Re: Screaming Nightmares atten: M'gal/Sh'ain


What had happened during the Hatching? M'gal wondered. But being Weyrleader for a brief moment made him very aware of needing to be discreet.

"Of course, dearling," he assured her, locking eyes with Sh'ain. It was obvious they both felt the same sense of relief at the knowledge that now they would actually know what was going on. "You know you can count on us."

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"Of course, love." Sh'ain's reply was immediate, without hesitation.  This wouldn't be the first time that he'd learned what might have been deemed sensitive information, and it probably wouldn't be the last.  He reached out, hand groping for the glow basket on his side of the bed, and opened it fully once he found it before wrapping his arm back around the goldrider.  He looked at M'gal over her head.  Whatever had happened at (or maybe after?) the Hatching had disturbed her greatly, and the pair of them hadn't been able to do anything for her more than simply being there.  Perhaps Perhaps now they could.
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Re: Hide and Seek Tunnelwher Style atten: Sleek/Chato/Kalain/Tam


~Yesh! Den good,~ Chato agreed, widening the end of the tunnel. Though he'd never done this before, instinct had him digging out the dirt and packing it down. Soon he had a nice cozy little spot that the two of them could snuggle together and sleep in. Moving around so he was at the mouth of the tunnel instead of in their den, he ran back up to pack the dirt around the exit, then mussed it up so the hole was hard to see.

~There. Safe. Dark. No one see,~ he said proudly.

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Sleek let him lead this time. Let the boy do the work. She was a little bigger and had to widen the tunnel as she went, but otherwise let him tunnel them in. From the angle someone would have to actually walk in to see where they'd gone. Their little hole was nice and warm and cozy. ~Make den~ she said,  as they reached a good depth.

Re: You Belong to me atten: Shalia/Foreth


To say Valesa was relieved that Shalia chose to go to the Barracks and change was an understatement, but Shalia was a friend and Valesa would do anything to make her feel better. 

"That's a better plan anyway," she said with a short giggle, glad that she was able to get Shalia to be anything other than upset for a moment or two. "I guess I would have looked ridiculous at least trying to put your pants on." She guided her friend out of the infirmary and glared back at Foreth.

"How could you do that to her," she said softly. "Wouldn't Impressing a granddaughter be better than not Impressing at all?" Not that she thought Shalia wouldn't Impress at Foreth's Clutch, but Shalia had already had a hard time of it, not making it to so many Hatchings for one reason or another. If she could give Elioth to Shalia...ok, she wouldn't. But if she could make a copy of Elioth she would!

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Shalia looked at the other woman blankly for a moment, and then down at her uniform, and then managed a laugh, though it sounded rather ragged.  "I don't think that'll work, Val, but thank you," she said.  She'd probably fit into the rider's dress, even if it might not look great; there was no way the much taller woman would fit into her fairly tight pants, and even the loose shirt would be questionable at best thanks to its length.  "Walk with me back to the Barracks, though?" she asked, a pleading note in her voice.  She knew her friend would deflect anybody they came across away with far more friendliness than she herself would be able to manage right now.
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Re: Squeaky clean (attn Myatka, Nerenth)

Amy Frazey

While the Candidate boy was off fetching the necessary supplies, Nerenth decided to make things a little easier by easing into the lake until he was up to his shoulders in water. It felt grand to do so, but as always, his mind was on His Rider. Thankfully, Zy'fen was asleep, and for the moment at least, not in pain.

When the boy returned, Nerenth waded closer to the lake shore, till the water only reached halfway up his legs. And he spread out his wings. {{Start on my left wing, if you please. There is a very itchy spot about halfway.}} Nerenth projected an image of just where it itched the most.

Re: [Hatching feast] Ups and downs (attn any / Lerian / Asheran / Almira)

Amy Frazey

Almira was curious about the cheery attitude, but didn't ask. Instead she raised her eyebrows and smiled over his enthusiasm about the pastries. "Well they smell really good." She reached down and picked up one of the treats, "What kind of filling?"

