Re: Checking In (Diagir/Insera)


"Come in," Insera called even as Sorrel told her that Diagir was the person on the other side of the  door.

Re: Can You Help? atten: Calyse/Kashara


Kashara let it go. Clearly there was some sad story there.

"I have a lot of family here," she said. "I'm one of the Weyrwoman's daughters so I have a lot of siblings and cousins running around. I don't know if you've met Rassia or Shalia yet or not."

Re: Party: Things Are Different Here. attn Kashara / Ronhim


"It's a nice dream," Kashara said with a smile. "But I'm going to be the jerk that disillusions you. Having a lifemate means they'll know you better than anyone else ever will, but that doesn't mean things will be perfect. Dragons are still their own unique beings and they have opinions. My mom and Foreth argue worse than any couple I've ever seen, and yet they're lifemates."

Re: Hope and Fear (ATTN: Trifali/Kassia)


Kassia was out walking Brogan. She smiled when she spotted Trifali.

"Just the person I needed to see," she said as they came closer. "How are you doing, Fali?"

Re: It seemed like a good idea at the time! {Petiner, Kassia}


"It's always an adjustment to have another being inside your head," Kassia said. "They  have different feelings and ideas so that they become not only theirs, but yours as well. It can take a while to get used to that. Most people love having another part of them, but it can be hard still. Working on the bond can help."

Does Pern Use The Bradford Score? (K'ren/Cremsden)

Laura Walker

It had been a gradual return to work for Cremsden, from being allowed to tuck himself back away in the office here and there to seeing a few patients - the ones who really needed knowledge he just happened to hold in his head - and now he was just about ready to start working his way up to more.

Help with the baby hadn’t really been optional any more. He’d not been well enough to do it, Margana had taken the baby to the office as much as she could and sometimes they’d needed help. And no-one had died. Except Cremsden, nearly, that one time.

He was looking much better than he had; perhaps some weight lost still to that whole episode but that was to be expected. He stopped - as he always did - to grab klah on the way to K’ren’s office and ‘knocked’ with a foot.

“Come in,” K’ren called out. “Doors open.” He was sitting reviewing some records and looked up and smiled as he came in. “Cremsden, good to see you.”

“Brought klah.” He’d brought Bitey too, or rather the blue firelizard had brought himself, unwilling still to let his accident-prone human wander too far without him. He set the mugs down on the desk before he sat.

“Ah, you know how to score points,” K’ren said. “Basically, I thought it might be a good idea to see how you are getting on now you are back in the Infirmary working. It’s probably something I ought to do with everyone coming back to work after an injury. I might make it a protocol.”

“Yes sir.” And if it was ‘sir’ rather than name, Cremsden had him firmly in manager rather than friend mode. If he was lucky he might be ‘K’ren’ by the end of the conversation.

He sipped on his klah and raised an eyebrow. “So….this is your cue to tell me about how you feel you are getting on?” he said. “How do you think things are going? This isn’t a test, I genuinely want to know.”

“First sevenday I probably slept three hours for every hour I was in,” Cremsden admitted. “Now though-- it’s getting better. Maybe not quite full-speed better, but I’m mostly awake at least.”

“Okay. Do you need to do more of a…” K’ren thought trying to find the words, “...staggered return? Build up a little more gently to full time? Better to take it a little slower now at the outset than jeopardise things.”


Cremsden considered that a moment, reaching a hand to pet the firelizard on his shoulder. “I think as long as the regular shifts are regular shifts, and maybe I avoid the night shift for now it should be okay,” he said. “It’s when something blows up and the regulars start being doubles it gets dicey.”

“We can build up to that sort of thing, but realistically we are fully staffed right now,” K’ren said. “For once in our lives, so we can definitely do that. I’m going to need you to tell me if it is too much.”

“I know the routine by now.” Cremsden smiled faintly at that. “I want back near the apprentices as part of my duties,” he added firmly. “They’ll be coming in with a Clutch due.”

“You think you can deal with their nonsense?” K’ren said with a faint smile in return. “They are not exactly the most restful of duties.”

“I like their nonsense.” The smile widened to a grin now. “At least when they’re idiots I can convince myself they’ll grow out of it.”

“True. With a teacher like you, that has a chance of happening.” K’ren said dryly. “So, day shifts with the apprentices. Now, let’s there anything else that can help you, or would

 make things easier?

