Re: Don't Think That I've Forgotten You (Diagir, Ziya, Diagirsk, Insera)


Insera read and sent a note back


I'm pleased that you are taking this seriously and working toward a positive outcome. Keep working. I see no reason to extend your suspension beyond the agreed upon time. Keep up the good work.


Re: Wher There's A Will (I'des/Nuffink, Insera)


"Nuffink, it's really okay. Sit." I'des insisted. 

The whelp whined, haunches quivering with uncertainty, and then sank into a reluctant sitting position. {Nuffink bestwher! Nuffink gud, Des like!}

Re: (#Gather) Paintings for All atten: Sina/M'lex


"For my actual work, the Hall has me focus on landscapes and capturing scenery," she explained. "But it's boring doing just one thing. Of course there are some things I'm better at painting than others. Is there something that interests you?"

Re: Gather: Callamere Whers Stall Atten: Marsali, Revai


Revai noticed the young woman next. "Can I help you?"

Re: So You're My New Assistant Att: Sarati/Andronda


"I am at your disposal, m'lady," Sarati said. "I have plenty of experience organizing paperwork if you're struggling. Just point me in the right direction and I can get started."

Re: Where's a Wher? There's a Wher! (attn: Kassia, Delysia)


Insera smiled. "We can certainly accommodate that. You're willing to come for training and to work with the trainer we send you? It's not going to be easy and it'll be some time before your wher can be considered on duty, but I know that it has been worthwhile for Kassia."

Re: Gather: Callamere Whers Stall Atten: Revai/Lennaye/T'ryn


Revai looked up. "Aye, we do have a couple of runners for potential sale. Who's asking?"

Re: A Helping Hand (ATTN: Kassia, Trifali)


"You like helping?" Kassia asked. "Because I could use a second errand runner for when Andreya is off duty. We could split the time between you two."

Re: (Gather) Good Food, Good Friends (I'des, Kassia)


"Oooo, I love bubblies," Kassia said. "I can give you my gift, too. Let's find a place to sit."

Re: Wher There's A Will (I'des/Nuffink, Insera)


"There's a class that goes on in the evenings starting tomorrow night," Insera said, watching the young wher and not looking happy. "And we can do individual lessons, as need be. What happened wasn't either of your faults, but it does mean you're behind in your training,"

~Sorrel no hurt Des~ the bronze grumped. He flicked his tail irritably. ~Nuffink sit. Nuffink quiet. Nuffink whelp. Nuffink learn.~

Re: (GATHER) No, You May Not Buy My Shiny Knives Attn Kassia/ ANY


Kassia ignored him and looked around until she spotted a wicked sharp looking blade with a dragon etched in the hilt. She pointed to it. "I want that one."

Re: Gather: Callamere Whers Stall Atten: C'fan/Revai


"If you're looking for your wher to care about more than just you, I suggest bonding," Revai said. "Since I sell my whers with the intention that they're supposed to be more like pets than working animals, I tend to encourage bonding so they can have better attachments to others in your life."

#stabbing If You Think You're Getting Away Attn Bl'by, Andronda, Cuylar, T'baran #stabbing

Laura Walker

It was all fun and games right up until someone got stabbed. And then suddenly it wasn't fun any more.

Bl'by might usually be the gentlest man you might be likely to meet but he was also big, an he'd spent long enough at Fort to know that sometimes big made a difference. When things kicked off, the big guy was far less likely to become collateral damage, and so by extension was anyone stood with him. Panicking crowds weren't a good place to be for smaller people, someone heavier could keep their feet if it turned to a stampede.

Not that that didn't mean that he wasn't getting the shells out of here regardless.

Trying to keep a tight lid on rising panic (did someone just say the Weyrwoman had been stabbed?) he kept an arm around the girl he'd been dancing with, trying to protect her from getting pulled away in the crowd and trampled. "Miss, I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to get you out of here safe, okay?" His voice sounded steadier than he felt, though he couldn't recall her name right now. Too busy scanning the crowd, using his size to let him push through it. He spotted a familiar mop of hair at last, and breathed a mental sigh of relief. "T'baran! Over here!" Get the people he cared about together, get everyone out and then Weyrleadership could do the crazy Weyrleadership thing somewhere they weren't. Didn't matter where you were, when Weyrwomen were getting hurt blue and greenriders were collateral damage. 

He scanned the crowd again, searching. Cuylar was--where the shells was Cuylar?