Re: Her First Paint (attn: Almira, M'lex)

Amy Frazey

Almira thought that was probably a rhetorical question, but nodded anyway. "I'll see if I can get her to stick to painting on something other than your clothes and face next time." She glanced at the door, then back. "Please excuse me, I should go inside. Maybe I'll go see what Xellexne is up to now."

JP: (Hatching Feast) Bronzeriders get chicks, right? [ K'el / Aruithil ]

Rogue Kakashi

“Kyrel!”  Aruithil exclaimed as soon as she caught sight of the boy among the crowd at the Hatching Feast.

The apprenticed ducked and weaved through a few people until she finally reached him, and then jumped on the boy, wrapping her arms around his neck, “I’m so happy for you!  Congratulations!  What’s his name!  Tell me everything!”

When she jumped on the weyrling, the golden flit on her shoulder let out an annoyed squawk and backwing up into the sky, flying in a quick circle around the two before disappearing between until Aruithil called her back.  

K'el had managed to make it through the feast without falling asleep on his feet thus far, quite the feat given how heavy his body felt. He was aware of a new presence in his head, the slumbering dragonet silent and yet there in the back of his mind, undeniably. Most faces he didn't recognize in the crowd, though one or two had stopped to clap him on the back with praise nonetheless. It had been an exciting day full of change and new experiences, all of which were shaping into a blur as he stumbled through the event. 

His name reached his ears over the noise, and the boy turned just in time to see Aru launch herself at him. K'el took a step backward to protect his balance and threw his arms around her with a fond squeeze. He was too caught up in the moment to be bothered by the hovering gold. "Aru!" He exclaimed in delight, mustering energy reserves just for her. "Thank you, I-- shells, I can hardly believe it myself!"

K'el set her down gently after a playful spin, and the smile on his face nearly split from ear to ear. "Were you watching?" He sounded hopeful. "You'll have to meet him, I'm sure he would love to know you! His name is Alberith, and he's.. well, he's already a lot to handle." K'el tossed back his head for a booming laugh.

“Alberith!  That’s a great name,” she replied with a huge grin.  “Oh I’d love to meet him.  He seems regal, like my brother’s bronze.”  She separated from him, smiling at him almost shyly, more because she knew the rules about touching than anything else.  “Bleon impressed, too!  I’m sure Cremsden will be sad to see both of you go.  Have decided on what to shorten your name to?  K’rel?”

"Your brother has a bronze?" K'el asked, unsure whether he had forgotten that detail or it had never been revealed to him before. He had met R'bor, but not yet made the connection between the siblings.

“Yeah.  You didn’t know?”  she looked puzzled.  But shrugged, since to her it really wasn’t that much of a big deal, then simply added  “R’bor impressed Vukoth here a few turns ago.”

"R'bor? Why does that sound so familiar..?" He muttered thoughtfully, briefly fixated on cracking the mystery. He knew so few people, after all, surely he could remember one. Squinting at Aru, recognition lit his square face at last. "Wait! The rider who found the kittens! That was *your* brother? He was a brutal ACM!"  He laughed again, though with waning energy reserves, it was less boisterous than the last. "Shells, Aru, I had no idea! Maybe he can give me some pointers, Alberith is very pushy." 

Realizing she had asked him another question, he rushed to add, "Oh, uh-- K'el I think. I gave K'rel a try, but it.. it sounds weird. Too much like the old me, I guess." Concern knit his brows momentarily. "I hope Cremsden won't be *too* upset. I did tell him I was going to be there for decades; whoops."

“I think that he took that with a grain of salt,”  Aruthil laughed.  “You were a candidate, after all.  I mean, you could impress at any time.  As for R’bor… he can be a pain!  I can kick him for you if you want!  Or have him go by the barracks to talk to you, whatever you prefer.”

