Re: Born at the Right Time - Attn:Margana, R'tal, Cremsden


"I think that would be a good idea. He's already on duty, so I'm sure he'll be there. And I'm doubly sure that K'ren won't allow him to help with the birth." She didn't want him there in Healer capacity. He needed to be there as her moral support.

One final boost, and Margana was on Zlorenth's neck. The blue gently lifted off, which Margana knew was horribly difficult for him. But it was worth it, to not have to walk the distance to the Infirmary.

Zlorenth set down and several Healer apprentices were there to help her off, along with Journeyman Healer Rulynn. "Don't you know babies are supposed to come in the wee hours of the morning?" Ru said as she helped Margana waddle to a room set up specifically for birthing. 

"Tell you what---once this kid is old enough to understand, you tell them that," Margana replied. 

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 11:41 AM Laura Walker <shewhoguards@...> wrote:
"Right, right, I'll tell K'ren to expect you. Someone will be there. Er." R'tal glanced at her awkwardly, even as he tried to gently nudge her towards Zlorenth. "You want that I should tell him to tell your Healer guy?"


On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 4:04 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
Margana gritted her teeth as another spasm hit. "Not immediately, but soon. I haven' about you get me to Zlorenth. I can, yeah, sideways would be good. And he doesn't have to fly, just skim. You tell everyone to move out of the way." No one would give R'tal trouble if he told them to move. 

Feck, she didn't remember this hurting so much. There was a reason she didn't have any more babies after Kegan. 

{{I can help with the pain?}} Zlorenth said/asked.

[[Let's wait until after we get me to the infirmary. You get as close as you can to the door. I'm going to sit on your neck. Sideways.]]

{{I'll take care of you.}}

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 8:17 AM Laura Walker <shewhoguards@...> wrote:
"I don't-- can you-- side saddle maybe?" R'tal blurted, words tumbling over each other. "Isn't that what the Holder ladies do? I-- Is it going to come out *now*?"


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"Do I look like I'm in any shape to be riding a dragon right now?" Margana snapped. Her contractions were coming faster than she expected--weren't they supposed to be at longer intervals? Those lying Healers.

"I'm sorry. I'm not sure...hmm. Maybe I can ride Zlorenth. It's not far to the Infirmary. Maybe you could help me get on Zlorenth and then you can alert the Healers that I'm coming?"

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"Your water--" R'tal was about to say that water spilt, it didn't just break when his mind caught up. "Oh, oh shards. Do you need -- no, that's stupid, you don't need a lift you've got your own dragon. Uh-- what do we do?"


On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 8:04 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
It wasn't the fact that her water broke that had Margana a bit...peeved. It was the fact that it broke all over the floor which she had just cleaned. And now had to clean it again.

"Grrrrr," she growled. "I just washed this floor. But my water broke and now I need to clean it again." Then a massive pain hit her, and she could swear she felt her belly ripple. She bent over, clutching her belly in pain. "Or not."

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 3:02 PM Laura Walker <shewhoguards@...> wrote:
It may or may not have been the best time for R'tal to wander in with his notes on the wingriders. 

"Right, I thought it was time to go through and move some of our people about a bit," he said briskly. "Some of those newer greens and blues in particular are being wasted right now - I had them in safer positions while they got used to the wing but if they've got the speed--" he broke off, looking at Margana. "Everything okay?"


On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 2:48 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
Margana waddled into her office, ready for another day at work. It wasn't like she could do anything else--R'tal had grounded her, and Cremsden hovered around her like a mother flit. Thankfully he was on duty today so she could go file paperwork in peace.

{{Are you feeling OK today?}} Zlorenth asked.

[[Not you too. I'm fine.]]

{{But you're going to clutch soon. I can feel it.}}

True. Zlorenth was pretty tuned in to her feelings these days. Once he clued her in about the pregnancy and she went to Healer Rulynn to confirm it (Zlorenth wanted to know when she got a second heart. Surprise!) he had been solicitously monitoring her. On the one hand, she knew she could take care of herself so why was everyone on her, but she also enjoyed being fussed over.

The fact that Cremsden wanted them to raise the child themselves was another story. Margana didn't think she was cut out for motherhood, no matter how well she had raised Karla and Tamalak. But they hadn't been babies!

She filed everything that needed filing, plus things that didn't. She rearranged the filing system so it made more sense to her. She sat down for a moment to rest her aching feet, but was soon up again, cleaning her office, and started in on R'tal's office. All before R'tal even made it in for the day.

{{Don't you think you should slow down a bit?}} Zlorenth asked. 

[[Too full of energy.]]

Celestia chose that moment to come flying in and landed on Margana's shoulders, causing her to sit back on the chair she had just vacated. 


{{Hah! She listens to me.}}

Fine, she'd sit for a little longer. But the baby was kicking, and she was cramping a little. Celestia squawked again. Margana froze.

{{And here we go. You'd better get to the Infirmary,}} Zlorenth said. 

But she hadn't had any contractions yet...oh! Fine, she just started getting them. But there was such a thing as false labor pains, that usually happened several days before...

[[Fine. Celestia and I are going,]] she said.

Then her water broke. 



Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.



Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Cremsden/Kyrel/Z'go/Aruithil )

Laura Walker

Cremsden might not have heard anything but he could read expressions and body language well enough. The hand he set on Kyrel's shoulder had two purposes; an attempt to steady the boy and a reminder to Z'go that Kyrel was not actually alone. 

"No matter either way," he said, deliberately calm as though he had completely failed to notice any issue. "Brownrider Z'go, you've injured yourself?" Because sometimes switching to formal reminded someone that there was proper behaviour here.


On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 12:01 AM Rogue Kakashi <snail.on.speed@...> wrote:
If he had not been in pain at that very moment, there is no doubt in Z'go's mind that he would've seen red and probably swung at the kid, healer, candidate or whatever he fecking was, regardless of the consequences.  Ironically, it was a moment of clarity for the brownrider who, now hearing the sets of two pairs of feet coming closer, replied with a snort, "Suit yourself, threadsucker."  Z'go would remember, though.  Kyrel?  He'd remember.

"There he is!" announced Aruithil as she and Cremsden came into view of Z'go and Kyrel.  "Kyrel, we went to the cots first, why didn't you take him?"

- Z'go and Aruithil


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

Re: Missing In Action (ATTN: Fabio, Any)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu studied the bronze flit closely. She'd learned while dealing with Tyne's group that she could look, but not quite touch. Still, it -- he -- needed help.

Rubbing her behind ruefully, she climbed to her feet. She picked her way to her pants first, then her tunic, pulling each article of clothing on as she moved. That left the firelizard and his predicament.

"Can I help you?" she asked, not really expecting an answer.

On Mar 29, 2020, at 7:26 PM, Alyx <scottish.wolfecary@...> wrote:

Fabio was immediately distracted from his screeching calls for help. There was a lady present afterall. He went from scattershell to flirt in and instant. Preening himself at the young woman, completely forgetting for the moment that he was trapped. He arched his neck and trilled at the girl, and tried once again to spread his wings, to show off what a fine specimen he was. However his wings were still caught and this brought his predicament back to him.  He started squirming, glaring at the bra that had him trapped and thus thwarted his flirting. 
Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

Re: Missing In Action (ATTN: Fabio, Any)


Fabio was immediately distracted from his screeching calls for help. There was a lady present afterall. He went from scattershell to flirt in and instant. Preening himself at the young woman, completely forgetting for the moment that he was trapped. He arched his neck and trilled at the girl, and tried once again to spread his wings, to show off what a fine specimen he was. However his wings were still caught and this brought his predicament back to him.  He started squirming, glaring at the bra that had him trapped and thus thwarted his flirting. 
Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

Re: Missing In Action (ATTN: Fabio, Any)

Jessica Freise

Yiyu had stood, immobilized, for several seconds. Then the squawk had erupted from the opposite end of the barracks and she'd turned to spy the metallic firelizard trapped. Oh, by the egg of Faranth. if she moved, she'd risk censure for walking around naked, perhaps before she could explain. If she didn't....

Yiyu sighed softly and moved....

Only to slip and fall flat on her ass.

On Mar 29, 2020, at 7:00 PM, Alyx <scottish.wolfecary@...> wrote:

Fabio, well this wasn't the first time he'd been something of a nuisance. Why he still liked hanging about the candidate's barracks when his pet, a rider had long since moved on was anyone's guess. Sometimes he even still curled up on the cot that had at one point belonged to D'vik. Maybe those early memories were clearer to the unfortunate flit. No one would ever know for sure Why, suffice it to say that he did.

