {{He’s on his way. How are you feeling? Do you need me to bring you anything?}} he asked. 

M’gal headed over, his young blue wher whelp on his heels. It felt odd having this little blue companion with him every day. He’d never had a firelizard, and Mitzi, his calico,  wasn’t in his head like the wher was. He also needed to make a conscious effort to keep the whelp with him. 

When he got to the entrance of the Hatching grounds he realized he hadn’t asked for permission to bring the whelp with him. She knew about him; hopefully she’d be amenable. 

Just to be on the safe side, he went around using the Stands to walk to the temporary weyr. “Hey,” he said, greeting Kassia with a kiss.

((I am fine,)) Foreth said, a touch gentler than usual. ((I just need my eggs safe.)) At that there was a note of worry and anger not aimed at the bronze.

Kassia was sitting and reading on her sofa. She was trying to take K’ren’s advice and keep her mind off her duties for a while.

She looked up as M’gal arrived and smiled at the blue wher. Brogan was lying next to her and got up to greet the whelp. 

“I’ve missed you,” Kassia said, rising to meet him.

“I’ve missed you too,” he said, hugging her. He buried his face in her hair, not realizing until now how much he’d missed being able to hold her. “How are you feeling?”

{{If you need me to come help guard them, I will,}} Oz said. Though the gold could compel the bronzes to do her bidding, and though it would be instinctual for them to guard her eggs, the offer still meant more being offered rather than coerced.

 ((I will let you know.)) For Foreth she was being downright pleasant.

Kassia held him tight and for longer than normal. He was warm and steady. Finally she pulled away and went back to sit on the sofa. From there she could see Brogan and the whelp. Brogan was already trying to play with the little guy. The sight made her smile.

“I’m feeling a little better. Finally. K’ren stopped by and gave me some things to help me sleep.”

M’gal nodded. “Good. You need your sleep.” He glanced at her belly. “And while I can’t help relax you in the ‘normal’ way, there are things I can do for you to help.” He waggled his brows. But that wasn’t why he was least, he didn’t think that was. He was here to see his weyrmate, and hopefully make her feel better.

“I know things have been extraordinarily stressful lately. I hope K’ren’s remedy will help relax you.”

“It’s supposed to.” She wrapped her arm around him and leaned into him. “He has a healer that specializes in pregnancy checking on me just to make sure that everything is going well. We’re hoping with reduced stress things will...go better.”

“I hope so. I know the chances of the baby being mine is very low, but I’ve never been a father before.” He glanced at Laston. “I’m not sure I’d be any good at it. Laston’s been hard to get used to. But he’s taking to his training very well.”

“It’ll be all your babies in a way,” Kassia said. “But I want to name it after you. And maybe Sh’ain if we can come up with something.”

She turned to look at the baby wher playing with Brogan who was being so gently toward the whelp (she always made an effort to use ‘whelp’ instead of ‘pup’ to make sure people knew they weren’t like dogs) and smiled. Smiles were rare these days. 

“He’s so cute. It’s been so long since Brogan was a whelp, it’s hard to remember. But between yours and Sh’’s been fun to watch. And thank you for agreeing to take him on. It’ll mean so much to me. It’ll be worth it once he’s full grown and trained. You won’t need guards as much.”

~~’ston be good guard, ‘tect ‘gal~~ Laston said laying down by M’gal’s feet. M’gal smiled and scratched his headknobs. 

“Yeah, he still sleeps a lot. I’m apprehensive of the ‘teen’ years, where he’ll be into everything with no break. The other day he was playing with a ball, and fell asleep over it. I couldn’t help laughing.” He smiled and hugged Kassia closer. 

“So how bad has it been, being stuck in here?” he asked. In previous Clutches, she could leave more often. But this one it seemed that she never came out of her weyr.

“You’ll have your hands full,” Kass agreed.

The smile fell and she looked around the room. She shrugged. “It’s hard,” she admitted. “Foreth is more bearable right now than when she was gravid. She’s really worried about the eggs, which makes my worry over them even worse. Having to give up my work is a double-edged sword. I don’t need the stress of all the work, but otherwise I’m stressed by being bored. I guess I should get some of my art stuff down here. Maybe I can be nice and paint a large painting of the eggs and then I’ll have it for later to put in my weyr. But otherwise it’s making me...I haven’t been myself. And it’s affecting the Weyr, I’m afraid.” She knew he’d never say anything or she’d never have admitted it to him.

“You have a lot of responsibility,” he said. She did. And she took on more than she needed to, because that’s who she was. It would do no good to tell her to relax--she already knew she should, she just didn’t know how. And while she’d told him about her past, he didn’t know her then, so there were nuances that he knew he was unaware of.

“I think the art would be good. You should do that with all of her Clutches--paint them. I’m surprised you haven’t.” Or maybe she had but had never shown them to him. 

“Usually I don’t have this much time,” Kassia said. “But maybe I should make an attempt now. I know the Candidates will appreciate least I think they will, and I’d love to have the memento. I can’t bring in anyone else, but I should be able to do a decent enough job.”

She gave a derisive snort. “The Candidates think that they can’t wait for the Hatching. They’ve got nothing on me. On the other hand, that means two golds I’m responsible for. I can give some of the work to the junior golds, but they’re not experienced enough.”

M’gal studied her. Yes, the weight of the Weyr on her shoulders.

“So they’re not experienced enough. Were you experienced enough when you started taking responsibility for the Weyr? If you give them more responsibility, at least they have you to fall back on. And R’tal. And, well, any of us previous Weyrleaders, though I’ll admit I only have a small idea of everything you do. But it’s not like there’s no one else with experience who can guide them.”  He wondered, was she insecure in her position? She needn’t worry, she had more champions in the Weyr than she knew.

“I guess I wasn’t when I started doing my first gold training,” Kass admitted. “But I still had the Weyrwoman over my shoulder. And now there are two.” As if he couldn’t count and also that the number was something like ten instead all at the same time. “The last time we had two golds, it went very badly. They were arguing. Tyne went through Impression Anxiety. Then we have one dead goldrider and a dragonless one.”