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Re: Just Dinner...Honest atten: M'gal/Sh'ain/Kassia

Kevin M

On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 07:32 AM, sailyn2 wrote:
"Somewhat," Kassia said with a shrug that could have meant anything. "But that's not why I called you here. I called you here because...I'm pregnant."
Sh'ain stared at her, eyes goggling for a moment, and then burst into laugh.  "Oh, nice one, Kass!" he said.  "Had me going for a moment!"  But it was too soon after the recent pregnancy scare for him to fall for that joke, at least for long.
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Gather Dance: Garden Variety Homicide! ((Attn: T'quinn, Calyse))


T'quinn's first Aolos Gather experience had been amazing! Despite the restrictions placed on him as a weyrling, he'd had a wonderful time. It had started with getting very lucky with a Arolos Cup bet, on a runner that had clearly been the undercanine of the group of contestant runners. He'd spent that first day considering what to spend the marks he'd won on and examining the stalls and talking with a few merchants here and there. He splurged a little and bought Wycker a gift, and himself a nicer shirt for the Gather Dance. But he had taken a little more time to consider the gift he was wanting to get for his totally amazing brown lifemate. He knew what he *wanted* to get for Aeliseth, but had to find someone who could do it if it wasn't already available for sale. Thankfully, it had been available and T'quinn had been able to surprise his brown with a series of a half-dozen elegantly-made glass runner figurines in different poses that were about the size of two palms together (about twice the size of normal figurines that could fit in the center of a palm), packed nice and securely in a slightly large padded box for transport. He'd managed to keep his brown from realizing he'd gotten a gift for him, planning to surprise Aeliseth with this when they got to move into their own weyrs. 

And now it was the last day, he'd worn his nice new shirt and vest combo that the tailor had suggested would look the best on him when he'd purchased it, the white shirt left gabing a little at his throat with the heat and the vest a very nice looking brocade in a series of different shades of blue and trimmed in brown. with his weyrling knots hanging from his shoulder. The tailor had spoken true though and so with the fit of his new vest he looked quite good...not that he'd noticed the many admiring looks tossed his way, of course. 

He was standing at the edge of the dance floor, watching the dancers as well as keeping an eye out for Wycker, and sipping at the last of a cup of juice. His foot was tapping to the music being played, but he held himself back from joining in, used to and more than happy to continue to just watch from the outside.

((OOC: This is set *before* the stabbing, of course.))


Re: [ Gather Dance ] Murder on the Dance Floor [ Attn. ALL ]


C'fan looked up in surprise, having not been dancing but instead passing by it to get to the drink bowl again. His eyes flicked from Nadja to Sina and widened at the blood, dropping his cup in shock. It took a moment for the bronzerider to realize that he had in fact been accused of stabbing Sina. 

"Wait, what? I didn't do that!"
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Ren's Crafters: Diagir (Whercraft), Reitz (Whercraft), Torinael (Healer)

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[ Gather Dance ] Murder on the Dance Floor [ Attn. ALL ]

Rogue Kakashi

“There she is, my sweet bubbly,” Niffin said, leaning over to speak to his wife as they danced.  He spun with her over the dance floor, keeping in tune with the music as their feet expertly danced them from one side to the other.  He was a bit taller than his wife, so he spotted her first.

As the song ended and lady’s choice was called, Niffin looked to his wife and gave her the biggest smile.  “Remember the plan,” he reminded her, slipping back into the crowd.

Nadja fluffed her voluminous skirts and dabbed at her forehead with one sleeve. She surveyed the crowd again, this time from the sidelines, and wiped sweat from her brow as the next dance organised itself. It wasn't hard to track the Weyrwoman - she was tall, after all, and had such an odd hair colour. She had expected her to be fitter, but then who was she to judge? 

With a final fluff of her skirts, and a broad smile, she weaved through the milling dancers on her way to interrupt the mark and the man she had asked to dance, and raised her voice: "Oh, dear, it's ladies' choice and we both seem to have picked the same man!" She lifted her hand and waved, both to catch their attention and to signal to Niffin.

Sina turned to face the new voice with a tense smile on her face. She wasn’t thrilled to be chased off the second choice she had for the dance.

“I asked first.”

“She did ask first,” Sh’ain agreed, turning towards the new woman.  Who wasn’t even somebody he knew, so his face bore a bit of surprise on it.

Nadja had played her part, distracting the two dancers, giving Niffin his chance.  Pulling a hood over his head, the man slipped his hand into his jacket and grabbed ahold of something and he weaved through the dancers finding their partners.  He could feel his heart beating in his chest, excitement rising as a huge grin grw on his lips.  He couldn’t help it; Niffin had been born for this.