"How about both?" The grin that split K'el's face was cheeky. "Hopefully he can't still make me run laps now that I've Impressed, too. I think I owe him a good kick for all the pushups, at least."

Aruithil snorted, “Get in line… I owe him a good three or four for being such a big oaf.”  She loved her brother, but he could be too stoic and, as smart as he was, outright stupid and insensitive sometimes.  “But it’ll let him know you wouldn’t mind a visit.  Alberith!  I love the name!”

K'el couldn't help but to chuckle at her response, but her mention of his new bronze put the smile on his face for an entirely different reason. "It does sound strong, doesn't it? He's got such a dark hide, like the night sky nearly - it's so beautiful." The boy paused as if the word had provoked a new thought, and his dreamy, reverent expression turned serious in a flash while he watched her. "Kind of like... you. Beautiful, I mean." He wasn't the most articulate to begin with, and the butterflies in his stomach proved to be a great distraction. She was such a lovely girl, inside and out as far as he had seen; how could he not fall for her? 

"There, uh, actually was something I wanted to ask you."

The apprentice rolled her eyes and smirked at the compliment.  Beautiful?  Her?  By him?  She punched him in the shoulder and crossed her arm, “I hope you’re not going to ask me to cover your shifts for the next eighteen months because if you do I have news for you, Kyre… K’el!”

K'el's solemn determination wavered with her playful beating, a smirk twitching on his lips and threatening to shatter his concentration. "Nothing like that, although now that you mention it…" There it was again, that easy, winning smile of his as his words faded teasingly. Her disarming charm always had a way of making him feel comfortable, and with only the new confidence that a sleeping bronze dragonet had given him, K'el charged forward into uncharted water. 

"You mean a lot to me," he explained slowly, carefully, as though he'd put thought into what he wanted to say. "You've been nothing but kind, and patient even when I struggle with dumb stuff, like identifying herbs." His smile reappeared and vanished again in an instant. "You're compassionate-- and smart! And you genuinely care about the people you treat. I've never seen someone who cares as much as you do." 

One of K'el's hands stretched toward her in the hopes of capturing hers. "Aruithil, you're.. important to me in ways I-I can't begin to describe." He pressed her palm against his chest so that she could feel the racing of his pulse, but his loose grasp would not hold her against her will. "I know I can't-- I mean, Impressing Alberith complicated things, but it isn't forever, and I.. I'm hoping you'll.." He hesitated nervously, color splashing his face with rose hue. "Will you be mine?"

As K’el spoke, Aruithil listened in silence.  Where were all these nice things coming from? She asked herself.  Sure, she’d worked close with the candidate, helping him catch up with the craft.  Aruithil had understood his plight, since she’d arrived late and had had to play catch up with the other apprentices.  With so many kind words directed to her, Aruithil could not help but blush… until he finally said it.

The young woman froze for an instant, and just stared at K’el for a few seconds.  “Kyrel… I mean K’el… You… I…” she found it hard to articulate words in that moment.  Finally she closed the space between them and wrapped her arms around the boy, giving him a quick, tight hug.  Kissing him on the cheek, Aruithil stepped back and was finally able to reply.

“That’s… those are probably the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me, K’el,” she began, giving the boy a big, sincere smile.  “You have Alberith now… and while you’re a weyrling you have to concentrate on him, for both your sakes.  Not only that, but… remember when that new healer arrived.  Vivaeldi?  The one with the injured green?” She looked into his eyes, trying to pull the memory into the forefront of his mind's eye.  “Do you remember that we were, uhm, *both* checking her out?”

Given her fairly affectionate response, there were a few moments where K'el thought she would accept. Her hug and kiss inspired the foolish grin that spread across his countenance, but as he listened to her speak, the expression began to dissolve with increasing confusion. "Of course I'll focus on Alberith," he added hastily, instinctively trying to argue his position, but Aruithil went on. An apprehensive frown tugged at his lips. 

"Uh, yes. I.. I do remember that. Why?" He still didn't quite comprehend.

