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Emily Rose <oola_lily@...>

--- Laura Walker <laura@...>
After thanking Skylar for her help Lyla sent
up to the ledge to sun. "Have fun Lizzy." ~I will,
don't work to hard at unpacking.~ "I won't" said
smiling, "I'll take you swimming later." ~Good~
Lyla started to unpack then she heard dragons
so she went to the ledge to look at who was
R`tal looked up from where he was showing the two
new riders around.
"Hullo!" he greeted, seeing a face he didn`t
recognize - there seemed to be
a lot of them around the weyr at the minute."I don`t
believe we`ve met?" He
held out his hand politely. "R`tal

OOC THANK you Emily! Wonderful person! I know I am

"Lyla and that big beautiful dragon right there is
Lizzeth. Nice to meet you. How long have you been

Emily Rose
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