Checking on my Mentee (WLM Ko'ssen/wL S'ryll)


OOC: After the Clutching for time keeping purposes.

It was nearing the end of three months since the Hatching of the MidSummer’s Clutch and a bit less since his promotion to wingleader.  He was still adjusting to the new duties, the hidework, the stress.  Every injury in Threadfall was on him.  Every error made his as well.  He’d expected it, but the reality was always different than the expectation.  So today he’d decided to take a little break and go check up on the young bronze weyrling K’el.  He knew the youngest group was still sequestered away from the Weyr, but he could go ask the WLM about his young mentee.  He’d been genuinely happy when the lad Impressed, and he wanted to continue building up the next generation of bronzeriders.  Perhaps it was his ego, wanting to mold the lad in his image as an example of how great he was.  Perhaps it was genuine desire to help and assist the next generation of Riders.  Perhaps it was just a desire to prove to the Weyrleaders that they’d chosen correctly when they’d given him the wingleader position.  

Regardless, that one afternoon he knocked on WLM Ko’ssen’s office door, waiting for the other to answer, not so patiently running his fingers through his hair as he waited.


Ko’ssen was sitting at his desk, a mug of klah still steaming having recently finished brewing a small pot of klah on his tiny stove (an idea he’d liked from when he’d visited with Ked’son). In front of him were some papers, organized only in a manner he knew, all revolving researching information in preparation for the twin gold eggs on the Sands. 

As there was a knock on his door, Ko’ssen’s head bobbed up to glance at the closed door, but before he responded for them to come in he took a second to close a few of the files he’d been reading, open the desk drawer, and place them in it before shutting them securely away. Those didn’t need to be on his desk and visible for anyone who walked into his office.

Once that was done, he pitched his voice loud enough and called out “Come on in!” while at the same time he stood up to greet whoever was stopping by. Mirroring the person who’d been standing outside his door, aside from the impatience, Ko’ssen ran a hand through his hair to smooth it back down a bit as he waited for the door to open. 


S’ryll heard the permission and went inside glancing at the man who didn’t look a day his senior, even though there were several Turns between them.  WLM Ko’ssen had a face that made him look younger, while S’ryll looked timeless, or so he told himself.  He gave one of his effortless smiles as he entered, nodding his head in greeting, his dark eyes taking everything in.  

“WLM Ko’ssen?  I’m wingleader S’ryll of bronze…”

<<greatest bronze…>>  S’ryll ignored him.

“Vastolth.  I trust I’m not intruding,” he said, a wave of his hand indicating the numerous hides that were still on his desk.  


As the door swung open, Ko’ssen recognized (even without glancing at the other’s knots) the bronzerider having seen him around back before Ko’ssen got promoted to WLM. But, while he recognized the other as a broznerider, the name didn’t immediately pop in his head. Glancing over the other, taller rider, Ko’ssen gave the Wingleader (this needed a glance at the other’s knots before the introduction) a friendly smile as S’ryll walked in. 

At the introduction, and the questioning tone regarding his own name, Ko’ssen quickly confirmed that with a nod saying in response to the other’s question and hand-wave at the desk. “Not intruding at all, just some research. Come on in Wingleader, and you’re welcome to take a seat. And yes, WLM Ko’ssen of bronze Zerenth.” Here Ko’ssen moved slightly around the desk to offer the other bronzerider his hand in greeting. 

As he moved, careful of the hot stove, Ko’ssen also asked curiously “What can I do for you today, Wl S’ryll? And, I just brewed a fresh pot of klah if you’d care for a mug.” 

The seats offered were either a reasonably comfortable looking chair opposite his at the desk, or a seat on the couch he’d gotten in the office. Ko’ssen had no problem following the other brozerider’s lead on the tone of this conversation based on the seat picked.


S’ryll took the other’s hand in greeting as well, a firm grip, and then he sat in the seat across from the other’s desk, casually sitting back in the chair, his demeanor relaxed and nonchalant.  “I never turn down a cup of klah,” he said with a smile to the other man.  

Well, the WLM certainly got down to business, no small talk.  He could appreciate that, even if today he was looking for a distraction.  “I’m actually here about one of your weyrlings…” he said, although his tone and casualness made it obvious that it wasn’t about to be anything terrible.  

<<Ask him when he’ll be back to helping you bathe me.  He was very good.>>

>>He has his own bronze now, Vastolth.<<

<<That doesn’t mean he can’t help!>>

>>I will be sure to bring that up in the future…<< S’ryll mentally rolled his eyes.


Ko’ssen shook hands with the other bronzerider, his own grip practiced and confidently firm, before releasing the other’s hand. As S’ryll took a seat at the desk and sat back relaxed, Ko’ssen nodded once with a smile at the other’s acceptance of klah and turned slightly to the small stove. 

He paused before turning all the way to the stove at the bronzerider’s words about being here because of a weyrling. He glanced back at the bronzeirder, noticing the casual pose and not hearing a tone that made it obvious something was wrong, and so Ko’ssen nodded his head at the bronzerider saying with that same friendly tone “Alright, now you have me curious. Who would you be wanting to talk about?”

With that question, Ko’ssen then finished moving over to the stove and in smooth, quick movements, had gotten one of the many extra mugs he kept for visitors in a row on a shelf, poured a mug of klah, and placed it in front of the other bronzerider as well as a small tray with a stirring spoon, sugar, milk, and some other fixings available for S’ryll to add to his klah. Ko’ssen was careful to shift the hides out of the way of the tray he placed it down, not wanting anything to spill on them as he moved the hides a bit more into a stack. 

That taken care of, Ko’ssen finally sat down himself and picked up his own mug, pausing before taking a sip to say “It’s not the typical Arolosian blend there, but a different one I’ve recently been introduced to and enjoy, just a heads up.”


S’ryll noted the klah tray and fixings.  That was an idea he should incorporate into his own office.  He took his black though, regardless of the blend.

<<Like you’re heart if you don’t ask about bathing me!>>

“It’s good,” he said, noting the difference after the first sip.  He couldn’t quite place it though.  He’d never been one to drink wine to excess, but he certainly drank less now as the wingleader, and much more in private.  If he drank with his wing, it was to be social, not to get drunk.  So he’d substituted much more klah for wine, so the subtle flavors of this blend, while previously would have been indistinguishable for him, now seemed much more apparent.  

“I’m here about your bronzeling K’el.  I was informally mentoring him for a few months before he Impressed, and I wanted to check on him, see how he’s doing.  How’s young Alberith?”


Sitting back and sipping at his steaming klah, Ko’ssen was glad he’d had the thought of the small tray himself. It made it easier when people came to visit to just pour a mug of klah, put it on the tray already prepared, and set it in front of the guest. The only thing he had to do was to make sure and get fresh milk every morning, but the pitcher with it’s sealed lid kept the milk chilled nearly all day, and the closely sealed lids of the sugar and other fixings kept those fresh as well, and kept out any crawly things too. 

Ko’ssen smiled as the other bronzerider said it was good, relaxing back in his chair as he mentioned “It’s a Fortian blend, containing a bit of cinnamon and I believe a few other spices, if you were curious.” 

As S’ryll mentioned the weyrling in question, and why the interest, Ko’ssen’s curiosity smoothed off his face in understanding as his memory was refreshed and he nodded while responding with “That’s right. I did see mention of K’el, as a candidate, working with you informally.” 

Ko’ssen paused here, considering K’el for a moment and what he knew of how the bronzeling pair had been doing and comparing that to what it was appropriate to say to someone outside the WLM team...Ko’ssen did think there needed to be a certain level of confidentiality between what the WLM team knew about their weyrlings and what got told to those not in the WLM team. It’s be one thing if S’ryll was K’el’s future Wingleader (or even the Weyrleader himself), but at the moment neither of those things were the case, so Ko’ssen wanted to make sure he was careful here.