She gave him a patient smile--it seemed like she was going to have to lead him on a little bit. “So… well, I really… really… thought she was attractive…” Aruithil began to say until she realized that she probably didnt have the patience.  Bluntness had always worked for her, “K’el, you’re amazing, but I’m into girls…”

K'el stared blankly at first as the gravity of her words set it, brows furrowing with a mixture of confusion that lightened into slow understanding. "Oh," he began quietly in a tone that didn't sound convinced, before repeating. "...oh." That one verged on disappointed, or perhaps it had finally dawned on the poor boy. "OH!" There it was. 

Recognizing when she laid it out so plainly, K'el gawked until he could scrub the expression from his face. "Well, shells, Aru! I'm-- I didn't realize you--" he fumbled uncomfortably, reflexively offering her a less certain smile. "I'm sorry, I really thought-- well, that maybe you liked both. I-I get how that was real presumptive of me and, uh, wow. I'm.. whoops, this is-- guess I made this nice and awkward." K'el observed the obvious, trying hard not to collapse in on himself visibly. 

He liked her. How could he not? He had her answer, though it wasn't among the ones he had been expecting. K'el knew she was out of his league, but he hadn't realized the extent. An unfamiliar ache had settled in his chest, and though he tried to hide it, there was no denying the harsh sting of rejection. "I hope you'll forgive me. We.. can still be friends, right?"

Aruithil watched as understanding overcame the weyrling and for an instant she felt a pang of regret.  Part of it she understood was her own fear--how many times had she actually said her preference out loud?  How many times had she even admitted it to herself?  Or even acted on it?  She always told herself that would all come later; apprenticeship and catching up to her peers kept her too busy after all.  But if she found K’el interesting would she have done the same?  Maybe she was holding herself back.  It was something to think about later.

Upon hearing him ask if they were still friends Aruithil placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder.  “Of course, K’el, or at least until you get a big bronzerider head.  At long as it fits through the infirmary entrance we can always be friends!”

K'el regarded her joke with a half-second of bewilderment before he barked a laugh, disarmed by her smooth charm. He laid a hand atop hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Then we've got a while yet," he smiled through the lingering pain. "I'm not quite dragon-sized!" 

If there was a period of hesitation, it wasn't obvious as K'el bent to wrap his arms around her for a short, fierce hug. "Thanks."

Reciprocating the hug, she leaned into him, “Anytime, K’el.”

Re: More Afterwards, More Lives (attn: Nadia, Kl'ryn)


She was exhausted, but in a good way. She had been expecting Selenyth to rise at some point based not only on the changes in her hide's usually vibrant emerald shade, but her attitude. Nadia compared the crankiness to what she was like if she had to act before she had her morning Klah.

Her eyes opened and amber orbs regarded him for a moment before she reached her arms overhead and stretched like a feline.  "No not hurt. You?"

Mating flight's could run the gamut from gentle and considerate to making so that the woman would be stuck in bed for days. Nadia was pretty sure her nails had made contact somewhere on his body. She was not sure if she had drawn blood or not or how her current partner would react to that.



Licking Wounds ((Khema, Elowyn JP))


