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Mariska had known when it had first been announced that she'd not be able to go to the Frost Fayre, not unless the Weyrwoman had given birth to her twins by then, so she'd made sure each day to shoo off her husband and kids so that they would enjoy themselves. Keo, of course, stayed right with her all day, sitting either on her shoulder or following her movements up in the infirmary's rafters. 

With the time nearly upon them and the Weyrwoman due to give birth literally any day now, each morning when she got to the infirmary Mariska and the young assistant who'd been helping her the last few days, Yolin, went over all the supplies needed for a woman giving birth to make sure that overnight anything that might have been used got replaced. Each morning she made sure to have 3 times the amount of supplies within reach, and if something was running low she'd send Yolin off to restock. 

And then it was time, as Kassia was escorted in by I'des while Mariska was just finishing tending to a kitchen-workers wound. Seeing the Weyrwoman in enter the infirmary, Mariska immediately passed the kitchen-worker to one of the senior apprentices so they could finish wrapping up the wound and, after washing her hands thoroughly and then dipping them in redwort to disinfect them, Mariska hurried over to take charge. 

Mariska, smiling reassuringly to Kassia, efficiently directed the Weyrwoman to a waiting private room and began to help prepare her, while directing Yolin on which of the prepared supplies to bring to this room first. The bed already had fresh linens, including a larger linen to put over Kassia's legs once she was on the bed to cover her as a courtesy. 

While Mariska was helping Kassia, when a rider came rushing into the infirmary with a dagger bared and glinting in the glowlight, a healer that had been walking past carrying an armful of fresh bandages stopped at the sight and the question. Their eyes, now wide, looked from the sharp dagger to the rider's knots, a wingleader bronzerider, and they quickly asked with all the politeness they could muster "Late for...what sir? And, sir..would you mind putting down the dagger?"

((OOC: I hope the response to M'gal is ok, I figure not *every* random healer would know who all the fathers of Kassia's babies are, and wouldn't assume him to be one or in the infirmary specifically for Kassia...much less if they *did* think that they wouldn't let someone out of breath who who looked (in the healer's eyes) possibly frantic and wielding a dagger just go right into the Weyrwoman's room.

And, regarding Kassia, I hope my post with Mariska is ok, but let me know if I need to change anything I said. Also where would Kassia's guards be? Outside the infirmary itself or outside her private door in the infirmary?))

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M'gal was at the Fayre, at a booth looking at a new knife for Kassia. He was haggling the price down but when Ozayith, who was staying at Arolos 'just in case' informed M'gal that he was there, at the Fayre, he threw a bunch of different denomination marks at the seller.

"Gotta go!" he said and ran off with the knife. He'd make her a nice sheath for it later.

Oz got them back to Arolos in record time, and he ran to the Infirmary. "I'm here," he said, panting almost as hard as Kassia. He didn't even realize he still had the dagger in his hand. "Am I too late?"

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Cotai started to shake her head, then felt an uncomfortable cramp in her back, that spread around to her front. She grunted in surprise and put a hand on her belly. Wyelloth turned her head sharply around to look at the pair. 

(Mine, are you alright?) The green's eyes whirled with her sudden anxiety.

Cotai was about to answer the green when another one hit, this one squeezing a wheeze out of her at the pain.

When it released she looked at N'shen, a bit nervously, saying, "I think...I should go too."

"Oh. Oh!" N'shen rushed to Cotai's side to help her to stand. Three new babies, then. It was especially good that he had stayed home. And especially good he had sent marks with Bl'by for baby and mama presents.

"Come on, then, love. We'll get there together. It's going to be OK."

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