Today would be yet another misadventure for the unfortunate flit. He'd popped into the bathing room, intent on having a splashing good time. But someone had been there, for some reason, this dumb flit had decided that meant time for..hiding? While the young woman wasn't looking, he'd reached up, and stolen her clothing, hiding under it and scuttling about the room. Unseen, unheard. Well, unheard until he walked face first into a wall. Because of course he couldn't see where he was going. He let out a rather indignant squack, at what? Who knows, but this bronze flit was very offended that something had walked into his face! His wings began to thrash, spewing a shirt over in that corner, a pair of pants the other way. Unfortunately he was brought up short by his old nemesis...a bra. The loop for the shoulder caught up one of his wings, the other got snagged on a small outcropping of rock, and when Fabio attempted to move away from the wall, well he was well and truly caught. This led to several frightened squeaks and squeals and a large, very handsome looking bronze flit frantically clawing at the wall, the bra, and anything else that might be unfortunate enough to get in close.
Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

Re: Missing In Action (ATTN: Fabio, Any)


Fabio, well this wasn't the first time he'd been something of a nuisance. Why he still liked hanging about the candidate's barracks when his pet, a rider had long since moved on was anyone's guess. Sometimes he even still curled up on the cot that had at one point belonged to D'vik. Maybe those early memories were clearer to the unfortunate flit. No one would ever know for sure Why, suffice it to say that he did.

Today would be yet another misadventure for the unfortunate flit. He'd popped into the bathing room, intent on having a splashing good time. But someone had been there, for some reason, this dumb flit had decided that meant time for..hiding? While the young woman wasn't looking, he'd reached up, and stolen her clothing, hiding under it and scuttling about the room. Unseen, unheard. Well, unheard until he walked face first into a wall. Because of course he couldn't see where he was going. He let out a rather indignant squack, at what? Who knows, but this bronze flit was very offended that something had walked into his face! His wings began to thrash, spewing a shirt over in that corner, a pair of pants the other way. Unfortunately he was brought up short by his old nemesis...a bra. The loop for the shoulder caught up one of his wings, the other got snagged on a small outcropping of rock, and when Fabio attempted to move away from the wall, well he was well and truly caught. This led to several frightened squeaks and squeals and a large, very handsome looking bronze flit frantically clawing at the wall, the bra, and anything else that might be unfortunate enough to get in close.
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Re: Gotta Water the Paperwork (attn: J'hen, Qioyon)

Mya L. R.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 6:32 PM Alyx <scottish.wolfecary@...> wrote:
((Igen is where we came from. Before mine got...retired.)) The old brown snorted in disgust at the idea, and settled into the shallow water with a slosh.  ((You...look like someone. Someone mine knew...but I do not remember. We would have to ask him. He will come here.)) The dragon said this as if it was a matter of course. While also calling out to his rider ((Mine, you must come. I cannot remember.))

Back in his weyr, J'hen blinked at the rather unusual summons. He'd just retrieved yet another slipper from Saly's clutches. too bad it was a little too late. Oh well, he'd just have to send in another order. This was the second pair this week. (Can't remember what Nehryth? That's a long walk you know.)

((This boy, I can't remember. You must see him.)) The dragon replied sagely.  ((If you do not want to come down, I will bring him to you.)) Just because the brown dragon was still fairly mobile, well he knew his rider wasn't as fit as he once had been, and sometimes would make mild concessions for him.

J'hen blinked in his weyr, wondering what on Pern his dragon was on about, what boy? But before he could ask that question, Nehryth again took things into his own hands, er well claws.

The brown's attention turned back to the lad with the soggy papers and told him ((Gather your things, you will come with me. And don't take off your shoes.))

Qioyon blinked.  Still silent he blinked again, puzzled over this sudden command from the brown.  "Where we going?"  He asked and turned, quickly grabbing for the papers he'd rescued for the water, not in any pattern or order, he just tossed them back into a pile.  The wet ones he set aside frowning uncertainly at them as he wasn't sure how to carry them without completely ruining what was left.

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New kid on the block ( M'ayen / Leodred )

Rogue Kakashi

"Right, here you are, kid," said the dragonrider as he helped Leodred off of his blue.  "Candidate Barracks.  He's my token, just give it to any ACM and they will know what to do."

"Don't call me kid," Leodred replied.  "What's an ACM?"

The rider rose a brow at the young man's reply.  Another one of these, the bluerider thought to himself with a sigh.  "Assistant Candidatemaster, kid.  You're they're responsibility now."

"I said--"

"I heard you the first time," the bluerider replied, already settling back onto his dragon.  "Good luck!"

The dragon took off and Leodred watched them go.  With a heavy sigh the candidate grabbed his bag and swung it over his shoulder and made his way into the candidate barracks.  It took him about a quarter of an hour to fin the ACM offices (he had refused to ask for any help).  Once he reached one he knocked on the door and waited to be allowed in to report himself for candidacy or whatever it was that he was supposed to be doing.

- Leodred

Say it ain't sewing ( Kyrel / Sorho )

Rogue Kakashi

Candidates walked past the young blonde man as he stared at the entrance to the classroom, unable to make himself go in again.  He'd been at this for turns and he knew exactly what this class was about.  Basic needlework; tip goes through hole, do this, do that, three hours of life that were never coming back for a skill that Sorho was completely unskilled in and had no desire to improve.  What was he going to do?  Knit himself a pair of trousers?  

"Sewing?" he asked outloud, asking no one but hoping for an answer nonetheless.  "Seriously?  Are trying to put the tailors out of business or something?"  He let out a frustrated sigh and started to back away before it was too late to do so.  "Nope, feck this today."

- Sorho

Re: (Razelth's Clutch) The Ground Rules (Attn: Any Candidates)


Alyx was excited that there was another clutch on the sands, she'd been sure there wouldn't be another one before she had aged out. This was cutting things closer than she would have liked it. But here they were. She'd been a candidate for quite a while at this point and, she watched some of the younger folks with amusement, the bouncing, the eagerness. She remembered them well. But now she was calm. At least on the outside. On the in of course she was still excited. But over time she had overcome the urge to show it quite so much. She was unsure if she would impress a dragon at all, but if she was to, it would be this clutch, everything depended on it. She'd left her flits back at her cot. So she didn't have to worry what they were about right now.

Lerian was so excited, he'd just barely become a candidate when the gold had risen. It had been right after his birthday, the one his brother had missed. He looked about the candidates, looking for him, but couldn't see him from where he sat. Of course his brother hadn't been talking to him much, for a while. He saw some familiar faces, and some that spent more time at their crafts. He didn't know all their names but that was alright. He didn't really have any questions, but decided that one day he was going to bring the gold rider a tray of his special jam cookies that everyone seemed to like so well.

Have fun with any of my characters. Alyx, Lerian (candidates), Vayka (Healer), J'hen, D'vik, Teyra, Cotai (Riders), Rotasta (AWLM)

Re: A Senior Request (Cremsden/Aruithil)

Rogue Kakashi

"This time of the turn?... oh!  Because of the eggs?" she asked, curious for more, as usual.  She could understand why; she'd started to wonder how many fellow apprentices would disappear this time around.  The memory of how empty the Infirmary had been after the Tiny Traveller's hatch was still vivid in her memory.  

"I'm eighteen actually," she was quick to remind him.  "You were at my nameday celebration in fact!"  How could he forget!  She did her best to keep her reprimanding tone at bay, she was starting to feel like she sounded more like her mother every day.  "About the Hall... You are probably right.  I do appreciate the opportunity that Arolos as given me, though, to learn."

- Aruithil

Re: Now I have ALL the friends! (Tyne/R'zzon)


Nine firelizards? R'zzon boggled. Which gave her..,"You have eleven firelizards now?" How could she handle that? But, looking at the sheer happiness on her face, maybe it was a good thing. She seemed less haunted than she had been.

"So, where did they come from?" he asked. "I haven't seen you in a few days, so this had to have happened recently."  He ran his fingers through his hair. What did one say to someone who just Impressed nine more firelizards?

{{Congratulations is a good start.}}

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 12:01 PM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
Her expression took on a mischievous bent as she gently pulled back the blanket some more. A blanket that had begun to rustle and move of its own accord. "All of them." she beamed as one by one, the tiny and yawning heads of baby firelizards began to pop up between the folds like springs popping out of a mattress. Three... four... five... six... seven.. eight...nine.

Tyne looked nothing but proud of herself and Bobbin stuck her head into the top of the basket, whistling softly at the sleepy babies, a bizarre echo of the way in which Tyne cooed and fussed over her little brood.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 4:08 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
"What the..." R'zzon looked at the two babies she showed him. Two baby firelizards. "So you Impressed a couple more firelizards?" he said in confusion. But they were so close together. And it was such a large basket...

Suddenly he was wide awake.  "How many friends did you make?" he asked. Panagath was chuckling in the background. R'zzon had the feeling that if Panagath were human, he'd be rolling on the floor right now.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 9:57 AM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
"Friends!" she proclaimed again. "You need to wake up some more. You're not making full sentences." Of course, she hadn't known that the poor man had probably only had a mere handful of hours of sleep. She reverently pored over the basket, cooing at it slightly. "I made lots of friends yesterday. At the beach! And they're Bobbin and Cairn's friends too!" Never mind that Cairn wasn't entirely sure about how he felt about the new little interlopers, Bobbin was positively infatuated, no doubt her own maternal streak as a gold feeding from Tyne's own adoration.

She reached for R'zzon's arm, pulling at his sleeve to pull him closer to the table. "You need to be quiet, you'll scare them. They're sleeping." The words were punctuated by barely contained giggles as she eased the lid of the basket halfway off. "Wakey wakey" she cooed into the basket, pulling the folds of a blanket aside to reveal two tiny firelizards, one brown and one green, fast asleep and their bellies distended from their recent breakfast.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 1:27 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
"Friends?" R'zzon's sleep muddled mind could barely keep up with Tyne's exuberance. His eyes fell upon the basket, but he didn't see what was in it. The way Cairn and Bobbin were hovering around the basket was some type of clue. Something important in the basket. He struggled with connecting the dots.