Elowyn had not been completely mentally prepared for the day's events after all, it seemed. First the Hatching fiasco, and then her run in with Z'go and his latest flame; her affected air of aloof confidence was slipping. Curse that man, she fumed silently, stalking through the Hatching Feast crowd. More than ever, she needed a stiff drink, but the current state of Weyr affairs mean that alcohol came through the very man she so detested. No spirit was worth going back to Z'go with her tail tucked between her legs. She would sooner eat Thread!
Instead, she focused on her moving feet as they carried her across the floor, head down so that none could glimpse the glassy shine of tears within her eyes. Curse him and this whole bloody Weyr, she lamented internally. So caught up in her own anguish that she paid little heed to those she passed, several people were forced to step out of her way to avoid collision. Elowyn did not seem to care where she went in that moment, so long as it meant in the opposite direction from *HIM*.
“There you are!”  said a voice from behind her.  Khema came jogging up behind her.  He was wearing a dark green vest over a light green tunic.  He didn't care if the color was bad luck, he was a healer and these were healer colors. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you--hey, where are you going so fast?”  He reached out towards her elbow.  “Elowyn…”
Elowyn had not heard his voice the first time, but the moment his fingers touched her skin, she came to an abrupt halt. She did not immediately turn toward him, though, working hard to compose her face into something other than the storm clouds she felt. A deep breath helped to steel frayed nerves, though when she finally addressed him, the smile she wore was less than convincing. "I-I need some air," she explained shakily, nearly fidgeting where she stood with the desire to flee. "That's all. Just-- somewhere with fewer people."
Khema looked at her, a light frown on his lips.  What had happened to her?  Something was very much not right--what was worse of all she looked so beautiful, so elegant.  She deserved to be laughing and smiling and dancing tonight… with him.  When he heard her he nodded, the empathetic side of him, that side that had originally drawn him to become a healer, sympathized with her so he just nodded.  “Come on, we can go to the Dining Cavern and get some food from the plates that haven’t been brought out yet and find somewhere private to eat.  How’s that sound?” he asked, taking her hand into his and caressing it softly with his thumb
Hesitating with her hand in his grasp, Elowyn gave his suggestion consideration, closing her eyes so as to better concentrate through the roiling emotions that consumed her thoughts. Khema's gentle touch was soothing, his attention a harbor in which to shelter from the storm. The chaos of the party around them seemed to fade to a tolerable din, not quite the overwhelming cacophony it had seemed to her only moments earlier. Chewing faintly at her bottom lip when her dark gaze returned to him, Elowyn offered the faintest of smiles. "It sounds better than what I had planned," she admitted flatly; hard to find a bottle to climb into here as of late. Her fingers closed gently around the hand that held them. "Lead the way."
Khema held her hand as they went to the Dining Cavern.  He chatted away, trying to provide some sort of distraction from whatever had made her feel the way she was now feeling.  He talked about the Infirmary, about a particular healer who’d let a firelizard nearly bite his eat off and now was fighting a horrible infection, and how he should be allowed to cut it off.  It didn’t take them long to fill up their plates, so Khema continued to lead her, taking her to a table by the lake, across from the festivities. Music vebererated over the water and there were a few people nearby, enjoying the view and the peacefulness of being over here.  
“See?  I told you,” he said as they sat down.  “Best view of the Feast in the Weyr.  You can even hear the music… if you wanna dance with a healer with two left feet!”
In more of a silent brooding mood, Elowyn listened to Khema chatter animatedly without interrupting. It was nice to *just listen*, to let him wax on while she pieced her composure back together. That sharding rider had been nothing but bad news, the good times between them so few; so why did this hurt so badly? The pain was infuriating. 
She was only barely aware of being lead through the Feast and then out into the warm evening, but by the time they stopped at a table, Elowyn was nearly ready to rejoin the conversation. Taking a seat, she looked around as if only realizing where she was belatedly. Though a true smile had yet to reappear on her troubled face the harper's rigid posture began to relax. 
"You weren't lying," she murmured over the quiet music, eyes across the water. "It's much better here." After a heavy pause, Elowyn continued with some reluctance, all but ignoring the jokes he made. "...I fear I'm not much in the way of company right now. If you'd rather find another dance partner, I wouldn't blame you."
Khema shook his head, “I’m here, with you.”  He smiled at her and picked a piece of wherry from his place and popped it into his mouth.  “Do you want to talk about it?  I’m not a mind healer but I can be a good listener… as long as my mouth is occupied with food, at least.”  the healer added with a playful wink.
Elowyn eyed him as if weighing the pros and cons in her head, debating what damage revealing her altercation might do to this budding relationship. "It's.. complicated," she explained, in the understatement of the Turn. Picking up her fork, the harper's attention fell to her plate while she began to speak. "There's a rider here who I've.. known for a little while, but he's caused me enough wherryshit in a handful of sevendays to make up for a lifetime." Her voice soured as she thought about Z'go, expression darkening with fresh anger. "I run into him at every corner, and wouldn't you know it, he finds a new way to drive me mad each time."
“What types of things does he do?” Khema asked, using his knife to cut up the rest of the wherry breast into more manageable chunks.
Elowyn rolled her eyes emphatically with a shake of her head. "What *doesn't* he do?" She snapped, though the venom in her voice wasn't directed at Khema. Spearing a piece of meat with a little more force than necessary, she twirled the fork on its point atop the plate as if to temper her desire for vengeance in the moment. "He's abrasive and rude, thinks of no one but himself, lies through his teeth, blames everyone else for the repercussions of his own actions, uses people for his own sharding entertainment and then throws them aside when they talk back--" 