“Other than letting me keep them locked in here when the dragons start humming?” Cremsden joked and thought a moment. “Would you mind scheduling me with Cuylar where possible? I know he works shorter shifts because of Elphith but he’s only waiting for the Hall stamp now to get his Journeyman knots and we work well together.”

“Again an easy enough request,” he said. “I’ll make a note.” He scribbled it down as a note to himself - a lot of the others didn’t like the apprentices duty any way.

“Thanks.” They were clearly on good terms again; the ‘sir’ had been dropped at some point in the conversation. Bitey shifted on his shoulder, and he reached automatically to settle the blue. “Is there more stuff you have to go through?” he asked. “Only if not there’s something I’d like to ask you about.”

“I think that’s it,” K’ren said with a smile. “It’s the first one I’ve done and I think that covers it. What did you want to ask?”

“Well,” Cremsden started. “Tyne came for a chat while I was out about this fellow.” He would have indicated the firelizard but Bitey took his own action, scrambling rather gracelessly down from Cremsden’s shoulder to flop on the desk. Far easier for Cremsden to pet him that way. “Now, I’d swear to you that I don’t hear a thing from him - shells, I barely hear dragons when they’re trying their best to get me to hear them - but she reckons I’m catching more than I think.”

“Okay…” K’ren said leaning forward a little. “Why does she think that if you believe you don’t get anything?”

“From what I gather, this guy more or less told her so.” Cremsden grinned ruefully. “Sounds like they’ve been having a few talks while I was out for the count. Seems like half the time I think to go refill the food bowl it’s because there’s a fair of firelizards telling me to that I didn’t know I was hearing.”

“You are maybe not hearing on the conscious level then..” K’ren considered the idea. He’d had dragon nightmares before, not knowing who they came from. “That’s...probably possible actually. Dragon’s can certainly bypass the conscious.”

“Mm. Apparently I’m viewed as a strangely slow to learn hatchling who is nevertheless fairly useful.” Cremsden was petting the firelizard as he talked, absent-mindedly rubbing a hand down his back. Even as he did so, Bitey twisted his head, caught Cremsden’s fingers gently between his teeth, and repositioned them before settling again. “Anyway, I’d known for a while that if I’m-- I don’t know, a bit edgy, he tends to snap me out of it a bit. Grab my fingers or my ear so I’m paying attention to him.”

“Hmm. Well that explains the Bitey part of his name and nature. He’s just been trying to get through to you,” K’ren said. “However it does mean one thing - you’re not actually dragon deaf if you are subconsciously picking up on things.”

“That was rather her point,” Cremsden agreed. “Apparently what he’s been telling her at least I tend to eh, listen better if-- well, if I’ve had a drink or two. Or when I’m very very tired. She thinks I’m sticking a wall up there and then if I think I’m trying to listen I’m ramming my head against it rather than taking it down.”

“So what are you asking?” K’ren said. “It’s fascinating, but what are you wanting to do about it?”

“Well, ideally, I’d prefer to keep my ears intact in future.” It had healed relatively well, if you called still having two ears well, but that one ear was always going to be a mess of scar tissue. “I don’t blame him. They were trying to warn me and I wasn’t listening. But-- we probably need a plan that doesn’t involve me bleeding for the future and she thought you might have suggestions on listening better. Other than being constantly blind drunk, which probably won’t pass.”

“Probably not. It’s likely to be something trauma related unless you took a head injury at some point int the past?” K’ren said considering the infamous incident when he’d been struck by lightning and lost his Hears All abilities for a few months.

Cremsden considered that. “Not that I remember. Managed a few other injuries here and there but I think my head’s been more or less safe.” Trauma though. Had there been a time at Fort when he’d been able to hear more? Hard to remember in retrospect.

“WHen did you get Bitey again?” K’ren asked. He had suspicions about the main source of dragon related trauma in Cremseden’s life in general.

There was a pause while Cremsden thought about it. “Well, I know Master Kregg was here, because he named him,” he said after a moment. “A good few turns ago. Wasn’t living with Margana back then, can’t have been because the cage I had him in at first was enormous.”

“So whatever happened predated that,” K’ren said. “Not likely to be something traumatic about flits  even here in Arolos so I’m going to go with dragons. There’s pretty much one main source of that I think, though the trigger point only you would know.”

