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"Great!" R`tal said with a grin. "Are we all
"I'm ready and so is Lizzeth she's dieing for a

E'ryn nodded, "Yeah, I think Karinth wants a swim

Ulyenth snorted in Jyl's mind, {{If you thought
you could go swim without're quite wrong, dearest.}} ((Of course
not, never dreamed of
it.)) "I'm ready, let's go," she said to the rest
of the group.
They walked around to the back of the Weyr where the
water lay flat and
glistening and cool. R`tal looked up startled as a
brown shape flew through
the air above them before landing with a splash in
the pool, soaking them
((You didn`t think you could go swimming without me
did you?)) his dragon
((Of course not.)) R`tal said amused. ((But was the
splash REALLY
((you were far too dry for people going swimming))
((So you thought you had better rectify that? thank
you SO much!))
Laughing he turned to the others. "Sorry about that.
This is Talith, my
brown pest."
((Pest? I`m not a pest!)) The dragon sent a
carefully aimed wave with his
tail to hit R`tal behind he knees, making him sit
down in the water. ((Okay,
okay, you`re not a pest!))
Lyla almost got out of the splash before it hit her
"AHHH" Lyla yelled. ~Are you ok??~ "I'm fine, know get
in the water and swim" ~ok~. Lizzeth flew gracefully
into the water making not that big of a splash. Lyla
carefully started walking into the water.

Emily Rose
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