After a moment of consideration, Ko’ssen said “He and Alberith have butt heads a bit, as I believe any bronzeling pair do in weyrlinghood. There issue with thicktail, but other than that the pair have been doing fine.”


S’ryll looked at the cup of klah.  “Well, not everything Fortian was bad.”  Truth be told, he wasn’t nearly as easy-going as most of the Arolosians, and had to make very concerted efforts in the beginning not to be as hidebound as the tales of old Fort.  He still had to make that effort when confronted with a green wingleader -- although he was now friends with one -- or some other very Arolosian mentality.  But he’d also never subscribed to the level of cruelty at Fort either.  It was more his own ego that accentuated some holder cultural norms, and in the right environment, had cultivated an entitled view of the metallics within a Weyr.  But it had never been a cruel viewpoint.  

S’ryll nodded, not realizing his mentorship with the other had been well-known, but then, he had vouched for him one day when the kid had missed Harper lessons, so he shouldn’t be surprised.  “Vastolth liked him, and he was very eager to help.”

<<When is he coming back?>>

>>Seriously!?  Give it up already!<<

As Ko’ssen talked about the lad and his dragon butting heads, S’ryll chuckled.  “Have you warned him yet that with a bronze, it rarely gets better?”  He took another sip of klah.  “As a Candidate, he seemed to be lacking a bit in confidence, but he was quite capable.  I imagine though a headstrong bronze will both challenge the lad and make him a bit more confident in turn as well.  I’m glad to hear he’s doing well.”


Ko’ssen heard the comment about Fort as S’ryll looked at the klah and he wondered at the bronzerider’s words and if they reflected something regarding his beliefs...whether they fell more on the Arolos side of things, or leaned toward the ways of Fort. But, he refrained from commenting on that, as his own views were very lax for a bronzerider...he’d always felt more comfortable interacting with blue and greenriders actually, something that had carried over from his belief that he’d been supposed to impress one of *those* colors instead of Zerenth and all the leadership his bronze hide carried with him. 

At S’ryll’s comment, Ko’ssen grinned saying “Yes, that makes sense. He’s shown an equal eagerness to learn in the weyrling classes.” Ko’ssen did wonder if S’ryll’s bronze liking K’el was a reflection on the fact that K’el would then impress bronze himself.

With S’ryll’s question, Ko’ssen answered with “While I’ve not specifically said that to him, he’s currently being closely mentored (along with the other bronze weyrling in the class) by one of our bronze AWLMs and I’m sure that’s been one of the things mentioned in the ‘bronze-specific’ classes they’ve had.” 

Ko’ssen nodded at S’ryll’s last comments about K’el gaining confidence with his bronze, after all that did tend to be necessary when you impressed such a dominant, strong personality color. Either that or you became their doormat, and a bronze wouldn’t Impress to a candidate who wouldn’t be able to rise to the occasion like that. He’d figured that out himself in weyrlinghood. So, in response Ko’ssen just answered with “Our bronze lifemates do have that effect, helping us rise to meet them if we were not so confident before Impressing them.”


S’ryll nodded as the other mentioned bronze-specific classes.  “I remember those, though it seems like forever ago.  I’m sure your AWLM is giving him good advice on what to expect.”  He’d meant the comment more as a joke than literally, but it was good to know that even Arolos ascribed to the color-specific weyrling classes needed for the metallics.  It wouldn’t have surprised him if they hadn’t.  

He took another sip of his klah.  He’d known some riders and young weyrlings like K’el.  Shards, the one he’d bullied during Candidacy that had gone onto Impress bronze had been one.  He wasn’t sure the kid had ever really grown into his dragon though.  Not everyone lived up to their potential.  

“I’m afraid it was the opposite for Vastolth and I.  I still had to tone him down, but we matched each other for egos and ambitions through and through.”  He was just able to admit it now, and back then, not so much.  “Shards, I could have killed K’el the first time we met though, when he called Vastolth ‘Vastolth the Great.’  Do you have any idea how many sevendays it took to get him to stop demanding me to introduce him like that to everyone?”  He chuckled.  “Still does sometimes…”


The little bit of humor S’ryll had tried to do with his joking comment had actually gone over Ko’ssen’s head, as he’d been so focused lately on classes and making sure everything went as smooth as possible that that was where his head had gone immediately. At S’ryll’s response, Ko’ssen nodded replying with “Yes, been forever for me as well.” With a wave down at the hides full of lesson information, he added “Impressing at 12 myself, so long ago, I’ve actually sat in on some of the lessons just to be better informed to be able to bring fresh ideas. And, to see how the classes here differ from the ones I’d gone through at Ista.” 

As S’ryll went on to explain how things had been for him and his bronze, Ko’ssen sipped his klah and listened curiously, always interested to hear how other bronzeriders weyrlinghoods might have differed from his own. When S’ryll finished, Ko’ssen was chuckling at the ‘Vastolth the Great’, imagining it wouldn’t have been so very different if Zerenth had been called something similar. Giving a small, amused shake of his head Ko’ssen responded with “Yeah, I could very much see Zerenth doing that too in that situation. My experience with my bronze in weyrlinghood was very different from you and Vastolth. I’d never expected to be found on the Sands by a bronze, expecting blue or green, so having him by my side while so young, I had quite a struggle to adjust to the new expectations he brought with him.”


S’ryll nodded.  “I imagine that would have been quite an adjustment and a shift in expectations, but you were young enough still at the time.  Likely would have been harder if you’d been older.  Why didn’t you think you’d Impress bronze?”  A normal person would have added something like ‘if you don’t mind’ to the end, but S’ryll was often oblivious to such small niceties.  He was better than he used to be, but still.


S’ryll’s words about the adjustment and the age he’d been earned the other bronzerider a firm nod of agreement. At the question, however, Ko’ssen stilled for a moment. He reached out, feeling for Zerenth to see how much attention the bronze was paying to the conversation, as the topic and S’ryll’s question was very much leading to territory that the arrogant bronze did *not* like his lifemate thinking about. But, Ko’ssen had opened that door with S’ryll because of his comment, so he’d follow through. Thankfully, the bronze was busy on the rim talking with a pretty green dragon who’d started flirting with and flattering Zerenth. Ko’ssen could just *feel* Zerenth’s arrogance inflating even more at the green’s words. Wonderful, his bronze wasn’t paying much attention to him and the conversation.

After checking on Zerenth, Ko’ssen answered “Short answer? I didn’t think of myself as a leader.” 

Taking a sip of his klah as he adjusted in the chair to be more comfortable, Ko’ssen then continued with “Long answer is...well, while I’d grown up in a Weyr with rider parents, I’d never thought to be a rider myself, I wanted to be a dolphineer actually. Until just before turning 12, and my mother didn’t come back from ‘Fall, protecting a Gold from some Thread that had been missed. So I joined candidacy, to live up to what she’d died doing: protecting people.”

After a pause, Ko’ssen finished with “I Impressed only a few months into candidacy, and not only did I not think of myself as a leader I was content to follow the crowd as long as they were going the way I wanted to anyway. Zerenth, however, very much disagreed with my assessment of myself...and still does sometimes.” 

Here he gave S’ryll an amused grin as he glanced around at his office as Weyrlingmaster before saying “And now here I am, Weyrlingmaster at Arolos. If I went back and told 12 turn old me Standing on those sands that I’d be sitting here, I know 12 turn old me would have busted a rib laughing.”


S’ryll listened to the other’s story.  It wasn’t unexpected really, especially at 12 Turns.  Who really knew what you were capable of at that age.  Oh sure, some like himself, thought they did, but in truth it was wherry shet at that age.  