She shook her head. “I’m trying as hard as I can to give an idea of what a gold Weyrling goes through to prevent Anxiety Impression, but something about golds seems to bring it out. Why do you think I was testing the girls? I was trying to limit their chances of Impressing. I mean what if Shalia Impresses? I have no doubt she’s strong enough for a gold if she wants one, but she really hates the idea.”

“Then keep her far away from the golds. If…” He realized who he was talking to. Another who didn’t want a gold. Or, rather, didn’t think she deserved a gold. That was different. A lot different.

“When you Impressed Foreth, did you actively not want gold, or did you want her but feel that you wouldn’t get her because you were bisexual?”  Not that he’d seen that part of her. Maybe she was still attracted to women, but couldn’t that have been a young, sexually experimental time of life? He was no Mindhealer, but even he knew that everyone had an experimental phase in their lifetime, even if they didn’t act on it.

“I actively thought I wasn’t worth Impressing, let alone a gold,” she said. “That I like women, maybe not as much as men, but I definitely still do, was just another factor.” She left off the part that her first love was a woman and would probably always be the one she loved the most, deep down. He didn’t need to know that.

“I’ve told you about my time at Fort, right?”

“M’gal nodded. “Weyrwoman Masena did a number on you. But Fort was not a good place to be for anyone. And those that have come here, from Fort...some are very resilient, and some I believe are ruined for all their life. You, I think, are in the resilient category. But a place like that will always be with you.” And he wished he had been there to hold her and comfort her during that time. Something she probably would have refused.

“I don’t mean to belittle what others have gone through,” Kassia said. “But between that parents...I didn’t think much of myself. When I Impressed, a lot of people thought I’d get gold, more than I realized at the time. They thought more of me than I did. Plus I was still reeling somewhat from my miscarriage. I never thought I’d Impress, let alone gold. 

She took a breath. “We never quite bonded in the beginning, but really...I think it was Foreth that saved me in the end. She was too determined, too strong, let me go. We might not have a normal bond, but without her I don’t think I’d have made it. She helped me find myself. Believed in me. For all we fight sometimes, I think we’d both be dead if she was a different dragon.”

M’gal didn’t quite believe that. Oh, he believed she felt what she felt, but he thought that the human-dragon bond was more than that. Foreth was strong, as a gold should be. But Kassia was strong also, and when they bonded Foreth reached in and used Kassia’s strength for her own. Maybe Kass was right, but he had his doubts. Which he’d tell her at some other time--right now she was too vulnerable.

“You’re both strong,” he said instead. “You helped each other. I’m glad she saved you from yourself--I do believe that a green or blue would not have been able to.

“The point I’m trying to make is that you didn’t feel worthy of Impressing at all. You had no real preconceived notions of what you wanted or didn’t want. Shalia does. She doesn’t want gold. She does want blue, or green. Faranth help us if she actively wants brown or bronze. But I think that with her mindset, she won’t Impress gold. I do think she will Impress once she gets on the Sands, though.  As for two golds, I didn’t know Tyne or the other person who Impressed, but if they didn’t like each other to begin with, then of course they would still fight. You’ll have to assess how the two girls who Impress get along. If they don’t, then you’ll need to sit them down, with their dragons, and just beat it into their heads.” He thought about what he said.

“Well, not physically,” he added, probably unnecessarily.

“You’re right,” Kassia said, relenting a bit. “I bet Shalia will get a blue from this Clutch. If ever a Queen could will a dragon to Impress someone, it’d be Foreth for Shalia. Even if she does want it to be a different color. Foreth doesn’t even like my other daughters the way she does Shalia. Maybe Sarati, but less so now that she Impressed a green elsewhere.”

She shrugged. “I think that if the girls have issues to start with, that doesn’t help, but the gold dragons themselves won’t help. Especially Foreth golds. I doubt they’ll be relatively soft like Ormanth or especially Wendeth. They’ll need really strong riders and I have no doubt they’ll be competitive. There will be trouble even if neither has Impression Anxiety. But yeah, I think we’ll talk to them as soon as the dragons can handle it. “

“I haven’t seen too many of the Candidates to make any good observations,” M’gal said. “Not that it matters. How often do you feel the gold dragon has picked the right candidate?” He thought about the last Clutch.

“Actually, Delysia was a good choice. For this clutch, I’ve seen Sehrael in action and like her. I think Ysolde is strong-willed enough for a Foreth gold, but she could be trouble too.”  He tried thinking about the other females in the mix.

“I don’t really know any of the others. Not that it matters. The dragons will decide.”

“Probably never, to be honest,” Kassia said. “Maybe Delysia, even though I don’t like her much. She’s too ambitious. Andronda’s not bad, but she’s not from here. She hasn’t shown it, but I think she’s too ambitious as well. Part of the reason that I’m scared to give over any power. I don’t want to have to have a power struggle over either of them.” Faranth knew, Kassia never liked to give up even an iota of power.

“But, goldriders are ultimately needed and we can only hope that it works out well. Each of those golds are worth hundreds of dragons over their lifetime. I can’t not want them.”

Her assessment had M’gal thinking. “Kass, how many girlfriends do you have? Not lovers. Just, well, female friends? Actually, how many non-bedmate friends do you have?” He should know this. But he didn’t.

“Uh...” Kassia had to stop and think. “There’s I’des and N’shen, he was a friend before he became Weyrleader. And uh...not many else that I haven’t slept with outside of a flight. Wygelle was a friend, and rival. But I really don’t have friends. It’s hard to have friends when you’re Weyrwoman. Too many are intimidated by the rank and the others just want to take advantage of the rank. Plus, I’m hard to get along with.”

“Well, a true friend wouldn’t be phased by the hard to get along with, but I do see your point. And I see why you sometimes try to go out disguised as a general nobody.” Which was how he met her, actually.

“If there is anyone who you think you could get along with--maybe they’d have to have some rank to not be intimidated--but you need that. I think that if you could go join a game of poker without people letting you win, or if you could have a cup of klah with someone without them feeling pressured into it, it would help you a lot.

“I just don’t know if you could do that.”

“It’s very hard for me to let down the Weyrwoman mantle as well,” she said. “That requires a vulnerability that I can’t show most people. Even when I go out pretending to be Sar, I never completely let go of the mantle. There are very few people I can just be Kassia with. Sometimes I’m not even sure who she is.”