He ran straight into Sina, or rather, as he thought, “Kassia,” bumping into her justas his arm slipped out of his jacket, revealing the cold steel of his weapon.  He plunged it into the woman, pulled it out and stabbed her again, this time pushing her into Shain as he turned and dashed off, pushing through the crowd as he undid his cloak.

The plan was simple, get out of the crowd, find *the spot*, change, and meet up with Nadja later… as for now, he had to get away as fast as he could--he’d just stabbed who he thought was the Weyrwoman of Arolos Weyr, after all!

Nadja bumped into Sh'ain as her husband made his move, and faked a stumble, grabbing at the rider's arm to try and distract him as the hit happened. Then, straightening, she took in the scene with a calculating glance - and covered her mouth in horror that, while not completely genuine, was made somewhat more real due to her dislike of blood. 

"Oh, dear, what's…!" And she pointed a sleeved arm toward the other rider on the fringes of the dance, the solitary bronzerider they had picked out earlier as an easy mark - C'fan. Her voice went high and shrill, shrieking out: "He attacked the Weyrwoman!"

Sina never knew what happened. She just knew one moment she was standing there and next there was blinding pain as the knife sank into her side. Only the fact that she had moved at the last moment kept the stabbing from being deadly, and instead it was only a bloody graze.

She gasped and grabbed at the spot where blood bloomed and then started screaming.

At the other woman’s cry, Sh’ain turned towards Kassia, or at least the last place he’d seen her… and there she still was, talking to B’lin, definitely not being attacked.  And then came Sina’s gasp, and he turned back, only for her to start screaming bloody murder in his ear.  “Sina?” he said, blinking in confusion.

A moment later, Kodah was at Kassia's side. He had made a point of being inconspicuous but nearby, but he still cursed his response time, feeling far too long had passed since he heard screeching to when he had reached his ward.

A quick once over, and he was certain she had not been attacked. And he had seen no one unidentified approach her.

Just to be sure, he asked, "Are you all right?" and resumed scanning the crowd around her.

Sina clutched at Sh’ain. “Help me! Help me!”

Next to B’lin, Kassia stopped dancing and turned to the screaming woman and her mate. Then Kodah was at her side. “Sh’ain! We have to make sure he’s okay.”

“I’ll get him,” B’lin promised, turning to try and work out what was going on over there. It was a few steps before he recognised the woman, and then it wasn’t a walk but a run. “What--what happened?”

As everything happened at once, Nadja slipped away in the confusion with a flourish of her skirts, head low.

Guards started turning up and Kassia took Kodah with her off to the side.  To the other guards she said, “Find out what happened. Clear the floor.”

“CLEAR THE DANCEFLOOR” one of the guards yelled as the harpers suddenly stopped playing, their attention drawn to the assassination attempt.

Panic in 3... 2... 1... GO

Re: More of us now? {Zenise, Kalain}


Kalain, who had also been there since the beginning but had only recently gotten his wher (by total accident), was also on a walk. He took one with Sleek every night, getting her used to her leash and getting her exercise. She was getting better at the leash, but that was relative. That night was a better night. They hadn't had too many arguments over the attachment between him and the harness and she had only refused to walk briefly. It was an improvement. She spotted the green wher ahead and the chance of her stopping went out the window. Now he had the opposite problem.
"Slow," Kalain said, tugging on the leash.

~Twolegs. Greenwher!~ She pulled but he pulled back and she slowed.
Thankfully she was still only about the size of a medium sized dog and
had to slow.

"You slow down or we don't go see them."

~Mean!~ Sleek protested, but slowed.

"Better." He let her proceed at a slower pace toward the green and person. <<

Green Runner perked up a bit at the sound and smell of another coming
closer. She had 'watched' the new ones that had come around, but
hadn't tried to personally reach out to them just yet. With knowing
the little gold was coming though now seemed like a good time to
correct that. The sturdy green reached out to Sleek moving just enough
to alert her person that someone was coming ((Hi LilPup)) she greeted
the gold who was still much smaller than her at this point ((Zeni
LilGold)) she added to her human once she was sure who was coming.

Zenise followed her green's gaze spotting Kalain and the gold
tunnelwher. She knew she had heard the wher's name several times by
now, but for the life of her she couldn't remember what it was right
now. "Taking her for a walk Kalain?"

ooc: figure they would at least know each other's names since they've
probably been in class together for a bit now. Right? If not ignore
that she knew his name.