“A dolphineer to Weyrlingmaster.  Definitely related,” he said with a chuckle.  “I was on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I grew up in High Reaches Hold, my parents no one of any importance. But it wasn’t long before I found I was good with runners, and I could ride nearly anything.  Racing runners are strong-willed beasts, and I was a good jockey and could handle them.  So naturally, I acted like a cocky wherry shet as soon as I started winning races.  Depending on whom you ask, I still do,” he said with a shrug.  “So when I was Searched at 17 and came to the Weyr, I just knew I was going to be a bronzerider, and then eventually Weyrleader someday.  When Vastolth Chose me at nearly 20, it didn’t exactly help my attitude, and vindicated me instead.”

He paused, sipping his klah.  “We both had to learn to be leaders, you and I.  We just came at it from opposite ends of the spectrum.”


Ko’ssen’s own chuckle echoed S’ryll’s first comment as the WLM ran a hand through his hair, slightly embarrassed and said merely “Indeed.” And then he fell silent as S’ryll told his own story. 

Sipping at his klah, mug warm in his hands, Ko’ssen listened. Smiling at the other’s memories of riding and even racing runners, he then chuckled at S’ryll’s description of his own behavior and attitude: the typical future bronzerider attitude even before his impression to a bronze. Nodding understandingly at the belief being vindicated by S’ryll’s impression, Ko’ssen held back his surprise of S’ryll already being a wingleader within 10 turns of impression, but he supposed the quick advancement was helped along by S’ryll not needing to sit twiddling his thumbs through 4 turns of weyrlinghood before he was old enough to even join the wings...and just goes to show what an actual ambitious bronzerider could achieve. 

S’ryll’s last comments earned the younger bronzerider another nod of agreement before Ko’ssen replied with “Yes, we certainly did. But, our different starting points help to give us specific insights that we wouldn’t otherwise have, of the abilities necessary to get to the same point from where we each started.” Ko’ssen took another sip of his klah before asking with a curious look “Racing runners, hmm? Seems a bit more related to dragonriding than dolphineering, that’s for sure. I can’t imagine my life without Zerenth, but I wonder, never actually having gotten the chance to get into a craft myself...I wonder if you miss it? The craft you had before.” 

The question was...part curiosity on his own part, not having experienced a craft before his life was joined so permanently with Zerenth’s, but also because some weyrlings *did* come from craft backgrounds before they Impressed and he’d been curious.  But never so curious as to actually ask a weyrling (not wanting to potentially upset the new weyrlings and have that carry over to their new lifemate). 


S’ryll chuckled.  “It felt about the same for the first few months.  The headstrong runners though had nothing on my little bronze.  But I aced my drills as a result, and I can still ride better without straps than most, something that’s come in handy a time or two in an emergency.”  

He sat back and thought for a moment.  Vastolth wasn’t paying as much attention now that it was obvious the idea of K’el coming to bathe him was out again.  “It was hard at first, once the novelty of the dragon wore off.  But I’d stood for three Hatchings before Impressing, so by the time Vastolth Chose me, I’d have given my right arm for him.  But there is this immense sense of starting over.  I’d just made journeyman in the Craft before coming to the Weyr.  Being a weyrling is like starting all over again, and in truth it is.  But that thrill you feel when you ride your bronze… It’s so much more than racing a runner.  Once we’d graduated… I raced a few times after that.  Until I got thrown, and I realized that racing had always been dangerous, but back then I wasn’t risking a bronze dragon too.  So I gave it up.  I just ride for pleasure now, even if I’ve raced the WW on a few occasions.  I do miss it, but I’d never go back.”  He sipped his klah.  “I think I miss feeling young and invincible more than I do the Beastcraft.  This profession of ours constantly makes us face our mortality.”  It was hard to see Threadscoring and not be reminded of the horrific injuries it could inflict.  

“My parents were content to be no one.  I was not.  I achieved that when I was a famous jockey in the High Reaches circuit.  But at its best, that was short-lived.  My Craft would only have taken me so far.  With Vastolth, I could do so much more, be so much more.  Especially with the right gold, and I thought I’d found her Turns ago.”  He sat up now, and his hand waved towards the gold-specific materials on Ko’ssen’s desk.

“Foreth’s future twin golds...They’re not the first, you know.  And the remaining weyrwoman from that set is here at Arolos…”


As S’ryll talked about his experiences with his new bronze being similar at the beginning, Ko’ssen couldn’t hold back a laugh at that thought and then followed the laugh with a nod of understanding at mentioning riding better without straps. Yeah, that actually made sense for a former runner racer.

But as S’ryll continued after a short pause, Ko’ssen focused on back on the other bronzerider’s words. He’d not been left on the Sands once, impressing in the first shot, so Ko’ssen couldn’t imagine the feeling of being one of the unchosen left behind but the feeling of being willing to do anything for a dragon, giving anything...he’d heard that spoken enough that it wasn’t unusual or not understood. 

Leaning back in his chair, Ko’ssen listened as S’ryll talked about the feeling of starting over, the thrill compared to runner racing, and the decision to never race again because of the danger to S’ryll’s bronze. Through those words, Ko’ssen’s face flicked from a bit of understanding (at the starting over), to a smile of agreement (at the thrill), and finally to sadness for the other bronzerider (for having to give something up that he enjoyed) as well as firm understanding. Ko’ssen didn’t think he’d every do anything that would possibly cause injury to Zerenth. 

As S’ryll mentioned the ‘feeling young and invincible’ feeling he missed, Ko’ssen actually said “That feeling, if I had it, would have been before I turned 12. From the moment of impression, even that young, I’d never been under the illusion of being invincible. Not faced with ‘Fall and it’s dangers. Thank you, S’ryll, for explaining your story and talking about your former craft feelings.” 

Ko’ssen did nod in understanding at the idea of a bronze hide being the boost needed to take their rider places they otherwise wouldn’t reach. As S’ryll mentioned finding the ‘right Gold’ Ko’ssen’s gaze turned curious again, but at S’ryll’s wave down at the hides Ko’ssen took a quick glance down just to be sure (again) that there was no sensitive information still visible. 

S’ryll’s last words brought Ko’ssen’s gaze up to the younger bronzeriders, and Ko’ssen couldn’t help the flicker of...multiple things that crossed his face: knowledge (as he’d already known this fact), guilt (over coming from the Weyr who’s Weyrwoman had caused the disaster, over not doing more to stop things before they got out of hand), and apprehension (feeling like he *needed* to go talk to Tyne in order to try and be better prepared for the twin golds weyrlinghood but unsure if *he* should) being the main emotions.

Putting his mug down carefully, Ko’ssen took a breath before saying carefully “Yes, I’d...actually discovered that fact already, on the night of the clutching. I’d heard in passing at the Party, with the announcement, that there’d been a previous clutch with twin golds and came back that night to begin research on that weyrling class. And I’ve seen Lady Tyne around Arolos.” 


“Weyrwoman Tyne,” S’ryll responded almost automatically.  “She was born here, Impressed here, her and Myrandith.  It wasn’t a good experience for either of them... “  It wasn’t his story to tell, and he wouldn’t, but just enough for Ko’ssen to understand.  “Their weyrlinghood was not pleasant, and I daresay the twin golds were like fire and ice from the way she described it.  She told me about it long ago when we were back at High Reaches, before that terrible flight.”  He paused.  He shouldn’t assume that everyone was as familiar with Myrandith’s death as he was.  “You know what happened to Myrandith?” he asked, his voice somber now on this gravid subject.


At the correction, Ko’ssen dipped his head a little in respectful apology to the bronzerider who apparently actually *knew* Tyne. And then S’ryll began talking about Tyne’s weyrlinghood, small snippets of the golden pair’s history at Arolos, which lined up with what Ko’ssen had already read (multiple times) from Tyne’s weyrling file, the file now safe and secure in his desk drawer. Ko’ssen took the time to nod agreement to S’ryll’s words about ‘fire and ice’.