Cairn and Bobbin were firelizards. Firelizards were small dragons. Dragons were always wanting to eat. Therefore, the basket must have food in it. He nodded, pleased with himself that he'd been able to think rationally.

{{Firelizards are not small dragons, thank you very much,}} Panagath said. {{I'm insulted that you would ever think that.}}

R'zzon ignored him.

"But haven't Bobbin and Cairn always been your friends?" he asked her.

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 4:28 PM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
Tyne was beaming so widely that one wrong move would probably split her face from ear to ear as R'zzon opened his door and bleared at her. Somewhere through the waves of sated sleep and overwhelming glee, she noted his barely awake face.

"Wake up sleepy! I brought my new friends to meet you!"

Brandishing the basket high, she jostled past him into his weyr, practically bouncing with ever step. Like arrows from a bow, Bobbin and Cairn shot after her, settling on the table that Tyne gently set her basket on and huddling around it. It was clear that both flits were on high alert, heads twitching every which way as though assessing the entire room for any possible dangers.

"I made friends! All on my own!" And she was so achingly pleased about that fact. It radiated from her as she puffed up her slim frame and an innocence seemed to ripple from her. It wasn't the strange, childlike Tyne she had been, rather, it was the image of someone who was surrounded by a bubble of innocent naivety. A bubble that kept all of the bad things away. Besides, she was so giddy with all the new noise in her head that it made her feel drunk and the feeling of sated baby flits in her head made her feel heavy and clumsy like she was wading through water. It was delightful. Feelings in a way that she hadn't thought she would remotely feel every again. Patching up the Myrandith space. Not forgetting it. Just making it more bearable. Draping it with brightly coloured flags that made the hole seem a little smaller. Keeping Myrandith sacred. Just... easier to bear.

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 8:00 PM Laurie <Laurie.Lynne@...> wrote:
R'zzon had been on late watch, and had fallen into bed in the early hours of the morning. Therefore, he didn't at first hear the persistent knocking.

{{Hey, boyo, your girlfriend's here,}} an amused Panagath said, waking him up from a sound sleep. He wasn't sure what he'd been dreaming about, but whatever it was, he'd liked it. and wanted more.

[[My what?]] he sleepily asked.

{{The no-longer-goldrider you've been around a log.}} 

Tyne? First he bolted up from bed, then realized that if something had happened, Idri would be there and not Tyne herself. "Hang on," he called out, quickly donning a semi-clean shirt and pants. Barefoot he padded over to his door.

"Hi," he said, almost tongue-tied. He didn't see anything untoward at first so he motioned her in. "Come on in. Is everything alright?"

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 1:36 PM Nutmeg <nutmeg.witch@...> wrote:
OoC: Fuzzied back approximately 2 months and set the day after Tyne finds her brood.

IC: When she had turned up back at home, beaming with rapturous happiness, Idri hadn't know whether to laugh, cry, shout or all of the above. As Tyne had waded into their living quarters, baby firelizards hanging off almost every inch of her (or so it had seemed), the poor Healer had spent the next hour trying to figure out two things, one - what in the wide world had happened and two - had her charge found a nest that didn't belong to her and they were about to get a very angry owner banging on the door.

The story had come out, coaxed between Tyne's distracted thoughts and copious giggles as she bathed and oiled each and every one of her new charges, wrapped in the wonderful cacophony of emotion that flooded her mind and Myrandith's empty space. The sun was barely sunk below the Rim before Idri had found the dragonless woman fast asleep on the couch, exhausted by her day's adventure and snoring lightly.

She had been left there until late into the following morning when Tyne had awoken to the sensation of hunger. Hers and that of nine others. Idri had abandoned her to go to a shift and truth be told, had needed to run away in order to figure out what she was going to do with Tyne. Tyne hadn't cared. No one had told her off and she was so enveloped in new sensations that she drifted along in a bubble of delirious happiness as she spent a blissful two hours tending to her new flock.

There was someone else that she was itching to tell as well. She had tried to make her new friends cling to her like they had yesterday but now, fat and sated they were lazy and snoring. With a "hmph!" she had found something even better, one of the baskets Idri used to organise their laundry. Each little body was tucked into its own nest of a blanket and the basket scooped up as Tyne scampered down the tunnels, trying not to bounce her previous cargo too much. Bobbin and Cairn flew over her, the gold fiercely watching for predators. Her maternal streak had kicked off and then some as Tyne made her way to a familiar door and began rapping on it loudly and persistently.

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Cremsden/Kyrel/Z'go/Aruithil )

Rogue Kakashi

If he had not been in pain at that very moment, there is no doubt in Z'go's mind that he would've seen red and probably swung at the kid, healer, candidate or whatever he fecking was, regardless of the consequences.  Ironically, it was a moment of clarity for the brownrider who, now hearing the sets of two pairs of feet coming closer, replied with a snort, "Suit yourself, threadsucker."  Z'go would remember, though.  Kyrel?  He'd remember.

"There he is!" announced Aruithil as she and Cremsden came into view of Z'go and Kyrel.  "Kyrel, we went to the cots first, why didn't you take him?"

- Z'go and Aruithil

The Woes of Overconfidence Pt. III ((Z'go/Elowyn))


Present Day

Freezing darkness enveloped them, robbing them nearly completely of their senses in the three breathspans that it took them to traverse it's deep void.  Before they knew it darkness became color and they were in the rafters, high above the Arolosian peninsula, circling downwards towards the enormous Weyr bowl just below them.

It should've been a beautiful and idyllic scene of the tropical Weyr, but any beauty to be found was immediately overlooked by the torrential rain that hammered down from the sky above, with even greater intensity than the heavy shower that had been falling at the Harper Hall.  Albeit the rain, Arolos's famous heat and humidity was still present. Z'go couldn't help but say, "Home sweet fecking home!" as they descended.

Elowyn hated the between. One moment you knew where you were, and then suddenly, you /weren’t/. Nothingness. So icy cold she could swear she felt the water in her hair, on her skin, beginning to form frost. Nothin to breathe, nothing to hear, to see. The absolute definition of terror for the harper. /Just count/, she reminded herself, focusing on the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears. /One… two… three.../ It would be over soon. 

Rain hit her face, hot, wet, and startling in contrast to the absence of all before. Elowyn flinched at the sudden change, filling her lungs with a gasp more relieved than afraid. If she had thought herself soaked in the North, she came to realize this was somehow /worse/. Water had already begun to bleed through the oiled outer layer of her coat, and though the wind aloft kept her short curls in a wild tangle, the rain prevented any hope of an air-dry. /Of course/ Arolos would welcome her home with a shower. The feeling of being too long away from her roots was quickly losing its luster.  By the sensations she received from her flit companion, the little bronze was quickly becoming tired of his containment; combined with her disappointment in the weather, Elowyn’s mood soured swiftly. 

She could hear the brownrider’s disgruntled comment and grumbled wordlessly in agreement. The sooner they were on the ground, the sooner they could be inside and out of the downpour. Opening her eyes at long last, she hazarded a peek at the sprawling Weyr below. “Looks like the day I left,” she admitted in annoyance without a hint of wistfulness remaining.

Z'go directed Gamyth towards the entrance to the Harper Haven and the two-toned brown landed with much more care than he'd taken off with, gently touching ground and kneeling so the riders on his back could get off quickly.  He wasn't exactly pleased with the rain, either, and was looking forward to snuggling up in his dry weyr.

After unhooking them both, Z'go slid off of Gamyth with Elowyn's bag.  Once he touched the floor he reached up to help her down, "Looks like every damn day this week," he commented in response.

Elowyn was grateful to be on solid ground once more by the time Gamyth touched down. Flying was a usually tolerable affair, but the rain had made it completely miserable. Z'go could not have possibly unclipped the harness fast enough for her liking, though she did wait for his assistance to climb down from the saddle's height - it would have been a shame to fall and so easy in such slippery conditions.  

"Thanks," she offered in return, her smile brief, but present. 

Absolutely done with his confinement, Toki shoved his way out through the neck of her jacket, squealing in admonishment. "Yes, yes! I'm going!" She told the impatient bronze. True to her word, she took off at a run through the rain for the shelter of the building without waiting for Z'go to follow - expecting that he would with her bag in tow.

He was right behind her.  As soon as the two had cleared Gamyth took off, flapping his large different colored wings so as to get out of the rain as soon as possible.

Once Z'go was clear of the rain he placed Elowyn's bag briefly on the floor and did his best to take off the heavy, soaked poncho, half lifting his jacket and tunic underneath in the processed, offering a momentary glimpse of Z'go's tanned abdomen and the dark blonde hair that trailed down from his navel.  He quickly pressed the clothes down and hung the poncho on one of the hooks on the wall.

"Finally out of the fecking rain," he muttered with a heavy sigh and he grabbed her bag once more, keeping a wary eye on the fire-lizards antics.  He suddenly wondered why he was doing it; his part was gone, he had brought her here. Any other passenger would not have gotten any type of special treatment.  For a moment he wasn't sure what to say to her, " So... do you know where to go?"