Realizing she had begun to ramble, and with increasing agitation, Elowyn clamped her mouth shut in an embarrassed smile. "But he's not here… though with my luck he would drop from the bloody sky."
“Sounds like a pleasant fellow…”  Khema chuckled as he saw her stab the wherry breast with her fork.  He didn’t mind at all her going off.  In the end, it was better than holding it in.  “With such… amazing qualities… why do you even bother with him?”  
Elowyn snorted dismissively, "I won't be in future, that's for certain!" After delivering enough damage to her food to be satisfied, she finally took her first bite. Incensed as she was, though, the well-flavored meat didn't get the recognition it deserved, her eating mechanic rather than inspired. "Why I ever gave him the time of day is a better question, and a mistake I won't be making again. I can't believe I ever found him entertaining." She leveled a serious look at Khema, gesturing toward him with her fork. "Do me a favor? If someone else ever strikes your fancy, just.. just tell me. I won't hold it against you, but letting me find out through the grapevine is cowardice." On this, she sounded firmly convinced. 
“He didn’t even have the balls to tell you?” Khema asked, feeding her outrage.  He liked the harper, and preferred that she hate this previous man, whomever he was, so Khema could move in to occupy his place.  “That’s the sign of a weak man right there.  Not being able to just be honest.”
"Precisely!" Elowyn was quick to confirm his statement in support, no convincing needed. That he agreed on the matter only served to reinforce her positive opinion of Khema, though Z'go had thoroughly lowered the bar already. "'It was just sex, this is the Weyr," she affected a mocking impersonation of the brownrider to quote his earlier words with derision. "Like being here is some excuse for fecking the random woman who treated his dragon! And then he blamed me, ME, for reading the archive records that my bloody rank entitles me to see! As if sorting through files is some sort of crime." 
The curse of an unreliable narrator meant that Elowyn skewed the situation in her favor for the retelling, too irritated to give Z'go his fair defense. If Khema wanted an easy in, hatred for this man appeared to be it. 
“What an easy excuse,” Khema shook his head and popped another piece of the wherry in his mouth.  He didn’t really care who it was, but just in case he asked  “What’s this jerk’s name, anyways?” just in case he had some dirt on the rider he could add in to make him hate the guy even more.  Healers heard all sorts of gossip and Khema had been here for a few turns at this point, so he knew a little bit about a lot of riders.
Elowyn's face twisted as though she had smelled something foul when the offending rider's name left her mouth. "Z'go." 
Khema’s face darkened at the sound of the man’s name.  “That jackass,” he said.
The Harper arched a brow, anger vanishing from her face to be replaced by confusion. "You know of him?"
“I have the displeasure of knowing him personally,” Khema grumbled.  He could now understand why the woman was so frustrating.  The man was an asshole, through and through, one of the biggest one that Khema had ever known.  “Bastard’s Bitran, like me, so Cremsden introduced us.  That’s the *only* thing we have in common.  I can’t stand him.  Thinks he’s hilarious but he’s just being a bully.  He should be locked up in his weyr, as far as I’m concerned, after all the shit he’s done.”
"So, you *do* know him," Elowyn's bemused laugh was quiet and incredulous. "Pern is starting to feel smaller and smaller every day. Shells, I can't seem to escape him!" For the first time since the Feast started, the smell of the roast on her plate drew her attention. She lifted her fork and finally took a bite, savoring it. Only then did she realize how starved she truly felt, continuing to speak conversationally around bites. "What has he done?"
“What hasn’t he done?” Khema asked, rolling his eyes, poking at another piece of roast.  “I don’t know how many drunken brawls he’s gotten into.  Once, he fought Cremsden.  He’s always scaring the apprentices.  He kidnapped a child once, that happened.  He beat a trader, and has been caught cheating multiple times.  He called me an apprentice, the bastard.  Seriously , how dare he.  And on top of that he has mistreated you, such a beautiful and elegant and intelligent woman.  He’s walking shit as far as I am concerned.  And those are only the things he’s done since I’ve known him.”
Elowyn listened to Z'go's extensive rap sheet with growing amazement. She had lorded her knowledge over the brownrider's head during their spats, but in truth had not poured over every detail of the man's records. It was quite a large collection, and though her curiosity might be expansive, her free time wasn't. Several items Khema mentioned were her first time hearing about them, and she barked a cold laugh to hear the asshole described as walking shit. "Consider my doubts removed!" Elowyn's expression had not resumed its earlier anger, mollified in shared hatred. "I wish I had known all of this *before* meeting him, but I suppose hindsight is always a bastard."
His defense of her, even if it was only for her eyes, soothed some of the injury Z'go had left behind. Elowyn's lips curled into the hints of a smile for Khema. "So if you're Bitran, too, does that mean I ought to guard my heart against you as well? Liable to get stolen." 
“I could try, but not all bitrans are thieves you know,” Khema said, chuckling at her comment.  Looking her right in the eye he continued, “I’m a healer first, so I’m more into… mending hearts.”
For the first time in a while, Elowyn felt heat rush to her cheeks. Her smile blossomed into one that was small and coy, but there was no doubt she had been delighted by his reply. "You have proven your skills already," she told him. Wiggling the fingers at the end of her cast, she gestured toward it with her fork and then toward the air between them. "First with mending my arm, and now.. my night." Her lips parted for a toothy grin at the cheesy line. "If you can balance on those left feet of yours, you might be able to keep up with me after all."
“I hope I get the chance to find out!”
--- END ---

