Re: FLIGHT: Standing up for the small ones. (Dytha/Ponth/Elphith/ANY)


Aeliseth and Zerenth were both pushing themselves hard through the air to reach the pack of Chasers, brown and bronze sweeping through the air as the pair of males strained in their desire and need to catch up to the tiny green. 

The sudden and surprising panicked shriek Ponth let out caused Aeliseth to falter in the air, backwinging slightly in confusion at the noise. That was *clearly* not a noise that should be happening in any Flight, not that the brown had noticed with previous Greenflights he’d watched without joining in. And then there was an image of a very specific tiny blue dragon in the brown’s head, accompanied by a wave of pure terror from the green. 

Red flooded into Aeliseth’s fast whirling purple eyes, mixing with the purple in streaks. The brown was *angry*, angry at whatever this blue had done to the green to cause her to be so terrified of him. On the heels of Ponth’s distressed trumpet and desperate plea Aeliseth responded to the green with a roar of his own proclaiming {{He shall not get close to you, Ponth! Not if I or any of your other suitors has anything to say about it}} And with that, Aeliseth redoubled his efforts to catch up to the pack, watching as other males turned their ire on the tiny blue. 

When Zerenth heard Ponth’s shriek of panic, the experienced bronze was not brought up short like the younger brown was. Instead, Zerenth kept his focus on inserting himself into the pack of chasers. When the terror filled image provided by Ponth popped into the bronze’s head however, Zerenth swung his head around to get that tiny blue in his sight. Watching as Ponth performed an amazing spiraling roll through the air, as confident and unwavering as Zerenth was in his abilities, deep down was the thought that him catching the tiny Ponth would be near impossible. But *here* was something the large bronze could more than do, keep that terror inducing blue from Ponth. 

And then Ponth let out her distressed trumpet and her plea for that blue to stay away, and that plan in the bronze’s head solidified. Yes, if he had the chance to catch Ponth he’d take it, but suddenly it was more important for him to keep Travath from the tiny, terrified, green. Not wasting time with responding to Ponth with promises when actions would show better, Zerenth put even more power into each sweep of his wings as he aimed toward the tiny blue. 

As he powered through the air with his red/purple eyes now focused on a blue hide instead of a green one, Aeliseth watched as a bronze attempted a downward roll into the hated blue. The brown let out a bugle of triumph that the blue seemed to get knocked off course and away from the mass of chasers by that bronze Vizslath, a bugle cut short when the blue began to streak ahead on the outside of the pack. A fierce growl echoed through his chest as he arrowed toward the blue. He saw another brown hiss at Travath and kick out at the blue with his legs as the brown blocked him, and Aeliseth managed to zoom forward and maneuver himself on Travath’s left, so that the blue couldn’t dodge that way to avoid Kiyosarath’s kicking legs. 

Zerenth, equally as focused on the blue as Aeliseth was, powered his large bulk through the air. Watching as that agile blue avoided the first bronze’s downward roll and then began to zoom along the outside of the pack, Zerenth wasn’t having any of that! With a roar of challenge at the blue and seeing that it looked like the blue was about to get boxed in on 2 sides, Zerenth tilted his wings and angled himself on Travath’s right side, boxing the blue in between his large bronze wings and Aeliseth’s brown ones, with Kiyosarath in front and above coming at the blue with a kick from his legs. 

Back on the ground, T’quinn and Ko’ssen were both still standing outside the Flight room with a group of other riders, sinking even further into the connection with their respective lifemates. They both felt the surge of anger and protectiveness that pounded through their dragons to them in response to the green’s terror. Ko’ssen’s eyes narrowed and swept around the crowd trying to figure out who Travath’s rider was, while T’quinn sucked in a breath at the powerful ‘not-lustful’ emotions, like he’d been kicked in the gut. 

T’quinn was standing closer to the door to the Flight room than Ko’ssen was, but as the riders moved and surged Ko’ssen ended up standing right behind the brown weyrling. Things seemed, at least momentarily, calm between the huge grouping of riders until Ko’ssen felt a shove from behind, which pushed him forward into T’quinn before the WLM could stop himself. T’quinn was just turning around to say something to whoever had shoved him forward when suddenly H’lan was bellowing next to them causing T’quinn to flinch a little at the noise in the crowded hallway and close his mouth abruptly instead of channeling his brown and snarling back at the bluerider.