Elowyn began unbuttoning her coat as quickly as humanly possible, eager to be free of the heavy, sodden thing now that they were out of the weather. Without waiting for her to finish, Toki burst free of his makeshift shelter with an impatient series of trills, sending at least one if the buttons rocketing across the foyer with a rattle. "Toki!" She admonished, but the little bronze was not bothered in the least. Coppery wings spread, he soared upward into the rafters just above and alighted there with a territorial trumpet. If there were other flits nearby, they seemed to ignore him for nothing but silence answered the cranky firelizard.

Elowyn might have chastised the creature further, but her eyes had been glued to Z'go from the moment he began undressing - brief though it was. The hints of a devious smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth. Before he had turned around once more, she realized she had frozen mid-motion and resumed doffing her own protective gear in the hope he hadn't noticed the pause. 

"Uh, yes I actually do," she answered his question, finally lifting her gaze from him to the hall itself. "Or, I did." It had been many Turns since her last visit, there was bound to be some reorganizing. "They've set aside a room for me. If I recall, the dorms are.. that way. Come along, Toki." Elowyn folded her wet coat under one arm and took off into the building without waiting for either to attend her. 

"I was born here, you know. Before the Haven was finished. I grew up in these halls," she told him, the hints of fond nostalgia creeping into her words. "My parents were Harpers here and I followed after them, what a surprise. I had a bit of a reputation for being a little shit."

Why was she telling him this? The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them, only realizing in retrospect that she had begun dumping the beginnings of a life story on him. Elowyn found herself slightly uncomfortable upon recognizing how easily she had wanted to open up. 

"Anyway. Shouldn't be too far, I think we're about to pass the dining hall. Do you.. want a cup of klah while you're here?"

A harper from a line of harpers, he thought to himself, watching her as she spoke, following her without a second thought.  He snorted, "I can't imagine why," and smiled, half playing, half teasing her. Z'go couldn't help himself, especially with her; plus, he remembered their first meeting and the fire he'd sensed in her.  The same warmth that made him incapable of not looking at her today.

"Klah?  Sounds nice, but we really should get you out of those wet clothes," he replied.  Knowing how it could be interpreted, his smile grew, "I mean, even here in the South you can get a chill.  You're soaked to the bone and just went between."

Glancing over to the klah pot he formulated a quick plan, "Let's go to your room and drop this off.  While you get changed I'll order us something to eat."

Elowyn grinned cheekily over one shoulder at him as they walked, but he was right: she /was/ soaked. She hadn't counted on being greeted by a second, worse, storm than the one they had left and her clothes weren't the only thing to suffer for it. Her hair dripped water down the back of her neck at a steady pace, and she could feel her boots squish unpleasantly with each step. The simple bleached-linen blouse she had on below was well past damp, clinging to her skin and bordering on translucent. "The sooner I'm out of these clothes, the better," she agreed teasingly in turn, playing along with his entendre. "May need more than klah to keep me warm after all that rain."

Navigating through the dorms on the first floor, Elowyn located the room meant for her - a key waiting in the lock. She didn't hesitate to open the door, throwing it wide and hurrying inside. She immediately began tugging the first boot off her feet, tossing it against the near wall unceremoniously. "You can set that anywhere," she told Z'go of her luggage, hopping on one foot before finally removing the last shoe. 

Toki dove through the doorway after his mistress, winging in a tight circle about the small quarters before depositing himself on the lightly-quilted bed. The little lizard turned his triangular head towards Z'go, eyes whirling between green and yellow suspiciously. Elowyn paid him no mind. "Shut that door while you're at it," she told Z'go, not specifying on which side of said door he should be.

With her back to the rider, she began to peel out of the shirt. Light skin barely tinted by the sun after Turns in the north broke out in goosebumps to meet the cool air. As she threw down the shirt with a wet slap onto the floor, the visible muscles of her back betrayed a strength that wasn't immediately apparent at first glance, no bulk to speak of on her slender frame. "If I were a towel, where would I be?" She asked no one in particular, thinking aloud.

He could definitely think of better ways than klah to warm her cold body up but he remained respectfully quiet on the matter, preferring a knowing smile and a simple, "Let's go warm that little body of yours up."  And it was little; she was a thin woman and her damp blouse revealed it just as well as that perfect Gather dress she'd worn turns ago. Once they entered the room he set her back on the floor, right next to the door which was already in the process of closing as she bid it, thunking shut at isolating them from the outside world.  

Her shirt came off and splatted on the floor, but Z'go paid no mind to that.  His eyes were completely focus on the woman in front of him. Incapable of stopping himself, Z'go closed the space between them in a few silent step.  Brazenly, he dared touch her, brushing his right index finger down her back, his knuckle rolling softly over each peak in her spine as he slowly descended.  The larger man leaned over, speaking into her ear, "Let me help."

Both of the brownrider's hands her on her now.  He held her hips for an instant and then drew them forward, the tips of his fingers underneath the crease of her pants, between skin and cloth, until her entire lower abdomen was in his hands.  His lips descended from her ear downward, exploring her neck and shoulder, depositing soft kisses as he went.

Elowyn shivered in a way that had nothing to do with the cold. Z'go's finger moved down her spine and she paused, his hands growing more bold by the moment. The warmth of his touch was a blissful contrast on her cool skin, but as of yet uninvited. Turns before she had been more receptive, but time had not frozen on the moment. Elowyn was not in a mood to be played with, tired and wet and cold, despite her willingness to tease and easy smiles for him. 

A small part of her felt the rush she associated with his attention and wanted more, but it was vastly overruled. She laid both hands on one of his arms, fingers wrapped gently around his pleasantly firm bicep while those of her other hand curled around his forearm. Adjusting her balance, she used her lower center of gravity to her advantage and set into motion a shoulder toss that would land the presumptive rider on his ass if successful.

Z'go expected a giggle or an invitation to keep doing what he was doing, so he was really confused when the world suddenly flipped over on itself.  A sharp pain exploded throughout his backside and lower back, making him shoot up almost as soon as he made contact with the floor, cursing, "Feck! What the fecking grrr!  Feck! What the feck was that fecking for?"

His right hand massaged his tailbone (which was more than likely sprained and would hurt for the next few days) and he paced around the room, walking in a circle around the half naked woman, which he was totally ignoring at this point, other than to shoot the odd accusatory glare, "Ever heard of word fecking stop or no?  Faranth mother of shards, what the feck!"

On the bed nearby, her little bronze scuttled away from the action with a beat of his wings and a rebuking screech. His eyes whirled red as the rider hit the floor with a thud. Elowyn, on the other hand, settled her hands on her hips and glowered at her fallen friend. "Did no one teach you to look and not touch?" She demanded, adopting a stern edge to her voice. As he leaped back onto his feet, she folded her arms protectively across her bared chest, regardless of whether he gawked. 

Cobalt eyes followed his circle, lightning in the glare she fixed him with. Rather than continue to scold him, her lips thinned into an annoyed frown that softened as his tirade continued. "Wait, you're… you're not truly hurt, are you?" Elowyn asked, furrowed brows lifting slightly as the thunderclouds cleared from her expression. She hadn't intended to injure the man, only hurt him - a little; just to wind him, really! If she'd actually caused him harm..? Shells. 

Toki chattered away to himself in the background, amused by the rider's pain more than anything.

"I don't fecking know," he snapped.  How would he? He hadn't heard a snap or anything, but there was an undeniable pain shooting up from his tailbone up through his lower back.  He attempted to sit down but aborted immediately... feck, what if he couldn't ride Gamyth? How was he supposed to sit down through a whole Threadfall.  "Feck, woman, you really are something. I need to go."

He  made his way towards the door, stopping only to look back at her.  Z'go seemed like he was about to say something but in the end he just shook his head and snorted, "Welcome to Arolos Weyr, El."

Elowyn frowned, following him to the door only with her gaze.  Her expression hadn't changed much by the time he turned around, but she looked far less likely to strangle him than she had to begin with. His observation and declaration gave her some surprise, but she kept it from her countenance.  Retreating so soon? Shards, maybe he really /was/ hurt. Guilt began to take root in the pit of her stomach, a vile weed that made her doubt her knee-jerk reaction. 

She hated that feeling. "Thanks, it's good to be home," she snapped back with more venom than she truly meant, her words dripping with sarcasm. Toki trumpeted.

"Right," replied the brownrider, catching onto the venom in her tone, even if she hadn't meant it, and passed through the door.  He closed it behind him and stiffly started making his way to the Infirmary.

The Woes of Overconfidence Pt. II ((Z'go/Elowyn))


Two Turns Earlier
A Northern Hold

The brownrider's green eyes darted from one player to the next, trying to read the most minute details in their expressions that might give away their hand.

Was it the gruff old man that held the winning hand?  Or the lucky Lord's son? He doubted that the Middle-aged Baker had anything; he looked as dejected as ever after losing the last three hands.  The old bastard was unreadable; his glossed over eyes made one wonder if he was dead at times. No, it was this smiling bastard in front of him.  He had a mountain of chips stacked in front of him and some nice looking woman on his arm.  