M’gal hugged her close. “To me, she’s strong and willful, with an underlying sweetness and caring that she will only allow those closest to her to see. She hasn’t had any fun in a long time, and needs it. And I would love to see her laugh without any worry holding her back.”

“She gave a laugh even as tears sprang to her lips and she clung to him as tears fell freely. The list of people who got to see her cry was very small.

He hadn’t meant to make her cry, but he also felt that it was something she needed. Maybe she hadn’t realized the depth of his feelings for her; after all she did feel that anyone she met as ‘Kassia’ wanted something from her. 

So, he chose to stay silent and let her cry. Anything he could say right now would seem inane.

The tears flowed for a few minutes before they slowed and eventually sat back, wiping at her face.

“Sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to cry all over you.”

“I don’t mind,” M’gal said. “You wouldn’t have cried if you didn’t need it. How are you feeling now?”

“A little better,” she admitted, managing a small smile. She leaned into him. “I love you.”

He bent his head down to kiss her tenderly. “I love you too.”

Re: Would you like some help? {Cl'rin, Tyne}


Humming happily to herself, Tyne swept the large brush across the floor. The sensation and sound was deeply soothing. That and it was rewarding in itself to see the dust and debris pulled up and the floor left clear in its wake. Instant progress. Well, until the next time she had to sweep it again. The faire was "helping" having been put to task picking up and removing small items of debris such as small rocks, bits of wood and the like and were cheerfully swooping back and forth across the space. Hopefully in the next several days, her doors would be arriving, proper ones, made out of a sturdy wood and made to measure. They would definitely add a good touch.
Her back was to Cl'rin as he spoke and she didn't look up immediately.
"Yes?" Tyne called over her shoulder, stooping with a small pan to
sweep the small pile of dust and rubble into it. <<

Cl'rin wasn't sure if it was easier that she didn't even look up, but
decided that he needed to do this one way or another so he was going
too. "I came to see if you could use any help cleaning or anything
Tyne." Why did he suddenly feel like a boy trying to talk to someone
they liked for the first time? He resisted the urge to grown and just
hoped he didn't sound as awkward as he felt.

Fuzzy on the other hand was not nearly as reserved. She pealed herself
off her person's arm and all but launched herself towards Tyne
~~Hello!~~ she greeted before quickly following with a ~~Hugs!
Cuddles! Attention!~~ she had visited this one before after hearing
about her from some of the other flits and Fuzzy liked Tyne! This one
talked to them!

Gem for his part cuddled closer to his pet's neck offering a
comforting croon to Cl'rin. He knew his pet felt bad about not being
closer to the big ones's clutch mate's person, but he also knew his
pet was doing the right thing in coming to see her now. He offered his
pet feelings of comfort before finally chirping a greeting to Tyne and
chittering a scolding at Fuzzy that she clearly ignored.


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unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Re: I'm Watching You {Kaji, Tyne}


The response intrigued her. It was different but that didn't mean it was unwelcome. Normally the firelizards were baffled by her, but she was rarely met with abject hostility. Still watching the flit, Tyne cocked her head as she watched it carefully. Carefully, she filled the mental space between them with a sensation similar to the one Bobbin used to comfort the faire. This new one was welcome in this space, safe, but welcome most of all.
The colour intrigued her. She had never heard of it being possible for
such an extreme discolouration but, in the realm of possibility, she
supposed it was possible. Amazing what factors could have an impact on
these things.<<

Kawaii offered another hiss at the second attempt from the woman
puffing up his chest and spreading his wings just a bit to look
bigger. No he didn't like this why did she keep trying. He only wanted
to see her not talk to her, but she kept trying to talk to him. ~~taky
huamn~~ he offered Kaji when his pet sent feelings asking what was

Kaji wasn't sure what was happening, but he was sure he needed to go
check it out, which luckly he had gotten the last the things he had
been working on stored so he could. It took him a moment to locate
which was Kawaii was and make his way towards his littlest FireMaker,
but he made it as quick as possible. "Kawaii." He called to get the
flit's attention off of Tyne once he realized what was happening.

The little white grumbled clearly displeased but at the appearance of
his Pet moved from his perch on the wall to Kaji's shoulder resettling
himself properly without the attempt to make himself look larger. He
wasn't sulking for being scolded, he /wasn't/, it wasn't /his/ fault
she kept trying to talk to him.

Kaji rolled his eyes at the little white lifting a hand to scratch
under Kawaii's chin before turning his attention to Tyne "I'm sorry
about him. He's too smart for his own good most days and not friendly
to most." he explained before offering her a hand "I'm Kaji one of the
DragonHealers, this is Kawaii, and I think I see Green Star over there
trying to flirt with a bronze, wondered why she had actually left too.
Neither of them usually go far."


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"My personality is 30% the last anime I watched." - Tumblr
"Remind me never to get out our bad side. It seems to be ...
unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Re: This Will Not Stand Att: T'ryn/M'ayen

Jerzy Tobin

"Wingleader," he greeted. "Please, take a seat." Not that he had any idea what T'ryn might want. Better to be polite anyway.

"I prefer to stand, thank you," T'ryn said, remaining upright.  Partly because he didn't expect this to take long, and partly because, somewhere in the back of his mind, a little voice was screaming to use absolutely anything to his advantage in this 'fight', and height was one of those advantages.

"I'm here to discuss one of your candidates, the ah, punishment, you gave them in class today."

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted, and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

Whizzy: Jerzy
Aim: Yue146

Re: Of Sound Mind? (Attn: Torrela/Namieh)


"Not unless you want me to," Torrela said. "I'm Torrela, Mindhealer. I thought that you may want to just talk without any judgement." She waved her hand to encompass the whole Weyr. "There are enough people out there judging you, talking about you, even blaming you that I think you need someone non-judgemental." And Torrela was all that. She spent her whole career learning to not judge people. Granted, there were those that she couldn't help it, but this slip of a girl? She wasn't bad, or evil. She just went about doing something the wrong way, and had to learn that actions had far-reaching consequences.