Re: Free! Free At Last (I'des/Sunstreath, Kassia)


"I don't think it'll be so hard." I'des responded, turning serious. "And thanks. The Healers grounded me for another week or two anyways. This'll give me something to do. And keeping you company's a bonus." 

Sunstreath snorted, a bit put off by Foreth's attitude, but took himself off to the Lake.

Re: Changing Loyalties (Diagir/Ziya/Vainglory, V'drare)

Jessica Freise

}} Pet here- No, there! Yes! Good pet! {{

"I think she chose me for pet privileges," V'drare commented. "In all of this, I'm not sure *I* introduced myself. Wingrider V'drare, Impressed of bronze Deltaith. I have to say, she's fastinating." 

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"Aye, they do," DIagir nodded with a smile. "A well-trained wher will keep you as safe as can be. They will only disobey you if you don't train them well. Your new green here is already very well-trained from me, so she shouldn't give you trouble. I'd say you would have to prove yourself to her, but she did just choose you so I doubt that will be an issue." V'drare's surprise about Vaidrarsk speaking with her mind actually made Diagir laugh. "Yes she is! Whers can speak like dragons but it's more stilted."
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Re: Can we build it? Yes! We! Can! (ATTN: Any)

Jessica Freise

The gravid gold called her approval, pausing to touch noses with Javensha. The fare crowded around the pair, then followed them towards Nyzara's office. The Queens found the door ajar and dove in with the other firelizards behind them, unaware that they had caught some people's attention in the Weyrbowl.