In Z'go's opinion, the kid's ass was getting to big for his chair.  Looking over his cards once more, Z'go knew he had a fighting chance if he could pull another Ace.  He took a chip from his pile and set it on the table and received a card.

"What's wrong?" asked the bastard.  Z'go hadn't even looked at his card and the little shite... was it a tactic?  The brownrider couldn't shake the feeling. If asked, Z'go would never fall into something as foul as counting cards, but he knew for a fact that there was either an Ace of another high card under there, both of which would benefit his hand.  Z'go left the card unflipped, "What's wrong?" asked the Holder.

"What's the fun in gambling without a bit of risk?" asked Z'go, looking over to the woman at the younger man's arm.

"Whatever," replied the scion with a snort.  He nudged the woman next to him with his arm, showing her his hand.  It was a good hand, a winning hand, but notoriously missing the ace that would make it worth anything.  "Watch me win."

Elowyn watched the gathered players with genuine interest, attention shifting between them with each turn. She was a bit of a card shark in her own right, but tonight didn't allow for her participation. Instead she studied the men assembled around the table, scrutinizing their subtle gestures and expressions for tells. Her gaze had begun to linger on the green-eyed rider as the game progressed, a fact that had not gone entirely unnoticed by the Lord Holder's son if the growing annoyance on his face was anything to judge by. When she felt his nudge, she politely gave his cards a cursory glance and feigned awe. 

"Are those cards good?" Her voice lilted with ignorance that was hard to identify as insincere.

Mollified, if only slightly, by the opportunity to preen, the scion's face split in a cocky grin. "Let's have a kiss for good luck, just in case." He freed a hand from the table to tap at his cheek expectantly, and Elowyn felt bile rise in her throat. Instead of allow for her discomfort to show, she lifted her hand to her lips and pressed a kiss against her fingers before laying them on his face with an innocent smile. He reacted with disappointment, but didn't let that delay his move. 

The smug heir spread his cards out before the stack of chips piled in the center, presenting a hand that suddenly contained the necessary ace that had notably been missing moments before. It took Elowyn a moment to notice the discrepancy, and as the young Holder announced his victory, she cast him a look of silent disbelief. 

"Read them and weep," he sneered in wicked delight, "a Royal Flush."

"Another one?  Oh my Faranth," Z'go's voice dripped with sarcasm when his rival revealed his cards.  He glanced over to the old man and the sad man, gauging their reactions before finally settling again on the Holder.  Much like Z'go, they were fuming, just not as good at hiding it. He made himself smile, "You'll have to teach me your tricks."

His gaze returned momentarily towards the woman, noticing the look she cast the man, confirming what he already suspected, as she had no need to bluff.  Z'go couldn't help but smirk knowingly at her, "Maybe with that kind of luck I'll find myself a beautiful woman, too."

He flipped his yet uncovered card over, revealing and anti-climatic "2."  Z'go tossed the rest of his cards on the table, considering it not even worth revealing what he could have had.  The others did the same and stood up, abandoning the table with what dignity they had left.

"What are you implying?" Demanded the Holder's son in response to the rider's sarcasm, pausing in his efforts to sweep the pot toward his previous winnings. His face had begun to turn beet red beneath a scowl, though whether from his emptied wine cup or anger was up for debate. 

Elowyn knew this situation could escalate quickly if not defused. The handsome rider's comment about her looks earned him a snort and a brief eye-roll, unimpressed by platitudes she was sure he used on every passably pleasing face. She smoothed the wrinkles from the front of her snug, velvety dress, subconsciously more aware of his gaze.

"My lord," she implored sickly-sweet, leaning to wrap her hands around the hot-tempered heir's nearest arm as he stood in concert with the other players. "I'm sure he meant nothing by it. Don't let a sore loser rile you."

"No, no I won't have this!" His reedy voice rose near shouting despite Elowyn's best attempts. "Are you calling me a cheater, sir?!"

Her reaction earned her a even bigger smirk, but Z'go decided to leave it at that, since the young bastard seemed to be vying for the older man's attention.  Green eyes returned to him, completely unimpressed with the way he was acting. Wasn't it enough to be a threadsucking cheater that he also had to act like a wherry's ass?  

Z'go felt irritability start to invade his mood.  He'd been drunk enough to not care about loosing four or five marks but he definitely wasn't drunk enough to let this little shit walk all over him just because he thought he could.  Almost immediately he felt Gamyth's presence in the back of his mind, as if telling him to be careful.  

"Cheater?" Z'go asked as he stood, presenting his full height to the lordling.  He was dressed in fine Gather attire, probably his first time wearing it judging by the richness of it's colors and the state of it's threads. 

"Not at all," he continued, straighting out his tunic, locking eyes with the younger man.  There was no more smiles con Z'go's face, "I'm calling you a yellow-bellied tunnelsnake of a man.  Though 'man' might be stretching it, because from where I stand you look more like a threadsucking dimwitted wherry-shit-for-brains overgrown troglodyte of a boy."

The lordling's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as he sputtered indignantly, unable to gather his wits fast enough to reply without faltering. Elowyn turned a shocked expression on the foul-mouthed rider, her own mouth agape and midnight eyes wide - not at his language so much as the audacity necessary to use it against the scion of the Hold in which they stood. The speed with which she composed herself was testament to her experience more than self-control, but she still turned her face away to keep the knowing smile on her face out of the heir's view. Of course /the rider was right/, but she wasn't quite so eager to commit social suicide alongside him by admitting that. She still needed the brat-of-a-lord's influence. 

"How dare you!" Cried the son, knocking over the chair he had risen from to stagger dramatically backwards. "I-I'll have your head for that! Do you know who my father is?!"

When the little bastard's hand landed on the hilt of his belt knife, a fancy piece with a sheath decorated overindulgently by precious metal filigree, Elowyn no longer hesitated. Even if the blade wasn't in skillful hands, it was plenty able to do damage. 

"Let's not be hasty!" She warned coolly. Her hand was iron on his wrist when the lordling tried to pull away, and he turned a surprised look at her. 

"I-I want him out!" He stammered, robbed of his steam by her intrusion, but not deterred for long. At least he had not drawn the weapon, yet. "You riders think you can do anything you please, but there are costs for your actions! Even if no one else will stand up to you, I am not afraid!" The rider was more than a hand taller than the Hold scion, a fact undeniable as he stared upward with a pinched face. "Get out of my Hold!"

"Your Hold?  You mean your Daddy's Hold," replied Z'go.  He leaned forward, grasping either side of the table in case he had to defend himself.  The stupid boy's hand had gone for his weapon, and though he'd still to draw it, the brownrider wasn't taking any chances with this wherry brained mongrel.

Guards had made themselves present, two of them directly behind Z'go.  Could he take them on? Probably not, but it wouldn't be the first or last time the Bitran took bad odds and came out on top.  Gamyth was fully away now and watching the situation unfold through his rider's eyes, prepared to swoop in at a moments notice.

Letting go of the table, Z'go took a step back, half pushing it against the lordling.  It wouldn't hurt in the slightest, but the rude gesture was enough to topple the kid's chips  from the table. "We all know who your father is, but who knows who your mother is, bastard. Probably his own sister judging by how fecking  stupid you are. You're a threadsucking cheater and a hipocrite and if you're not show us all the inside of your left sleeve. Got another ace up there, have we?"

He felt a guard's arm grab him by the bicep and the blonde rider yanked it away before he could get a clean grip.  Anger dominated Z'go now, and before he could think twice his arm was already swinging back towards the guard who had tried to grab him, elbowing him square in the face and breaking the man's nose.  He fell back holding it with a muffled yelp of pain as blood started to gush from the wound.  

The second guard tried to grab Z'go from behind but the experienced rider caught him by the arm and used the guard's own momentum to flip him over his shoulder and send him crashing into the poker table.  

"You know what?  Feck this Hold, feck these guards," Z'go swung his right foot directly into the guard's side.  "Feck you and your cheating ass. I'm out of here. Keep those wherryshit marks."

Z'go started to back off, warily, in case he was attacked again.

Elowyn hastily moved out of the way as soon as fists began to fly, separating herself from the fray almost entirely. She couldn't leave, not yet, but bloody shards if she was going to let herself get dragged into a brawl in this outfit! The weaver's services hadn't been cheap. "Fecking men," she hissed beneath her breath, watching the scuffle unfold with slim arms crossed beneath the subtle curves of a nearly flat bosom. They were always trouble. 

Perhaps it had been watching no less than TWO guards dispatched with relative ease before his very eyes that gave the Hold scion pause, but he hesitated rather than aid his father's men. His adam's apple bobbed with a nervous swallow, brows furrowed over anxious eyes as the brown brownrider began to make his exit. Several quiet moments passed without a word, the eyes of every one of the party's attendees fixed on their group. "Y-you'll pay for that as well, rider!" The word dripped with derision on his tongue, but he remained still - belt knife safely in its sheath. "I'll see to it you never return here!" His voice wavered tellingly.

Elowyn had eyes only for the abrasive rider, curiosity piqued despite her best interests.