And it seemed that she had. Her lesson had been painful, brutal, and would haunt her for the rest of her life. Which, in Torrela's mind, seemed a bit too much. 

"I must warn you, I'm not like other Mindhealers. Something you may find interesting, or you may find scary."

On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 12:25 AM Ariel Rogers <> wrote:
Namieh looked up from where she sat in bed at the unexpected visitor, surprised to meet someone who hadn't been in the rotation of Healers tending to her injuries. While she was eager for conversation, after Asheran's confrontation, she felt wary and apprehensive about a stranger. 

"I guess that depends," the girl answered. "You here to yell at me?"

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020, 2:29 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
Torrela had wanted to go speak with the Candidate who endangered the eggs right away, but hadn't. Mainly because the girl had been on pain medications and if the mindhealer were going to work with her, she wanted her to at least be coherent. So she waited several days for the fog to clear, then one day peeked into the girl's--she looked at the chart, Namieh--alcove.

"Hello. Are you up for some company?" Torrela asked.

Re: Trying to be Subtle atten: Tamalack/Kalain


"Yeah. I mean, it's not like we planned to go find a whole new breed of wher and Impress the best possible breedable colors," Tam cried. He clapped his hand over his mouth. "Oops, didn't mean to be so loud. So," he studied his friend. "You seem depressed. What's wrong?"

On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 5:34 PM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
"I know," Kalain grunted. That was another problem, maybe he could distract his best friend. "We were just saving their lives and I wouldn't have it any other way."

~Lain good. Tam good. Mean two-legs. Tect Lain and Tam.~ Sleek answered

No Bathing Strings Attached ((JP Ked'son, Virian))


IC Date Ref: - Set approximately two sevendays after the events of Greenflight: Strangers in the Night.

(( Where are you? )) Elloryth asked plaintively for what felt like the twentieth time to Virian. (( You're late and I'm so dirty, I need your help. What good are you if you can't bathe me? ))

When Virian didn't immediately answer, Elloryth knew her rider was busy. Nagging comments were a surefire way to get the woman's attention, and even a negative response would have been *something* better than silence. The green sat at the lakeside half a candlemark after the last lessons should have ended for the day, waiting as patiently as could be expected for a dragon of her color. She let the surf wash over her forepaws, tail swishing in the air like an agitated feline. 

{{ I'm sorry, dear heart. Just a little longer, I'll be done soon. }} Virian told her after a few minutes had passed.

Elloryth received the news with an angry lime-green swirl of her eyes, throwing herself down in the muddied surf with a great huff. Waiting was her least favorite thing! Well, second only to Thread, perhaps, but waiting was definitely top two in her limited imagination. Lowering her head in defeat, the green dipped her snout into the water and blew out a sigh that surfaced as bubbles. The itches would never end at this rate!

Faranth be blessed, it was a rest day. And he had spent the majority of it indulging in much needed relaxation. The reality was, Foreth’s eggs were going to be making an appearance soon and Ked’son knew that once that happened, it would be all hands on deck getting everything prepped for the next class that was just around the corner. He had enjoyed the first lie-in since he had forgotten when, a lazy breakfast and had spent the day merely just pottering around his weyr sorting out a few bits and pieces. Thaath wanted to be bathed as well but Ked’son wanted to get past the hottest part of the day first. The heat had been unbearable of late, combined with ridiculous rain that had turned the Weyr into a muggy monstrosity. No, he was going to wait.

Eventually though, he was wandering down to the Lake, brushes and buckets in hand. But Thaath was already distracted, having spotted Elloryth before he had even landed and had bugled sweetly at the green. The memory of having caught her was still fresh enough that the blue’s pride inflated at his own prowess and he chuntered in greeting as he settled nearby, wallowing in the shallows to wet his hide.

(( Dearest Elloryth, you seem so terribly vexed, )) he crooned, rolling to his side. (( Where is Yours to soothe you? ))

Elloryth's triangular head rose dripping from the water at Thaath's intrusion, tilted to peer at him with the hints of a hopeful color in her faceted eyes. (( Neglecting me! )) She lamented, slapping the water aside for emphasis. (( Mine promised to bathe me now, but she is not here. I shall languish itchy and alone for the rest of my days! )) The green had given up hope of ever seeing the hidebrush again, despite the fact that she had been bathed only a few days prior. Her coat wasn’t in a wretched state, but did show telltale signs of grime in need of removal. Far from an exception to the green rule, Elloryth was a tad high-maintenance. 

Seeing that Thaath entered the water made her realize that he, too, might be at the lake for the same purpose. She sidled toward him, slinking to join him in the shallows. (( Thaath, I have need of you. )) Elloryth trilled sweetly, appealingly. (( There are itches and I cannot reach them! I suffer without your aid. )) Bending her neck down in a graceful arc, the green presented her neckridges for his attention. That he might refuse did not even occur to her. 

Thaath hummed softly at the green, immediately dipping his muzzle to nibble along the slim line of Elloryth’s neck as he shuffled closer to her. (( Neglecting you! )) he gasped, his mind-voice filled with shock as though the idea was absolutely unknown to him. (( I shall remain by your side until you are itch free! Until the end of time until I have to! ))

Ked’son caught the tail-end of the conversation as he came over the dunes. He didn’t recognise Elloryth at first, not until he caught sight of the distinctive scarring and felt a wry grin pull at his features. Ah, still following her about then. Pulling his shirt over his head, Ked’son stripped down to a pair of shorts before he called over his shoulder. “Everything all right, fella?”

Thaath’s attentions were distracted as his Rider approached, crooning happily at the sight of him. (( It is most terrible, Mine, )) he bespoke Ked’son with the utmost solemnity. 

(( Elloryth’s has not come to bathe her. And she promised she would! And she is so very, TERRIBLY itchy! ))

Stopping at the water to inspect the green, Ked’son could see the glimpses of telltale grubbiness. He didn’t hold it against Virian, he knew just how busy the Barracks was juggling the two classes and doing everything else in between. He didn’t know her schedule but going by the time, knew there had been classes running. All it took was one worried weyrling to come up and ask to “talk for a minute” and you were there another two candlemarks listening to their worries. His head cocked to one side as he considered this before calling over to the green. “That right, sweetheart? You’ve been waiting for Yours to come bathe you?”