“Chances are it was at Fort, in which case,” Cremsden shrugged a little. “Take your pick as to a trigger really.” His voice was calm and matter-of-fact enough, though he was still fussing over Bitey, letting his fingers use that as the outlet for any nervous fidgety energy. 

K’ren paused a little. “Let’s just look at what the block is. It specifically blocks contact by draconics. Why would your mind decide this is a good thing for you?”

“Faranth.” Cremsden released a long breath and thought about it. On the desk, Bitey shifted just a touch, keeping a watchful eye on his owner. “Well. Strictly speaking I guess I would have scraped into Impression age at the start of being sent over there.”

“You were worried about Impressing at Fort?” K’ren said and nodded. “I can see that as the issue...but if it is then the solution has already happened. You are no longer in that age bracket.”

“Would you have wanted to Impress at Fort?” Cremsden asked pointedly. “I mean, not that I ever wanted to anyway. I was always-- eh, from about ten Healer was what I was going to be, you know?” He shrugged. “So, the question is how to get the inside of my head to believe it’s safe.”

“As it happens, I didn’t want to impress here,” K’ren said. “But it happened. Like you I was always going to be a Healer so I understand what you are saying. As for getting your head to believe it is safe… half of the problem would have been identifying that as an issue. The cracks are showing if you know what I mean.”

“Insofar as this fellow is managing to creep in, you mean?” Cremsden ran a fond hand down Bitey’s back. “Not that I’m sure he’d appreciate it long if I did hear him better. I might start refusing some of the snack requests.”

“I think, the first thing you could try is to try and make contact with Bitey when you are very relaxed,” K’ren suggested. “He understands a fair amount so ask him to try and talk to you when you are..maybe just waking up? One good contact and the barrier will drop I think.”

“And if it doesn’t work, there’s always the getting drunk method as option B,” Cremsden said, only half-joking.

“Well yes, but I was trying not to encourage too much of that in general,” K’ren said with a faint smile. “Chances are you wouldn’t remember what you were doing.”


“I’ll give it a go. Not that I’d like too many dragons trying to chat to me, but besides protecting my ears from this fellow occasionally it might be nice if they would say whatever they’re needing to say and then hush up rather than keeping trying while I’m concentrating,” Cremsden admitted.

“If you hear them the first time, they won’t keep shouting like you are an old uncle,” K’ren said. “See how it goes.”

“I’ll give it a go and let you know how it goes,” Cremsden promised. “Did you need me for anything else?”

“No, just I’d like to know how you get on,” K’ren said. “I’ll keep thinking of other ideas in the meantime.”


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

Re: Just Keep Swimming (ATTN: Yiyu/S'lion)


"Exactly," S'lion agreed with a smile to the pair. "Looking good today, Mertrith. What's say we swim with you guys?"

{{I'd like that!}} Tototh chimed in. {{Though I'm with Mertrith, how is this different from a bath?}}

"Easy. The purpose here isn't to wash you and get you clean but for you to havre fun and strengthen your muscles in preparation for when we start to fly. It's like flapping lessons but in water. See the AWLM's dragon out there? You can't go past them. So long as you stay in here, you'll be safe and won't have to worry about getting tired."

{{I won't get tired?!}} Tototh was very eager about that. S'lion was quick to correct him.

"No no you can still get tired, but out there past the adult dragon the water is very deep and you can't just stand up. If you get tired out there and stop swimming, you'd just go down. There's no ground for a long ways. Then I'd be sad." That was enough to convince the blue.

{{I don't want you sad!}} Tototh was quick to declare. {{Mertrith, we won't go past the big dragon, ok? If we do, ours will be sad and we can't have that.}}
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Just Keep Swimming (ATTN: Yiyu/S'lion)

Jessica Freise

}: Why is this different from taking a bath? :{

Yiyu smiled at the question. In the months since her Impression, she'd steadily come out of her shell, growing as an individual and a partner to her beautiful Mertrith. The little (not so much anymore) green's enthusiasm for secrets, curiousity, and shear tenacity helped.

"Because," she said,, raising a hand to S'lion whom she recognized even through the haze the heat had cloaked her mind in, "It's serious *and* fun. You need to learn to swim in case something happens and you have to. You want to learn because it's good exercise, especially for your wings. Right, S'lion?"

During her talk with Mirtreth, they had come even with the other Weyrling. Yiyu gave him a small smile.