Z'go grinned when he heard the boy's voice wavering, humiliating himself in what could one day be his subjects.  Triumphant, the brownrider snatched a nearby wineskin from a table and tossed them a quartermark. He took a long swig, showing the lordling his middle finger before completely turning around and disappearing into the people eating, dancing and enjoying the Gather.

The brownrider knew that even if they did put out the order to keep him from ever returning, it wouldn't really go into effect until tomorrow, unless Z'go was stupid enough to have another run in with the Guards, most of whom he assumed were itching to kick his ass after so easily defeating the previous two.  Z'go was a brawler by nature, and his training to be a dragonrider had only honed his natural skills over time.

Elowyn managed to keep her expression free of the internal cringe she felt watching the exchange take place. Z'go won points for style and bravado, his point made beyond a doubt. That anti-authority flare with a dash of wherrybrained disregard for the social standing of others did him few favors in her book. Dark eyes followed him into the crowd with his middle finger high, unmissable. This man was trouble, she could have seen that from dragonback on high. And yet.. 

Seizing the opportunity this disruption had provided, Elowyn made herself scarce from the lordling's side. The boy was too preoccupied to notice, conversing heatedly with his personal scribe while the other scribbled madly on his note-scroll. At Gatherings such as this one, it was easy to become just another pleasant face in the sea of people. Most did little more than glance her way once or twice as she passed, and that suited her purposes just fine. The dress she wore revealed little in the way of flesh, though it clung to her slender frame like a second wine-dark skin and accentuated what assets she /did/ have. Feminine wiles had their uses, after all. 

That rider had vanished into the throng only moments ahead of Elowyn, though she had needed to take the long-way ‘round to avoid the card tables. Being of average height had its disadvantages, and an inability to see over the heads of others was definitely one of them. It would not stop her from attempting to seek the offensive rider out. "Now… if I were a brutish rider with a sour personality, where would I be?" She wondered aloud, a bad habit.

"Right behind you, getting more sour by the minute," replied a voice she would recognize.

After his stunt, Z'go had slipped into the crowd and circled back, just in case.  Though he should've been more preoccupied with what the asshole was upto, his eyes were drawn towards the slender woman with the unforgettable dress and the dark, exotic blue eyes.  She slipped away from the rest and Z'go started to maneuver himself through the crowd, following her from a distance. Just as he decided to close in he heard her speak to himself. The brownrider's ego was pleased to hear that she had slipped off to look for him.  

He reached out to her, touching her shoulder in an attempt to make her turn around and look at him.  "What's wrong? Tired of being the little Lordling's pet?"

Much to her chagrin, Elowyn flinched hard the moment his voice reached her ears. Shells! It was just her luck that he would materialize behind her, though he had saved her the trouble of a search. She schooled her expression as best she could, but a slightly embarrassed shade lingered on her cheeks when she turned to face him. The hand he laid on her shoulder she pried delicately free with one of her own. "You ought to wear a bell," she remarked at last. "Don't you know it's rude to sneak up on a woman?"

He may have held the advantage to begin, but she was quick to return the serve. Dark eyes like bottomless pools pinned him with a stare that dared him to touch again uninvited, flashing a promise of violence. "Secondly, I am /no one's/ plaything. I go where I like and do what I please. No little lord nor puffed-up rider can change that, try though they might." The offended heat in her voice told him his insult had struck a chord. "And you? Do you always pick fights with your superiors, or is this a special occasion?"

"Rude and brutish sort of fall into the same line, don't they?" he replied quickly, putting up no resistance to when she removed his hand from her shoulder.  Z'go took the moment to step in closer, only to be trapped by those eyes full of promise and defiance.  

"The little bastard would love to think he is special, wouldn't he?" the brownrider asked, and deciding that perhaps space was a better alternative than to be standing so close to a wild feline dressed as a woman, he stepped to one side of her and motioned with his head, beckoning her to follow him through the crowd.   "He's just one more threadsucker that's learned his place as far as I'm concerned. Cheater is a cheater, doesn't matter what rank you are."

Elowyn wasn't sure what she hoped to gain from this venture, but when he neared, she resisted the self-preserving urge to retreat. She recognized his type; he surely knew precisely what sort of effect his proximity had on others - what handsome man didn't? She cocked a brow, listening to his answers over the din of the crowd, mildly surprised by the candor. It appeared that she hadn't expected a real reply to her quips. 

"I'm sure you'd like to think you're special as well," she replied evenly, her gaze fixed on him curiously as he pulled away. The venom had left her words as easily as it arrived, placated by the lack of hostility he displayed. Giving his beckoning gesture a moment of consideration, she fell into step at his side at last. Perhaps she was not as unsusceptible to his roguish charm as she styled herself. "I'm not sure that one will ever learn his place, his sort tend not to... I hope you weren't fond of his Hold. He may have had sense enough not to cross blades with you, but he will likely follow through on that ban."

"I'm special enough to warrant you seeking me out," he replied, opening the skin of wine he'd stolen before and offering her a drink as they walked.  Usually he was a bit more sulky but he was still a little high on the adrenaline of telling the scion off.  

"In any case, he learned not to feck with people.  Not everyone is meek enough to let themselves get walked over because of a rank or a color,"  Z'go shook his head, trying to dispel the thought before he found himself annoyed again. He stopped and turned towards her, seeking out those eyes once more.  "I know you saw it. I saw it in your eyes then. The threadsucker pulled the ace out of his arse. And on top of that to gloat?" Z'go seemed offended into the core of his being.  "If his daddy isn't going to teach him a lesson someone else will."

Elowyn notably did not object to his initial observation, though she leered at the peace-offering of a wineskin like it might bite. It was not that she disliked alcohol, quite the opposite, but that was the problem in itself. How far could she trust her own judgment if addled with wine? Experience said not far. 

"Said the man who called the Holder's son a.. what was it, threadsucking dimwitted wherry-shit-for-brains?" She retorted before he stopped in his tracks and caught her eyes with his own. Holding his gaze rather than fleeing before it, she cocked her head to one side at the accusation. "Yes, I saw. I realize now why he wore that stupid shirt." Elowyn made a sweeping gesture near one of her sleeves with the opposite hand, indicating the lordling's odd fashion choice with a curl of her upper lip. The rider's vehemence resonated with her, and when she replied next, it was with a bark of laughter. "Sounds like you enjoy being that someone. Who /are/ you? I can't address you as 'rider' forever."

"What can I say?  I'm a born poet," he replied, omitting the fact that he'd been kicked out of the Harper Hall for an offense much worse than this one. 

Z'go nodded when she spoke about the shirt, and again when she motioned her sleeve, noting that she had caught on perfectly.  In his own experience, unless the wearer was obsessed with 4th-Pass fashion, most people who wore those kind of tunics were more than likely cheaters.  

"You want my name?" the brownrider laughed.  "If I told you wouldn't the appeal of the mysterious yet brutish brownrider be lifted?"  He leaned closer to her, "What would I have going for me then? Tell me your name first."

"With that attitude, I'm not sure you've earned mine just yet," Elowyn replied with a teasing cadence and a cheeky smirk as he drew closer. She raised her hand toward the collar of his fine jacket, dropping her eyes to roll the material appraisingly between her thumb and forefinger unless he interfered. "You do have better taste than the typical brute, I'll give you that much. Makes me wonder what other stereotypes you defy."

Sliding forward as if to close the gap between them, she halted barely an inch from pressing her slim body against his. The hand that had sought his collar drifted across his shoulder, hovering just above touching as she followed the fabric down his arm. "Very fine... Southern Boll? The stitch-work reminds me of pieces I've seen from the crafthall there."

Allowing her to touch him, laughing a little bit at her response.  Z'go didn't mind her inspecting his Gather clothes; he'd spent a pretty mark on them and they were definately to be looked at rather than ignored.  When she finally made her judgement Z'go nodded, emphatically, "Good eye. It took me about a month to convince Master Branfin to put this together for me.  Ended up paying a little extra to cut in line of the Lord of Bitra, which only makes all the sweeter."

Taking her hand he led her between two booths, escaping the crowd that had been flowing around them and gaining a little bit of privacy.  Though it probably wasn't the smartest move, Z'go gripped her hand a little tighter and drew her close to him; so close that even in the reduced light he could lose himself in those dark blue eyes.  He smiled a little, "I'm Z'go, Gamyth's rider."

Elowyn chuckled at the thought of leaving the Bitran Lord to wait in line, some part of her always ready to be amused by the (mostly harmless) suffering of those in charge. He took her hand and she followed willingly in his wake, aware of the flow of the crowd they wove through even though her eyes remained fixed on the rider. 

When he pulled her into the alley between booths, she couldn't help but laugh to be reminded of younger days darting away from her minders for mischief. She didn't resist the guiding hands that drew her near, a victorious smile his reward for finally offering a name as she leaned against him invitingly. There was an undeniable thrill to being the subject of his attention, and it provoked boldness in the harper with nearly the same effectiveness of wine. "Elowyn," she answered him at last and stood on her toes to capture his lips with her own.

Z'go could've left it as a simple peck but greed overcame him when he felt the warmth of her body pressed against his and the softness of her lips locked onto his own.  He dropped the wine skin and his hand slipped onto her hip, passing over the skin tight dress only briefly on his way towards her jaw, which he captured to keep her from escaping too soon. 