And then the younger bronzerider paused and, in a turn to a very terrible subject, asked a question. Ko’ssen glanced away with guilt on his face as he nodded silently at first, silent a moment longer, considering that S’ryll knew Tyne, before adding “Aye, I do. I was of the bronzeriders chosen to attend from Ista.” Swallowing hard a moment as memories pushed their way to the forefront, checking on Zerenth’s attentiveness to the conversation, Ko’ssen added “I was there, Zerenth was badly injured during the Flight. He, well...we, tried to get between them, to help separate...I know, we’re always told doing that is the *worst* idea, getting between two fighting Golds, but we had to try *something*.” The thought of just how close he’d come to Zerenth getting stuck in the mass of Golds and other males and getting lost between with them caused Ko’ssen to swallow hard again. 


S’ryll didn’t have to wonder at why Ko’ssen’s face was suddenly overcome with guilt, a look on his face that S’ryll knew all too well.  He knew those emotions because he’d felt them, worn that same look on his face how many times?  This they had in common.  Golds didn’t die every day, and not nearly in as spectacular a fashion.  There was no explaining these feelings to those who hadn’t been there, who hadn’t gone through the shared bond of panic and turmoil with their dragons.

“Vastolth and I as well,” he said with a nod of his head.  “Then we’ve met before, even if it was in a haze of lust and death.  Vastolth was injured as well, but before he could become entangled.  He’d just landed when they went between for good.”  He sipped the klah, wishing suddenly that it had brandy in it instead.  

“I keep telling myself that there was nothing we could have done, but I imagine that works as well for you as it has for me.  Tyne and I…” he paused again, unsure what to say.  “Vastolth and I were often found with Tyne and Myrandith, and she and I had plans to rule Fort, to remake it how we had so often talked about.  It made what happened all the harder since we had been constant lovers.”  And now they weren’t even on speaking terms.  “I lost them both that day…” 

He stopped, unsure what else to say.  He didn't’ wear his emotions on his face to the same extent that Ko’seen did, but they were there nonetheless and plain to see.  


Still not quite looking at the other bronzerider, sunk a bit into his own memories that were still fresh from when he’d discovered Tyne was one half of the previous twin gold weyrlings, when S’ryll said that *he’d* also been at this tragic Goldflight over Fort is when Ko’ssen’s eyes raised to meet the younger bronzerider’s. Examining the other’s face again, a bit closer, Ko’ssen tried to pull memory of the other rider to the forefront, but there was no memory of S’ryll. Even in normal goldflights it wasn’t the other males who were most remembered, it was the goldrider...and this had very much not been a normal goldflight so Ko’ssen wasn’t shocked by not remembering. 

As S’ryll mentioned that they'd met before, even though Ko’ssen’s memory had failed him, the WLM nodded in silent agreement to that statement. Still silent, Ko’ssen listened to the bronzerider talk about Vastolth being injured, and then nodded again to the statement of his guilt not listening to reason of not being able to do anything else. Because...well, Ko’ssen felt even now that maybe he *could* have done more...not even at the Goldflight either, but beforehand at Ista with their two scheming goldriders. He’d very nearly driven him (and Zerenth a bit too) crazy with all the ‘what if he’d done this or that’ that had attached itself quite firmly in his head. Only many candlemarks over many months had done any good to help him through the initial mountain of guilt he’d struggled with. 

And then S’ryll’s words moved to the close relationship he’d actually had with Tyne at High Reaches, the plans, and although Ko’ssen worked hard to keep pity or sympathy from his face at S’ryll’s loss, another consequence of that day, a bit of it might have been visible in his eyes. 

As S’ryll’s words trailed off, Ko’ssen stayed in his seat for just a heartbeat before he smoothly got up and went to a back corner cabinet. Unlocking it and reaching up to the *very* top shelf, Ko’ssen grabbed first one tightly corked bottle and then a second slightly different tightly corked bottle before he closed the cabinet. *He* might have given up on drinking, but he had enough non-weyrling visitors that he’d be a very poor guest if he didn’t keep some amount of alcohol on hand, just in case, even though it stayed locked up and out of interested weyrling hands. 

Walking back, grabbing a secondary mug on the way back to the desk, Ko’ssen silently set the 2 bottles on S’ryll’s side of the desk but slightly to the side (not directly in front of S’ryll), with the new mug, and sat back down. One bottle was clearly a deep, vibrant red wine (of very good quality, he was WLM after all), and the other bottle was (as if Ko’ssen had read S’ryll’s mind) a light golden brandy. Ko’ssen didn’t say anything about the alcohol, but the offer was there for the other man if he cared to partake in either, or to not take any. 

Settling back in his chair, Ko’ssen considered his own words for a moment before he said “That was an admirable plan that you and Weyrwoman Tyne had regarding Fort, and it would have worked if it were not for...well, were not for the golds from my Weyr for which I am deeply regretful of Ista’s part in that tragedy.” Here a bit of the guilt was clear in his voice before he continued with “My situation, with the Istan gold, was...quite different than between you and Weyrwoman Tyne. Goldrider Breda…” 

Ko’ssen paused here, considering his words knowing how *bad* it sounded to criticize goldriders, especially deceased goldriders who had been at your own Weyr of birth. But, Ko’ssen had worked hard to try and separate himself from those goldriders, so after a moment he continued with “Goldrider Breda was very much another of Weyrwoman Eilid’s ilk, and so between the three Istan goldriders if I had any connection with one of them it was the Junior Weyrwoman instead of either of them...” 

Ko’ssen also fell silent at this point, having considered saying more but thinking it might be a bit...tactless or come off unfeeling to say that the impact this tragic event had had on *him*, due to his lack of real connection to the Istan goldriders, did not seem to be as profound an impact that he had experienced regarding Tyne. 


S’ryll nodded in thanks as the other put wine and brandy in front of him, and he poured himself a two-finger pour of brandy, drinking much of it with the first sip.  These memories went better with such things.  He shook his head at Ko’ssen’s words, coming out of his own memories slightly.  “Was it admirable?  Or was it just youthful Ranker arrogance?  Thinking that we could take a place like Fort by coup, a secret plan that served only to result in the death of so many… We were all fools.  I encouraged her, encouraged Myrandith, built up her leadership in her mind and my own until there was no way that Vastolth wouldn’t win -- that flight or the next -- and that she would not make the greatest Weyrwoman of all time.  We were blind to any other possibility but that one, and it cost dearly.  No, there’s plenty of blame to go around, so remember that when your shoulders feel heavy from Istan weight.”  There was a bitterness to his voice, and it was obvious that these were demons both men wrestled with often.

After a moment, “Say nothing of this when you speak to Tyne.  And you should.  Her story is her own to share, but I think she’d tell you of her weyrlinghood if only to ensure that another is spared similar pain.  But say nothing of the flight or your guilt, for her sake.”  S’ryll might be wrestling with his own feelings for his former lover at the moment, but if they believed their guilt was heavy, hers was a weight about her neck that had nearly drowned her.  


Ko’ssen sipped his klah and waited as S’ryll helped himself to the brandy offered. As S’ryll went on about how the plan had been flawed, how S’ryll had encouraged and pushed Tyne into this, Ko’ssen wondered at that but could understand the heavy guilt that S’ryll bore. Ko’ssen still believe the *idea* had been admirable as something had truly needed to be done to help those still stuck at Fort, and the Flight itself to get a new Weyrleader pair at Fort could have worked (if only…). But yes, from the moment the Flight ended it would have been a struggle to rein in Fort again and try to return it to some semblance of a working Weyr. 

As S’ryll finished, the bitterness heavy in his voice, the last statement an attempt (he believed) by the other man to say that Ko’ssen wasn’t the only one to be feeling the guilt, the WLM nodded silently but left it at that, unsure what else to say there. 