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Don't Think That I've Forgotten You (Diagir, Ziya, Diagirsk, Insera)


Coming home from the Gather, Diagir set his box of goggles down and pulled off his boots. A soft click had two sets of paws walking towards him and two heads raising in hopeful unison. The man's face softened tenderly as either hand reached out to gently caress brown and gold nose with a sigh.

"Aye, so you missed me, eh?" He asked them.

{Always,} Diagirsk rumbled with eyes of deep gold.

{Ziya wait,} the queen replied with eyes the same color as her hide. Diagir chuckled.

"I love it when you do that, Ziya-dear. And my darling Diagirsk, that gold works so well with your hide. Brown and gold... perhaps I'll have my next Gather clothes made that color. Ah, but then it would match both of you, wouldn't it?" Diagir's grin grew wider at both the idea and the happy warbles his whers gave at the thought. "I'm sorry that I have to be out all day, loves. I'm helping Insera at the Wherhall stall. You remember Insera, yes?"

{Mad twoleg, yes?} Ziya asked and Diagir had to hold back a laugh. {Mad 'glory leave, become Vedrarsk. Why mad?}

{'gir bond whers alltime in colddark,} Diagirsk added, using his old name for Crom. {Whers go off new people, help mines 'n guard. Good whers, 'Gir no be trouble.}

"Yes, those are good points, my boy," Diagir asked. "But Insera is mad because Vainglory's bond just snapped out of nowhere and she bonded to that rider. She didn't even know him before bonding. That's different than when you're a whelp when you're small and manageable. This was an adult wher walking around with a tenuous bond with me. I should have  known and that there is the main reason that Insera is angry. And she's right. I should have known. But there's no use in 'should have's when we cannot change the past. Now I deal with my punishment and work more on training you two."

{When train done, we together again?} Ziya asked wistfully. Diagir sighed and rubbed her headknobs. 

"I'm not going to abandon you, Ziya, but neither you nor Diagirsk can be at my side all the time," Diagir explained. "You need to learn how to behave without me, and I need to know how to act without you. If something happened, I need to know how to react if you're not there."

{If whers there, nothing happen,} Ziya stated firmly with a nod from Diagirsk. 

"And what if we get separrated, like in a rockslide?" Diagir pointed out. "Or a cavein?" He could feel the growing apprehension in his gold and sighed. "Ziya... You're not losing me and I'm not leaving either of you. Diagirsk is my partner and has been for decades. You've been my queen for Turns. You know how long I've wanted you because I've told you so often. Diagirsk made my life perfect. You completed it." He couldn't miss the deep pulse of pride from both whers and rubbed down their necks tenderly. "You're both wonderful whers and I wouldn't trade you for the biggest, shiniest dragon. I'm hoping to be a Master Whercrafter some day and I need to have the single best whers on Pern."

{Already have,} Ziya pointed out like it was obvious and Diagirsk whistled in agreement. Diagir laughed and shook his head. 

"The pair of you, really."


Later that night, Diagir sat down to write Insera a report of the day.

"The whers' behavior after the Gather was most acceptable to me. They approached me quietly when I entered my den and had a calm conversation with me. They asked about Vainglory/Verdraisk and why you were irate with me and I did my best to explain to them. We discussed why I leave them here more and how it will help us in the long run. They seemed to understand as much as a wher can and didn't argue further nor did they display anger or anxiety. From my biased position, even when trying to look at the situation from an outside perspective, that conversation was a major improvement. Again, I will defer to you in all things.

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Ren's Crafters: Diagir (Whercraft), Reitz (Whercraft), Torinael (Healer)

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Re: [Gather Dance] (I Wish I Could) Dance With My Father (Heersofali, any)


"Hm?" Heersofali lifted his head and wiped his eyes before giving Micaya a wry smile. "Micaya, right? Sorry if I'm bringing your Gather down, I just got to thinking about my da. Seeing my mom dancing with her partner had me wondering about him, how he's doing up North. I miss him. Is that weird, to miss someone you didn't see that often?"
Ren's Riders: Arialae, D'cul (AWLM), F'liau, L'nel, L'nix, L'yall, N'met (DH), Ran'omi, R'vbor, S'dren, Talena (ACM), T'eko, T'mah, Vofali (Searchrider), W'rian, Zyreai (Healer), F'lo (FF Weyrling), V'riu (FF Weyrling), S'lion (MD Weyrling)

Ren's Crafters: Diagir (Whercraft), Reitz (Whercraft), Torinael (Healer)

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