The taller man leaned into her, parting his lips ever so slightly to allow the tip of his tongue tease her as the kissed, inviting her own to join him.  It wasn't difficult to guide the hand he had caught earlier to his chest, letting her feel the athletic body underneath that expensive Gather clothes. As he felt the need to breath he separated, only a little, though not without a nip to her bottom lip.

"Well met," he said, his voice a low purr, so close that she could still feel his breath brush her lips as he spoke.  "Elowyn."

Smooth as Benden wine, Elowyn melted into his embrace, surprised and delighted in equal measure by the passionate way he responded. The hand placed against his chest roamed slowly upward, admiring the firm planes of his muscular physique with the slightest pressure from her fingertips. The material was smooth and well-made, but not so thick she couldn't detect what lay beneath. Riders were always so well-built, and he was further proof of the rule - marvelously. Fingers slid up and over his shoulder, allowing her arm to drape behind his neck as if to secure her position. Lips locked, her tongue answered acceptance in a dance with his until necessity forced them apart. 

Left nearly breathless in the wake, Elowyn felt relief her knees hadn't buckled! There was something about the way he said her name that sent a tingle down her spine, pulling her lips into a slow smile that was anything but coy. Still so close, she retaliated by stealing a second, brief kiss from him in return for the playful bite. 

"Faranth," she exhaled an airy laugh, a new husky note in her voice, "that's certainly one way to liven up this dead Gather." Dark eyes opened as she spoke his name, the taste of his wine still on her tongue. "Z'go… Are you always this entertaining?"

"I'm entertaining?" he asked with a playful snort, very much enjoying the way she had melted into his arms, touching him as they kissed, feeling her pleasure at their closeness.  Z'go tilted his head to the side, his eyes drinking in beauty. "I doubt anyone else here shares that opinion... though to be honest, right now, yours is the only one I give a damn about."

As to accentuate that point, Z'go removed his hand from hers and descended, brushing her hip and venturing around it to brazenly grab a handful of that behind that made that dress she was wearing to maddening and tempting.  His lips hovered over hers, intent on stealing any sound that dared escape her lips with a kiss.

He was about to kiss her anyways when he heard the lordling's voice from various stalls over.  The bastard was marching with various guards, going from stall to stall asking if they had seen Z'go.  The blonde brownrider growled and delivered a quick kiss to Elowyn's lips.  

"Time to go, I think... want to come with me?" he asked, separating himself from her a little.  Though they were hidden in darkness, they weren't completely invisible to the naked eye, and therefore had little time to decide how to act.  Z'go knew that he wouldn't get away so easily if caught; this time the guards would be expecting him. Everyone would.

Elowyn would have been hard-pressed to predict this was where the evening would head, but she had become a fan of letting life lead where it pleased. His provocative squeeze elicited a peal of throaty laughter which he promptly smothered with another kiss. Her fingers wove through his flaxen hair, grasp tightened encouragingly. He had played his cards very well thus far.

It was for that reason it was such a shame the little bastard had to spoil their fun. Shards and crackdust, if that wasn't just her luck. She detected the intruder approaching roughly when Z'go did, issuing a disappointed hiss from between clenched teeth as her eyes darted toward the crowd from which they hid. The rogue surprised her with a parting kiss before pulling away, and her attention was back on him in an instant. 

Elowyn knew immediately that she /wanted/ to run off with him in that moment, but as usual, work found a way to interfere with her fun. "I'm afraid not," she answered with a playfully dramatic sigh and unwound herself from him. "Duty is calling. I'm sure you understand." If nothing else, she presumed he could relate to that. "I hope we meet again, Z'go, Gamyth's rider."

He couldn't deny he was disappointed in her reply and for a moment he considered being a bit more forceful, bringing her with him, and duty could go feck itself... but that would ruin this, whatever it was, and even if it had only lasted a few moments, Z'go found it beautiful enough to not ruin, as he usually did.

He gave her a roguish smirk, took one of her hands and kissed it.  "I hope so, too, Elowyn."

With that he turned around and started walking briskly away from the direction of the lordling, calling Gamyth to meet him in a nearby field where he would make his escape.  He glanced back once, to see if she was watching, but in a matter of minutes he had mounted his brown and disappeared into the sky about the Gather.

Elowyn's eyes had lingered on his retreating form, regretting her choice not to follow more than once as he walked away. The luxury of choice was not one she could afford that evening. To see him hazard a look back as he left brought satisfaction, and the smile that split her face was reminiscent of the feline that caught the wherry. 

She twisted on the ball of one foot to make her own exit at last when the lordling's voice became too loud, too near to ignore. Another sigh escaped her, but without fail, she donned a mask of insipid delight and strode out to meet the mark she'd been sent to observe.

The Woes of Overconfidence Pt. I ((Z'go/Elowyn))


The planet itself had decided to conspire against Elowyn, or so she was convinced that afternoon. A downpour had been raging for most of the day and had waned only a little in the last few hours, but at least the wind had seen fit to let up. It would have been more comfortable to await her ride inside, but Elowyn was doing her best to avoid catching the eye of any wandering Masters. They had a habit of appearing from around a corner to dole out tasks to those who looked to be loitering, and journeymen such as herself were no exception.

Thus she stood under the eaves of the Harper Hall's main entrance, sheltered from the worst of the elements. Tucked against her boots, a single bag held all of her worldly possessions, rarely in one place long enough to accumulate many. The coat she wore had seen better days, scuffed and time-worn, but its thick lining kept the day's wet chill at bay. She kept her hands stuffed in the pockets and dark eyes on the sky. 

From beneath the fur-lined collar of her jacket, a small bronze head poked out beside her ear and trilled a bored, impatient note. She smiled affectionately, but her eyes remained high even when he headbutted her cheek. "I'm not ignoring you, Toki," Elowyn replied to the wave of frustration the flit relayed. "I'm just as ready to be out of here as you are."

He snorted. An image of the meatroll she'd shared with him earlier entered her mind, and she reached up to shove his triangular face back into the depths of her coat. "You've been fed, shut it. You can't fool me. Don't even try." 

She searched the sky for some sign of the dragon that would ferry her South. "And out of this fecking rain," she finished the thought aloud. Toki made a muffled chirp in agreement.

High above the Harper Hall a brown dragon appeared from between and slowly began making its descent, circling the Hall and Hold.  It took him a few minutes, but he landed in the courtyard, maybe twenty feet from where Elowyn was standing. The brown itself was unremarkable, except for the two-toned color scheme, one side being considerably darker than the other, split nearly down the middle, from nuzzle to the tip of his tail.

His rider descended from his back and onto the wet ground, covered in a dark leather poncho that covered his riding gear with a hood that made him nearly unrecognizable.  He made his way to Elowyn at a light trot and then stopped, "Elowyn?" he asked, his voice being perhaps the only thing she might recognize. Acknowledging that fact, he pulled back the hood of his poncho and removed the riding gear that protected his face.  His blonde hair became almost immediately soaked, "What in Faranth's name are you doing here?"

To see the brown appear below the clouds filled Elowyn with relief. /Finally/! Her companion felt the rush of excitement and stirred again, peeking out against her neck with eyes whirling a yellow-green blend. "They're here," she told the little bronze, bending eagerly to grab her only luggage by the strap. A few moments remained to wait while the dragon descended, and they passed with all the speed of molasses for the woman itching to be gone. 

By the time the massive creature touched down in the courtyard and his rider had dismounted, Elowyn had already started toward them. Rain pelted her uncovered head and shoulders, dark curls matted wetly to her skull in short order. When the rider jogged to meet her halfway there, she reached a free hand out to greet him - until her name left his mouth. Stopping abruptly, much to Toki's annoyance if his shrill squeal was anything to go by, she jerked her hand back to safety before he could take it. "--Yes?" She uttered, confused. There was an element of familiarity to his voice that she couldn't place until he removed his hood. 

"Z'go!" The harper gaped, no attempt made to hide the shock she felt. Her mouth fell open, eyes darkened by the overcast sky wide in her pale face. "How in the--" 

Out from beneath her collar, the small bronze fire lizard scrambled to squeeze free of too small an opening. His eyes flared a warning ruby shade, hissing at the unfamiliar rider who had caused His Person distress. "Toki, shush! It's fine!" She seized the dragonet by his serpentine neck before he could hurt himself, and repeated the command more firmly. "I said, NO." He whistled a petulant note, but he had ceased to move.

Finally able to answer Z'go's question, she gave him an apologetic look for the little one's behavior and brushed wet, clinging strands clear of her eyes. "I've been here for a few weeks," she answered cryptically. "I had to check in before moving to my next post. What are YOU doing here? …--Wait, are you my lift to Arolos?"

Z'go just looked at her for a few moments.  How long had it been since their brief encounter?  A few turns, but he still remembered the night as if it were yesterday.  Even soaked she possessed an exotic beauty that made it hard for the brownrider to concentrate.  He jumped slightly when the firelizard seemed to try and lunge at him and gave the creature a bit of a sour look before returning his attention to Elowyn.