With S’ryll’s last words, Ko’ssen replied with “I understand, and I was planning to speak to her, actually. Her input on what the WLM team could have done better regarding having her and Jayden in the same weyrling class would be invaluable. I’ve been a little busy the last few days, the clutching and all, but I was going to swing by the Mindhealers first before approaching Tyne...just to check and make sure if there were any specific questions or even words I should avoid, aside from the more obvious ones. Or if they’d suggest it not be good to talk with Tyne at all about this. I don’t want to do or say anything that might set her back in how she’s been doing.” 


S’ryll nodded at the last.  “Healer Idri is who you’ll want to speak to.  She will help to make sure that such old memories do not cause hurt to Tyne as she is now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually seeks you out.  Damn woman hunted me down once she realized that I had transferred here.”  He finished his brandy, setting the glass down in a way that did not seem like he’d pour more.  

He stood then, the last bit of conversation and shrouds of guilt having drained his desire for company.  “I will not keep you any longer, WLM.  When young Alberith is older, I would greatly like K’el to come and shadow my wing a bit, before he graduates, if his schedule could permit.”


S’ryll’s suggestion earned him a nod and Ko’ssen saying with a small smile “Thank you, I will seek her out then, if she doesn’t come talking to me first that is.” 

When S’ryll stood, Ko’ssen followed suite and at the suggestion of K’el shadowing the wingleader Ko’ssen considered the request for a moment before saying with a nod “Yes, that should be possible actually, as there’s a point that they do spend some time shadowing sweepriders sometime after they’ve learned to *between*. I’ll make a small note in the files that you’ve requested K’el, for when we get to that point in the lessons.”

After a moment, Ko’ssen held out his hand saying sincerely “I appreciate you coming to check on your old mentee...and the conversation too. Fair skies, Wingleader S’ryll and to your Vastolth.” By his tone Ko’ssen was making it clear that he’d welcome another conversation with S’ryll, either in his WLM capacity or not.


“That woman has a sense for protecting Tyne…” he said with a lighter voice, speaking of Healer Idri.  He gave Ko’ssen a curt nod at the agreement about K’el.  “I had a mentor that helped me as a young new bronzerider.  I’d like to do the same for him.”

He took Ko’ssen’s hand in a firm shake.  “Fair skies to you and Zerenth as well.  And Ko’ should go check out the dolphineers here.  It’s good to have something that doesn’t remind you of death or Thread at times.”

With that, he left, strolling back out to head to the stables and get a ride in, Ko’ssen’s questions making him realize he should take his own advice.


S’ryll’s words about Healer Idri brought a relieved look to Ko’ssen’s face and he nodded in thanks before replying with “I understand that, I had a mentor too and sorely needed it.” 

As S’ryll took his hand, Ko’ssen’s own handshake was firm too and his face held a friendly smile on it which, at S’ryll’s suggestion of checking out the dolphineers, blanked for a moment before surprise crossed it. He’d...honestly been so focused on being a rider for so many turns that it had been...a bit over 20 years since he’d given the dolphineers a thought. 

Still looking a bit stunned from the suggestion, Ko’ssen nodded saying “I...I just might actually. One day, if I’m ever not swamped.” That last bit was said with a hint of humor, knowing that with 2 golds on the Sands that he’s not going to be *not swamped* until those 2 golds got through their entire weyrlinghood, at the very least.

Giving S’ryll a last respectful dip of his head as the other left his office, Ko’ssen sat down and made sure to retrieve K’el’s file and make the appropriate notes (not wanting them to slip his mind) before he delved back into looking over the gold lessons, with a note about Healer Idri sitting highly visible on his desk...


Hope and Fear (ATTN: Trifali/Kassia)

Jessica Freise

The heat was unrelenting. Even in the evening, the lowering sun beat on the Weyrbowl. Trifali crossed it at a slow trot, headed for the slightly cooler area around the lake. She smiled when she picked a familiar face out and picked up her pace, heart beating fast.

Re: Can *you* help *me*? (ATTN: Nyzara, Tyne)

Jessica Freise

"I love her and she is my world, both figuratively and literally," Nyzara said quietly. "I'd never want her hurt or uncomfortable or alone in this."

On Jul 25, 2020, at 5:03 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"Nothing silly about it," Tyne said with a shrug. "In fact most people don't even bother to take things like it into consideration until it's too late to do anything about it." It was very obvious that here in this place that she felt safe, she was confident and forthright, the walls of suspicion tempered by buoyant pride. In many ways, she was a wholly different person. "The very fact that you've stopped to ask is a good thing. It means you're thinking about her safety."

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 5:59 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
Nyzara read her voice, heard the honesty, nodded. A hand reached out, while the other stroked Flare.

"I'm greatful for your time with me and the silly questions you've answered. I truly appreciate it, Lady Tyne."

On Jul 17, 2020, at 11:26 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"Hah." The short exclamation escaped her before she had chance to contain it. "You can try and entice her by making small, secluded spots using boxes, piles of furs and the like. But she's gold. If she's going to go off somewhere, she's going off somewhere. All you can do is try and convince her in the meantime that you're the better option." Tyne didn't see any point in beating about the wherry. Golds had minds of their own and they knew it. Regardless of their size. Tyne's voice retained that matter of fact tone. She wasn't being cruel, just honest. 

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 4:41 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"What's the best method to make sure she doesn't hide this clutch?" Nyzara queried, her face open, her eyes honest. She wanted, and wondered, if they'd ever be more than at delicate odd with one another.

On Jul 3, 2020, at 1:07 PM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

It was tempting to be a little snide in her reply at first, a defensive reflex from the knowledge that this woman was likely using her Mindhealing training to analyse and assess everything she said, every move she made. Even if it was through her firelizard's eyes. It wasn't Nyzara's fault. Tyne just... didn't trust Mindhealers not to use every opportunity to get into her head. "Yes, more than once. More so when she was younger and stubbornly determined to hide her eggs. These days, no. She knows that her eggs are safer with me than they are anywhere else."

On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 6:20 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"You speak from experience? About the cliffface, I mean."

One hand stroked the gravid gold as she awaited the reserved woman's answer. It still bothered her that she had failed; no one had said as much, but she would; with Tyne.

On Jun 24, 2020, at 3:44 PM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

"So it sounds as though she's picked your office. That's potentially not ideal as she might cause problems for any patients you see. Some golds can get very possessive and outright defensive, especially if it's their first clutch." Tyne's voice was matter of fact and she shrugged a little nonchalantly. "They all have their own quirks but it's about finding a balance. I imagine she's picked there because you're there a lot. But at least you know where it is and aren't expected to somehow navigate up a cliff face."

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 11:10 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
The Mindhealer actually blushed. A hand rose to stroke the gold as she admitted, "She was found nesting with the silliest items in my office the other morning."

On Jun 9, 2020, at 5:17 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

OoC: As the gold is her eyes, I'm assuming she's with her.

IC: A quick glance at the gold told Tyne all she needed to know. The obviously gravid gold would likely be clutching any time now. "First clutch I presume," she remarked as she wiped off her hands with a rag. There was dust everywhere. "Have you seen her nesting about your weyr at all? If she's planning to clutch in your weyr, then she will have already claimed a nesting site. If not, then she's picked it elsewhere and you need to find out where." As much as Bobbin nearly always clutched with Tyne at her side, there was the odd occasion where the fussy creature decided that somewhere else was better. And was promptly ratted out by the rest of the fair so Tyne could recover the clutch. Well, at least this wasn't some attempt to follow up to what could fairly be described as disastrous meeting.

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 6:54 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
"It's my gold, Flare," she explained. "She's almost ready to cluch and I'm looking for information on how and where I can direct her to clutch safely."