Re: Eyes Open for Opportunity! (attn: Sehrael, Kashara)


"I was born here," Kashara said. "More and more of us are getting to say that, but still not so many of us yet. I know a bit of Ista because of the volcano, but for the most part Arolos is all I know."

"Ah, yes, that sort of thing that makes the old folks say, ‘oh, that makes me feel so old,’ yeah?" Sehrael chuckled. "Well, I hope the old caldera here is all quake-and-eruptioned out for a while."

Behold His Glory (D'cul, Pompey)


It had been four days and D'cul had started checking his egg as frequently as he could until he saw it start to shake and heard the scratching inside. Once that started, he retrieved a bowl of meat from the stores and sat watching in nervous excitement. Seteieth hummed on his cot and even Ducar was roused from his constant chill trance to add his low voice to the mix. It was the same, Diagir had found found, watching all three draconics hatch. One for a lifemate, one for a guardian, and a third for a pet. He was lucky now that he thought about it. D'cul had two certified Callamere pets and one was a coveted bronze. This one.

Ducar sniffed when he smelled the meat and whined softly. {Car's smellin' some meat,} the brown stated in his deep and slow voice. D'cul smiled and had to laugh a little.

"Be good for our new friend and I'll give you what he doesn't eat, ok?"

{Yes, boss,} Ducar hummed and laid his head back down obediently.

D'cul snapped back to reality when a loud snap signaled the shell finally breaking open. Almost immediately a gleaming bronze head popped through with a shriek, his hunger clear in the three present and causing a bit of red to shoot through dragon and wher eyes to match the little hatchling. Immediately D'cul popped a bit inside the demanding maw even while the rest of the firelizard was still in the shell. Upon tasting blood, the frenzy began and the baby bronze beat at his shell with his lower limbs until his wings burst through and plopped wetly on the hearth. It took a minute for the boy to find his feet and in the mean time, Diagir kept feeding him gobbets of meat while thinking those familiar thoughts of love and welcome. He felt his other two Impressed friends doing the same (which was a surprise coming from Ducar) and sent them gratitude and approval. 

"Hello, beautiful," D'cul crooned to the hatchling. "I'm D'cul and I can't wait to be friends with you. Here, have plenty of meat. I've got enough for you here, more than you'll want." At the reminder, Ducar swung his tail side to side against the stone floor. "Yes, Ducar, I remember you. I won't forget our agreement. You're doing very well so far. Now, what to name our new little friend..."

The firelizard had slowed his eating, little stomach bulging, and was taking his time selecting bits to eat now. D'cul pulled the bowl of warm water close and began to gently wipe down the pale hide, marvelling at how glittery it was and how bright. "You remind me of Seteieth," he murmured softly while cleaning the firelizard. "All shine and wing. Will you have his same demenor? Will you want justice in this world and will you hate Thread?" Moving on to the oil, D'cul was careful to get all of the creature and even began humming himself. He wanted the bronze to feel as welcome as he could in his weyr and not to disappear.

Seteieth snorted as Ducar started in on the leftovers. {{I don't think that he could disappear if he wanted to,}} the big bronze pointed out. {{He's too full to go between now or fly. No, you did well. He's sleepy and content. Safe to say that Impression was a success.}}

Hearing the confirmation from his dragon, D'cul sat gently petting over his now sleeping firelizard and sighed softly. "Such a wonderful creature... I'll never cease to be amazed by dragon types. You're all so different but so amazing. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me."

{{He still needs a name.}}

"Hm... Pompey. The way he demanded his meat was so pompous... Pompey. Call it uninspired but I like the sound of it."
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Checking In (Diagir/Insera)


Diagir sat with Ziya's head in his lap, tracing over the lines on her face tenderly as the gold purred under his ministrations. He had a meeting with Insera soon to discuss his suspension and, to be honest, the man was nervous. Vainglory-now-Vedrarsk's bond break still weighed heavily on him though he was past the time of thinking that it would be best if she had died some way. It might be less on him. But no, those were bad thoughts and the wher was happy which was what mattered. Now he had his brown and his gold to think of and work with, which he had been. The pair was much calmer whenever he left now and Ziya didn't demand to go with him anymore.

{Ziya go?} The queen asked as if on cue. Diagir chuckled and tapped her nose.