"Fiesty little creature," he commented.  She hadn't had him back then, if he recalled correctly.  Z'go took a step foreward, offering to take her bag. Usually he wouldn't bother but he liked this woman.  "I didn't know you were a harper, or I would've made you sing me a song." Deciding that it was best to not tell her he'd trained as a Harper for a short time, he gestured her to follow him back towards his brown.  "This is Gamyth, by the way. He's a brute but he'll give us a smooth ride. What are you going to do in Arolos? I think the lordling is already married."

"He knows better," she said of the little lizard who had already begun to snuggle back down into the safety of her coat. Elowyn was reluctant to admit the depth of her surprise to see him again after so long. His presence brought memories of their brief encounter to the forefront of her mind, and she felt her face warm with subtle color despite the cool rain. She was unaccustomed to being caught off-guard, and it was hard to forget a man who mirrored her fire. 

Allowing him to take the overstuffed bag, she flashed him a thankful smile that broke into sharp, self-deprecating laughter. "Be glad you didn't, my first Master told me I had the singing voice of a wherry. There is a reason I didn't focus on music." Elowyn quickened her stride to keep up with his longer legs as he lead her back toward his waiting dragon. "Gamyth, right, I remember the name. As long as he doesn't bite, we can be friends," she teased, but there was a note of sincerity in her words. She didn't have a particular phobia of dragons, but it was hard not to be a bit intimidated up close. "Hello, handsome," she greeted the brown warmly. 

Z'go's wondering statement regarding the marriage prospects of the Southern holds provoked a roll of her eyes and a flat, unamused expression shot his way. "Ha-ha," she over-emphasized a humorless laugh. "Aren't you funny. No, I'll be stationed in the Weyr for a time. I've been asked to make copies of some records for the Master Archivist."

"I am sure he does," Z'go replied, giving one last wary look at the bronze fire lizard before returning his attention to Elowyn.  He snorted at her comment about her singing talents and assumed she was exaggerating but was willing to let it go, "I hear that the cawing of a wherry is supposed to be seductive in some places," he said, his tone playful, as they approached the brown.  

Gamyth turned his head to get a good look at the woman that Z'go had probably thought too much about and approved of her compliment.  "Gamyth says hello and thank you," Z'go said, transmitting the message from the brown.

"I thought I was... how did you put it?  'Entertaining,'" retorted the brownrider, offering her a hand to help her up onto the dragon.  Rain poured heavily on them all but Z'go seemed unfazed, which was distinctly odd in him. Usually, he'd be rivaling the weather with a storm of curses, but just the sight of Elowyn had put him in a good mood.  She was going to stay at the Weyr? Well, well, well. That was going to be interesting, "So you'll be stationed at the Weyr? Arolos has just gotten much more interesting."

Elowyn, too, was remarkably high-spirited for a woman covered in rainwater and about to make the jump /between/. She appeared only slightly bothered by the chore of keeping her vision clear of the rivulets that threatened to blind her. She focused on Z'go in such a way that it was clear he had become the greater priority, and even cold, sopping inconvenience couldn't spoil it. "Is he always so polite?" Was his rider? She asked the first aloud in curiosity and mild alarm as the dragon turned to study her with eyes that seemed the size of dinner plates. 

"You are certainly /something else/," Elowyn conceded to his rider with a chuckle when prompted by the title she had once given him. " 'Entertaining' is earned, sir. You will have to prove yourself worthy of it."

 She accepted his help climbing onto Gamyth's back gratefully, and paid close attention to buckling the harness once she was situated. She'd be left out for Thread before she trusted the straps to keep her safe, but they were better than nothing. "I should have known a man like you was too wild for the Northern Weyrs." Her voice carried amusement and the hints of approval. "Did you go willingly?" She asked regarding his placement in Arolos.

Once she was up it was his turn to climb onto Gamyth.  He debated for a second taking the front, as was usual, but instead opted for sitting behind her, which gave him the excuse to put his hands on her sides and hips, re-positioning her.  He made sure her back was up against his chest so all he had to do was bow his head slightly and thus speak directly into her ear, his deep baritone voice rumbling softly in his throat as he said, "I'll earn it."

He made sure that they were both strapped in, double checking to make sure neither she nor her bag would fly off in mid flight.  To grab the onto the mount he had to worm his arm a little around her thin body with his right while his left mischievously found its way to her abdomen, upon which he applied a little bit of pressure, pressing her against him a little more.  "You could say I did; the North is a bit too uptight for my tastes. I like it when it's hot and unpredictable."

Gamyth spread his wing upon receiving the mental cue from Z'go and launched himself upwards in the air, giving the rider another excuse to hold her tighter to him.  As the brown gained altitude, Z'go spoke once again into her ear, "Looks like you are going to come with me in the end... Are you ready?"

Elowyn had flown adragonback more than once and knew roughly what to expect from them; when he had her scoot forward allowing him to sit at her back, she cast a knowing glance over one shoulder. Thought he was being sly, did he? His voice so close she could feel his breath against her ear, and she shivered from more than just the rain soaking them. Suspicions confirmed. Part of her couldn't resist playing the tease, and as his hands settled first onto her hips, she squirmed gently in his lap under the guise of getting comfortable. Hidden from view while facing ahead, she wore a mischievous smile. 

Sitting patiently while he went through his checks, Elowyn was pliant when his hand pressed her close. She leaned into it as he spoke, settling against his larger form with another provocative little wiggle - until the fire lizard nestled inside the front of her coat squealed in protest. "Oh, get out if you don't like it," she told the fussy bronze in an annoyed tone. Toki did not complain further, the threat of being dumped into the rain convincing enough.

Without more warning than the unfurling of his wings and the tensing of huge muscles beneath his hide, Gamyth took to the air. Elowyn inhaled a startled gasp, clutching at Z'go's hand reflexively while she fought the spike of adrenaline. Eyes snapped shut, free hand cupped to poorly shield her face from the downpour as they ascended. 

Much calmer than she felt, Z'go's voice above the rush of air was a pleasant distraction from the onslaught, and she focused on it to find her own composure. "I'm ready," she replied, projecting confidence before facing the /between/, though her tight grip did not loosen on his glove.

"That's good," he spoke before transmitting the mental image of the Weyr to Gamyth, who immediately took thim between.

Re: Tail-Bone of a Person ( Cremsden/Kyrel/Z'go/Aruithil )


Kyrel glared at the brownrider's response, thoroughly unimpressed by his attitude. Aru had assigned him a simple task - show the man to a cot - and he had been prepared to do so without complaint, until Z'go reissued the order. Nope, that wouldn't do.

"You here to have a stick pulled out your ass, then?" Sneered Kyrel, rising to the bait and digging in his proverbial heels; he hadn't moved from the spot Aru had left them. "I'll find you extra pillows."

On Sun, Mar 29, 2020, 2:37 PM Laura Walker <shewhoguards@...> wrote:
"You left-- ah, crap." Cremsden grimaced. "Come on, and let's be a bit quick about it. I don't like leaving him alone with kids." And the fact that Aru wasn't that much older than Kyrel herself apparently went unnoticed. 


On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 11:30 PM Rogue Kakashi <snail.on.speed@...> wrote:
"Shut the feck up you little wherry shit," Z'go snapped back at the kid as soon as he heard the remark. 

He was not in the mood to deal with some little teenager's judgemental remarks.  He would've gladly cracked the kids head open, but he was far too concerned with the pain in his tailbone and how he was going to explain it to Cremsden when the little witch apprentice returned with her master.  "Why don't you do your feckin job and get me a cot like your supposed to."

Not too far away Aru was answering Cremsden, "I asked Kyrel to find him a cot.  He didn't seem too serious.  Want me to bring him to examination room 1?  Or do you want to see him first.  He's as pleasant as ever."

- Z'go and Aruithil


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Re: What Did You Accuse Me Of? atten: Kassia/Ysolde


Kassia's eyes roved over the beautiful selection. A candidate could only have so much, but her collection was still impressive. And the dragon-shaped piece was eye-catching. She wanted a closer look. Picking it up, she brought it closer to inspect.

Re: What a mess. (Teyra/I'des)


"He's adorable. A regular bronze in miniature." I'des responded. "Hi there." He paused. "I'm I'des, by the way. Of bronze Sunstreath."

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Teyra chuckled a little and held her arm out more. Lali studied the large bronze for a long moment before deciding he was okay, and turning to the man with a curious cheep.

"Yea he is. He's usually pretty friendly with people now. Before he'd try and scold away anyone who bothered me."
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Re: What Did You Accuse Me Of? atten: Kassia/Ysolde


Ysolde watched, resisting the urge to burst out. Maybe the person, whoever they were, was just looking. There was no harm in looking. But the non-descript clothing made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. Keeping back, out of view, she could just about see into her small cot space and most importantly, see whether this person touched her things.

And in Ysolde's cot there were indeed several lovely little trinkets and gemstones, all of which she had either found or bought herself. Her current pride and joy was a small wired sculpture she was working on and had been for several weeks. Tiny beads of amber had been carefully shaped, polished and drilled and were  being threaded onto the metal strands that were taking the unmistakable shape of a dragon.

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Some days Kassia just wanted to be less noticeable. Or to try to be. This was one of those days as she wore simple riding leathers and had a guard standing outside the Candidate Barracks instead of bringing Brogan with her.


She stepped closer, wanting to admire the glittery objects better.

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