Re: I'm ordering you on a rest ((WLM Ko'ssen, JM Hlr Vivaeldi))


Nodding his head at her drink request, Ko'ssen moved toward the stove and in a series of movements that showed his efficiency with the small stove and that he'd taken advantage of it's proximity quite often to make drinks the WLM set water to boil  and prepared his drink tray to serve them both tea. As he moved, he listened to her bemoan the lack of klah and couldn't help agreeing with "Yes, those morning benefits...oh shells, I remember how hard it was to rouse myself without klah that first week...and not just me, but the weyrlings too...they were acting like it ran through their veins the way they complained over it being gone!"

As she compared the both of them being similar, Ko'ssen took a moment to glance over at her, his hands still moving to get tea ready. But as she finished and chuckled the only thing left to do was to wait on the water to heat up, so he walked over to sit in one of the chairs opposite the couch, leaving the couch where she'd been sitting already for her to take a seat again. As he sat Ko'ssen said "I don't believe I've been to one of his parties yet." He didn't want to admit that not only that, but he must have had his head buried in hides because he'd not even *heard* of these parties. 

When she called him out on his excuse, hitting the nail totally on the head, Ko'ssen couldn't help the slight embarrassed look that crossed his face as he leaned back and crossed his leg, looking at her. Smiling back at her, Ko'ssen confirmed her thoughts with "Well, that 'some time ago'...just might have been a bit before the Hatching..." 

Before he could continue though, the whistle on the pot started, signifying the water was ready. So the WLM gracefully rose from his chair to retrieve the pot, pour them 2 cups of steaming water, put them on the tray, and bring it over. Placing the tray down on the table between the couch and the chairs, the tray held their mugs of water, several different types of tea, and several different potential things to add to the tea (cinnamon, cream, mint, syrup, etc.), each thing in their own little small jars.

He made himself comfortable in the chair again and waved his hand at the tray saying with a smile "Ladies first."


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Vivaeldi inclined her head at his offer.  "Tea, please.  I still can't believe that there's no more klah at the moment.  It had medical uses, above and beyond the obvious morning benefits."  She watched him, as he went to warm the water.  "We are alike, you and I.  My brother usually has to make me take days off or relax.  He jokes that the only reason he throws his infamous parties is for my benefit."  She chuckled lightly.  

She had no doubt that Ko'ssen hadn't been taking time for himself.  They were much alike in that way.  Not to mention, Ko'ssen was new at his job, and was contending with double golds.  It was more likely than not that he was throwing himself into his work with little thought for himself.  But the truth was running yourself raw was not good for anyone, as she herself knew all to well.  

"I know that excuse well.  'Some time ago' is translation for 'it's been awhile.'  I've used that before as well..." she smiled.  

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