"No, great one, stay here with Diagirsk," the handler quietly ordered. "I want to show Master Insera that we're all capable of being apart for lengths of time."

Ziya shighed but obeyed, trusting Diagir to be right. {Back soon?} Her wistful tone melted the man.

"As soon as I can be, sweetling," Diagir promised. "Now let me up so I can go."

With another sigh, Ziya moved her head and went to go lay in her own den. Diagir was pleased that she wasn't trying to lay with Diagirsk again- it showed she was back to being her independent self. He checked his uniform in the mirror he had, adjusted his knots and brushed back his hair, before being satisfied enough to leave.

In moments, he was knocking at Master Insera's office.
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Are you afraid of the dark? Come play in the Shadow...

Re: Twisted Logic (ATTN: Nyzara/Zy'fen)

Amy Frazey

Zy'fen nodded. "Alright. And congratulations on the clutch." He paused, "My blue flit is gone. He disappeared the day I got hurt." There was a mix of emotions in Zy'fen's voice and on his face, though Nizara couldn't see it. Regret that the firelizard had *betweened*, anger at the Thread that had forever changed his life, bitterness over that change, relief and gratitude that he was still alive, and that it hadn't been Nerenth who was lost. Confusion over what would happen to him now.

On Wed, May 20, 2020, 5:09 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
Nyzara scented the smell of the infirmary far before she entered it. She might be a Mindhealer, but she'd never cared for the scent itself. Today she moved with the assistance of a Healer Apprentice and her cane, as her golden Flare was busy overseeing her clutch. THe thought made her smile.

With that smile in place, she entered Zy'fen's room. The cane swept back and forth until she found a seat presumably beside the bed.

"Good morning," she said.

Re: Cloud Dancers Wing Assistant Interviews (wL S'ryll, Asheran)

Jenna Cunningham

Any effort, whether real or imagined, that went into S'ryll looking good was utterly lost on Asheran. What mattered to him right now was the man's rank. So when asked to come in - and already standing just inside the office - he stepped closer, though kept a respectful distance - the sort of distance men would keep between themselves, real men, bronze riding men.

"Candidate Asheran - senior apprentice, Tannercraft," he added the last as an afterthought, because he was proud of his accomplishments there, however meager it seemed beside a wingleader's rank. Then, on an impulse, he stuck out his hand. "I'm looking forward to working with you, sir."

Re: I'm Watching You {Kaji, Tyne}


It felt as though she could clean one wall and only a short while later, it would already be covered in dust again. The sooner the doors were finally installed, the better things would be for everyone. The firelizards didn't care, they adored having a mountain of rags to run away with and rip to pieces in a corner somewhere. That she would need to sweep. Again. Stooping to pick up the bucket in order to toss the dirty water down the steps, Tyne paused when she felt the familiar prickle of, well, someone unfamiliar. She knew all of the faces that popped in regularly, her own fair notwithstanding. No, she wasn't sure she had met this one.
Feeling the mental stand, she tugged it gently in greeting, the same
way she had felt the firelizards do when they were introducing
themselves. It was very much an empathic nudge, edged with the
cautious sensations of curious interest. Looking about her, it always
reminded her of the child's game "hot and cold". It took a little
longer than expected, not expecting to see the strangely coloured
firelizard tucked away. "Hello," she said, fixing the white firelizard
with her dark eyes.<<

Kawaii may have been the one to make a point to find her, but that
didn't mean he /actually/ welcomed her attention. He didn't flench
from her, but he clearly didn't return the greeting either instead
offering a light hiss. She hadn't come closer so it wasn't his
standard full hiss, but still it was very obviously a hiss. No his pet
was plenty to talk to he wasn't sure about talking to /her/ even if
the others liked her. He was stopped from farther contemplation when
Kaji moved and he turned his attention to his pet ~~Where going. What
looking.~~ He questioned watching his pet search the area around him.

The return of asking about his location cause him to look back at the
woman and pass Kaji an image of Tyne. He could see Kaji turn his
direction, but as long as his pet stayed there the little white flit
was going to stay here and watch her. He might in no way be sure of
her, but he still wanted to see her better. Kaji would just have to
come up here once he was done.

ooc: figure have Kaji come in next reply, but figured poor Tyne could
try to socalize with mr. anti social a bit first heh


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Would you like some help? {Cl'rin, Tyne}


Cl'rin would admit he had never known Tyne as well as he had Jayden.
Jayden had been the one to help him heal after everything that had
happened. She got him Gem, helped him impress the little flit, and if
not for her he still didn't know if he would have been in a good frame
of mind when Dollanth had found him that day on the sands.