On Jun 4, 2020, at 4:22 AM, Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:

It certainly wasn't going to be done in a day, and probably not even a sevenday. But Tyne was spending as much time as she could working on the old recovery weyr that she had commandeered for the flit clinic. Wearing clothes she was happy to destroy and a scarf over her hair, Tyne hefted a large box to the ground, stopping to open it and finding another crate of empty numbweed jars that would need re-sterilising. At least she knew where they had been storing them. "In the back!" she called, looking up at the irritated chatter she noted from Bobbin, a flash of the Mindhealer through her thoughts. Oh, marvellous. This had better not been an "impromptu visit to check on you". She was far beyond that nonsense. But she was polite enough to take the woman's blindness into consideration and stepped out from the maze of boxes and towards the open front of what had been a wall. It had come down at some point and she was already discussing with the Woodcraft, about the installation of a large set of doors that would protect the front from weather damage as at the moment, the rain just blew right in. 

"How can I help?"

On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 5:22 PM Jessica Freise <loriendarenya@...> wrote:
The mess of furs, clothing, and miscellaneous items that her beautiful Flare had used to try to nest in her office had brought something home to the Mindhealer. She needed help. She needed knowledge. She needed Tyne.

"Lady Tyne?" she called, pausing outside of the disused weyr that a Healer Apprentice had led her to.

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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Recluso#6042 on Discord

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Opportune Conversations Over the Buffet Table ((Attn: Ko'ssen, Valesa))


It seemed...almost planned that Ko'ssen would run out of klah in his small office klah-pot right around the same time that his stomach rumbled, letting him know that he'd spent *much* too long in the office today. He'd had breakfast, but he'd been so focused he'd worked through lunch and now it was toward the end of dinner time when he unburied himself from his work enough to focus on the world around him. He slowly stretched in his chair, back popping as tense muscles and joints were pulled, and let out a yawn so wide his jaw sounded like it creaked. As he straightened up and let out a sigh of relief at the stretch, Ko'ssen decided he needed to follow his stomach's instructions and go and get some dinner. Then he'd be able to keep working. 

So, with the decision made, Ko'ssen quickly made his way out of the barracks and over to the dining hall. He headed through the large cavernous room to the buffet tables set up for dinner and, having skipped lunch, filled a plate with not just some meatrolls but a thick slab of roast herdbeast, some steamed mixed veggies, and a couple of fresh bread rolls. He'd even scooped into a bowl some thick meat and tuber stew. With that, he left the buffet table and headed to one of the small, back out of the way tables. On his way to the table he'd spotted, he asked one of the passing kitchen staff if they could please bring a small pitcher of chilled juice and a mug to his table, which earned the WLM a brisk nod. 

With that, Ko'ssen reached the table and before he could even tuck into his food the juice he'd asked for had arrived, which he thanked them for. Pouring himself a mug from the provided pitcher, he took a sip of the cold juice, letting it refresh him a bit in the heat, before setting the plate to one side and beginning on his bowl of stew. 

Re: Every Party Needs A Wallflower Att: Andronda/D'cul


"That's fair," D'cul nodded even as he was rebuffed as such. "Better to be proper and cautious than overbearing and rude. Please, Goldrider, if my presence is rude, I'd rather begone. I mostly came over to check how you are after what happened at the dance. I'm not here to try to curry favor for when Nykantiath rises, just concered for you."
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Re: GATHER: Callamere Stall - Firelizards (NPC Giselle/L'nix)


"Maybe one day I'll look into a wher," L'nix mused even as he fetched the marks from his bag. "For now, I'm delighted to pay that price for such a fine-bred firelizard." As he spoke, he fished the marks out and handed them over before putting his now significantly lighter mark pouch away. "I'll go ahead and return it to my weyr now. I'm eager enough to have the little darling."
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Re: GATHER: Callamere Stall - Firelizards (NPC Giselle/D'cul)


Relief and joy flooded D'cul, so strong that even Seteieth raised his head where he was sunning with a swift blue hue in his eyes. Swiftly composing himself, D'cul nodded with an honest smile. "Thank you, Lady Giselle. That's quite the honor since you're so sure this will be a bronze. I'm ready to pay now, and I assume that I should take the egg straight back to my weyr so it can stay warm?"
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Re: Learning the Lay...of where? (attn: N'ka, Rionnon, Koyo)


Koyo was strode quickly over to the crowd that'd been gathering around the dragons, with her sister still trailing more calmly behind her. "A blue and a green. I wonder if they're here to visit family here...or maybe they're Searchdragons." She said over her shoulder to Rionnon, though her attention quickly returned onto the pair of dragons, her pace slowing to a stop by the crowd.
"Hmm." Rionnon soon came to a stop beside her, humming thoughtfully
as she examined the dragons, her gaze intently sweeping over the light
blue colored dragon before moving onto the muscular green. "Come on,
if we're going to be staring we should greet them properly too." She
said while she began moving forward again working her way more toward
the front of the crowd.<<

Tanguyth rumbled happily at the small child that was chatting away at
him, always glad for a human to talk to even if this one sadly was a
bit young. After a few brief moments though the sprawled blue shifted
a bit searching the crowd, there was one here, he could feel them, but
where? {{Shacath do you see a new one?}} he questioned the green the
one problem with his position was that it did make it a bit harder to
spot newcomers to the group.

{{Yes my little blue. Do you want them?}}


With another croon towards Tanguyth's gathered little human she
reached out to Koyo and Rionnon {{Come here, my Tanguyth wants to see
you better.}} she told the woman. Shacath was by no means a search
dragon, but she knew her funny little blue, she knew that tone, he had
found one of the not riders. She didn't know which of the women it was
though so easier to just make both come here. She focused on the two
women as they moved through the crowd mentally and physically (gently
asking them to move over a bit or carefully nudging with her muzzle)
until the pair of females could get to her and her blue.


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Re: So This Happened... (Ay'shen/Ambrelli)


Like Ay'shen.  So it was that Maerck delivered a hand-written note inviting him to come not to her home weyr, but to the Infirmary weyr in which she currently resided.  She'd been missing him terribly, and if anyone would understand the stares she was now getting, Ay'shen would.

When he arrived, Ay'shen rapped gently on the door frame and called in,

"Hello, Ambrelli? Illexeth?" What an unusual thing to happen to a healer. But then again. It had happened at Arolos before, he supposed. But he had stayed clear of that one. He had been from Fort, too.

Re: Eyes Open for Opportunity! (attn: Sehrael, Raelah)


"Couldn't tell you one way or another," Raelah admitted.  "I don't
have anything to do with that part of the troupe.  And I don't know
just what sort of contracts they have going on, to be honest.  But I'm
not opposed to passing along the message, if you want me to.  Might be
your family carries something our regular supplier doesn't.  Either
way, it's no bad thing to take a look at."

"I'd certainly appreciate the good word!" Sehrael said jovially. "I'd be happy to do the same if there are any good words you'd like me to send around. So, what's good around the weyr? What do weyrfolk do for fun?" There was, of course, a reputation out and about, but Sehrael doubted that was all there was to it.

Re: So, I Have An Idea... Att: R'tal/N'yx

Laura Walker

Well, that was fair.  And there was plenty of time to figure out that
bridge when they came to it.  N'yx wasn't ready to give up on the hope
of returning to fight Thread, if not soon, then at least someday down
the line.

"The healers seem to think I'm doing a lot better than when I first
came," N'yx answered.  "Seems your southern sun does wonders for
problems brought on by too much cold.  They said I could be out and
about, so long as I didn't push things too fast.  But, I'm at loose
ends as to what I could be doing."

"Hm." R'tal looked at him for a moment, considering. "Well, there's watch-riding, though that's hardly scintillating for a rider of working age, I know. We might try you on sweeps once you get comfortable with what you're doing; it gets you doing actual work without the urgency of what happens if you need to take an extra minute or two. Or, in the meantime there's-- hang on." He turned to look for the paper he wanted. Fortunately, thanks to Margana, it was easy to find. "Here we go. Candidate trip happening in a couple of sevendays. They wanted riders to accompany."