Elloryth added her own harmonious hum to the atmosphere, clearly delighted by the blue's services. (( Thank you, that feels much-- ooh, down a little. That's the spot. )) She praised in tones of relief, eyes lidded in momentary satisfaction. Thaath was special, only the second dragon to have ever caught her. She was a bit of an oddity in her choosiness, attached to her clutchmate and no other for over a decade. That streak had been broken now. Elloryth wasn't an especially flirtatious dragon until the sevenday before a Flight, but a lingering attachment to the blue that had won her still remained. She would let him attend her for now, but the future was anyone's guess. 

So entranced by Thaath's ministrations, she didn't notice the rider's approach until he spoke directly to her. Elloryth squirmed beside Thaath to ensure he had access to the most important itchies and rolled her head back toward the shore. (( Oh, yes, I have been waiting for so long! )) She had no reservations about speaking to others, broadcasting openly so that Ked'son could hear her whining. (( The weather is so sticky and I am very dirty! Mine said she would be here, but I am so alone. And so ITCHY! Mine will not answer me when I call and now I will surely itch forever! )) A creature could not sound more pitiful. 

Thaath was more than happy to oblige, teeth delicately nibbling at the soft hide at Elloryth’s instructions. He rumbled happily, but then all it took was anything remotely female shaped, no matter the species, and Thaath was always more than willing to bend over backwards to keep them happy. Elloryth was the first green he had caught in quite some time and for now, he was only too happy to answer her beck and call.

“Can’t disagree with you there, darlin’, sticky enough to  make you want to turn your skin inside out.” There was a twinkle of humour in Ked’son’s blue eyes, suspecting that a degree of the green’s piteousness was definitely enhanced with a healthy dose of theatrics. He seemed to be weighing something up, as though determining how best to lay his thoughts on the table.

“Thaath, what do you say we start tending to this poor abandoned lady first? Providing she doesn’t protest. Don’t know about you but we can’t have a poor abandoned green waiting until Faranth only knows when to get rid of itchy hide.” For all he knew, she wouldn’t want a single person touching her. Some dragons were like that and that was fine with him. But he had time to kill. Wasn’t as though he didn’t know how to clean a dragon, after all. 

(( You should! It would be positively ungentleman-like for me to lie here and be bathed whilst poor Elloryth wallows in her own discomfort! Absolutely unfathomable! ))

Elloryth could not have agreed more with their assessments, giving a gentle snort in her enthusiasm. (( Yes! I do not want to turn inside-out, that sounds awful and not fun at all! I must get the sticky off at once! )) She declared, side-stepping a couple of bounces in the shallows to make room for bathing. Despite all the blithering in desperation, the green laid herself down in the water daintily and without rush. Her wings she unfurled into the water relaxed, though her head remained high and forked tail swish-swished in the air behind her. (( I promise to hold very still. )) Her eyes whirled a steady verdant shade. 

It would be a solid candlemark before Virian could drag herself away, but the apologies she sent her dragon’s way were answered with silence. Even as she walked out from the Barracks, Elloryth was ignoring her entirely. This wasn’t unusual, the fussy green had a tendency to cold-shoulder her rider as a means of communicating her displeasure, but after all the pestering she had been subjected to, the void of conversation twisted Virian’s stomach with worry. Had all that drama been a signal of something serious? Could something have happened by the lake? Surely if Elloryth were hurt, she would have felt it. Someone would have alerted her. The dragons would be keening if she were dead. These thoughts racing through her mind inspired a fresh wave of anxiety and she picked her pace up to a jog toward the water.

Dragons were always clustered around the lakeside any given time of day; it took Virian several panicked minutes of searching before she found the familiar hide. She raced toward them. “Elloryth!” She barked sharply like a parent addressing an errant child, relief instantly giving way to anger. “What is wrong with you?! I was worried sick!” 

Ked’son, with the help of Thaath, had worked on the green easily. After all, she was probably a third of the size of Thaath’s bulk. He had just been finishing up rinsing Elloryth’s leg when he heard the familiar voice and his head popped around the side of the green’s flank. Thaath had been entertaining Ellloryth the entire time, pampering her ridiculously with small fish that he snatched out of the water for her and presenting them like grand trophies.

Initially Ked’son’s expression was one of confusion, presuming that the verbal barrage was directed at himself. Had he overstepped? Elloryth had been the one to consent after all but he knew some Riders took it as a personal insult if someone even so much as offered to help them bathe their dragon. Shaking out the brush, he stepped up through the shallows. “Nowt wrong that I know of. Elloryth wanted bathing, Thaath and me were here. So we asked if she’d like us to take care of it for her.”

Virian realized that Ked'son was there only belatedly, gaze darting to him as soon as he spoke. For the briefest of moments, she felt a flicker of embarrassment to be caught off-guard by his presence, to have been worried for the green. Thaath she recognized only after seeing his rider, and suddenly the smug delight from Elloryth in her mind made sense. "You giant wherry!" She tore dark eyes from Ked'son to address her green first. "You went and begged someone else for help! After all that whinging, couldn't even wait a candlemark!" Setting aside the fact that Elloryth had been waiting all day prior, Virian steamrolled ahead. "I worked as quickly as I could, and it's just never fast enough for you!"

(( Yes, but I am clean now. )) Her dragon didn't have the grace to sound apologetic, tossing one of the tiny fish Thaath had procured for her upward with a flourish before teeth snapped closed around it. (( You were too slow, I was going to turn inside out. ))

Virian stared at Elloryth in a mixture of confusion and fury, propping her hands on the widest part of her hips. "I don't-- you can't turn inside out, dummy! ...And YOU!" Tired after the day's work and surprised with a rollercoaster of emotions, Virian's favorite way to take back the feeling of control was to channel her anger and frustration. She quickly pinned Ked'son with a fiery stare, finding in him a ready - albeit undeserving - target. 

"Don't you have your own dragon to look after? Mind your business!" She snapped, further abashed to be airing dirty laundry in his presence.