Still he /had/ talked to her a few times and such you couldn't spend
time in training for that long in not. The problem though to him was
that he had never bothered to keep up with her after. While it might
seem silly to most to wait till now it seemed like a good idea to the
ACM to do it later rather than never, he just hoped he didn't step
wrong honestly.

He knew where her clinic was and waited till one of his half days
before gathering Gem and Fuzzy and making his way there. Gem was
content on his shoulder, but Fuzzy was wrapped around his arm
chittering and chirping happily as he ran the fingers of his other
hand along her back.

He paused at the entrance glancing around to see the work that had
been done so far before finally speaking "Hello? Tyne?" he called.


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"My personality is 30% the last anime I watched." - Tumblr
"Remind me never to get out our bad side. It seems to be ...
unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Meeting of accidental thieves {Qabil, Trifali}


Qabil as usual was left to laundry duty, or rather laundry hauling
duty. She had a couple of empty baskets in her hands and shuffled her
way into the main laundry room mostly ignoreing the candidates in
there for craft time. Or rather she was until she spotted something
one of them had put down. It wasn't much, at least not to her, but to
the candidate it was probably something. She barely glanced at it
before looking around at the candidates, as she passed the trinket
unconsious habit had her pick it up and stash the small trinket
without her realizing she had done it.

She made it to where the candidates were filling the baskets and
settled down the empty one waiting on the one they were working on to
be full so she could take it to where it needed to be.

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Join the Aywas fun -

"My personality is 30% the last anime I watched." - Tumblr
"Remind me never to get out our bad side. It seems to be ...
unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Re: Big whoop, it's an Infirmary. (Dytha/Cremsden/I'des)


I'des nodded to the Healer at the front desk, gave her a sunny smile and a half-salute. "Good morning." he greeted. "I'm, ah, here to get my scars checked? Make sure they're still healing right?" 

Re: Yes she's fully grown. No, we're not Weyrlings. (Dytha/D'jarin)


"Not really." D'jarin answered, with a shrug. "Vizslath covered it. Dragon's happy and healthy, don't need to know past that." 

Vizslath snorted. ((Wherever would you be, if I didn't ask questions?)) he told his rider, turning his head to nudge D'jarin. The bronze rider huffed, gave his muzzle a push. "Must've been something else. Minding your own business and suddenly, dragon. Least Candidates expect it." 

Re: Can *you* help *me*? (ATTN: Nyzara, Tyne)

Jessica Freise

"I'll take care of here," the Mindhealer said, rubbing her gold gently between the eyes. She took in a nervous breath and asked quietly, "Is it normal to be nervous?"

On Jul 30, 2020, at 4:49 PM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"Well she's going to be uncomfortable," Tyne remarked with a short laugh. "She's going to be squeezing Faranth knows how many eggs through a very small hole. But on a serious  note, I would recommend you make sure you're spending time emphasising that places you'd be happier her clutching in are very safe, very secure places. She might take to the idea."

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 5:38 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"I love her and she is my world, both figuratively and literally," Nyzara said quietly. "I'd never want her hurt or uncomfortable or alone in this."

On Jul 25, 2020, at 5:03 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"Nothing silly about it," Tyne said with a shrug. "In fact most people don't even bother to take things like it into consideration until it's too late to do anything about it." It was very obvious that here in this place that she felt safe, she was confident and forthright, the walls of suspicion tempered by buoyant pride. In many ways, she was a wholly different person. "The very fact that you've stopped to ask is a good thing. It means you're thinking about her safety."

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 5:59 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
Nyzara read her voice, heard the honesty, nodded. A hand reached out, while the other stroked Flare.

"I'm greatful for your time with me and the silly questions you've answered. I truly appreciate it, Lady Tyne."

On Jul 17, 2020, at 11:26 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"Hah." The short exclamation escaped her before she had chance to contain it. "You can try and entice her by making small, secluded spots using boxes, piles of furs and the like. But she's gold. If she's going to go off somewhere, she's going off somewhere. All you can do is try and convince her in the meantime that you're the better option." Tyne didn't see any point in beating about the wherry. Golds had minds of their own and they knew it. Regardless of their size. Tyne's voice retained that matter of fact tone. She wasn't being cruel, just honest. 