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Oh! Javensha knew those. Her human had plenty of those things. With an imperious chirp to her faire, she sent the image of what Flare wanted everyone to get from their own humans. Fifteen voices answered in affirmative as the bodies popped between. They were gone for a few moments before they all came back with furs, clothes, and scrap cloths and chittering happily.
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Re: Let's Talk Whers (Diagir, Insera)


Insera just stared. And stared.

"You're kidding me right?" she said, voice rising as she went. "You knew you had a weak bond and you did nothing? Who were these people that you were just willing to let your wher to go off with? What do you know of them? Whers should only go off with people who have the appropriate personalities and abilities to work with whers. Does this person even know how to train a wher? If Vainglory acts up at all you risk her being shot on sight. How irresponsible are you?!"

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"Aye, they do," DIagir nodded with a smile. "A well-trained wher will keep you as safe as can be. They will only disobey you if you don't train them well. Your new green here is already very well-trained from me, so she shouldn't give you trouble. I'd say you would have to prove yourself to her, but she did just choose you so I doubt that will be an issue." V'drare's surprise about Vaidrarsk speaking with her mind actually made Diagir laugh. "Yes she is! Whers can speak like dragons but it's more stilted."
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Oh! Javensha knew those. Her human had plenty of those things. With an imperious chirp to her faire, she sent the image of what Flare wanted everyone to get from their own humans. Fifteen voices answered in affirmative as the bodies popped between. They were gone for a few moments before they all came back with furs, clothes, and scrap cloths and chittering happily.
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"I'd always known that Vainglory's bond with me was on the weak side. I predicted her leaving me, but I thought it would be to Yiyu or someone else I and she knew. The stranger was a deep surprise, but she will be cared for by this person. The real surprise?" Diagir gestured to his queen. "She didn't care. She acted like her daughter moving on was boring. I understand that it could be because Vainglory isn't a gold, but after how she'd acted so far? It's bizarre."
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Re: Revelations (ATTN: T'rif/Trifali)


T'rif turned to head back to his office while Rassia grinned at the girl she hoped to be her new friend as well as unknown kin.

"Oh, you're definitely in for craziness," she said. She gestured to Sable. "This is Sable, by the way." The flit chirped at her. "We're a busy bunch. The Weyr is a bit accident prone, so be on the watchout for that. We work hard, but play hard. We need to get you a Candide uniform first. You wear that to classes."

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She was bonded to me since Ziya was still fussy back then and didn't want her Impressing to me. Well she just broke our bond and bonded to a bronzerider we met in passing. Confusing mess.
Insera frowned. "Oh really?" she said. "Forgive me, but I have to ask. Why hadn't you noticed that your bond was so weak that it could be broken by a mere stranger?"

Re: Can we build it? Yes! We! Can! (ATTN: Any)

Jessica Freise

This momentarily flummoxed the older Queen. She chirruped to herself for a moment before sending an image of soft things like clothing or even blankets. Swooping down and around, she did a delighted (if clumsily) dance midair.

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Build a nest? Well, she'd never done that before, but Javensha wasn't about to let a silly fact like that stop her. In fact, she might build one for herself later- that image looked awfully good. Chirruping curiously back to Flare, she asked what they would need to gather for it. Javensha emphasized that her faire would be delighted to aid them.
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Re: Revelations (ATTN: T'rif/Trifali)

Jessica Freise

"I'll be there," she said without a second's hesitation as she flashed him a rare smile. Then she turned back to Rassia.

"Lead on. Maybe you can tell me what craziness I'm in for."

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"Okay, Fali then," Rassia said.

"I want you to take Falli around and get her set up with some Candidate uniforms and a cot and all that," T'rif said, laying a hand on his daughter's shoulder. "I need to get back to work, but if you need me you know where to find me. And Falli? Meet me for lunch tomorrow, okay?"