Frost Fayre: Now We Can Both Flame (Indali, any)


Prompt: You try a new food or drink which smells amazing and it turns out to be the spiciest thing you have ever put in your mouth

The Frost Fayre was amazing! Indali walked about High Reaches bundled up well looking at all the sights and snow. Snow was a brand new oddity that she'd never seen in her life being born and bred in Arolos, so this was a whole new experience for her as well as Tanivith. The lanky green herself was currently on a nearby mountain actually playing in the snow, stalking invisible things and jumping into the snow with a wild shriek. Indali could feel the joy that her partner was feeling and it bolstered her with a spring in her step through the crowds.

Something extremely enticing caressed Indali's nose and she paused with her mouth watering. What was that and where could she get some? Trying to follow the scent and also stopping passers-by to ask them led her to a stall selling flame-broiled wherry covered in an orange sauce and served with tubers and vegetables. She approached the stall with wide eyes to the amusement of the cooks there. They sold her a steaming plate and insisted on her taking a mug of klah free of charge which Indali thought odd but went with. She found a place to sit and started to eat, vegetables first. Before she finished them, she cut off a piece of the wherry and popped it into her mouth with an explosion of flavor that had her seeing stars. It was fantastic! Indali chewed enthusiastically and went back for a second bite, getting halfway through it before freezing with a whimper. Her mouth was suddenly on fire! 

Whimpering, Indali swallowed her bite and drained her klah mug and finished her tubers to help quell the pain. She felt Tanivith stop playing and focus on her with concern, dragon mouth working as though chewing firestone.

{{Did you accidently eat firestone?}} Tanivith asked curiously and a bit skeptically. Indali shook her head despite that her dragon couldn't see it. The green could feel the negative reaction though and thought a minute. {{I've got an idea!}} She scooped up pawsful of snow and flew back to High Reaches, hovering until she found her distressed human and dropping her load on her poor partner. Indali shrieked at the sudden lump of cold surrounding her but got the hint quickly, eating snow and groaning when it helped. {{Success!}} Tanivith lashed her tail in triumph and went to sit on a nearby ledge to keep an eye on Indali. {{Keep eating the snow, it's helping. If you can't eat the rest of it, I will.}}

{{I want to eat it, though,}} Indali protested while digging out a hole for her face so that she could take another bite. {{It's so tasty even while it hurts. It's just spicy is all.}} She kept eating her wherry, alternating it with bites of snow to freeze her mouth. As she was covered in snow, she couldn't see those around her laughing at her.
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