The sudden onslaught made Ked’son blink in surprise. With a nonchalant shrug he picked up the brush at his feet, slinging it casually over his shoulder. “Aye, I do. But ladies first and all that.” The intensity of the annoyance directed at the green was clearly something that was commonplace given Elloryth’s decided lack of reaction. Greenriders, couldn’t live with them, couldn’t be civil after a roll in the furs with them. Thaath rumbled in mild annoyance, surprised at what he had taken to be a polite gesture of common courtesy being flung back at them. His however, seemed to only feel mild bemusement at the whole situation.

“C’mon lad, get yourself in the shallows and I’ll give you that scrubbing too.” And just casually, just as lazily as he had come, Ked’son was sauntering down the Lake’s shoreline, Thaath’s bulky shape in tow as eagerly as a lost puppy as the blue submerged himself into the sun warmed waters. He would take his time with his blue, as he always did, enjoying the rare time together. By the time they were done, Virian would have left in as heated a blaze in which she had arrived and Ked’son would leave a now freshly washed and oiled Thaath to bask in the last of the day’s sun. He on the other hand, would sigh and amble back to his weyr. He wasn’t sure he had been expecting much of anything - but maybe at least, a thank you.

= End =

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Re: Of Sound Mind? (Attn: Torrela/Namieh)


Namieh looked up from where she sat in bed at the unexpected visitor, surprised to meet someone who hadn't been in the rotation of Healers tending to her injuries. While she was eager for conversation, after Asheran's confrontation, she felt wary and apprehensive about a stranger. 

"I guess that depends," the girl answered. "You here to yell at me?"

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020, 2:29 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
Torrela had wanted to go speak with the Candidate who endangered the eggs right away, but hadn't. Mainly because the girl had been on pain medications and if the mindhealer were going to work with her, she wanted her to at least be coherent. So she waited several days for the fog to clear, then one day peeked into the girl's--she looked at the chart, Namieh--alcove.

"Hello. Are you up for some company?" Torrela asked.

Hey what do you think? {Qakry, K'gra}


Qakry couldn't help it when he suddenly realized that it wss so close.
He had been trying to decide for a while of course, but he still
couldn't make up his mind. He would be 12 in a few days and well he
didn't know what he was going to do after that. He knew he could
probably get a bit of time, plenty of others did it, but well he
didn't /want/ to do that! How could he work towards being as awesome
as his Papa if he was stuck here with the babies?

He couldn't!

So what that thought he borrowed a bit of hide and wrote out a note
before convincing Tsume to take it to K'gra. The brown reluctantly
agreed to take it, but that was normal for him and it had stopped
bothering Qakry a long time ago. It was a simple note and he just
hoped K'gra would have time. It said:

~~Papa help. I still don't know what I want to do and I turn 12 so
soon. Can you help me?~~

He had known in passing that it was close the last time he got to
spend time with his Papa, but well it was just that he hadn't bothered
to talk about it then. He had been too concerned with other things.

ooc: figure he and K'gra probably have 'meeting' when K'gra has some
free time, even if it is just him helping to watch Tam sometimes.
Correct me if I'm wrong ... also legit just realized he turns 12 on
28.08.23 ... >.> also also hope ya don't mind the thread heh


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Re: Hair today, gone tomorrow. (Attn: D'vik/Fabio- Calyse)


Calyse's lips pulled into a sympathetic frown; she never liked to hurt anything or anyone. She'd gone into her craft to help dragons, and flits were *sort of* like tiny versions of them. "D-Don't worry, it'll all feel better soon," she assured the foolhardy bronze. Satisfied his burns were clean, she spread a generous smear of numbweed over the tender hide and then set about wrapping him in bandages to protect the flesh while it began healing. 

"Now don't you go pulling these off," Calyss cautioned. "You don't want more scars." She took the time to carefully put away her tools, fastidious as always, before scooping Fabio back into the cradle of her arms. "Okay, little guy. Let's find your..." SHe checked his collar. "D'vik."

On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 6:42 PM Alyx <scottish.wolfecary@...> wrote:
Fabio watched the preparations curiously. But hurt too much to really move much. But the GoldPet seemed to want to help, even though he make the gold smaller. He truly felt bad about that at the moment, though he'd forget soon enough. As soon as the brush hit his hide he squealed with indignant pain. But didn't try to bite, or go between. But he did hunch down on himself, making a smaller target. While making the most piteous sounds.
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Re: What Were You Thinking, Boy? ((Attn: Asheran, Kassia, ))

Jenna Cunningham

"No, I wasn't thinking about - I wasn't thinking at all, I just -"

Asheran fumbled for something other to say than I was trying to stop him or I was trying to help. He felt frustration surge up in him, frustration beyond the adrenaline shakes and the shock and the exhaustion and the flicker of righteousness of doing the right thing that nobody else seemed to understand, because it was glory hunting when you tried to stop someone from getting themselves badly hurt and -

"I was just trying to help!" He snapped finally, shouting, and immediately regretted it.

Re: What Were You Thinking, Boy? ((Attn: Asheran, Kassia, ))


"You don't think that with all those dragons, me, and guards that we could take care of it?" Kassia asked, hands on her hips. "Were you looking for glory?"

Re: Trying to be Subtle atten: Tamalack/Kalain


"I know," Kalain grunted. That was another problem, maybe he could distract his best friend. "We were just saving their lives and I wouldn't have it any other way."

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You Said This Wouldn't Happen (jp: Bl'by, N'shen)


((You haven’t got to panic.)) 

Bl’by looked up from the pile of files he’d been sorting through on the floor, eyes glazing at the touch from Traynth. ((..Panic at what?)) he said warily.

The blue hesitated. ((Talith says someone is attacking--)) he admitted, and tried to sound soothing as Bl’by dropped the files he was holding. Instead he just sounded agitated. ((I said you hadn’t got to panic!))

Don’t panic. Don’t run. Don’t bolt to High Reaches even though ‘attack’ brings all sorts of images, none of them pleasant. Bl’by swallowed and then stood up very carefully and moved to tap on N’shen’s door, standing a little to one side in case the Weyrleader was already dashing out  at the news.

"You heard from Talith, I take it?" asked N'shen. From what he heard from Truenoth, a couple of Candidate boys were trying to get themselves killed. And N'shen hoped there was nothing more to it than that, but considering what had happened recently…

“Traynth says there was an attack, sir?”  Bl’by was trying to sound calm but his hands were wringing nervously, twisting around themselves.