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 4:41 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"What's the best method to make sure she doesn't hide this clutch?" Nyzara queried, her face open, her eyes honest. She wanted, and wondered, if they'd ever be more than at delicate odd with one another.

On Jul 3, 2020, at 1:07 PM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

It was tempting to be a little snide in her reply at first, a defensive reflex from the knowledge that this woman was likely using her Mindhealing training to analyse and assess everything she said, every move she made. Even if it was through her firelizard's eyes. It wasn't Nyzara's fault. Tyne just... didn't trust Mindhealers not to use every opportunity to get into her head. "Yes, more than once. More so when she was younger and stubbornly determined to hide her eggs. These days, no. She knows that her eggs are safer with me than they are anywhere else."

On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 6:20 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"You speak from experience? About the cliffface, I mean."

One hand stroked the gravid gold as she awaited the reserved woman's answer. It still bothered her that she had failed; no one had said as much, but she would; with Tyne.

On Jun 24, 2020, at 3:44 PM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"So it sounds as though she's picked your office. That's potentially not ideal as she might cause problems for any patients you see. Some golds can get very possessive and outright defensive, especially if it's their first clutch." Tyne's voice was matter of fact and she shrugged a little nonchalantly. "They all have their own quirks but it's about finding a balance. I imagine she's picked there because you're there a lot. But at least you know where it is and aren't expected to somehow navigate up a cliff face."

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 11:10 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
The Mindhealer actually blushed. A hand rose to stroke the gold as she admitted, "She was found nesting with the silliest items in my office the other morning."

On Jun 9, 2020, at 5:17 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

OoC: As the gold is her eyes, I'm assuming she's with her.

IC: A quick glance at the gold told Tyne all she needed to know. The obviously gravid gold would likely be clutching any time now. "First clutch I presume," she remarked as she wiped off her hands with a rag. There was dust everywhere. "Have you seen her nesting about your weyr at all? If she's planning to clutch in your weyr, then she will have already claimed a nesting site. If not, then she's picked it elsewhere and you need to find out where." As much as Bobbin nearly always clutched with Tyne at her side, there was the odd occasion where the fussy creature decided that somewhere else was better. And was promptly ratted out by the rest of the fair so Tyne could recover the clutch. Well, at least this wasn't some attempt to follow up to what could fairly be described as disastrous meeting.

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 6:54 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"It's my gold, Flare," she explained. "She's almost ready to cluch and I'm looking for information on how and where I can direct her to clutch safely."

On Jun 4, 2020, at 4:22 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

It certainly wasn't going to be done in a day, and probably not even a sevenday. But Tyne was spending as much time as she could working on the old recovery weyr that she had commandeered for the flit clinic. Wearing clothes she was happy to destroy and a scarf over her hair, Tyne hefted a large box to the ground, stopping to open it and finding another crate of empty numbweed jars that would need re-sterilising. At least she knew where they had been storing them. "In the back!" she called, looking up at the irritated chatter she noted from Bobbin, a flash of the Mindhealer through her thoughts. Oh, marvellous. This had better not been an "impromptu visit to check on you". She was far beyond that nonsense. But she was polite enough to take the woman's blindness into consideration and stepped out from the maze of boxes and towards the open front of what had been a wall. It had come down at some point and she was already discussing with the Woodcraft, about the installation of a large set of doors that would protect the front from weather damage as at the moment, the rain just blew right in. 

"How can I help?"

On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 5:22 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
The mess of furs, clothing, and miscellaneous items that her beautiful Flare had used to try to nest in her office had brought something home to the Mindhealer. She needed help. She needed knowledge. She needed Tyne.

"Lady Tyne?" she called, pausing outside of the disused weyr that a Healer Apprentice had led her to.

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Big whoop, it's an Infirmary. (Dytha/I'des)


OoC: Set approximately current, in-game date circa

She was assisting in the "human" side of the Infirmary today, several Apprentices being out sick or something. Or playing hookie. Either way, she was sat at the reception desk picking through the files and allocating them. She was not on Infirmary trawl which was a saving grace. Her feet wouldn't have stood up. Literally. 

So she was the "front face" for the day, greeting anyone coming in, telling them to go away if necessary or if they actually were sick, finding someone to help with that.

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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!