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Re: It seemed like a good idea at the time! {Petiner, Kassia}


"Working with whelps is definitely a trial," Kassia said, taking no offense. "How old is he? How are you to doing?"
~"lo, pupwher~ Brogan said. ~Pupwher good pup?~ <<

"Yes Ma'am. It is.." Pet agreed readily pausing briefly as if
searching for a way to finish the thought "Not what I expected. He
will be a month old on the 26th he is one of Citruse's pups from her
last clutch."

((Yes! Good LilWher!)) The little blue agreed happily ignoring that he
in fact didn't always stay in their room when his Pet told him told
him to do so. He tried, and that was what counted right? ((Bigwher so
shin')) he added again distracted by how very shiny the larger wher
was and forgetting he was supposed to be staying by Pet he started to
creep forward to get closer to the bronze.

Pet could feel the moment the little blue got distracted and forgot he
was supposed to be staying still and repressed a shudder, it was so
odd and he wasn't sure how people learned to deal with this so easily
"No little wher." he informed the blue who paused one foot raised and
look back at him in what was probably supposed to be some sort of
innocent look. "Here by me, no where else." he informed him and the
little blue was clearly sulking as he moved the few steps back to his
place at the guard's side.

Once Petiner was sure the blue was settled again he returned his
attention to the Weyrwoman "I don't know how you all do it Ma'am." he
finally stated "How do you learn to deal with having something else in
your head? I thought it would be easy. So many people with
firelizards, whers, and even dragons and they make it look so easy. He
is not like me and it is hard. I don't understand him most of the
time." he confessed hoping she would have some sort of insite after
all she had both a wher and a dragon.


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"My personality is 30% the last anime I watched." - Tumblr
"Remind me never to get out our bad side. It seems to be ...
unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Good Luck Can Be Uncomfortable (Attn: Reirel/Tamalak)


It had been three months since Tamalak's unexpected Impression to the tunnelwhere, Chato. The novelty for the other wherhandlers--both with and without whers--had worn off. Now he noticed that he was sometimes the recipient of dirty looks--usually when the others thought he wasn't looking.

This unfortunate circumstance had the detrimental side effect of turning him anti-social in the whercraft. When he wasn't needed for lessons or chores, he spent more and more time at the Weyr, where he was viewed as more of an oddity than as an object of envy. So when he saw someone heading towards him--Reirel, he thought--he put his head down and veered away.

~Why we go dis way?~ Chato asked.

"I'm avoiding people."


"They're jealous of you. They want to be the ones who have you and don't think I deserve you."

Chato sat. ~Dey can't have me. You all mine. Dey try, I bite.~ He showed his sharp teeth.

"No, you can't bite them. Then we'll both be in trouble."

By now, the other person was close enough to hear, if he so wanted to. Tamalak blushed, hoping he hadn't heard that last remark. Or any, for that matter.

Re: Gather: Tailor Stall (Attn: Bronwynn, Z'rain)


At his last words, Wynn smiled wide and said “I’m *overjoyed* to see you! It’s been far too long. And of course I don’t want to get rid of you! If you want to, you could hang around the booth all day and we can catch up between customers. But, if you do want to go see some of the Gather sights instead, that’s fine too. And yes, Wysin would be so happy to see you. It would just make his day.” As Wynn said that last part, her smile faded slightly and she added in a more serious tone “And I’m really glad you’re...ok at Igen. You know I worry about how you’re doing.”

"I'm mostly here to see you and Wysin," said Z'rain. "So I might go poke around, but I'll be here most of the day." He smiled, hoping to reassure her. He was OK at Igen. Better than he ever had been in his life. The only thing that would have made it better is if Bronwynn and Wysin were there with him. But they felt the same way about Arolos that he did about Igen.

"I'm going great, Wynn, honest. But I think I need to start making the time to come down to see you more often."

Re: Cloud Dancers Wing Assistant Interviews (wL S'ryll, Asheran)

Jenna Cunningham

Asheran rapped on the doorframe, then stepped inside the office. He'd taken the opportunity to grab one of the earlier timeslots as soon as the notices had gone up, and now here he was - right on time, though privately he had been trying to beg off craft duties and arrive early to make a good impression.

The twenty Turn old candidate still had dye stains on his hands from earlier, and the faint, sharply caustic smell of tanning solution clung to his - more or less - freshly laundered clothes. But it was the best he could do with the time he had available, between his extra studying in the archives, his rigorous exercise routine, and his Tannercraft apprenticeship.

"I'm here for the interview."

This Will Be Our Home (SA Ambrelli)


It was a sevenday before she was to move to the Barracks, a final transition to a true weyrling.  She was resigned to this fate as much as she could be.  Truth be told, she had prepared herself for worse.  Oh she made a big fuss about it all, and it was all true, but she'd been through much worse for much longer.  She could endure what she had to if she had to, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to try her best for reasonable accommodation.  And to be fair, they were giving her that.  She didn't need all the lessons a normal weyrling would, having first grown up in the Weyr, having lived in Weyrs her entire life, and also already being a journeyman -- should have been a senior by now -- just meant she didn't need a lot of the basic lessons that they rest of them did.  It wasn't so much that she was smarter than any of them -- she'd not met them all -- so much as just life experience that came with age.  Her knowledge on many of the first few months topics was already there, and despite a few holes, most of it involved things she already knew or had a good baseline.  Hence her assigned AWLM could simply get her through a sevenday's worth of lessons in a day.  She'd waste away mentally if forced to endure classes with youngsters half her age.  Not to mention, she hadn't chose this.  She hadn't even been in the room when Ilexeth had Hatched and Impression been made, Faranth figure that one out.  Weyrlinghood had been forced upon her, and that came with its own mental stress.  Not that she'd trade Ilexeth for all of Pern, but it didn't make it easy either.  Therefore, this accommodation acknowledged her own age, intelligence and knowledge, and balanced her mental health needs against the demands of a weyrling.  Truth be told, they'd struck a better balance than she'd had any right to hope for, despite having pushed for more.  She'd get some limited time in the Infirmary, at least until Ilexeth was older and the lessons less classroom based and more dragon and wing drills.  

But that didn't mean she was going to enjoy the move to the barracks.  All she could hope for was that sooner rather than later, she and Ilexeth would be allowed to return to her old weyr, the one she'd once shared with her family.  Z'go was going to move next door.  The ledge on hers was damaged and difficult for a dragon, and while not impossible to get on and off from for a dragon as small as Ilexeth surely would be, it had no room for sunning.  But with the weyr next door, her and Z'go could have a nice little suite.  She wouldn't be surprised if he'd managed to tunnel through the walls between.  But that was a ways off...

In the meantime, Ilexeth could still fit down the tunnels, and Ambrelli could still carry her, even if it was awkward and she was heavy now.  So it was one early morning that she woke Ilexeth and cajoled the little gray dragon into following her.  It took what seemed like forever, the walk long in the first place, and then the climb up the steps even longer.  They stopped to rest often, Ilexeth still not used to such physical exertion.  But eventually, just as the sun was peaking through with its first rays of light, did they make it to the top.  Cautiously, Ambrelli opened the door.  She took a moment, then bent down to Ilexeth.

"This was my home before you, Lexi.  I haven't been here since you Hatched really.  But I wanted you to see it, to see where I hope we'll come back to when you're older..." 

As if completely oblivious to the gravity of the moment, Ilexeth yawned.  Ambrelli rolled her eyes, stood, and entered her home, holding the glows out before her to light the way. 

It was as she remembered, rock piles still intact, the collapsed passage to the dragon's wallow half blocked.  There was an air of abandonment about the place, even if she'd only been gone a couple months.  A layer of fine dust was over everything, except for a wine cask in the corner, and some books on the shelf, remnants of her wine venture with Z'go.  On the shelf, there was the painting of her parents, Ranth, and her as a child, her innocent blue eyes full of hope and wonder.  