"I think ‘attack’ might be a little bit of an overstatement. I should get to the Sands to check in, but it seems that a couple of the Candidate boys decided listening to instructions was too difficult and found out the hard way what happens if you don't," N'shen explained. That had to be all it was. Who would send boys to do something like this if it were anything more?

“..Oh.” Bl’by’s shoulders sagged in sudden relief and he pushed the pictures in his head away, trying to forget them. “No-- no one got hurt?”

"Well. I think the eggs are fine," said N'shen. "Talith and Foreth seem to have… taken care of the problem. In typical Foreth fashion, I think. And it's not fair to leave Truenoth out of it – if there had been a third such boy without a brain in his head, he would have done the same. It's hard to get Truenoth to pay attention to me; he's too focused on the eggs. But. I think they'll live."

“Oh, thank Faranth,” Bl’by said sincerely, giving a great sigh of relief at the news. “I thought-- well--” That they were coming and people were going to be hurt and bleeding and things were going to go wrong. Which was pretty much what he always thought at an alarm.

"It was my first thought as well, but it seems Talith and the others are more than ready to overreact rather than to underreact at this point. It's probably for the best, anyway," said N'shen. "Is there anything else I can do for you before I go to the Hatching Cavern?"

Bl’by shook his head. “Are-- are you likely to need me this afternoon?” Or could he go find Traynth, or maybe Cuylar or T’baran and spend an hour or two getting thoroughly distracted until the shaken mood went away.

N'shen shook his head. He could likely have found something for Bl'by to do, but there was nothing pressing, and N'shen wanted to do what he could to contribute to Bl'by's healing, not merely give him busy work.

"Feel free to take the rest of the day. I'll see you tomorrow."

Re: This Will Not Stand Att: T'ryn/M'ayen

Laura Walker

In spite of all the turns separating T'ryn from his own Candidacy and Weyrlinghood, that bellow still caused the bronze rider to flinch slightly.  An instinctive response to run away that had been drilled into him from abuse endured at Fort to 'bring him up to snuff'.  And, it was just that reason that T'ryn straightened himself back up, calling up every bit of dignity and authority he could muster.  He wasn't going to let his daughter be tormented as he had been, not here, not now.

So, it wasn't a meek and cowed rider that entered M'ayen's office.  It was an officious bronze rider, one who had at one point been Weyrleader, and was now a Wing leader, that walked in instead.

"Good afternoon, ACM M'ayen" T'ryn said smoothly.  "I believe I have a matter of some urgency to discuss with you."

And M'ayen had always reacted to rank. It made no difference that T'ryn was still young; he was old enough now to command respect, old enough that M'ayen himself straightened his spine and nodded to him respectfully. It was wise to stay on the right side of young bronzeriders; tomorrow you never knew who would be Weyrleader.

"Wingleader," he greeted. "Please, take a seat." Not that he had any idea what T'ryn might want. Better to be polite anyway.


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Re: This Will Not Stand Att: T'ryn/M'ayen

Jerzy Tobin

"Enter!" Some things didn't change; the bellow from inside the office was just the same as in T'ryn's Candidacy.

In spite of all the turns separating T'ryn from his own Candidacy and Weyrlinghood, that bellow still caused the bronze rider to flinch slightly.  An instinctive response to run away that had been drilled into him from abuse endured at Fort to 'bring him up to snuff'.  And, it was just that reason that T'ryn straightened himself back up, calling up every bit of dignity and authority he could muster.  He wasn't going to let his daughter be tormented as he had been, not here, not now.

So, it wasn't a meek and cowed rider that entered M'ayen's office.  It was an officious bronze rider, one who had at one point been Weyrleader, and was now a Wing leader, that walked in instead.

"Good afternoon, ACM M'ayen" T'ryn said smoothly.  "I believe I have a matter of some urgency to discuss with you."

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Re: This Will Not Stand Att: T'ryn/M'ayen

Laura Walker

So, after doing his best to reassure the young girl and sending her on
her way after Myholth was finished with his washing, T'ryn went in
search of M'ayen.  He figured the best place would be to start in the
ACM's office, so that was where he went.

"Enter!" Some things didn't change; the bellow from inside the office was just the same as in T'ryn's Candidacy.

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Re: Testing Bonds (ATTN: Trifali/Andreya)

Jessica Freise

"I want to hear," came the simple response, "but I also want youto know that from the news trickling down the grapevine, I'm a little unsure how I feel about you...well...not seeing the eggs."

This wasn't coming out right, Trifali felt. Collecting herself, she straightened in her seat.

"I'd like you to go first. Then maybe my explanation on why I'm here and feeling the way I feel will make more sense."

On Aug 19, 2020, at 10:15 PM, Rosiegirl <rosiegirl872@...> wrote:

Andreya was looking down at the table moving her study materials, she really needed to do better about not spreading out and taking up so much space, so she didn't see the nervous look cross Trifali's face, a look that was similar to the nerves knotting up Andreya's own stomach a bit. 

When Trifali sat down, Andreya stilled her hands and finally looked up at her sister, a look of worry and apprehension on her own face for the upcoming conversation. When Trifali finished, Andreya was quick to nod her head saying reassuringly "Of course I want to listen! And please, you don't need to apologize. I was concerned that I upset you, when I didn't join you in the Stands to see the eggs, but I...well, I suppose I wasn't sure if you needed time to think about things to approach me, or if I should approach you first. The downside of...well, not growing up together to know how each of us *wants* to be approached when we are upset." 

As Andreya's words caught up with her thoughts, her eyes widened and she quickly reassured Trifali with "Oh! I didn't mean that as if *I* was upset. I'm not at all! Oh Shells, I'm not saying this right at all." As she finished there Andreya looked distinctly embarrassed and more than a little tongue-tied, which was an unusual experience for the Harper-candidate...But this *was* also the first time she'd talked with her sister when she knew Trifali was upset and didn't want to mess this up. 

Taking a breath to recollect herself, Andreya finished with "Yes. Yes, I want to hear your thoughts...And, I know you'd already walked into the Stands before I explained to Kassia, but if you'd like and want to hear I don't mind explaining why I declined."