Ko’ssen, keeping just enough of himself instead of sinking entirely into Zerenth, glanced to check that the weyrling was ok before he turned toward the bluerider who was standing next to him, the bluerider who’d just put a hand on one of the current Weyrleaders and tried to shove him out of the way! Narrowing his eyes at the bluerider, gathering by his attitude that this was Travath’s rider, Ko’ssen squared his shoulders, left his hands loose by his sides, and nearly growled his own reply after M’gal’s of “We are *all* clearly here for the Flight just as you are, bluerider.” Normally, Ko’ssen would have said more, but even that had been hard enough mixed with Zerenth and feeling his bronze’s anger at that tiny blue high up in the sky.


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M'gal was immersed in Ozayith, but not as fully as if this were one of Foreth's Flights. But he was surprised and shocked to feel a hand on his shoulder try to shove him away. Yes, Flights got intense, and yes, there were rivalries that would escalate. But in general a dragonrider wouldn't go manhandling the other riders, unless they were getting close to the prize. Ozayith knew that Travath wasn't near Ponth yet, therefore there was no reason for Travath's rider to be making his way to Dytha. 

Actually, there was no reason anyway. Ponth had made her druthers known, and had outright rejected Travath to the whole Weyr. 

M'gal was not a large man, but he did ride bronze so had quite a bit of muscle to him. He whirled on the rider, appalled at the look on his face. It wasn't exactly lust. It was more like anger. M'gal knew he was somewhat naive, but anger had no place in a Flight.

"No," M'gal said, standing firm. "It's not your time yet."

{{She doesn't want you,}} Ozayith bugled back at Travath. 

(OOC: Go ahead. Clock the Acting Co-Weyrleader and Weyrwoman's Co-Weyrmate. I dare ya.)

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V'ler groaned and grasped his head.  He could feel another dragon pushing her way into his mind, and it was disorienting.  He and his sister Vivaeldi were close, and their dragons often cross-talked between them.  He was used to Bajezeth's mindtouch, but in a gentle way, like a handshake.  This was different, another mind feeling his out, and it felt odd and disjointed.  It wasn't that she was rough, just abnormal, something that didn't belong and didn't fit right.  Her oddity in his mind felt like a person stumbling in the dark and knocking into things.  He could literally hear Bajezeth's whispered "sorry" as she tried to ease off the contact a bit, but still there, still odd in his head.

But it did the trick.  While Kiyosarath chased and the flight lust flowed through their stronger bond, the grounding that Bajezeth offered gave him just enough lucidity to realize what was going on around him.  He saw Bl'by take a protective stance around Dytha.  He moved to join him, nearly shoulder to shoulder, struggling against the flight lust and jealousy his brain told him to feel towards all these other riders.  

Behind him, he heard an angry bellow, and felt jostling as someone got shoved behind him.  V'ler's head felt like it was too full.  He took a deep breath.  "Dytha... there's too many of us.  He won't win.  It's alright."  

Kiyosarath was an average brown.  He was more agile than a bronze, but in truth, wouldn't be competition for a blue.  His strength was in the combination of endurance and agility, and Ponth's tiny size meant that likely wasn't coming into play here.  He saw Travath get knocked away, but the blue came hurtling back towards the group.  Kiyo turned his body, extending his larger wings to block the incoming blue, hissing at him, and kicking out at him with his legs.

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Against the larger Arolosian dragons, Travath had little hope of winning if the contest lay it brute strength and stamina. By SEF standards, he was a pristine example of their genetic influences, large and bulky compared to others of his breeding, but in contrast to dragons born in the present time, he was nearly diminutive. He was able to bridge the distance between himself and the huge group that raced after Ponth, but found the other males unusually hostile. Bulky bodies swung toward him as he arrived and he found himself the target of their ire, spinning away from the first errant wingtip. Vizslath caught him by surprise, so close to barreling directly into him that Travath was forced to dip low to avoid serious damage and angle away from the pack. {{None will keep me from you!}} He insisted, redoubling his efforts to streak along the outside edge of the chasers. Where he was not strong, he would be swift. 

"Out of the way, you fools," H'lan growled as he neared the door, glaring at the idiots clustered there. Becoming one with Travath made his emotions all the more volatile and each strike against his dragon only incensed him further, removing what little patience he would ever have been able to muster. This was ridiculous! Grabbing the rider who stood most directly in his way by the shoulder, he attempted to strong-arm his way through with a few shoves. "Move aside!" He bellowed, and Travath echoed his anger with a trumpet in the sky.


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