Ilexeth entered slowly, her eyes adjusting to the lower light and neck slunk lower to the ground.  She was tired, but she could sense from hers that this was an important moment.  Her whirling eyes took it all in, and she moved slowly about the scarce furniture, before moving over to a rock pile and sniffing it.  Dust rose in a small cloud at her breath, and she sneezed.  She looked around again, watching as Ambrelli moved about the space.

A squeak and a chirp broke the silence, as Merck appeared, the brown chattering at Ambrelli before landing near Ilexeth on a table.  He still stayed with Z'go most of the time, but he'd met Ilexeth, and she seemed amused by him more than anything, and he, like all the draconics that had met her, adored her.  She enjoyed his company too, and he hers.  He cocked his head and chirped at the little gray, before going and landing on her shoulder, curling himself around her neck and peering up at Ambrelli.  

<<This place seems sad,>> Ilexeth said finally, nosing the rock pile again.  <<Like something bad happened here...>>

Ambrelli turned to look at them, her little dragon and her flit, and moved over to the couch.  She sat down, patting the space beside her, trying not to cough at the dust that arose.  "Come here, Lexi."  The little green walked slowly over, and climbed onto the couch.  She barely fit now, her body length almost the same as Ambrelli was tall.  She laid her head on Ambrelli's lap, and Merck repositioned himself about Ambrelli's neck instead of the dragon's.  "Good girl.  Now I want you to look again..."  

This time, Ambrelli opened up her memories and shared them through their bond, of her father swinging a little girl through the air as she giggled.  Following her mother and father around, and then chasing a pet cat past the space where rockfall now partially blocked the opening to a bedroom.  Of a birthingday celebration, a little girl's cheeks puffy and happy as she opened a wooden dragon carving her father had made.  Ambrelli pointed, and Ilexeth looked up to the bookshelf, where the carving now sat covered in dust.  Of falling asleep as her mother sang to her in a chair next to the fireplace, her mother stroking her dark hair.  Another memory, this time of bronze Ranth out on the now-collapsed ledge, then visible in the wallow just past the rock fall Lexi had sniffed earlier.  Ambrelli curled up beside him with a chart of dragon anatomy beside her, practicing naming things on him.  Then of a small egg in the a box of sand on the fireplace, starting to shake, and a brown head slowly appearing from a crack.  Then back in the wallow, a slightly older girl now leaning against the bronze dragon, a little Merck asleep on her lap as she recited parts of the wing membrane.  Another one of her parents, celebrating her father's Impression day to Ranth long long ago in a different Weyr.  They were older now, the gray visible at her father's temples.  Her mother hugged him, and he put his arms around her shoulders.  Then he opened his gift from his daughter, now a young woman herself, her apprentice dragonhealer knots proudly displayed on her shoulder.  

This was her last memory of them here in this place.  Truly of them in general.  So many of them were fading away, these brief moments, these snipets, all she could remember now of her family.  And their faces were ageless, nearly identical to that in the painting, perhaps because that was the only way she could picture them anymore.  Ilexeth, sensing her emotions, brought her head up to Ambrelli's, and the woman leaned down to touch her forehead to her dragon's, something they'd done since Ilexeth had Hatched.

<<I see now.>> The little green said simply as Ambrelli's tears rolled down both their faces.  <<Yes, you are right.  This is home...>>  And Ambrelli's tears came all the more...

Today's Forcast: Death By Heat {Lor'ci, Hathayn}


It had been far too hot for far too long and it was wearing on
everyone now even him. While Lor'ci did his best to prepare for the
worst even he could only plan for so much. Still there was only so
much that could be avoided and bathing Koetith was not one that could
be. That meant that Lor'ci was currently down at the lake and had just
stepped back to look the blue over having him do a spin and lift his
wings to make sure Koe didn't have any patches. Most who had an idea
of who Lor'ci was were probably used to seeing Koetith 'dancing' at
the lake during bath time, but to anyone who didn't know his t might
look a bit off.

Lor'ci had never let it bother him though and after tilting his head a
bit he nodded and settled down his brush. "Go swim for a bit then come
back and dry off so we can oil you." He instructed the blue who only
then finally settled his wings and paused in his 'turning dance' once
he was facing the lake and shuffled out into it. Lor'ci watched the
blue dragon for a long moment before reaching down and pulled a skin
free of the sands and moving to a near by tree. He would allow his
blue mate some time to swim before making sure he came back to try so
that he could go ahead and oil him.

In the mean time having plenty to drink and avoiding as much direct
sun as he could for a moment was a greater concern.


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"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Cloud Dancers Wing Assistant Interviews (wL S'ryll, ANY)


OOC: Wingleader S'ryll is holding interviews for an assistant.  S'ryll is *allowing* Candidates to apply, but this is not an application for only Candidates; ANYONE that would have an IC ability to so do may apply.  He has coordinated with CM Nayari to make the 6 month determination, and any Candidate must have her approval before interviews.  A Candidate would have to prove that they could handle the time commitment.  For those newer Candidates still attending Candidate classes & harper lessons, vice those released to their Craft, this would take up the CHORE time block, and other obligations moved accordingly.  As to the time allotment, it won't be a full-time job, but it will require a probably a couple candlemarks a day.

For time purposes, this is fuzzied to about a month prior to the Clutching.

IC: S'ryll had posted notices up around the Weyr.  He was looking for an assistant to help out with the administrative tasks of the wing, some hide copying, ensuring that the files were neatly organized, update the calendar, and preferably, to have fresh klah in the mornings.  He was sure there would be other tasks, but these were what he could think of now.  He liked the idea of a potential hopeful Rider filling the role, as a kind of mentorship opportunity, so he'd gone and spoken with CM Nayari to make sure that he had her approval before allowing Candidates to interview.  That being said, at the end of the day, he cared most about getting things done, and if a young Candidate benefited as well, then all the better.  But he'd hold open interviews for anyone that wanted.  He remembered a grizzled old Rider back at HR, a man who'd been around for ages but had been injured Turns prior.  He and his dragon were far too old to do much, but the man had been full of so much knowledge and ideas.  They used to talk for candlemarks at dinners some sevendays.  He'd take someone like that in a heartbeat as well.

So he'd posted an interview sign-up sheet with time blocks, and today was the day.  He waited inside his office for the first one...

OOC: Just reply with your character's name in the Subject line

I'm Watching You {Kaji, Tyne}


The little white had heard about her from others and seen her around
when he was with his pet, but hadn't bothered to actually do more than
that. Kaji was finishing some things though just over there and she
was cleaning what he had come to understand was meant to be a place
for his kind to be healed. He didn't know why they needed a specific
place, but well it was apparently a thing.

He shuffled a bit in his place on his stone perch offering the woman a
steady glare. IT wasn't anything personal by any means it was just who
he was. Still not satisfied with himself the tiny firelizard resettled
his wings once more watching Tyne. He knew there were others of his
kind around, but didn't much care about them right now, she was the
thing he had to know about and as long as his Kaji stayed right there
just where he could see her space and his pet's Kawaii was going to
watch her.

ooc: hope this works...


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"My personality is 30% the last anime I watched." - Tumblr
"Remind me never to get out our bad side. It seems to be ...
unhealthy." - Varric
"Death By Apple Pie a lovely poem by our friend Cole" - Dorian

Re: Yes she's fully grown. No, we're not Weyrlings. (Dytha/D'jarin)


"I don't mind." D'jarin gave the shortest answer, leaning against Vizslath. "Greens get proddy. So do golds. It's life." He paused. "Might be why Vizslath's not offended." Was that a joke? "That, and your green's interesting. Never met a past dragon before." A nod to Dytha.
A moment later, he added, "We can go if you'd rather. Don't want to intrude." Well , more than he had. Some riders liked being alone with their lifemates.