On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 5:40 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
Trifali licked her lips, suddenly and inexplicably nervous. She had a right to feel this way, didn't she?

"I'm sorry I haven't seen you since we saw the eggs," she began as she took a seat. "I wasn't sure what... *How*... to say what I felt...feel. Faranth's egg, I'm still not sure, but I know that it's a disservice to you that I don't explain. If...if you want to listen."

On Aug 19, 2020, at 4:20 PM, Rosiegirl <rosiegirl872@...> wrote:

Andreya was, as usual, in her place in one of the study rooms, her head bent over some hides studying with Ellysetta laying across her legs and Colzar perched on the back of her chair. At the quiet question spoken in a familiar voice, Andreya's head came up to meet her sister's eyes, taking in her grave face. Straightening slowly even as she nodded, Andreya replied without sounding hesitant "Of course, Trifali." 

With that, she looked down at her table and began to shift things so that there was space for Trifali to sit down. But as she moved, her mind was racing at the possible reason why Trifali would look so grave assuming it would have something to do with when Kassia had invited them to see the eggs and she'd Trifali had not spoken to her since that day.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 6:51 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
The day after her talk with T'rif, Trifali sought out Andreya. She was not one to hide her emotions, not if she'd previously shared them. It was because of this that she knew her face looked grave when she caught up to her sister and said quietly, "Can we talk?"

Re: A Few Of My Favorite Things ((Attn: Andreya, Trifali))

Jessica Freise

Recalling her first night in the Weyr and her subsequent encounter with the green, Trifali smiled as she studied the pair of firelizards for a moment.

"I know what you mean," she said, referring to Andreya's comment about studying.

"If I'm not studying, I'm involved in activities. But it'll all be worth it, you know?"

On Aug 19, 2020, at 10:16 PM, Rosiegirl <rosiegirl872@...> wrote:

Turning to look at Trifali as the other girl sat next to her, Andreya gave her sister a slightly embarrassed look as she replied with "Yes, I studied a bit of politics as a Harper, but this is a bit more in depth than what I've previously studied. It feels like all I've been doing lately is either assisting Kassia, which I love doing, candidate and harper lessons, or studying trying to catch up with the other candidate's knowledge. Well, aside from the Gather, and taking care of these two darlings. Ellysetta is so particular when it comes how she must be oiled *just so* that she takes almost twice as long to oil as Colzar...and she wants a bath and oiling every day even though she's not got a speck of dust on her." 

Even though the words themselves could have been taken as complaining, the tone full of affection said these were not complaints at all and were instead amusing statements to the Harper-candidate. 

On Wed, Aug 19, 2020 at 4:06 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"You look like you're studying hard," she observed as she sat beside the other girl. Reaching out, she flicked a page in the book and grinned irrepressibly. "Weyr politics, huh? I haven't figured out if they're fun or terror-inducing."

On Aug 19, 2020, at 3:59 PM, Rosiegirl <rosiegirl872@...> wrote:

At the question, Andreya pulled her head up from her study materials and blinked a bit as her mind had to drag itself out of Weyr politics studies and back to her surroundings. After a couple blinks, Andreya smiled at her sister and said "Of course!" With that, Andreya actually moved to shift some of the study materials a bit so they were not so spread out giving Trifali a place to sit either across from her or next to her (Trifali's choice). 

Andreya had actually not noticed that Trifali was hiding a hand behind her back, being now focused on making room for Trifali at the table she was at. 

On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 3:31 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"Can I join you?"

Trifali asked from the doorway, one hand behind her back. In it was curled the small gift she had bought Andreya; pretty and delicate, she had thought the hair accessory would fit the girl. Her gray eyes danced with inner mischief as she waited for Andrey's answer.

On Aug 3, 2020, at 6:42 PM, Rosiegirl <rosiegirl872@...> wrote:

Andreya had been a bit shaken by the ending to the Gather, but she was back in the now familiar Candidate barracks and she'd already checked on her mom by flit to find out that her mom had made it home safely. So she was slowly relaxing again due to the routine of being a candidate with the classes, chores, studying and everything else, despite the worry she now felt toward her cousin's safety. 

It was actually in the free time hours after dinner, just a few days after the Gather, when she was studying in her favorite smaller, lesser used study room in the nook she'd claimed. Both her flits were with her because they sensed that their person was still unsettled, Ellysetta draped over Andreya's knees under the table and Colzar perched on the back of the chair she was sitting in as if he was standing sentry. 

In front of Andreya was spread out her study materials, and her head was bent over the hides with her damp hair loose and flowing over her shoulders. After her bath after dinner, instead of her candidate uniform she'd dressed in more casual, relaxed clothing very much not her typical outfit that would be more likely considered loungewear with her flowy, light blouse and loose wrap skirt that hung down to her knees at its highest point in an asymmetrical hemline.


Re: Right Place + Right Time = Loneliness (Attn: Diagir/Ziya, Tamalak/Chato)


Tam nodded. At least some people understood. "Well, not everyone thinks about it like that. Look at the green--Darling Girl--she Hatched much later. But there was a rockfall and I think it may have hurried the eggs along." He bit his lip. "Some of the guys say that we broke the eggs so we could Impress whatever was inside." He was breathing heavily now, and Chato leaned against his leg and whined.

"Sorry, boy," he whispered.

~~'s OK.~~ Chato threw a glance at Ziya as if to say, "See?"

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 6:25 PM Ren <wingedadrian@...> wrote:
"Of course I know that," Diagir replied in surprise. He'd thought the matter settled, but perhaps some of the other apprentices still gave the pair a hard time. "Besides, your case was an emergency- either you Impressed them or risk their lives. Middle-case scenario, Sleek and Chato would go feral. But they are your friends now and you're taking right good care of them by the look of your boy there."

Ziya watched the whelp thoughtfully. She still wanted to meet Sleek properly when her own gold daughter wasn't hatching. The queen remembered Sleek being there when Lustre's shell started to break and how she had driven the other off in protective jealousy. Those tendrils were fasinating and Ziya would be amiss if she didn't admit curiosity.
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