Re: Let's Have Some Fun (Frost Fayre)(Elowyn/NPC Lisilia)


K'synn hated it when his sisters volunteered him for things.  One would think that living significantly apart would make it easier for him to say 'no,' but alas, it did not.  He did wonder about Lisilia being back in the North.  She'd been in Southern for the last few months, along with a few others from the Obsidian Caravan working on establishing Southern trade routes for expansion.  Lisilia also had the annoying habit of randomly showing up in his office when he least expected it, and he wasn't always sure how she got into the Weyr in the first place.  But his sister, trained as a sentry, had her ways.  He found it odd that he saw her more than his other two siblings that were down here -- and whom he genuinely enjoyed more -- and yet he'd only seen them on the handful of times he'd gone to pay his Blood Debt and help ferry items here and there on Tiscarth.  

So he was generally annoyed at Lisilia once again imposing on him, but he knew better than to take it out on Elowyn.  It wasn't her fault, and he liked the harper well enough.  Tiscarth had even greeted her with an incline of his head, while rumbling in amusement at his rider.  K'synn was going to the Frost Fayre anyways, with a list of requests from the weyrlings who couldn't attend.  So it was no burden to take Elowyn, but he still was going to talk with Lisilia regardless.  

"Will you be needing a ride back as well?" he asked her, as she dismounted, her metallics taking wing around Tiscarth.  Thankfully, the brown was tolerant of the creatures, K'synn's family having quite a few of their own.  

((I have told your clutchsibs that we are here.))  Tiscarth informed him.  Likely, Tiscarth had spoken to one of the flits rather than the humans, but he did occasionally speak to them directly.  K'synn turned back to Elowyn as he dismounted himself.  "Have one of them contact us if you need a ride back.  I've got to go see the rest of my family." he said with a wave, walking off into the crowd.  Tiscarth waited, before jumping off and taking himself off to somewhere warmer.

For her own part, Lisilia was making no move to hide herself in the crowds today.  Today, she planned on actually having fun.  Her hair was dyed a different color with vegetable root, and a scar had been added across her neckline for good measure.  The story was it was a remnant of a failed Impression last Turn.  And she was dressed in as little as possible without freezing, so that from the moment she'd sat at a table, she'd attracted some male companionship.  And she was playing it up.  When she saw Elowyn walking through the crowd, she squealed in excitement, stood, and ran to her friend before wrapping her in a big hug and giggling like a holder girl at her first Gather.  But when she pulled away to kiss Elowyn's cheek, her eyes sparkled with mischief.  In a low voice that wouldn't carry to the men she'd been sitting with, she smiled at the harper.  "Want to have some fun with these idiots?" she asked before rolling her eyes and giggling again at finding her friend.

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Elowyn leaped at the opportunity in Lisilia's invitation. It felt like ages since they'd last seen one another - though it had truly only been a handful of months - and she was eager to be in her dear friend's company. Passage north would have been easy to secure thanks to the festival, but she couldn't pass up the chance to bully K'synn into doing her bidding. 

Climbing down from the brown dragon's harness, Elowyn surveyed the Fayre grounds from the perch as other rider pairs continued to land around them. The air held nearly the chill of between and she drew the Harper-blue knit scarf higher on her neck, but found herself grinning. It felt good to be somewhere else after so long in one place. It had been some time since she'd had a haircut, the typically pixie-styled waves now just long enough to brush her neck. Not nearly of a length to be useful in this climate, yet, but at least the dark locks kept her ears warm. 

Summer launched from her preferred spot on the woman's shoulder, padding added beneath the lining to Elowyn's overcoat to compensate for tiny claws. She had learned that lesson quickly. Toki had never cared much for the shoulder, and he took wing from his place attached to her other arm. The pair of metallics chased one another in the air for a moment before the queen noticed unfamiliar firelizards in the vicinity. Summer barked an assertive note and zipped into the distance with her tiny bronze escort. 

Elowyn was confident enough that she would be able to find Lisilia on her own, without their help, as it was And so with a wave to K'synn, she stuffed her hands into the pockets of her long, dark jacket and hastened to join the growing crowd of people moving through the entrance.

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A couple days before the Frost Fayre was scheduled to begin, a firelizard appeared with a note attached, and circled until it found Elowyn.  It delivered the note patiently, before departing quickly.  

  "Come up to the Fayre and let's have some fun! If you need a ride, make my brother take you. Don't take no for an answer. Loads of news to catch up on... -- Lis"

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